Friday, January 8, 2016

Depopulation Agenda, Weaponized Weather, and Survivng the Matrix

Earth once had harmony amongst the humans here.  About five personalities that had slavery of humans in mind, came here and started infiltrating community after community setting up Control/The Agenda.  Somewhere around 1770ish, it was decided that another level of Control over humanity needed to be set into motion.  Vaccines were the vehicle to be used, but first, humanity had to be tricked into willingly accepting ingredients being injected into their bodies.  How to go about that?
In 1553, Geronimo Fracastrio published De Contagionibus et Contagiosis Morbis, et eorum Curatine, possibly revealing that they were trying to start the vaccine biowarfare earlier, but perhaps "Germ T" wasn't accepted as they'd hoped.  I do see plagues and, later, The Potato Famine as done on purpose.  Biowarfare has occurred time again from so-called innocent transmissions to infected blankets and water and such being handed from one group to another.  Perhaps they tried vaccines in the 1700's only to find they hadn't set the stage enough for the masses to accept them.  Enter Louis Pasteur.  He perhaps didn't steal Fracastrio's work as some people feel.  If the group that handed Fracastrio these ideas....or at the very least helped him to discover what they wanted him to discover...also handed the ideas to Pasteur, then he really would have thought he discovered "Germ Theory" all by himself.  Ah, with Germ Theory in place, Control may be achieved.  (Antoine Bechamp tried to educate the masses that an internal environment is what is important, but he has never been mentioned in any formal educational setting where I have listened and looked through books.)
Now, they have the masses where they want them: afraid that a germ outside of them can kill them unless they seek protection. Chumps may be injected with microchips, sterilizing agents, "time bombs" where a trigger is pushed and the person can die or need to fulfill a programmed desire such as shopping, having sex, doing drugs, or killing.  Pretty terrifying that they can turn an innocent chump into a robot, but the masses are easier to enslave and Control that way.  Vaccines also can sicken the public with cancers and other diseases where the body will attack itself.  The best thing of all for the Controllers is that the masses make people who are aware wrong.  Witch hunts have always been the desired counter measure for those who are centered, awake, and able to access natural immunity and protection on their own.  Today, witch hunts have taken the form of trolls and shills commenting and being nasty, but also friends shouting that science supports vaccines, because the propaganda machine has been so successful (especially with the help of television), it was able to turn brother against brother.  Friend against friend.
They are very proud of their creation.


Listen to Leonard.  He knows.

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Survivng the Matrix

Heather Leeann reminds us,"The theory of pathogens, microbes and bacteria is why we are in the health crisis we are in currently. Why is this? The Allopathic community has created such a ...fear, when sickness sets in we blame pathogens, microbes and or bacteria. Many don't know that illness in itself is your bodies natural detoxification symptoms trying to expel out all the daily chemicals we come in contact with. What do many do when they get sick? They start pumping antibiotics into their bodies because of this paralyzingly fear. We see the MOST compromised originate from individuals who overuse antibiotics. Bacteria in their own guts become destroyed. Not destroyed. Abolished. This is the revolving door. Without bacteria in the gut, one can't fight much. More "dis ease" sets in as the result, and more antibiotics follow because the individual no longer has that good bacteria, which aids in keeping the body in balance. Bacteria is needed and necessary. The entire theory behind pathogens has literally moved us into a generation that runs for antibiotics and vaccinations at the sound of a sneeze. Hand sanitizer baths. We live in a time where cleverly marketed propaganda, aka "conditioning, brainwashing" herds us down this enigma of suppressing fevers, and symptoms with medications and chemicals so we can kill the very pathogens that are needed to ensure our health.
There is no such thing as "dis ease." Tear that word apart and you will understand what "dis ease" is. Toxicity overload. Bodily upset, unbalance in the body, clogged lymphatic systems trying to expel out chemicals the body is not designed to process. The severity of the "dis ease" depends on how much chemical congestion the Individual has, and how much detoxification they need. The lymphatic system is designed specifically to carry cellular waste out of the body. Not chemicals. What happens when it gets clogged? Lymph can't move, therefore your cells "shit" can't either. It backs up in the body and begins mutation, creating acids. This upset has nothing to do with pathogens. It has to do with poor treatment and choices.
Chemistry is very simple. Our bodies are made up of two major fluids and a bunch of cells. The primary fluid is lymphatic fluid. Blood is only about 25% of our bodily fluids. When you see CANCER invade just the right side of the body, and not the left, that is nothing more than a lymphatic drainage issue. It's not cancer spreading. It's your lymphatic system succumbing to further compromise. This is why you see so many cancer patients deteriorate when they treat with chemo and radiation. This is why the cancer "spreads." The Individual who is sick, already has major lymphatic issues to begin with. When you go on to inject more carcinogenic chemicals into the body, the fluid will continue to get backed up in various places, because you are only further congesting your bodies gigantic sewer system. If you feel a lump in your body? Lymphatic drainage issues.
Have you heard about the terminal lymphoma patient who went to live up in Alaska with an old Eskimo? The Eskimo fed the gentlemen rotten food. Real probiotics. The kind found in nature. Filled with pathogens, bacteria and microbes. Those pathogens, bacteria and microbes replenished all the bacteria in his gut that was lost to years of allopathic torture. Needless to say, that gentlemen returned home from Alaska with ZERO cancer.
Don't fear pathogens. They are our friends, it's the chemicals that are our enemy."

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