Friday, March 25, 2016

Dental Care is the Foundation of Health

A Huggins trained biological holistic dentist will consult with you and take a full set of x-rays on your first meeting.  You may decide to have all root canals extracted (because toxins that thrive in the cavity may cause neurological disorders as well as systemic health problems) or simply to have mercury fillings or nickel plated crowns removed.  If so, you may have testing done which chooses the best composites and temporary and permanent bonding and cement agents.  How many dentists have ever taken the time to test what is to be placed in your mouth for systemic compatibility?  You may be lucky enough to have found this dentist before other dentists could harm your teeth and your health.  In that case, you’ll be introduced to fluoride-free cleanings and such and be on your way.  If not, you may set up an appointment for the safe removal and repairing of the teeth in question. 

When having a crown replaced, the assistant will make certain you are not hungry because the non-mainstream anesthetic doesn’t work as well in a hypoglycemic system.  Have you ever been offered food while sitting in a dentist chair?  You will be given vitamin C, glasses, oxygen through the nose, have a filter near your face, receive oxygenated water on the completed tooth, and the water you drink will be alkaline.  Not only that, you’ll know the room also has a filter to catch heavy metals and such, a negative ion generator (to cleanse the air of mercury vapor), a rubber dam in your mouth, and a filter at your spit water so that no fish have to die of mercury poisoning from your mouth’s debris.  Basically, a very karma-friendly experience for all involved awaits you.  Mainstream dentists don’t thoroughly protect themselves, staff, and patients from toxic substances that may be hiding under the crowns.  About a root canal under that crown, Huggins says, “When forceps touch a sick or root canal tooth, there is an immediate efflux of toxins and anaerobic bacteria into the bloodstream” (71).  Huggins trained dentists do their best to protect you from this when mainstream dentistry doesn’t even acknowledge this.  Perhaps mercury fillings lie in the tooth under the crown.  Huggins trained dentists are serving and uplifting humanity through their readiness.

If you are planning on removals and repairs, you may be under conscious anesthesia with a naturopathic doctor alongside giving you IV vitamin C in order to protect you from the pathogens and heavy metals that will be stirred up.  You will be given directions on how to recover and a follow up appointment for more IV vitamin C and an acupressure treatment.  Huggins trained dentists may choose to work in general dentistry as well as taking care of the more serious issues, so you may only need to employ one dentist for all your dentistry needs.

Nickel in crowns may pull your energy into the ground, making you feel a struggle when trying to be active.  It may make your gums recede like an animal recoiling from an angry human, and the gums may appear discolored rather than healthy looking.  Nickel is a known carcinogen (55).  Many of us have had mouths full of nickel and mercury for years undermining our health. Mercury is completely dangerous in a multitude of ways that is easily researched.  Let’s look at that accusation using Huggins Applied Healing, a client educational book that you can get by calling 866.948.4638.

Mercury can “reside on the oxygen carrying portions of your hemoglobin,” which may make you feel tired even though you are not anemic (9).  Venous blood can reveal how much oxygen was carried on your hemoglobin.  As the Huggins client education packet states, “A level of 60% to 70% saturation in venous blood is considered good.  Most people with mercury issues are apt to have 40% saturation” (9).  People who are aware of health who don’t use the microwave, do purchase and grow non-GMOed, non-irridated, non-pesticide foods, do exercise, don’t take any drugs or vaccines, do meditate, do yoga or Qi Gong, work at a job that is loved, and surround themselves with loving relationships, are surprised by low energy levels.  Mercury in the mouth (and system by an injected preservative) does undermine all your conscious living and hard work.

Vaccines and amalgam fillings have mercury.  Your body makes antibodies against toxins such as mercury.  Basically, our white blood cells’ antibodies bind to the mercury antigens (the threat) becoming large and they can get stuck in the kidneys, brain, and liver.   Kidney tissue, for example, may be destroyed leading to autoimmune diseases (49).  Other cells trying to engulf this antibody-antigen complex die, because mercury overpowers our cells.  Huggins says, “Diseases like Multiple sclerosis result when mercury attaches to nerve cells, rendering them ‘non-self’ and marked for destruction by your immune system” (41).  Furthermore, Huggins found that if a person had a mercury related dental treatment on day seven and a vaccine, which contains mercury, on day fourteen that the person became vulnerable to an auto-immune disease (63).  A lot of this is a well-known fact in the western medical establishment.  But how many people with MS, for instance, are informed about mercury toxicity instead of being prescribed harmful drugs that cause further problems?   

According to Huggins, the copper and mercury amalgam fillings leak mercury and copper faster than mercury was leaked into our systems twenty-five years ago with the former amalgams (54). His research has been available for review for many decades, yet nothing changes…I recently saw a three-year-old with amalgam fillings!  Doctors don’t take anything you do outside of their office into consideration.  A Huggins trained dentist does. 

Insurance may or may not help you.  Huggins trained dentists cost more than mainstream dentists.  Remember that they are paying for metal removal and it’s expensive to offer a safe environment, both in the office and in your mouth.  I look back to twenty years ago when I needed a root canal and called the only Huggins trained dentist that I knew in Southern California at that time.  I can’t remember how many thousands the option to a root canal was, but I can tell you it was more than I had at the time.  I wish I could go back and take out a loan somehow in order to go to that dentist.  Because I didn’t, the mainstream dentistry options I have chosen since that time have caused me many health problems.  I wish I could go back even further and stop the dentist from giving me amalgam.  (Little did I know at that time that a biological holistic dentist was an hours’ drive away!)  It’s time we stopped letting insurance companies practice medicine on us.  Dental care is the foundation to health and it’s time WE started choosing.


Note: After all mercury has been removed from the mouth and vaccines have been stopped, Dr. Dale has a protocol involving herbs and homeopathy with which I can assist you, as well as many other modalities at my employ.

A So Cal dentist who follows Huggins protocol:
BioDental Healing
Dr. David Villarreal
1000 NewburyRd. #225,
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