Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The New Natives

World-wide, you are the new Natives.  Remember how the lands known as the states of the Union and Australia were stolen from the people who were living there first?  That same government, the District of Columbia, is once again stealing those lands from the people living there by implementing their Agenda 21 and their New World Order.

Last time, they mistreated the people and gifted them with biowarfare in blankets, or straight out poisoned the people’s water.  Finally, they rounded them up and locked them down on reservations.  This time, those in charge, locked humans in their homes, depriving this social animal of all social activities.  If being social did not support the human’s health, then it would not be an innate necessity.

          For some, being distanced from others led to suicide.  For others, extreme loneliness and depression.  For some, anxiety over not being able to visit loved ones in hospital.  For the little ones, desperate longing for parks and beaches.   For all, their microbiome was being devastated through no contact with other microbiomes for healthy swapping.

This time, the “bug” wasn’t smallpox in blankets after beating down the internal terrain of the Natives through stealing their way of life.  The “bug” is the stealing of our way of life.

There were few Natives compared to the bullies who stole their lands.  This time, do you want to stand with the few greedy, heart-less rulers, or with us, humanity that is being conquered?

The masses complicit in the crime of ousting the Natives were manipulated by their press about what a great thing they were doing by settling West.  They were told that the evil savages needed to be either changed or wiped out, and that there was no hope for some.  Now, the new natives are being told by the press that there exists an evil boogeyman in the air and that they must lock down in order to wipe it out.  Both narratives were to promote the 1%’s agenda.  Both didn’t care about humans.  Look, you know the script.  You’ve seen how those in charge lie and instill fear to get their way.  It’s time to awaken to their treachery and treason.

The new natives can be saved if one human at a time, they start to question the narrative.

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