Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Bombshell Realization


[The PCR is used on dead people, which is what you are to your controllers!

To Satanists, the second your birth is registered with them, you become "dead." So is it any wonder that this PCR is being used on the population even on a weekly basis? The PCR does not find a "virus" like HIV or c*vid, which are engineered anyway and can be detected in other ways. But the fact that they see you as dead is why they can use the PCR on you.

Consider TV "police" shows such as "Forensic Files." The PCR is often used to spin a little bit of DNA that is found to make enough of it with which to work. Prior to fooling the public into thinking the PCR finds "c*vid" within them, here is how it was previously used.

There's a dead body with a bit of blood. The scientists use the PCR to spin the material to make more to ID and then catch the bad guy.

There's a small bone of a victim. They use the PCR to have enough genetic material to ID the victim against living people's DNA.

They have a dead fetus in a long-dead woman. The PCR helps them to have enough genetic material to ID the father who killed the woman.

The PCR spins the sample to make more, so they can work with it. (Likewise, during the last 16 months, the PCR has been spun more times to come up with a positive or less times to come up with a negative.)

How is it that they're getting away with using the PCR on the population at large to convince them that they are either negative or positive to a non-existent natural, wild, so-called virus that's going around in the air? Perhaps the bombshell realization is that, to them, you are dead, and they are using the PCR on you to say whether you should be locked down this week or next week or this month or next month.

Lockdown is a prison term that has been used on the public for about sixteen months now. So isn't it interesting that they're using the PCR (which is used on dead people) in order to put a person in lockdown, which is something police do to prisoners in a prison, and they are both being used on humanity at large right now?

It's absolutely fascinating how the chess board looks when seen from the point of view of a Satanist. When you get a birth certificate, you are dead to your controllers.]

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