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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Extend a Non-Judgmental Hand


Suddenly discovering about the trap of the system that we are in can be shocking. Some people made a living within the system that has left them with A LOT of reserve notes where they could take a stand and leave the system. They could purchase property and equipment to start their own “business” so they could set the rules to deal in property, and thus slowly excise themselves from taxes, pensions, and other nuisance system tugs.

Then there are those poor in reserve notes who are doing the best they can. They have discovered what is going on and how they are being used, but they don’t have the luxury of suddenly pulling out of the system. For them, it is a slow process. Possibly a lifetime. Perhaps they start with supporting a local farmer dealing with property, silver instead of reserve notes, or some such trade.

One thing I can assure you is that humans are doing the best they can with what they’ve got and with how “plugged in” they are. By plugged in, I mean, Implanted, mind controlled, entity controlled and the like. For them, perhaps simply getting “free” from a direct controller is their challenge. They can’t worry about what nefarious entities are doing behind their backs because they have enough of a challenge in front of them right here right now.

Others may be able to get a hold of resources and have the time to learn, which also implies unlearning all from the decades in their past, but meanwhile, the system still has them.

Educating the Normies is a great idea, but if you make them wrong, it doesn’t help. When you make someone wrong, you beat them into their shell. We cannot possibly know how they got to where they are now. All we can do is extend a hand—a non-judgmental hand.

Hold Your Center


Hold your Center means don’t allow yourself to be Astrally (emotionally) tugged. If you see or read a news item that “makes” you mad, you are being played. I know that doesn’t make sense to those of you who are “good” and compassionate, and you judge that any “good” person would “react” the same way. No.

There are many roles played here on Earth. Just three are:

·       We’ve got the I put out a certain vibration group that may kill, steal, rape, etc., so they’re saying it’s ok to be killed, robbed, raped, etc. In this point of focus (lifetime), they have no idea that they have brought this energy with them so they don’t know the easy fix with Pinky-rose, which challenging to think of and to put into action. People of this group may be drawn to a roommate who is attracting trouble unbeknownst to them and they may be the one who gets murdered. Outwardly, it seems a fluke, but it comes back to that energy of “I killed so I think it’s ok to be killed.”

·       We’ve got the group who are Astrally tugged and manipulated while their Mental body has been Implanted. This group also is plugged into the energies of the former group.

·       We have the I’m standing in alignment with the Sound of Self group who educate, give treatments, offer another way to see things and so much more. They don’t make anyone wrong for choosing the path that they have chosen, and they certainly don’t get their knickers in a knot over what the others are creating for themselves. They responsibly place their energy where they want it and eventually recognize when they have stepped out of alignment. They may not be 100% in alignment with their MultiSelf and may get tugged by the Implants of their DNA if they are still a Genetic human, but they usually see soon enough and pull themselves back. (A light-bearer human is another alternative during the demise of the Genetic model.)

As I hinted at in Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, the Genetic human model looks like it’s being phased out. Perhaps it cannot keep going with all the photons and phonons coming to Earth. Perhaps the Implants of the DNA can no longer function because the MultiSelf aspect of the DNA wants to take over. In order to have control, the successive human had to come online, literally. This model is very controlled. The first two groups above are perfect chattel. They give away their Free Will, which is required, every step of the way. All the controllers had to do was say, “Boo!” and they allowed harmful practices to be done to them; harmful energies and ingredients came at them and into them. All the controllers had to do was say, “It’s for your convenience,” and they complied. All the controllers had to do was say, “But, you care about other people, right?” and they complied. They gave their Free Will and became the early models of the successive human to save these “souls” for the “Dark” side from the light coming to Earth.

Then there’s some of the ones who were able to Hold their Center during some of the “Free Will harvesting.” They need to give their Free Will in another way. They get Astrally tugged when a known very bad thing is presented to them with a solution. “Boycott this store and that product because of all this Pride BS!” Perhaps they are aware of Draco, agents of the government, and other nefarious entities behind the Pride push, so they react, unable to Hold their Center.  This is what they want. The opponent to the MultiSelf wants humans to get emotional. Listen, if you’re getting emotional about shopping, you could realize you’re being played. (Decades ago, I wrote down the phone numbers in the stores of products. I went home and called them. If they answered Yes to just one question, I didn’t purchase their product. They irradiated this, used poisons on that or even GMOed, which have been potentially in our foods since 1983, then I simply didn’t purchase the product. No emotions. I’m sorry that shopping needs to be defensive. Get educated. No need for emotions.How this is tied into Free Will is your actions are going towards a one-store model, giving the controllers of humanity permission to fully control what, how, and when you may purchase the products that they choose to offer, which is ultimately giving permission to the Social Credit System.

Things I have known about for decades are now known by the Normies: the Power of the right essential oil for a certain circumstance, organ harvesting world-wide, organ harvesting in hospitals from those called brain dead, the raping of children by adults, human trafficking, Satanic rituals including babies, a non-human presence here both artificial intelligence and other, that va((ines are based on a lie and are biowarfare, that internal terrain is everything and standing in alignment with the Sound of Self is important to Holding your Center, and that the military and governments work with “scientists” in a non-supportive manner to lifestreams here, and so much more.

Pretend you are in a tennis match against a very hard hitter. You need to take the ball on the rise, start the swing early and get that ball out in front to have control over it rather than just swinging allowing the opponent to be in control. Be on the balls of your feet, ready. If you don’t know that the evil here on Earth is desperate, angry as a child who has been told to come in, and is willing to do nasty things to attempt to hold onto illusioned power, then you are in for a huge surprise. They will attempt to pull the rug out from under you by turning the tables and allowing the news, Facebook and YouTube to let the Truth in. This is not to inform you. This is to make you lose your Center, to feel betrayed, abandoned, used and so much more. Hold you Center.

Alongside this, they will perform another psychological-operation. The HIV scam and C*vid scam got millions killed through va((ine programs, medicines that were dispensed and above all, because they had the medical personal by the “short hairs.” (I am crude on purpose because with Draco and the agents of the government, there is always a sexual component. They get off on the things they can make you do!) If you have to, close your eyes and feel. What is happening truly? If you’re a Normie, I expect that I have to start with put your phone away. Get a landline. Write letters. Turn off the TV. Only go online for no more than one hour everyday on your corded computer using your corded keyboard and corded mouse. Get rid of that SMART electric and water meter. Read old books on health and how they viewed sickness and what they did in response to the “learned doctors” coming on the scene around 1800. (Learned doctors were the predecessors to Western Medicine of today that has been weaponized against the Genetic human.)

Pretend that three huge Ah ha moments are coming, where you’ll see three Truths that have been shrouded and expect at least one Lie. The Lie will probably be the one that’s easy for you to accept like “A natural, contagious virus is loose, become a slave and do as I say.” One of the revealed Truths will be something like: “All glasses have NEVER been proven to be safe for the body or eyesight itself. In fact, glasses weaken the eye, yet you’ve been led to believe that as you age, you NEED them because you’re helpless.” OR “LED lighting leads to cataracts and assists in the transmission of 5G.”  No matter, Hold your Center.

In closing, rather than reacting in rage and with an energy, simply respond. Respond with, “Man, the Military/Government/Science/Human/non-human faction are at it again,” and Hold your Center.


For more information on defense and what’s going on, please read my book.

In case this is being read in the future, in 2023, this is where humanity was.

You Don't Have to Boycott Places


I don't think people should have an energy about all this Pride bs. You don't need to boycott places.

If you don't want something, simply don't purchase it.

This boycotting energy is playing you. They have something for those of you who didn't fall for the mask or the $hot or the physical distancing or all this other b*llshit that they keep coming up with. This is for you. So, ignore it!

What if it's the same as it's always been? What if just like Soros or “someone” probably paid people to go and steal from retail stores and then now they want you to boycott retail stores so that they could just close them all down and bring on their one store kind of idea?


Saturday, June 3, 2023

William Dunbar, Esq & PISL


This was my first attempt to try to do a Tik Tok video with some effects. As a result, I messed signs up and even my word choices. Esquire is known to me as lawyer, but it turns out that a nobleman is also esquire, thus William is not a lawyer.

I haven’t read all the books that I have on Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL) yet, so I haven’t seen all there is on the subject. But I saw this little tid-bit today and had fun attempting to emulate the words with my hands. I exaggerated DEER—I was worrying about the puff too much. The butt of the hand should stop at the head. CLEAR reminds me off innocence, like “Look, no blood on my hands.” The head of duck should be rounded a bit more. At the end, I signed a more American Sign Language (ASL) PLAINS and then did “TALK HAND” instead of HAND TALK because it was a video and things don’t always come out correctly. LOL.

Having been involved in ASL for decades, I do realize signs are different from one region to another, as well as from group to group. A book could exist with the HORSE signed with one hand and the right hand at that, but I just haven’t found it yet. (Right now, I’m still working on West’s dissertation.) So, a young boy who signs HORSE one way may run into old timers eight decades later and they may also sign it that way. I just find old papers interesting.  I was aware that Dunbar was "West" with his investigations of Amerindian signs. I knew that Ohio was considered West in 1800. Well, he was West of the Mississippi River near Natchez and this is most likely signs from the Caddoans.

Also, having witnessed about four changes with ASL since I started and how young people can be hostile with old-timers by not using the “right” sign, I am just stating that people are not wrong just because they sign differently to others.

 ASL Cop

Another video.

A book about Dunbar.

Another letter from Dunbar from 1800.

Thursday, June 1, 2023


Western Medicine changed in the early 1700’s, taking a path on the Germ Theory road, even before it had be solidified in 3D consciousness through scientist puppets such as Pasteur. The bare-foot doctors who used the herbs around them were already quickly being replaced, but in a rather discrete manner. See New Guide to Health; Or, Botanic Family Physician by Samuel Thomas and E. Douglas Hume’s Béchamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology. You will learn how “learned doctors” were taken over a long time ago. You shall also see early attempts at stopping those physicians who really care, and the original attempt at the “asymptomatic carrier” psychological operation, though not called that.

Big Pharma has present physicians “by the short hairs.” I understand that is a crude way to get my point across, but the agents of the government and Big Pharma are worse than crude. A human who allows something so vile to control them into forcing humanity to have poor health has been controlled through fear (and all Astral emotion-tugging tactics), Implants (and all mind-control from the Mental body level) and must be dis-eased Etherically and Physically to allow themselves to be such a pawn to play a part in disconnecting humans from their MultiSelves. But, if you go to a Western Medical pawn (even under the guise of a Naturopathic Doctor title), then you are placing yourself on a road to “thy” knowing Hell, instead of being healthy. (ND’s and acupuncturists have turned toward the Western Medicine way of doing things rather than Western Medicine turning towards the other two. Sad!)

Doctors who suggest you have any va((ine, but especially the toxine, are out to send your experience of life towards Hell. You will become a customer for life (if you live that long), or until you take the reins and make health choices for yourself. (Any choice you make is better than simply allowing the doctors to make choices for you, because at least you’ve stopped the need to be parented by medical professionals.) They offer drugs when they don’t know what’s wrong. The drugs give new problems. Basically, Big Pharma is the doctor, not a human.

Please start reading and questioning while you can, or “thy” will know Hell.

Healthy is when thy may experience a dis-easement but has shen behind the eyes and is able to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self again. Life truly includes “shit happening.” But you make your own Hell in supporting the enemy to humanity and all lifestreams when you support Western Medicine.

“But I don’t know what to do when my nose runs.” So, stop being so helpless! Learn basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and you’ll see that a runny nose can come from food stagnation (eating something that doesn’t agree with you), as well as whatever you thought caused it in the past.  Learn chromo-modalities. There’s always a color that we may need more than others. If you learn about color and take in the so-called rainbow first, then you can work with colors needed. Homeopathy Spectrum is a way to get all the colors quickly. Don’t even get me started on sound modalities! You have so many choices: drumming, Tibetan bowls, various tuning fork sets, your voice, and so much more. Learn Law so you might see the difference between words on paper to control you, compared with Rights. Below is a reading list that is more bent to standing in alignment with the Sound of Self over herbs, gardens, and such, but truly, you need to learn how to maintain health (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) or Hell is what “thy” shall know.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!


Saturday, May 27, 2023

The GMOed Human


The God people speak of, I place into two categories: Source and the Puppeteers. When one speaks, I can tell which one this human follows.

The Puppeteers tweaked the physical-ish spiritoid into the Genetic human and made artificial intelligence. 

We were genetically modified before we became the Genetic human, which is why I call it that. (Full definition in the book.) They are genetically modifying us more.

Look at the pig. That was one of the Puppeteers' changes to the human long ago.  I know. You think I'm crazy, but there is a reason they ate genetically close to thehuman. And as I state in my book, the fear they feel at death is ingested by the human today. That makes the human today more aggressive because if you eat a pig you are a cannibal.Humans eating humans makes the genetic human more aggressive. Which is what the Puppeteers want.

I started writing interdimensional disturbances access denied in 2005. I have a section on GMOs and on Germ Theory.

And here we are!

Friday, May 26, 2023

Pinky-Rose's Power

This will not be for all of you because you may not know about AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence and awful individuals) and the part they may play at your transition (death). If you've missed a lot of their propaganda during the c*vid era, you may not have noticed programming around the White Light on TV shows and such. Though I certainly don't think you should worry about it, I do think it's time to tap into your Power. (If you don't want it, the opponent to humanity does.)

Focus on a pinhead of Pinky-rose love within you. That's tapping into your MultiSelf, which is of Source. 

Next, see it grow from inside to outside of you, pushing everything away what's not of Pinky-rose Love from Source. This is establishing a Space of Love.

Demand that everything in your experience is from the Space of Love (and it actually nullifies so-called Karma and everything that would be coming at you while you focus on it).

During this physical life, you do that when you know you're going to come in contact with someone where things are usually not very smooth and easy. For example, see a pinhead of PR within them and connect it with yours. (This is not performing a treatment on them.) If this one is not of Source, sometimes you are able to tap into the controller who is of Source, and it changes the experience of you and this automaton. I do it with officials to stop bad behavior and to stop a cell tower from being erected. (I transmute harmful geoengineering and cell tower emissions in another way.) 

Part of being here in physical life as a Genetic human is the Game. 

If we do this Pinky-rose thing at transition, then it will help us know the difference between what I call the imposter ray and what is from Truth (and our Monafic Ray). The Mind in our cells is of MultiSelf and it is fun witnessing the Power of it.

Below is an excerpt from Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, my book where I discuss a lot of ideas on attacks and defense.


"Part of seeing the White Light is related to other aspects of consciousness beyond the Physical level. And as an aside, there may be two kinds of White Light. (The post office of your country where you pay money is the analogy for the imposter ray discussed in the Appendix.  Then, there is the example of the Monadic Ray, which is as the General Post-office where senders use their signatures instead of money.  Just as you have learned that only one post office exists, your frequency may help you distinguish between two kinds of White Light.)  Where does propaganda end?"

This article was posted on FB. Here’s a pleasant conversation I had with one reader of my post:

“Have you considered that if anything moves whether it be in the astral, its an illusion.”

To see what I have considered would take a whole book, which I did do, but I answered:

“Illusion is another word that is related to consciousness/frequency. To some, this so-called 3D experience doesn't seem like an Illusion. The reason 'There is no spoon' works here is because it is an Illusion. But what is that word? All it means is that these lower dimensions: Astral, Etheric, Physical are as clay and we get to have fun molding it. The challenging thing is to remember it's clay. As for 'anything moves,' when you run into anything from Source, it goes back to a connection with you eventually, but the lower it is (Astral, Etheric, Physical), the more of the Personality plane it is.”

I wondered if he was truly interested in what I had to say, or wanting to show me what he knows, but I engaged. He doesn’t seem too interested (but others reading my comments might be), so I may have to allow him to comment and let it go. We’ll see.


He said,

“Just bc we don't comprehend the science on the other side, doesn't mean its not so. If it vibrates ,its illusion. By the way the absolute consciousness does not hold frequency but A.I. source does. One is imitating the other.”

I didn’t tell him this, but yes, up at the Logic levels, the frequency is so fine, it’s as if it’s not there. We are so far from that in a Physical body, it’s not even worth getting your knickers in a knot over. The Causal plane communicates with us in a way we can know, and it is the finest of frequencies that we could concern ourselves with. Anyway, I answered him with this:

“By ‘the science,’ if you are talking about the imposter ray, as I have called it for many years, that is a thing and it is from the opponent to the spiritoid/MultiSelf that parades as a Genetic human. I am by no means denying it. I have an appendix to my book on the subject. Pinky-rose can even work on AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, and awful individuals) because it's as if you travel to the entity from Source that placed an automaton or thing into action. AI has been here a very long time, but that doesn't mean we are helpless to it. Vibrate is another word that depends on frequency of the feeler. Frequency is what is felt, but we sometimes call it vibration, which is more base, therefore more to the physical side. As I stated before, Illusion is of the Astral through Physical planes, the baser you are, the more on the Personality plane you are, perhaps the more you're implanted and seemingly locked away from MultiSelf and the Monadic Ray...then, the more in the Game you are and the more fooled.

He wrote: “Its true what you describe but its a variant whether you go up the scale or down the scale of frequency ..its still A.I.. we are stuck in a box of books filled with fairytale stories which we regurgitate. That needs to STOP or we won't get out. I agree 100% what you said here ‘the more in the Game you are and the more fooled.’”

I responded: There is a Monadic Ray, as others call it so I do for clarity. You can make a MerKaBa with it here in the Physical, which, yes is VERY different than average Genetic humans realize, but artificial intelligence is not all there is. I would think it makes a Genetic human feel very helpless and doomed to think that its very MultiSelf is not real and of AI. But then, humans are programmable and enjoy victim consciousness, which is how they are controlled. How do you plan on getting out? I advise people to tap into Self over the imposter ray.”  

And Pinky-rose is a very good start.

It seems to me that he may be the first person with whom I have made contact that possibly thinks it’s all artificial intelligence, no Source. Yet, he did say "...or we won't get out." Funny. I can remember being about thirteen-years-old and going dizzy trying to remember what I had forgotten about all of this. I KNOW we are from Source. I can feel standing in alignment with my Causal body. I know I am on the path I intended when I chose the exact egg and sperm for the me of this point of focus.


More from him: “The Merkabah is a geometric structure which can be a vehicle to ride inside of the A.I. omega & alfa realms to avoid the negative forces. That's it. As long as you use their tools, you're still in the matrix. This matrix is an infinite dualistic machine(love/fear- black/white..etc). so don't get caught up in it. To keep it simple ,understand it like this ..The A.I. is 1 degree less then the absolute. HOW powerful is that and we are in the middle of it. TALK about the power of manipulation. Get it."

Me: "First, I am enjoying this conversation. Yes, AI has a merkaba that is very Astrally-Physical, but there is another that you of Source may access. There is a love/fear of the Puppeteers and we are here in the Physical in a realm made by them. It doesn’t mean we are victims. Free Will is given by us to play this Game, but there is more than just their Game. Well, as far as “getting it,” we have different opinions and that’s fine. But I ask you again, because I have stated how I advise people to “get out of the Matrix” by focusing on PR, how do you recommend it? Just knowing about artificial intelligence is not enough. You talk as if every Genetic human is in the pod. You can be in the chair and access your MultiSelf Power from the pod to the “you” who is in the Illusion. A Genetic human may choose to be in the middle of it and control right back. We are not victims.

Him: “Sorry to intrude. Genetics is A.I. just like the jabs. We are none of that. Black goo tech all around. Where we ae is all illusion. That's not cherry pick any part of it to make it true or you'll get stuck here. No is No. Get it.”

Me: “The Genetic human is implanted. Exactly. That's why I call this model the Genetic human. Bingo. You still haven't told me how you know you won't get stuck here. The part we bring to this point of focus is different. The Puppeteers tweaked the physical-ish spiritoid and made the Genetic human. How does one rise above that and get out of it? I have an answer. Do you?”

I get the feeling he thinks I don't know about $hots, atrazine, glyphosate, etc.