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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Words Reveal Truth

If you dissect the word indigeneous, you will see that it means those with no genes. They can fly/move with a thought, and are not bogged down with limitation.In my book, I mention the Puppeteers' implants in the Genetic human...genes. The indigenous preceded the heavier new model on Earth, but they can still be here. (As right now, some Genetic humans chose to be the next new guy by allowing themselves to be tweaked into the successive human.)

The truly indigenous were anywhere, just as the Genetic human started to be, just as the successive human is now. (The pig is a tweaked human from long ago. Physical changes aren't always that obvious. The Puppeteers get off on humans willingly allowing themselves to be altered.)

The indigenous have probably been drawn to those of tribes, because out of all Genetic humans, they might have been more open and living closer to alignment with the Sound of Self. But, one of a tribe is not necessarily one with no genes.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Taking Back the System 101

It's entertaining when I hear advice such as, "Take back the System," you know from the controllers, the opponent to humanity.

To the average human, that must seem overwhelming. So here goes Taking Back the System 101.

1) Start with connecting with the Pinky-rose within you. It can be a training of mental-matter and a meditation in and of itself to try holding that Space of Love, especially when speaking or working, because now you are multitasking. When hostility has come into your space, then you have forgotten to come from the Pinky-rose within you. The hostility is a communication.

2) Write out what/who you give permission to come into your space and what/who you don't. Make a contract of what will happen if something or someone does come into your space unlawfully. What is the consequence going to be for them for having trespassed? 

3) Use Violet Cubes of Light to transmute whatever the perceived attack is into Blessings for all Lifestreams.

4) Read books from the past such as Collective Speeches of Congressmen Louis T. McFadden, New Guide to Health; Or, Botanic Family Physician by Samuel Thomson, and Béchamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by E. Douglas Hume. Learn Common Law. Learn about legalese, administrative "judges" and about Grand Juries. Recognize the jury was to be the fourth arm for balancing the system.

5) Stop the addiction to victimhood.

6) Consider not falling for every sound biter you hear. Go search the thought out in paper publications so you may sit with the thought awhile.

Here are some links associated with defense, Pinky-rose, Violet Cubes of Light, and non-physical "court":

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Biden To End C*vid on May 11

 A natural, contagion making an "emergency" would end the so-called emergency by stopping.

Puppet "Biden" has supposedly announced that May 11 will be the official end to this c*vid psy-op era because he apparently says so.
I bet the believers of this whole thing are saying, "Oh, thank goodness. It'll all be over on May 11th!"
Crikeybloodym*ses! It could be over right now...It could have been over March 14th if you only had know about Germ Theory and the opponent to humanity.
If you wait for May 11th, then you are only waiting for their next fear-spell.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Death, Prison Planet or Liberation

Quite frankly, if you haven't noticed the attacks on you by agents of the government your whole life, then you have had no defense against those attacks.

Non-va((inated don't suffer the debilitating attacks on their emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual aspects of Self (unless they have had a blood transfusion and been va((inated that way). But Normies do not notice.

Those who understand the "end game" of technology see the "gateway drug" in TV, computers, cell phones, SMART watches, SMART appliances, etc. Those of a frequency to have inner-standing may use some of them, but the power given away...given to them is limited. (And they most certainly would stop at the cell phone.) But Normies do not know.
Those who recognize the evil (that which goes against Nature and flow) behind words on paper such as to ban wood-burning or gas stoves, stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and challenge opponents to humanity. The Social Credit System/SMART cities cannot be brought in until all is controlled. But Normies do not want to know. They use their phones to read a menu or to get into work.

The inception of Western Medicine and it's slow journey away from health started with the "learned doctors" of 1798, making it's way to Pasteur's theft of Béchamp's misunderstood work, and will, if they have their way, end in a Prison Planet. Normies chant, "I caught a cold or c*vid!"

When I see death from Big Pharma, frequency attack, or both, I know there was something that one chose not to know in this day and age of communication. Humans are not victims; though, they set themselves up to be victims at every "wallowing in self-importance" opportunity.
Normies watched "Eyes Wide Shut" as if it were entertainment instead of a dire warning. (And those of a frequency could feel the horrible base vibe, but chose to sit through the yukky thing to see what the message was.)

How do people I knew through decades of work and those who knew me in high school respond to my communications (on $hots, technology, geoengineering, the military/science/government/human/non-human attacks and more)? They follow the spell and chant of the opponent to humanity and stop listening to what I have to say. Normies, after all, were programmed to see those who could support them as the reason "c*vid" was happening. "It's their fault," when all along, it was the Normies' compliance.

Humans are young. It is time to put on the big kid pants and search out where you are and to what you have given Power. Or simply, do not "level up." It is your choice. If you choose victimhood: "I can't unless..," then enjoy what you have allowed.

Will you choose death, a Prison Planet or Liberation?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Sophistication of the So-called Savage

Many of you have no idea how backwards the British, Australian, and American societies are when it comes to the Deaf of their communities. There are so many people out there who have no idea how to communicate with them. 

Do you know that unlike our society where Deaf people are here with the regular society and the regular society doesn't know how to communicate with them, the plains natives (all the tribes) trappers and traders knew sign language and could all "talk" to each other. And they could talk with the people in their Tribes who could not hear!!!

BAM. So sophisticated!

Do you think you know all the reasons for wanting to remove them?

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Spell


In this point of focus (lifetime), I chose what was to become the ovum with the genetic information I wanted from ancestors (and especially from my mother) long, long before the day that I orchestrated the conception of this Physical body. I sent my Monadic Ray into it…possibly my Casual body as well…and waited a really long earth time to allow that ovum-to-be to ripen. On the day, I chose the genetic information I wanted from my father and entered what I wanted to develop into the sperm I had chosen. I, my Monadic Ray, rode it as a horse, if you will, and we waited while about twenty-three acrosomes (enzymatic heads of sperms) worked on making a hole in the egg so that we could ride in and fertilize the egg I had chosen. Each point of focus is different for me.  I don’t always choose every detail carefully. I’m certain I have entered an abandoned baby before it was born and took over another’s plans…only, changing what was brought to that Physical body, thus changing the outcome for that baby. My point is that before birth is when you have the opportunity to choose your gender for your work here. Draco and company have humanity under a spell in thinking they may make the choice AFTER birth.

Cultural gender roles are what any human is free to change. I read about a Lakota (Native) male of the 1800’s. He wanted to be intimate with a man. He wanted to dress in the pretty dresses and jewelry of the women. He disliked killing, stealing horses, and hunting and wanted to dress animals and prepare foods as the women did. He knew he was a male. It was the cultural gender roles that he wanted to switch. No culture, after all, has a Right to inform you what your likes and dislikes are to be. He was so fortunate. (Well, this is a human way of looking at a pre-birth plan.) A male was there in that band who desired to be intimate with a man. Walla! A match literally made in Heaven. These men knew they were men. Everyone seemed to accept them as they were: men living with their likes. There was no spell here. No-one convinced the woman-man that he had a vagina or a menstrual cycle. No-one convinced him that he could give birth to a child, though I’m certain he supported other women in caring for their young.

Likewise, it is conceivable that a woman from long ago who desired fighting and stealing horses and deeds of grandeur—but desired to be intimate with a man—could have lived. This woman would still be a woman and if she entered a Cheyenne lodge, she would go in the woman direction, not the male direction, because she would have known she was a woman. It would have been the cultural gender role she was rebutting. No spell here. She knew she had no penis.

I recently heard, “They are in the bathroom.” I was so confused. After all, how many people could fit in that tiny bathroom and why would multiple people go together? It was explained to me that this human is a they, because this human is both male and female. So, let’s pause here to think of the ones who have had difficult lifetimes because they were born 53% male or 51% female. They literally are both and yet neither. They were born with a large clitoris, perhaps no uterus, and the like. These ones led tormented lives made worse by mean humans and their name-calling, shunning, and killing. But today, healthy males and females have unhealthy minds (under a spell) and they actually think because they state they are ninety-seven genders or two genders, that they are! The most dangerous for humans are the ones who maim themselves and render offspring impossible. Draco and company want the successive human here. It is as a robot and cannot procreate. (Long ago, the Puppeteers tweaked some humans and made the pig. Draco get off on happenings such as that.) The pig was made right under other humans’ eyes. The successive human is happening under the humans’ and mankind’s eyes. The spell is working on humans, but the humans able to rise above the frequency of the spell are setting themselves apart from the insanity. They are mankind.

Humans, it is gender roles of your culture that you may switch and identify with. That’s called likes and dislikes. You can’t deny your uterus or penis just because you’ve been convinced that you can. Be Powerful in your Feminine or Masculine role how you see fit. Be intimate with those you desire. But know that a doctor did not assign a gender to you at your birth. That belief is part of the spell you are under. Be the woman or man you were born in your way, but don’t allow anyone to convince you that you are a they! You are perfect, whole, complete as you are. You are the best You possible. Break the spell with the Power held within you that the opponent to humanity fears.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!



Monday, November 14, 2022

Night Terrors & Nightmares


Night terrors, in my opinion, are attack. Attack comes from frequency, entities and weapons of entities such as an automotive gray or an Incubus. (Think of something such as a spaceship that can be as a suit that is slipped on, and the controller can experience the crime of energy harvesting first-hand, yet the attacker is safe far away!) Nightmares are unfinished business from our past that has not been integrated. Nightmares may be from this point of focus or a “past life.”

Night terrors may leave markings on your body because something really was present holding you down. With a frequency attack involved, your head may feel microwaved. Most notably, increased heart rate, sweat and an inability to move are usually present. The military/science/government/human/non-human faction or damon time travelers are often involved with night terrors for their individual agendas.

With nightmares, you may be working through past perceived hurts too quickly or not at all and in both situations, your Causal body (soul) is there to pull you out or safely rattle you because you ignored the umpteen symbols/signals throughout the day and there is work to be done. Before this point of focus (lifetime), you would have permitted certain future experiences for whatever reasons and your Causal body would have accepted responsibilities in that part of the agreement. Frequency attack, an entity showing up to attack, a non-viable controlled automaton there to attack, or a combination of these attackers may show up and bring you from your work with the nightmare. But usually, they are unrelated, except to say that in the big picture, it is all related since all goes back to the One.

The same measures may be used in both instances. Signs posted at the doors of your home and inside up on shelves with detailed messages about trespassing, and the contract they will enter in with you if they trespass should be clear. Pinky-rose coming from you to the attacker from Source should be established. (When I have followed a Thought-form attacker or some other thing that was a tool of attack, I go to one who originated from Source, as I did. Those from Source have Pinky-rose, no matter how buried and forgotten. They don’t like the command that your experience of them is to be from Pinky-rose love. The Harmonizing Pyramid (now called the Multicolored Pyramid) works as defense and healing. It may be conjured up with your mind, but the real tool is nice to have around. Violet Cubes of Light may transmute your fears or the attack coming at you. When temporarily paralyzed, your mind is your best weapon if you can get to a thought before they seemingly disconnect you. The defenses mentioned here work really well. As far as nightmares go, I have revisited a very real attack from the past and rewritten it with the help of Pinky-rose and the Cubes.

Night terrors and nightmares are opportunities to claim information about your personal experience here and the big picture of what is occurring here, and your part in it. If something has the “upper hand” over you, you have the opportunity to claim and then hold your Center.

Standing in alignment with the Sound of Self is the goal. When you are in communication with your Causal level, you are above Astral body tugs of fear and the promptings of the implant in the Mental body.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!