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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Hang 'Em is a Program


All death penalties have profited those that harvest energy. All death penalties have profited the masters of Genetic humans by holding them away from a Space of Love. You cannot scream in hatred at one and profess that you come from Love. And programs are there to distract you from Love, because the hold they have over you comes from stuff that is not even real.

Ultimately, nothing is done without your energetic approval, if not down-right physical approval. If you choose to watch “the news,” shows, commercials, movies, etc., then you are choosing to be programmed if you lack the frequency to rise above it. That is on you. Genetic humans revel in victimhood, but it is time for big boy and girl pants once again. If you made a choice to not know your body, or to not learn about healthfulness and foods and water in general, and to worship Big Pharma-sponsored university studies and commercialized $cience, then admit that to yourself, grieve, and move on.

Many are clamoring for certain pawns in the c*vid psychological operation era to be hung. Maybe they are also wanting the controllers of both sides of every war to be hung, as well. Let us look closely at the result of a hanging or any death penalty's modality. The Genetic human, or whatever it is, if its from Source, it will have a MultiSelf, no matter that it may not be able to communicate past the Causal body/level as it is vibrating too slowly. The Physical body will drop. That is all. I do not even think the rogue aspect that average folks call a demon will drop from it. I think that MultiSelf will still be under its control (until the MultiSelf has had enough and accepts assistance.) This MultiSelf will mostly hang out on the lower Astral and be used by Genetic humans and others that know about such things. It still may “commit” crimes until it cycles into a new body to now commit crimes with a Physical body, as well. It will be known to the Satanists and groomed to a high place so it may be used again. (For example, Pasteur could be Fauci.)

Further, right there at the hanging or killing of the Genetic human or whatever it is, entities are there to gobble up the energy created by the distress to the one being killed, or to harvest that energy and use it to open portals or the like. Killing serves those that think they are your masters, not you. You do not benefit. The opposite of a Space of Love is established and nothing positive has been gained. You are further swept up into their programs.

If you cannot Love the ones that you see as those that hurt you, then see the Pinky-rose Love within you…only a pin-head of it. Connect that with a pin-head of Love in another. You are not doing a healing. You are making it clear “My experience of you is from and within Love.” If they do not like it, they shall leave. Imagine if all lifestreams could manage this. Programs cannot break into a Space of Love.

Convincing you to dwell in victim consciousness is keeping you away from the very Space of Love within you. Programs convincing you that another should suffer also keeps you from the Space of Love within you. Programs of control are rampant, because programmed Genetic humans are rampant. Would it not serve you better to Love instead of to hate? Hate is not even real. How about starting to recognize programs. The controllers repeat the same scripts often enough that you could notice them, name them, and then respond from a Space of Love instead of reacting with “Hang ‘em,” and supporting their programs.

Please click on this link and read the information on my book to see if it resonates with you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Fifty Years Ago...

50 years ago, I was in the last week of knowing my cat because we couldn't bring him to South Africa and then to America with us.

50 years ago, in one year, I attended four different schools in three countries: Australia, South Africa, Northern California (I lived on Lake Tahoe at Brockway Springs in an old house), and Southern California.
This is quite an anniversary for me. 1974 holds a lot of memories.
In Northern California, I was forced to go to speech therapy because they didn't like my accent. I ate my first taco. I learned that chips are potato chips not French fries. I learned that lemonade is lemonade not Seven-up, which is what lemonade was for us back in Australia. I watched Pippi Longstocking (my very first movie in America so my folks could gamble). I had my first store-bought cake at my first birthday here and my mother told me I had to be polite because the lady was very gracious to purchase that for us, even though it tasted really really wrong! It was my first birthday celebration in the summer since I was born in the winter.
That year, I went from a wood burning stove to a gas stove. I discovered Bonanza and Big Valley. I learned that back roads could convey us through a raging fire when roads were get to casinos. My mom beat Bill Cosby in a tennis exhibition. I learned that if I dressed up, I could get free sweets that Yanks called candy. I discovered William Tomkins' book on PISL and when my teacher wouldn't let me check that book out anymore from the school library, I refused to check any other book out and so completed no more book reports.
It is strange to realize I have been here for so long.

Monday, April 8, 2024

QR Code Read from People looking Up


Friday night, before falling asleep, I saw many people looking up. Above their foreheads was a QR Code, yet it seemed to be a part of them. Something way up high was reading the QR Codes. I followed their gaze to see what was reading them. I felt a personality there but fell asleep before finding out what it was.

Many of us have seen the c $hot and the PCR swabs being used to implant something into Genetic humans. I feel it is a part of the atrazine, glyphosate, and other “Agenda” to change the Genetic human (who lacks frequency to recognize these attacks) into the successive human—one who/that sees the imposter ray as a connection to the MultiSelf and therefore, is deceived. I don’t recall it occurring to me that perhaps the opponent to the MultiSelf needed something within humans to be read by something in order to make something else happen. Even when I saw all the people looking up, it never caused me to think that they were looking up at the eclipse. But it’s perfect to put all your marbles in a line: get something into people by 2024’s eclipse, have them look up, and have that be important for whatever.

Of course, the other thing I previously saw has to be remembered: black dots came from people and went up. (I had felt a button had been pressed that made it happen to all.) I worked on those dots a little by transmuting them into Blessings, but I don’t know what these two things (dots going up and QR Codes being read) have to do with each other beyond most likely coming from the $hotted up. It is interesting though to think of several spots on the curve of the eclipse where the majority of humans were all doing the same thing: looking up. Tyrants take advantage of opportunities.


Thursday, April 4, 2024

C $hot Activation?


I awakened sensing an awful feeling. I then saw thousands of dots ascending vertically (from all over the world) such as rockets without firey tails. (By “see,” I mean with eyes closed searching for the cause of the heavy feeling.) I was reminded of the dots I have seen when around a human who received multiple c $hots, what I call the toxine. (I made it clear with the developers of that $hot that I will hold them responsible if I am contaminated with it in the non-physical court that I mention in Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied. On several occasions, I saw black dots, sometimes darker and bigger than others, waiting on the outskirts of my aura as if they cannot trespass.)

My first thought about the dots that I saw around 4:30 AM Pacific on April 4, 2024, was, Wow! They are using the emanations from the toxinated to go up to connect with something to ground it on 3D Earth. Hmm. I never considered that. And it’s been activated! (By activated, I mean as if something/someone has pressed a button and turned the next intention to their $hots on.) After some pondering, I decided it also could mean that something Etheric, perhaps even partially physical, has met with something physical beyond the atmosphere. Whatever the case. It is my feeling that the toxinated have been activated. Do they feel it? Am I mistaken?

Well, I know a few things. 1) I have often awakened when an attack is occurring. 2)The solar eclipse is in four days. Was this synced with that? 3) Space X was launched. (I do not know what that is, but it feels like a 5G-related nefarious thing.)

When I searched for a physical image to post here, I could not find what I saw, but I am struck by how it sort of reminds me of the code we see as it moves. This was not uniform like that, though. It is only uniform in that everyone who carries these dots seems to have been activated together.

To add a little background on the awful feeling, I thought it meant a relative had died. My two friends’ father died today twenty years ago. When I thought of the date, this is what came to mind. I matched a feeling of death with certain people, but it did not feel like that kind of communication. I settled down to go back to sleep and saw the dots.

Now might be a good time for grounding light on 3D Earth and performing the Violet Cubes of Light of transformation. The tyrants do not get the final say.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Parasites, Dr. Ruby and Dr. Merritt


I’m listening to this Ruby/Merritt interview and responding to it as I listen, because someone felt that I didn’t understand what are called parasites and their role in cancer.

Firstly, understand that just like viruses are misunderstood and mislabeled, so are parasites. And just like how viruses were blamed for causing cancer, so are parasites. (When you have cells seeking balance, they produce a by-product that Trust the Science commercialized scientists called viruses in order to support their agenda. They harvested this from aborted human fetuses and a variety of animals and used it as a base in their labs when making the “viruses” that are weapons mostly placed in vaccine vials.) Parasites also come in the natural to Earth category, and not.

Second, the theory of attacking a parasite so one doesn’t get cancer or to heal from cancer equates to killing a vulture. Sure, it helps, but one needs to remove the carrion that attracted the vulture in the first place. If you suffer from parasites, you have a terrain that attracts them. When the internal environment zings with the frequency of the MultiSelf over the baseness of the Genetic body’s implants, even should you ingest them, they will leave.

Lastly, the lab-made parasites (possibly including off-world varieties as well), are delivered through injections and may cross the blood-brain barrier. A nurse or dentist supposedly delivering other-than-a-va((ine may also be delivering something nefarious in the vial they are using. I see in children that parasites in the brain are there by the way behaviors change like lightening when a clump moves to a certain spot in the brain. Also, by how kids instinctively know to put their heads upside down for relief.

I am also aware of the natural variety of parasites attracted to va((ine-injured kids’ guts, which further supports the idea that an injured terrain WILL attract that vulture (natural parasites.) I’m going to listen to these two now and though unsolicited, will give my thoughts.

Off the bat, the Controllers use puppets with the intense, serious cadence of speech that is intended to Astrally tug at its listeners. I suspect Stewart Peters and Dr. Ruby have the same voice coach or handler as the voice coach for the Agents in The Matrix. There’s an up and down quality, a hypnotizing aspect to it that perhaps is to cause anxiety in the listeners. (When I learned hypnotism, anxiety was actually the way in, to control through hypnotism.)  Ruby’s audience is a group that could not be controlled in the same manner as the Trust the Science group was, so they need this audience to open themselves to Ruby. With that accomplished, the audience may now be emotionally manipulated. (This was in the introduction.)

I personally do not recall being told that within some $hots that a genetic code will force my body to make a toxic part of a corona virus. If I had heard that, I’m certain my response would have been that firstly, there is no natural toxic element to a coronavirus beyond the amounts that may be clogging up the system. When a cell is imbalanced and seeks balance, if the human doesn’t offer balance, then the body will be overwhelmed with the history of the cell being imbalanced. The innocent by-product is tweaked and placed in whatever $hots they intend on whatever demographic. They then add other attacks to the vial as they see fit. And as for genetic code in general, all $hots warn under 13.1 that mutagenic properties have not been tested for. All $hots have had the potential to change the genes of the receiver or a specific target such as a gut beneficial bacterium for many decades now. The Controllers can choose if this demographic receives them in ALL $hots whereas over there, they are placing carcinogens in all of those $hots. Receivers of $hots are more than an experiment, they are targets. Further, they can add only saline with AI and nanobots without a lot of the debilitating ingredients if they choose. (You don’t need an injection to protect you from a natural what they call virus, so obviously, it’s a delivery system for weapons.)

Part of the Control Group’s problem is that they continually listen to people who supposedly know things and then they regurgitate the information over and over. I heard “spike proteins” constantly from those who learned from YouTube and Rumble. I’d reply, “Well, I don’t know what this is called but after a guest came who had had four of those $hots, I’d see little black dots standing on the outskirts of my aura. I informed the Controllers that I would hold them accountable if I’m attacked by anything to do with that $hot.” (As I say in Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I learned about the non-physical “court” and since, have warned disturbers that I will hold them accountable there.) Back to spike proteins, one thing that is common with the control of both groups (the Trust the Science and Control groups), they change the scripts. They get off on pulling the rug out from under you. They get you preaching this on their behalf and change it to that to really rattle you.

:32 Let’s be clear, SARS?COV-2 is a lab-made weapon at best and placed in $hots. It could have been placed in the 2019 Flu $hot, but let’s face it, the main c*vid was complete control of doctors, commercialized $cientists, the use of propaganda around a PCR tool called a test, and the media. Does Dr. Ruby think the SARS/COV-2 lab-made thing in $hots is what was thought of as natural by the Control Group? There can be a weapon called a spike protein as easily as there can be a lab weapon called a virus. (This seems like more pulling the rug out from under you. They want your belief systems to crumble. They want to tear you down so they may build you up again to their way of thinking before this is over.)

:34 On hoax. What I did physically to assist my aura in sloughing off what I saw Etherically and what I do to assist myself with the constant attacks from a $hot’s having been given to another is effective. I use Karen MacDonald’s goup (equal parts garlic, ginger, lemon, pure syrup that is brought to a boil for five to ten minutes, cooled and placed in the fridge for a tablespoon as often as someone wants it) as needed. I use’s sulfur daily (find the dosage that suits you best, for me, it’s just under a tablespoon). LIV ON Labs Lypospheric Vitamin C is fantastic taken as needed. I listen to my body. I go my own pace with things. I honor the experience I’ve had over other’s advice. I listen and experiment to learn about things I formally did not know. I use chromothereapy in many ways including color homeopathy. I use Sound in many ways, including standing in alignment with the Sound of Self. I do high frequency work.

:52 Interesting. Now, she’s going to tell us what reality is. Hmm.

1:00 Dang! They always disclose: “You are about to have your entire reality reset.” !!!

1:32 Military personnel unfortunately are easy targets for being programmed. Here were my first thoughts on Merritt and She is leading the charge so to speak over the parasite issue for the Controllers. (Authors/practitioners such as Mikio Sankey actually preceded her in the charge against natural parasites.

2:30 Nothing about their puppets is by accident. And she has to throw the “They’ve lied to us” as if they are not about to do it again through her. In a way, more disclosure that there will be a lie to come.

2:59 True. MD’s in training were told (even during the viruses cause cancer era) that parasites do not need to be a concern in countries such as the US. Even a decade ago when I started to hear a little talk from the Trust the Science side about parasites, they still didn’t understand the prevalence, but they definitely didn’t understand/disclose the two kinds: natural and lab-made.

3:17 Western Medicine started a long time ago and yes, the originators may have included the same souls (as 1905) since they have that kind of technology. But, recognize the “learned doctors” of Samuel Thomson’s time (Late 1700’s to early 1800’s) and the push of the establishment for arsenic and mercury over herbs and cayenne pepper was the forerunner to what they intended Western Medicine to become. Recognize one of the first puppets, Louis Pasteur, and how he was used to bring va((ines into their modern wardrobing. Basically, there was no “take over of medicine.” What it became was always the plan.

3:25 Keep in mind $hots have been around since the late 1700’s. They have had ample opportunity to inject lab-made, off-world, Etheric parasites, etc. varieties into people for a long time. (I suspect we haven’t been told the truth and $hots go back many centuries.) An unhealthy internal terrain has been supported by the controllers for a very long time (injections and diet), which invites natural parasites.

3:30 Royal Rife also used Right-brain-technology. Why was that not promoted? The answer is Western Medicine can only survive how they want it if people are fearful and ignorant. They cannot control you if you know Germ Theory is a control mechanism and if you know how to create with your Mental body. (So they program your lower mental body with screens (TV, phones, etc.).

4:42 Most intracellular parasites were most likely injected into a person. Again, clean cells come from a clean internal terrain. Don’t get $hots, know what you are ingesting, read books and get in tune with your body. If a small, natural organism has entered you through water, food or such, make your environment inhospitable to it. (Take the carrion away and the vulture will go. You are not a victim.)

5:02 Oh, good, MS. How many have had $hots or a blood transfusion? I know no sufferers of this condition who didn’t receive $hots.

5:43 Sounds like she thinks MS is from parasites not the weapons from the $hots. (First clue that the interview is to steer people away from the negativity of $hots and to leave one with the impression that they are simply victims of parasites.)  

6:05 It’s been known to me for many decades that brains can be autopsied and the damage going back to say the HPV $hot’s ingredients can be identified, but that info needed to be hidden. All who receive $hots should have their brains autopsied with great care, looking for evidence of va((ine injuries.

6:25 Animals have been receiving $hots for some time, at least back to the 1800’s. Even now, when you eat meat from wild game, you are ingesting the damage done by $hots that have been given to them before they were released again. Mad Cow disease is a weapon that, to me, is targeting hunters. That aside, Mikio warned about parasites from animals back in 1990. Doing cleanses such as the Support the Mountain cleanse is a terrific idea because it cleans up the intestine for good functioning and the eggs and natural parasites, as well. But again, having a balanced terrain is uninviting to a natural parasite. Don’t receive $hots in order to assist with balance since the intent of $hots is to cause dis-easement.

6:08 Doctors are not taught that $hots may lead to a variety of auto-immune dis-easements because then they might not think it ethical to give $hots.

6:09 If you have a lap-dog before the age of five and have not sought Western Medicine, chances are the equilibrium to your body is fine and you’ll be able to not invite parasites in.

6:41 Merritt is letting you know why so many $hots are given to kids under five: their blood-brain barrier is immature and it’s the perfect time to get lab-made parasites to enter. (Also, rethink Wi-Fi in your home because it weakens all blood-brain barriers.)

6:56 So she’s warning about a dog and over-looking the va((ine schedule! I think Medical schools work hard to place the blame on another thing. Yes, dogs can have both natural and lab-made parasites, but a lick is not as dangerous as having them injected into you.

7:13 I’ll bet you the CDC didn’t admit to that until after Holga Clark’s work and from what I recall, not having read her books, that she only sees parasites as natural.

7:27 Her list of toxicplasmosis dis-easements occur in the va((innated.

7:47 Are doctors looking at fresh blood smears because of the c*vid $hots, or because of c*vid, a natural contagious disease that was never isolated?

7:57 Are you surprised that a body that became so toxic and experiences such dis-easement to manifest in cells multiplying abnormally has parasites? A vulture is attracted to carrion. I am not surprised. But, how many $hots has this poor abused body had over its lifetime? What diet? Exercise program? Water supply? And so many more questions.

8:45 It’s unconscionable what the militaries has done to its pawns through the centuries with their $hots.

8:59 Cancer has always been a personal manifestation of a collection of by-product from a collection of dis-eased cells. We may notice that or not.

9:08 Even in Pasteur’s time, they tried to get people to believe it was the water, etc. that caused their problems and deaths: it was the $hots.


9:29 No military personnel started with a clean immune system prior to the c $hot because they received countless others that deliver parasites and other harm.

And she hasn’t mentioned, yet that natural parasites can read your thoughts and take defensive action if you are about to swallow a paradisal.

10:24 It’s clear they have you on the ingestion only avenue for natural parasites only train of thought.

10:42 Inject you under fives with thousands of $hots, but she warns about maybe not having a lap-dog!

11:06 There’s a natural non-contagious “virus” and lab-tweaked weapons known as “viruses.

11:30 It is not complicated. Lies are complicated.

12:12 What the Trust the Science group calls a virus is natural by-product from a cell seeking balance. It’s a history of what our cells have experienced. We may end up with too much of this. Our cells may be struggling for balance to the point of their functions having become compromised.

12:37 The virus is us. It’s our genetic material. That’s why nothing can be isolated. They made up “virus.”

13:21 My great uncle Bert flew planes in WW1 for Canada. Did they have an “Air Force”? Perhaps not. Now, perhaps in America, they had planes as pat of the army. I don’t know. But his bio could just be a mistake in words. If one is interested, they could search to see if this man was in the Navy,

13:28 For the record, I do see Merritt as a mind control slave, a mouth piece for that “intelligence,” but I do not suspect she knows. They have two groups that I know of in the “don’t know they’re being used” category: 1) Implanted, mind controlled, entity-controlled, or frequency controlled into action without their knowledge or 2) lose time through being a puppet and surfacing to see the shopping on the counter next to the shopping list but having lost seven hours or so. I suspect Merritt was programmed, implanted, etc. when involved with the military. Further, I do not hate Ruby or Merritt. I establish a Pinky-rose connection with them and if they are not coming from love, they are not entering my Space of Love. I had a mind-controlled subject as a friend with two microbiology degrees. She too was on a military base as she was married to a high-ranked man. She lost time working on things probably such as the c $hot’s ingredients but not with conscious permission. I had a close friend who is a mind-controlled slave who left my life because she saw the danger I was in in freeing her from them. I’m here to support people in seeing the difference between Truth and lies and how you do that is by not allowing yourself to be Astrally tugged into emotions, mentally programmed into scripts, and stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, which is your MultiSelf that vibrates above the implants of the Genetic human body.

11:44 “This hiding the parasite cause of disease,”… Let’s be clear, parasite needs to be defined and where do the various kinds come from needs to be acknowledged. Béchamp proved long ago that a microzymas will turn  pathogenic with the right environment. In the va((innated, a disharmonious environment is established which can further cause more pathogens to be established. Va((ines are key to spiraling into poor health in multiple ways.

14:27 I don’t doubt there were many puppets accessed over the world in 1918 and before, but just recognize whether its called Fauci or Pasteur or any Gates, it’s used by what became Big Pharma and Western Medicine.

15:44 Well, people like me were publishing the truth about c*vid, but I know what she means. The publishing companies and the University official peered-reviewed publications are all owned by commercialized scientists because the We the People allow it.

16:36 The military/Science/government/human/non-human faction runs commercialized science, the media, hospitals, publishing companies, entertainment, education, etc. German was taught in medical schools in the US at least up to 1983 (probably stopping sooner in some schools).

18:06 Arbitrarily show the c*vid graphic that has been used for other “viruses.”

18:15 Fake came on.

18:17 Corona was made up for other reasons, but in my old Merck Manual it says it’s the common cold, which also has truly not been defined. Kobe was also buried in Corona for the same reasons. She is correct that they know what they’re doing: by the numbers and the words.

18:50 Coronavirus is not made up. It is the by-product of a cell experiencing dis-easement struggling for balance. Trust the Science people just named it that. The language worked well for their c*vid psy-op era.

19:03 I never got into the spike protein hype, but I know two things: 10 glass and peanut butter have been found in va((ines and are not on an ingredient list. We have no idea what weapon is in $hots that is called “spike protein.” 2) I see something Etheric that is being transmitted by the toxinated, those who received the c $hot. I have no name for it. High frequency, meaning standing in alignment with the Sound of Self over identifying strictly with the Genetic human body is key to rising above their physical weapons.

19:31 Finally, a thought to a “synthetic” parasite. All what they call “live” virus va((ines have been practicing transmitting their weapons from the injected to the non-injected for decades now. Just see a list on an ICU door in a hospital. There is no such thing as a virus being alive. What did they place in the vial to place in the human to have transmitted?

20:12 “We can transmit disease electromagnetically,” which is why they have their EMF’s, as well. In fact, this info here is informing you that there is no “catching a contagion,” they can impulse people into dis-easement. But, again, rise above their attacks. See, it’s not necessarily what you think that they can give you a thing, though they can if you’re weak enough. It’s that they attack the Genetic human body with impulses and drive it to destruction slowly or quickly with EMF weapons. (Which they may do around April 8th or 9th and then they can say, “It’s a bug! It’s contagious! It came alive with the solar eclipse! You better get this $hot! We just happen to have it ready!”

20:35 All things called (blank) genetics or Genetics is Eugenics. They want the genetic human either 100% under their control or dead.

21:04 Just in case you are unfamiliar with my work, I have said before that they are always altering the Genetic human. For one, the pig is an example of a prior human. For another, 13.1 of inserts informs you they are. 3) Genetic engineered foods such as candy that has no natural thing in it is obviously modifying the one ingesting it. And lastly, prior to those of us deciding to become Genetic humans, we were all physical-ish spiritoids such as there still are some today. They don’t have the implants, the genes, they are indigenous. There’s a reason Aboriginals are “a” not originals. It’s because first we were more Etheric. Tribesman were and are more awaree of them over average folks. They were the first solid-ish ones here. So what if the Puppeteers want to tweak the Genetic human body! Rise above it. Most think the body is from Source/Pinky-rose love. The Puppeteers pose as God, too. I also discuss the Imposter ray in my book. This is part of tweaking the Genetic human into the successive, robot-like human. Become the light-bearer human.

21:42 Gene insertion propaganda side, looking at how effective atrazine is in altering a lifeform, looking at genetic engineering in candy, looking at 13.1 of inserts, you know genes are malleable to some extent. Genes are Puppeteer-made. They are not of Source. They are not pure Truth. They may be tweaked.

22:11 The mad scientists of the military/science/government/human non-human faction are harming lifestreams with their madness.

23:41 EMF’s have been proven to effect blood cells and the heart on their own.

23:56 We don’t know what’s in any va((ine. This is a good reason to not get any of them.

28:07 No-one thinks the “pandemic” is gone. The 100% social credit system/Agenda 21/Complete control of survivors has not been implemented nor stopped, yet. The Trust the Science group is still being programed and manipulated.

28:27 True. No “germ.” No $hot to protect from germ. Hype. Propaganda.

28:55 Yes, the “virus” is the propaganda, words on TV shows, news, commercialized scientists and doctors, etc.

29:07 Exactly. Cause dis-easement through frequency and bam… “A contagious disease! Run!”

29:20 And not only that, they can bring back the 1918 meme of healthy people can make you sick!

29:36 Recall the PCR and its role in telling healthy people they were sick.

30:03 Yes, people ignored us when we said it’s a graphic that no isolate has been found and that it wouldn’t have color. (But I saw this graphics in a Medium episode, too. They program people all the time. It was used to represent HIV in that psy-op as well.)

30:44 It seems to be that that same intelligence has puppets for the group who are aware of them, too. They dis themselves through the mouths of people like Merritt, but the whole truth is still not being said.

31:14 I go back to what I’ve already said. I don’t know how these two define “spike protein,” but it feels like the pull the rug out from under the masses. Jerk them around. There is and then there isn’t. There is definitely a weapon that was given to people to transmit. I have experienced it. I warned the opponent to humanity that they better not infect me with it and saw it one the outskirts of my aura. It may be Etheric or Etheric/Physical as many of their weapons are, but they may be physical. We have no idea what has been placed in ANY vial EVER. You cannot believe that a thing does or doesn’t exist, especially if it’s not defined. But know that weapons are placed in $hots to harm and to kill and to alter various lifestreams. I feel the whole reason for this chat was 1) to get you into victim consciousness/helplessness “OMG! It’s a parasite and I’m helpless. I better take a product. 2) There are no spike proteins.

31:41 Just because a base Genetic human can’t see something that’s non-physical doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists. But it’s a great lesson for those who get caught upo in hype. The lesson is that they will tell you one thing (just as the Trust the Science group was told they don’t need masks, then they did, then they needed two, then they didn’t, then they did without science behind it, this group can also be manipulated. Your goal is equilibrium. That is whatever that is for you. My body doesn’t like ginger. Coffee doesn’t adversely effect me as it does others. Know your body. You’re not taking something to kill and to destroy. You’re taking something to improve your output.

31:50 Antibodies are another thing that all within the commercialized science group and the freelance science group argue about. Why? Where’s the propaganda? Where’s the truth? I experienced German measles at six months old and again at two and a half. I supposedly have A LOT of antibodies. What exactly does it mean? How come we can all decide that for ourselves over concrete answers?

32:00 “I used to believe in viruses.” The names are are fraud, but the true things are here. 1) by-product from cell that is not contagious. 2) lab-made weapons within $hots. 3) propaganda. And 4) manipulation of doctors and scientists.

32:59 So she seems on your side because she too was lied to and now sees that a natural thing called a virus is not contagious, or said another way, A natural contagious virus doesn’t exist.


33:22 Don’t believe about what’s in papers. Linus Pauling was also originally hired to go to England or some place and “discover” the two-stranded DNA. It’s all scripted and performance.

33:44 SARS/COV-2 was lab-made and actually could be talked about. The scientists are puppets anyway.

34:45 Parasites first, poison, and EMF’s. I’d say EMF and radiation first, poisons and lab-made what they call parasites and viruses second from the skies, food and water supply and $hots, and natural parasites last. But, truly #1, we are a lifestream that has forgotten that we have Pinky-rose that we are not accessing and we are creating disharmony through our amnesia.

25:03 The Venom theory also put out possibly by the same controller…she went onto those who truly got sick…But please remember that people were shut away from other humans and covered all three breathing holes simultaneously. They had a ventilation tube shoved down their throats when they were breathing on their own.

25:28 true, despite their attacks, sick rates did not spike until after the new $hot was let loose.

35:35 “Some people definitely died from this and it was man-made.” They were mostly murdered straight out or lied about on death certificates at this point of the psy-op. Yes, people have been frequency murdered and va((ine murdered for decades. That happened, too.

36:03 There’s truly no proof about these receptors or nicotinic receptors because so much was foiled in their paperwork. Doctors were straight out told to simply state that it was c*vid on death certificates.

36:31 Back to venom. Big Pharma and their doings, which you know can’t be trusted as natural products might be able to be trusted.37:42 Don’t believe that the They have given up on anything. They had success with aerosolizing microplasma onto Winnipeg in the 1950’s and other things in the underground of England in 1960’s. They’ve just improved on delivery so may not need it so much. However, geoengineering shows even greater perfection.

37:52 Ebola is another lab-made attack on humans most likely delivered through $hots but who knows…Insect-diseases also may be tweaked in a lab and injected to transmit.

38:01 They don’t need a virus, however that is defined, but having lab-made weapons that they can give a variety of names to is helpful to them. For instance, if there appears to be a virus and an insect that are causing two sets of problems that support each other in their destruction, then the We the People don’t realize it’s one lab that’s supported by their funding that needs to be stopped. The We the People can believe they are helpless and victims of Nature.

38:07 I discuss glyphosate in my book. This product is not only a carcinogen, it changes the bacteria of soil and that of your gut. It’s a very dangerous attack on the Genetic human and it is changing us through changing what supports us: soil and beneficial bacteria. It is in va((ines and in non-corn IV vitamin C injected into our blood streams.

38:18 Recall the chat at 21:51 a moment ago about not changing genetically (just gene knock down) and see now that we are being genetically altered. (Back then, she only talked about opsins and frequency and obviously something in the $hot.)




39:10 Number one, identify with the Pinky-rose love within and connect it with others. This is not as healing. It’s simply creating a Space of Love that says Do not Trespass. When I do this with folks, it has been amazing how they are loving or walk away. The council members wanted to  implement masks again and didn’t.


39:39 True. You have to give your permission, so stop giving it. Stop concentrating. With geoengineering, for example, use Violet Cubes of Light on the chem trails and transmute them into Blessings. See them grounding into the soil and animals and into you, transmuting into base stuff within into Blessings.

40:07 Same with the Draft. Don’t say yes. Do not consent.

40:23 Immune system may need to be defined at this point, but I’d say listen to your body. You know what gives you high function and what doesn’t.

41:03 I’m unfamiliar with women’s hair falling out during “c*vid,” and I think she needs to define what she means here, but it explains all the propaganda on hair loss that I see.

41:17 But surely a tank not being full could have happened at any time. Why is “c*vid” significant. People in America, especially, have been malnourished for decades.


41:44 Detoxing does help even though you still poison yourself. It’s just better to stop poisoning yourself. As for gluten-free. If you’re worried about American grains, perhaps look into the Dead Doctors Don’t lie diet and stop oats and wheat.


42:24 There are plenty of us who do not get sick in the winter.

42:31 yes. No “Flu.” It’s too much sugar and crap and a belief in illness and toxins.

42:40 Yes, the infra-red light and chromotherapy lamp with all colors are terrific. I have them in my home.

43:19 Wow. Dr. Ruby didn’t seem to know that respiratory “viruses” are not a thing; not contagious; another program.

43:36 She is correct. In 1918, they tried to do what they succeeded in doing in 2020. Read about Béchamp by Hume, published in 1920. Back then, they mostly only had the newspaper demographic, whereas now, they had everyone with social media and TV.

44:58 I don’t use the formula she mentioned. I know some who do, though. You don’t need lab-made Big Pharma products. Support the Mountain you can make at home if you want. $hots-delivered-parasites need more addressing them.

47:27 Remember that carbs are sugar, which is fuel.

47:52 It sounds like her paradisal doesn’t address the eggs. Parasites are smart. They protect against death so that is probably why they keep the eggs from hatching.

49:37 I can’t remember what Samuel Thompson used to treat “syphilis” patients.

50:37 We can survive this but their acceleration shows us that we are allowing it. When will enough be enough for us?

51:52 Keep your phone away from you. Protect against EMF’s as best as you can. Use VCL on towers and such. Don’t have SMART meter.

Dr. Ruby sounded less like an Agent during the interview compared to her rehearsed start/intro.

In conclusion, I thought those who spouted info on what they called spike proteins were talking about the $hot, not a dis-easement that was called c*vid, but since I largely ignored it, I don't know for certain. I do think it was entertaining to see Ruby in Peters' role and then a guest in a role she used to play. The bottom line is, not enough was said here about va((ines. Worry about a dog licking a five-year-old while ignoring warning against $hots. Believe a parasite causes MS problems over past $hots and what was in them.










Saturday, March 30, 2024

What Are You Going to Do When the Grid Goes Down?


“What cha gonna do when the grid goes down?” Well, apparently, I am going to bake a cake!

Fifty years ago, when my home had a wood-burning stove, my mother would not use it during the summer. She cooked and baked in an electric frypan with a lid. So, I looked at my Anker generator, powered by the 300-Watt solar panel and decided to see if in a situation of no electricity, I could bake a cake. (I baked a colored cake since tomorrow is Easter.)

I placed three pennies in a triangle to keep the baking pan off the surface of the electric pan after it had warmed up to 350 degrees via the generator. It was charged at 100% when I started and 74% by the time I took the first pan out. I decided that since I gave no time for lost heat to regenerate, that for the second pan, I would leave it in closer to thirty minutes rather than the twenty-seven I gave the first pan. The Anker had 59% left after the cake was baked.

Bottom layer just in.

Top layer baking.

I did not purchase this system in expectation of the grid going down, though it is nice to be ready. I am attempting to sever my relationship with entities that are under the impression that they are my parent. Even though my electric bill is lower than most (possibly because I do not have a SMART meter), it is nice being able to stand on my own two feet as much as possible. Recently, the electricity in my home went out for less than a minute, and even before it came on, I was using the light from the Anker and ready to plug needed items into it. It was so much faster to get light than to light my oil lamps or candles, or even to go get a flashlight.

When it is sunny out, I charge the Anker while it is in use. Usually, it handles the toaster briefly, the computer, the cell phone, and such items. I have not tested the refrigerator with it yet, but should the electricity go out, I would connect it at least for a couple of hours during the day. I can connect the crockpot, or the electric frypan to prepare a meal at any time. If we have electricity and I need to quickly charge the generator because I see a storm coming and want to be prepared, I can do that, too.

Portable generators and solar panels are certainly an expense. You may need to save your pennies—having willpower against all you could purchase while collecting enough. For me, I do not frequent Starbucks as I see many doing twice on a daily basis. You could look at my generator and solar panel as all the coffee I did not buy. And I tell you what, it is nice to see physical items in place of something disposable.

So, what are you going top do when the grid goes down? Burning wood is not very satisfactory for several reasons: it informs others that you are cooking (more so than the scents from the cooking meal) and it requires a lot of wood to be stored and consumed. Are you intending to stand on your own feet or do you expect government officials to parent you?


Here is a recent link to what I purchased. Rene has this company in Canada and he is very helpful when you have questions or need to purchase extension cords. (If dogs are visiting, I can place the panel on a car in the backyard with the generator close to the car with no wires for dogs to get caught up in. But, usually, the sunniest spot for the longest is in the furthest corner of my backyard, so I need extension cords so I may use the generator inside while the panel is outside.)



Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Little Fingernail Should Not Have Been Forgotten


Little Fingernail was a Northern Cheyenne man who remained with Dull Knife’s group (after Little Wolf’s group broke off and headed for the Medicine Line/Canada) and Dull Knife’s group got imprisoned in Fort Robinson in 1878. Have you heard of him? His name isn’t even listed in the Cheyenne dictionary, which is a travesty to me, because that hints at a forgotten man. (Please search “Dull knife Fort Robinson Break Out” if you’ve never heard of this event.)

In case you’ve never heard of Little Fingernail, let me impart what I’ve learned from Edgar Beecher Bronson about this awesome historian. He documented the flight of the Cheyenne from the then Indian Territory to the then Wyoming Territory. The documentation from September 9, 1878, until the artist’s death on January 22,1879 is especially important, because he offered a first-hand real-time account of the mistreatment of the Cheyenne and their bravery on paper. The artist used colors the earth offered, charcoal, the innards of a bullet, bits of pencil lead on wood chewed into a brush to record events he experienced. The People had few weapons, a lack of comforts such as warm clothing and food, and they had women, children, and elderly along while fighting their way north against three generals and their troops. Despite this, Little Fingernail was documenting everything he could. This would be an amazing account to look at, no matter how different the style of art was compared to what we see today by artists in studios with plenty of pencils, brushes, and paints at their disposal.

Colonel Francis H. Hardie a second lieutenant of the Third Calvary serving at Fort Robinson in 1878 and 1879 tried to get the ledger from Little Fingernail before the famous “break out.” Little Fingernail refused to part with it. For five days, this historian froze and starved along with the other prisoners receiving this treatment compliments of an agent of the US government. What was he recording? What did Hardie get to see when he opened the ledger before the artist was even cold in death?

Little Fingernail was one of the twenty-three brave men who died in a "rifle pit" targeted by “four troops of the Third Cavalry, A, E, F, and H, commanded by Wessells,”1 who were buried in a mass grave near War Bonnet Creek. Once the artist was killed and out of the way, this  now yellow-colored (from dried blood), canvas-covered ledger with two .45-70 Springfield carbine bullet holes in it (because it was strapped to the artists body to free up his hands), was sent to the colonel’s brother Joe C. Hardie of Washington, D. C. who kept it for twenty years. (Actually, by 1898, it was yellow; by 2023 it's reportedly crystalizing.)

Colonel Hardie intended to give it to the Smithsonian. Did he? Was it destroyed or tucked away? Has anyone heard of this warrior or his book? (We have found it is in the American Museum of Natural History in NY.)

I’m hoping it is at least an account within another book. (See below) It is time everyone saw those pictures. If you know anything about Little Fingernail, I would love for you to share what you know with all of us.

1Reminiscences of a Ranchman by Edgar Beecher Bronson, 1910, 1962 (University of Nebraska); p.321-322.

Note: I followed an address I had for where this book was kept in the attic for twenty years. Unfortunately, the new house on that lot was built in 1889, so one worst case scenario is it was destroyed with the original house. (The other worst case scenario is that it is known about and kept from the population.)

Thanks to Wieslaw Koleczek for the quick response!!! :)

Thank you to Wayne Leman for adding his name to the dictionary so quickly! (We shall check with Cheyenne speakers if it needs to be adjusted.)  :)

11/8/2023 added:

I wonder if Fingernail with Little before it was his name rather than the concept of the American “Pinky,” the little finger’s nail. Discussion around his name is on-going. I think it would be assisted if anyone knows his symbol or Hand Talk name-sign.

Thanks to Wieslaw for these three books and the pictures of what is within the first: a copy of Little Fingernail's book like I had hoped someone had done. In that first book, crayons were mentioned. Prior to the waxy crayon we know, charcoal, oil, and pigment were made into sticks. This artist not only could have made that himself, it’s a slim possibility that he could have come by varieties sold in stores at the time…but I would guess he made his tools himself.

These two are other artists' work.

Added 11/9/2023:

Gary Leonard said that Powell’s People of Sacred Mountain contains pictures from the ledger.

According to Oklahoma Dog Man Lance Henson, his name is Little Fingernail. Lance has written poems about him. He is the source that Peter Powell informed him that the ledger is crystallizing now.

And truly, it is important to acknowledge the rancher who died when the Northern Cheyenne came upon his animal stock, because it was his ledger that survived way longer than him to tell a story about the People.

On Bronson’s book, the experiences of Dull Knife, and consent.

Added 11/15/2023 The story of the breakout in 3:55 in PISL.

Added 11/17/2023

I'm interested in all accounts: