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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cashless Society/Cashless Banks

You can be controlled very closely to completely when cash has been pushed aside for a bitcoin or credit.  Yes, it would be a high thought if we could return to swapping talents, but at least cash makes it harder for the criminals-that-believe-they-be to block us from our money.

This world over, cash is the currency, how dare a bank not allow a person to make a cash payment on a credit card balance.  Now that one bank has started, you know others will follow if we just sit back and take it.

Look at this scenario.  An eighteen-year-old I know recently applied to a hospital for summer work.  She has no credit at all.  Her credit report did not come back saying that.  Instead, it said that she has bad credit...because none means bad.  She was not hired...until her mama went "mama bear" on the hospital.  This young woman will have to get a credit card and use it to establish credit so she overcomes this reputation of having "bad" credit.  But...she cannot pay the monthly bill off with cash.  It is beyond ridiculous.

Please, if your credit card sends you an e-mail informing you that you cannot enter the bank and pay cash for your debt, please leave that card.  We have to take a stand together before it's too late.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Infinity Wars had a Message

Image result for avengers: infinity war

For some reason, the criminals-that-believe-they-be feel they have to inform the public about their intentions.  One avenue of communication is through movies. The recent movie release Avengers: Infinity War had a message: There are multiple “things” that when brought together will kill off a huge number of humans.  They will not know what is hitting them or those around them.  Those left standing may not know why they were spared. 

In this movie, the main “bad guy” collects six necessary stones.  Once they are all together, humans start dropping dead.  More than that, they are pulverized.  This points to something that may be military-grade being the “sixth stone.”  I suspect 5G is the final requirement.  On an average day, they may simply induce us to shop.  Truthfully, they only need that “sixth stone,” because they may “turn up the volume” and pulverize us any time they want.  At any rate, they are obviously including more “stones” in their plan.  I suspect vaccines are another important “stone.”  There would be at least one very special ingredient (implant) that is waiting to come into contact with something else in order for it to “turn on.”  Vaccines are obviously one of the stones, because so many pro-vaccine trolls have been hired to give mothers of dead vaccine-injured children a hard time, and because of so much legislation demanding that various groups be vaccinated.

An unsuspected “stone” is in the so-called group of heroes themselves.  If you are going to take revenge on another or take vengeance on another on behalf of so-called good, then you are contributing to the problem.  You are a necessary “stone.”  Love, discernment, and community are the opposites to this revenge and would support people in not allowing 5G to go in.  This community would also stop allowing authorities to inject biowarfare into themselves and into their children and this group does not try to “win,” yet alone through hating.

The other “stones” could include a chem trail ingredient rained down on us, something emanating from computer or television screens (realize cancer of the eyes is becoming a real problem already), chemicals in so-called foods, something from constant Wi-Fi, and perhaps a key component to our DNA being turned on somehow.  The only information that is clear is that they have communicated their intentions.  To non-Avenger fans this movie may have seemed dull, unless of course one realizes that Infinity Wars had a message.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Humans, Don't Do It!

I recently had a conversation with a young teacher.  I felt it was high time the ten-year-old in question learned the multiplication chart, especially the two and three times tables.  She felt that children will always have a calculator at their fingertips, so wondered if it was necessary.  I told her humans should NEVER settle for technology doing their thinking for them.  She will start him on learning the times tables.

Humans, maintain your thinking power.  Do not get in a car without a gas or brake pedal.  Do not allow a car to drive without your brain and physical actions calling the shots.  The car that thinks for you can drive you off a cliff or into the big rig in front of you.  The car that drives itself can make you go 200 mph on the wrong side of the road.  Why would you want to give your power away?

Get directions and use your brain to figure out how to get to your destination.  Perhaps you need to speak with someone in advance at the location, but don't listen to a voice telling you when to turn while you drive, unless it's a human in the front seat reading the directions to you.  "Navigation" GPS will support you in forgetting how to think.

Parking and backing up without a camera or sensors is another way to keep your skills sharp.

Notice how often you surrender your cognitive functions to technology as a first step, and take your power back by starting to thinking as a second step. a book. :)

Change of Name in California: Legislation to Discriminate

         You may or may not be aware that in California, if you identify with the gender you were at birth and you wish to change your name (without change of citizenship, change of status, or help from the Witness Protection Program), you have to advertise the intention in a local newspaper.  The reasoning is that should someone disagree with the new name, he or she may appear in court and protest, giving the reasons.  California has different legislation for those who identify with a different gender than they were at birth, and wish to change their name: They do not have to advertise it in the paper.

Do you may think it is no big deal to have different sets of rules for the population?  Well, if those who identify with a different gender than they were at birth had to fork out $300 extra to advertise the intention in a newspaper, they would cry that it is an invasion of their privacy and unfair to have to pay more than those born the gender with which they still identify.  So why then is it acceptable to invade the privacy of citizens who identify with the gender they were at birth and to ask them to fork out the money?

I wrote letters to Gov. Brown often related to his Unconstitutional Mandatory Vaccination Legislations.  Here is the last letter I wrote to him as “Debbie.”

December 23, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol
1st Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Brown,
It is inappropriate to discriminate against those identifying with the gender that they were born who are seeking a name change.  This group who identify with the gender they were born have to fork out $300 to advertise the intent to change their names in the newspaper.  (I checked with our local paper.)  The group who now identify with a different gender than they were born do not have to do this.  Why should someone be offered the chance to notice a name change in the paper and have the opportunity to come to court to stop an average person from changing their name when it isn’t equally so for those who identify with a different gender than they were born?  If legislation is good enough for those who identify with a different gender than they were born, then why isn’t that good enough for those who are identifying with the gender they were born?  A criminal could just as easily be in either group.
According to the Transgender Law Center, “As of July 1, 2014, individuals changing their name to conform with their gender identity are no longer be required to: (1) publish their name change; and (2) attend a court hearing for their name change, so long as it is uncontested and you are not concurrently seeking a court-ordered gender change. When filling out form NC-100, check the box next to Question #3 b. “Other (Specify)” and write the following text below the line ‘This petition seeks to conform petitioner’s name with petitioner’s gender identity.’” 
The group who identify with the gender they were born have to appear in court. The other group have choices.  The individuals who now identify with a different gender than what they were born really do not even have to undergo any fixed treatment.  The treatment is up to the doctor and patient.  It actually may involve no surgery or hormonal change.  It is a private decision.  Well, if a person chooses to remain the gender they were born that is a private decision, too and this group should not be forced to do things the other group is not forced to do. Please fix this legislation to be the same for the public who identify with the gender they were born instead of discriminating against them.
Most of all, when people marry or change their citizenship, they sign the name they want as their new name.  No advertisement or visit to court is necessary.  If legislation excuses the gender fluid group from the newspaper notification and visit to court, it should be the same for the gender certain group.

Debbie Allsup

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Confederate Theatre

I am disgusted by the gullibility of the American masses.  The focus of tearing down Confederate monuments, as if that erases everything vile about American history, is distraction from how the recent administrations are/were involved in continuing the covert enslavement of the American people through medical mandates,control of water rights,control of food,3 and control of knowledge,4 as well as enticing the masses to behave badly by bringing in two sides against each other in order to start riots.  The Confederate target is entwined with the “races against each other” aspect of the Agenda,because with unrest, marshal law may be enforced, then the American people may be overtly, legally held in bondage.  Look to causes to protest where the media does not report. Protests over 5G could be happening and the media won't be there, because the-powers-that-believe-they-be don't want publicity, and they want you distracted and behaving badly with minute things.

All the distraction aside.  Let's look at the vile history of America and consider why it is also then appropriate to tear down the North's statues and take down the North's battle flag.  (If you want to ask for a symbol of hate and separation to be taken down, ask for the American Peace Flag to replace the battle flag in businesses and classrooms. That right there should help.) Grant and Sherman, both heroes for the North, destroyed the lives of countless Native Americans, for example, and their statues are not being moved to inside a museum. Racism is a symptom from a government with a disregard for human life.
1) The North did not allow the Buffalo Soldiers to march in their parade of victory and celebration.  Many were sent to another battle under the guise of prestige, though it could have been for exclusion: 
2) Attacks on Natives under the American War flag, which is prevalent in every school in US:,,,, 
3) Grant felt himself superior to others who were not white as did other presidents:,, 
And refused to sign legislation that would limit hunting of buffalo, because the Natives depended on the buffalo:
 4) We don't see missions and such torn down.,

Again, having the masses focus on destroying monuments that represent historical occurrences is distraction.  Animals are dying off at an alarming rate.  You don't think you're next?  You don't think the-powers-that-believe-they-be are happy you're distracted?  

If you think this is not about distraction, then ask yourself, How many of the occurrences that are going on right now on Earth were you aware of prior to these links below?

            Footnotes on what the US government are happy to have you ignore:

2., ,



Riots made to happen support "need" for legislation:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

GMO (Transgenic Organisms) Education 101

Nishanga Bliss, Integrative Nutritionist and acupuncturist writes that we “must act to protect the planetary ecosystem from the enormous threat posed by human manipulation of the genetic code” (133).
Know that glyphosate is in your vaccines.  Glyphosate is being injected into you and you are ingesting it.

Beneficial Bacterial DNA altered...
Crossing species...
“New viruses and bacteria that cause diseases could be generated, and antibiotic resistance marker genes could spread to the pathogens. Transgenic DNA may also get into human cells and insert into the human genome; and a large body of evidence from so-called gene therapy experiments have amply demonstrated this does occur [4]. The constructs used in gene therapy are very similar to those used in transgenic plants, and one main side-effect of transgenic DNA inserting into human genome during gene therapy is cancer.”

The Abstract...

GMO's ingested by mother make it to fetus.

Gut Flora Important...

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Vaccination Waiver

I do not vaccinate, because vaccines are useless and they harm. They are biowarfare from which physicians profit. Natural health and immunity are a birthright to which watching stress and sugar levels is key. I have been researching vaccines since 1987 and have never run into proof of otherwise.

I experienced Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella as a child, which ensured me having tons of immunity to pass on to my baby while breastfeeding. An interesting note about my experience with Rubella is that I had it twice: once at six months old and once at two and a half years old. Yes, I have more immunity to Rubella than the average citizen, but the interesting point is that I proved that a baby's immune system is too immature to fully process pathogenic attacks. This is true, yet the public have been fooled into vaccinating babies under one-years-old as if their immune systems can handle and process the live and dead viruses being injected. My mother had Pertussis. I inherited immunity from her. I never had the illness and had nothing to give. My daughter had Pertussis when all the vaccinated kids in our area had it. (The pathogen of the TDaP vaccinated leaves from their throats and goes into the environment around them.)

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella are, for the most part, safe and effective diseases to have. For women, it is best to have Rubella prior to bearing children, but all "prime" the immune system and help to release latent gestational heat, thus helping to prevent cancers and illnesses later in life. Of note, a woman who has only had the shot could contract Rubella during pregnancy, because she is not immune. A knowledgable acupuncturist would know to treat the three stages of Measles, for example, as each presented itself. Western Medicine suppresses the body's responses to the illness with harmful drugs, thus causing more latent heat. Shedding from these vaccines can cause those immune the vaccine injured (leukemia, diabetes, etc) be susceptible to an atypical form of the viruses. Atypical Measles can kill. The MMR shot can cause many health problems. Read the insert.

Vaccine ingredients include: deadly viruses, GMO's (which alter beneficial bacteria), aborted human male and female DNA (which may lead to gender confusion and infertility), bacteria, fungus, yeast, chicken embryo, latex, mercury, formaldehyde, and peanut oil to name a few. Notice epidemic allergies today are from these ingredients. In all my research, I have not found why latex is put into vaccines. Vaccine package inserts warn against: neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, auto-immune diseases, ITP (blood disorder), and meningitis to name a few. Yes, vaccines can give a person meningitis.

Research shows that the MMR shot should not be given around the time the TDaP is given. This research is ignored by doctors who want to catch kids up to the CDC's Vaccination Schedule. The CDC have a financial interest in at least sixteen vaccines that I know of. It is profitable for them to inform the public that they have to have these sixteen vaccines. While I am mentioning corruption, the pharmaceutical companies do not have to test vaccines for safety, because they cannot be sued thanks to Reagan signing such psychopathic legislation back in 1986.

I do not want my daughter to have bionomics, biogenics, or vaccines...since they are all the same thing. Vaccines are not immunizations. I had an immunization when I got a childhood disease. Vaccines do not offer immunity! The incorrect language is just a part of the misinformation that has programed the public.