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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Confirmed Cases


All through this plandemic, we have had commercial scientists and corporations like the CDC informing us of how many confirmed cases there are of covid-19 and how many deaths there are of people who died from covid-19, yet they've never isolated a virus. They have a graphic that is loosely based on a mine, and it's very colorful and they call it covid-19. But they've never isolated anything outside of the artistic realm.

I shudder to think what life outside of 3D Earth thinks about us. We must look like special ed kids to them. I would imagine the so-called good guys would be caring and supportive and loving in response just like we would to a child who wasn't functioning the same as the average person functions. Then there would be the so-called bad guys who would take advantage of our lack of cognitive function or whatever it is that they're noticing about us.

It is amazing to me how easily humanity have been so openly imprisoned and enslaved and with permission from those humans. Guys, no virus has been isolated. There are two tests that supposedly test for covid-19. One of them, the PCR test, finds your chromosome 8 and can spin it to make it a lot and then say you're positive. If you happen to have a lot of that chromosome 8, it means you're intelligent or that you have really good capabilities for fighting cancer. The other test finds antibodies supposedly of this covid-19. Now with antibodies in general, the scientific world cannot agree if antibodies means you have protection or if it means you have an active infection. Some of them even think sometimes antibodies means this where as other times it means that. There's no consensus! So how can that test be accurate at finding this supposed covid-19?

Then there's a corporation known as the CDC which went and told doctors the world over at the very beginning to go ahead and call anything covid-19 that they assume is covid-19. I can tell you, that is not how you're supposed to diagnose somebody. You may have a differential diagnosis that says oh this person may have diabetes because they've got this this this and this, but you don't just assume it. You prove it to yourself. But, how can anyone be certain that someone has covid-19 when nothing has been identified! Nothing has been isolated.

It's pretty obvious that the biowarfare that they gave themselves permission to work on which involved engineered SARS and engineered HIV and a couple of other little goodies that they knew about along with things they didn't know about because they were working with animal viruses seen and unseen.  This is the covid-19 that was injected into people through vaccines. It would have certain markers about it. You would be able to identify that this human was murdered or made sick by that product that was engineered in a lab. You would even be able to say that it goes back to Fort Detrick in the USA or that it goes back to Wuhan in China. The scientist who gets that information would never release it! So this kind of covid-19, you can call a vaccine injury. And you're perfectly safe from it if you don't go out and let them shoot you up with something.

There are about four viruses that are classified as coronavirus, the common cold. But the scientists who are not having their arm held behind their back in a painful position by Big Pharma are not being heard by you. There are a whole bunch of scientists out there from Aajonus Vonderplanitz to Dr. Kaufman who are trying to get you to understand that when your cell is imbalanced, a by product is made in the process of trying for balance. Some people are calling that an exosome. Aajonus called it soap. I call it a byproduct. When you are sick, it means that you did things to yourself that your body didn't like. It means you need to rest. It means you need to eat better. It means you need to do something with those feelings and stop being so angry. It's your body talking to you and what it's saying to you is for you only. What my body says to me is for me only. Viruses are part of your immune system. Do you really think Big Pharma and the government want you to know that? Do you really think that they could control you if you knew that?

Though we do not have any confirmed cases of covid-19 because of nothing being isolated, we do have confirmed cases of gullibility, programmability, and stupidity.

The social credit system which is a part of ID 2020 is being brought in right under your nose and it's happening because you were manipulated into fear.  It's happening because you believe those tyrants ruling over you have your best interest at heart.  If they cared about you, different technology would have been utilized for cell phones than present day 4G/5G towers and Wi-Fi. If your governments (which is government since the NWO is here) cared about you, they never would have engaged in nuclear plants.  They wouldn't have made legislation that gives them permission to experiment on you.  They wouldn't have made Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.  They wouldn't have made legislation saying that you can't hold a pharmaceutical company liable when their vaccine harms or kills the one who received it.  They wouldn't keep true science from you and try to hide Bechamp's work from you.  They wouldn't closely control what doctors can learn and try to snuff the desire to think for themselves out of them.

Standing six feet apart from each other, healthy people being in lockdown, and wearing masks have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary. They are just like vaccines. You may think that you're totally awesome because you're doing what you're told to do and you're helping your fellow neighbor to be safe. Do you know what you're helping your fellow neighbor to do by complying with all this BS? You're helping to enslave humanity even more and to help an artificial intelligence prison planet come online.

What we have are confirmed cases of the easily manipulated.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Truth Withheld


A virus is part of your immune system.  Do you think that any scientists who have signed a contract with a pharmaceutical company can inform the public of that?  Do you think the government can control you if you know that?  Do you think Big Pharma can profit if the average Joe knows that?

If you’ve had a job with any huge company, then surely you acknowledge truths withheld from those outside.  Anything let loose to the public is carefully designed or screened, depending if any truth is released at all.

Teachers, AI can’t take over for you if you are physically in the classroom.  Yes, this is part of the slow plan, but they have many rods in the fire.  If things go quickly, they won’t need this.  If they hijack the minds and souls of most individuals, then they don’t need the slow training…as actually has been happening since the 1850’s with schools in general.

Covid-19 is a psy-op.  It used the media, commercial scientists, a talented graphic artist, the alphabet soups (corporations such as the CDC), and the governments of the world (The NOW).

Go find the truth that is being withheld from you.  It is not out of reach.


This is a “history” of what is happening in CA.  Just so you know my stance on a topic that was briefly mentioned, I do believe in same sex marriages.  I think while we are on Earth no matter whether our body is a casket for our Light, or something we can take with us, depending on frequency, life here offers opportunities to experience love or fear in multiple ways.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Standing in Self

Do you realize that you don’t have to protest against the “lockdown” and mask-wearing?  All you have to do is not comply.

Rules remind me of long ago when my little one was to come into this 3D experience.  My insurance company, that consistently has not been helpful to me even with PPO, informed me that they wouldn’t cover a home water birth.  I did it anyway.  Later, I found they had lied to me and I got the money from them.  What would have happened if I had let being poor interfere with the birth that I had wanted?  As for rules, what would have happened if I had allowed all the tests that the state told my midwives they were to give to me?  I had informed them before I was “with child” that whatever they wanted to do to me, they had to do it now, before my child came to me.

I had to inform my midwives from the start that I can sign whatever they want me to by way of opting out of required tests and such, but that I was refusing all unless they can show just cause as to why I should consent.  Further, I informed them that they may document my weight, but that they are to never mention it to me.  (Three years later, I looked at my records.  What a fright!  I certainly didn’t need my baby being subjected to those emotions.)  Also, I informed them that though in California at that time it was illegal to birth twins into water (whereas in Florida it was legal), I was having my baby or babies at home in water.  If I had to, I would play the part of an ignorant first-time mother.  “I didn’t know.  I got into the water to feel better.  I thought the birth was way off.”  At that time, I was not wanting to register the birth beyond a family Bible anyway.  So, I was already of a mind that entities outside myself had no right to presume to know me or my child and demand I do things their way as some king might.

I am standing in Self.

No-one outside myself knows what I know about me.  Even if those politicians had medical degrees, all that would mean is that they are slaves to Big Pharma and commercial scientists.  I am not on that path.  I know their Agenda.  It’s been in plain sight for centuries.  I do not comply.  I have been researching them and their modalities of attack since the 1980’s.  Even without internet, I found another reason for Jack’s, Robert’s, and Marilyn’s murders and I even found Marilyn’s maid and spoke to her on the phone.  (Reasons for their murders figures into the Agenda, to things they’re not telling you that the three wanted you to know, and to Plandemic 2020/Coronafraudus.)  I feel educated enough to know why I do things.  Sure, sometimes I react from unresolved trauma, but mostly, I have intention behind my actions.  I don’t need artificial intelligence dictating to me how to be human!

My child contracted with me (before conception) to protect her.  I would give birth to her at home in water, with no masked personal in the room, with my naked hands being her first contact with the outside world, with no strong lights in the room, with her grandmother and father there, so he could cut her cord when she was ready.  There would be no ointment shoved in her eyes.  Afterall, her mother didn’t have an STD, so that could not be forced.  No Vitamin K shot would be allowed, because it’s a synthetic, a pharmaceutical made to sound nice.  (As a side note, it wasn’t until 2020 with the commercialized scientists and doctors going back and forth with what they told the public as a comparison to the research I found on the Vitamin K shot back then.  Information to the masses was completely contradictory!)  Just in case I was to have a multiple birth experience, I made it clear that it was still going to be in water unless they could convince me otherwise related to the baby or to me personally.           

Now, here we are in 2020 when entities in power presume they can tell healthy people to do strange things in order to protect the whole.  They are liars!  They are psychopaths.  Why would I listen to something (you might say someone) that’s going to have a ton of karma coming back on it?  I follow Natural Law.  If I don’t like it done to me, I guarantee, I will not do it to you.  I see those I have trouble with as a three-year-old child who has lost his mother, if compassion doesn’t come easily, but, if this entity is in power, I am certainly not going to do as it asks me without examining every inch of it myself first.

           2) mask-wearing 
           3) physically distancing yourself from humans 
           4) locking yourself in your home as if you were a prisoner  

These ideas, so-called "guidelines," are programs of initiation and have not been proven safe, effective, or necessary for humans.  

With vaccines, entities outside yourself may inject whatever filth they desire into your bloodstream.  If they are so valuable, how has anyone who never received a single vaccine survived?  For example, if what you were told about measles is true, how come my child, who never was vaccinated, never succumbed to measles?  She was at college during the recent propaganda on measles and was fine.  (That measles scam, by the way, was to prime you for this event.  For one thing, that event showed them that the masses were ready for this phase.)  Ask your doctor, if you’re brave enough to participate in Western Medicine, to show you even one study (seen all the way through) of a saline solution placebo-receiving control group going against one vaccine at a time.  The MMR II, for example, went against the MMR.

If you could turn off the TV and do some research, you’d find that even mask-wearing tested on surgeons and nurses showed no measurable reason for them to wear them, yet alone a healthy population.  Even if legislation existed, no entity outside yourself has the right to demand that you do harm to yourself.  Denying yourself oxygen does you harm.  I see it time again with masked drivers being unable to think clearly.  (By the way, if humans can’t drive right, then AI will be brought in to drive for you!  This is giving them fuel to bring on only self-driving cars.)  Masks are abusive against humans who need to see facial expressions.

Prisoners are required to keep certain distances from each other at times.  Prisoners are locked down.  There is no evidence that asking you to distance yourself from others and locking yourself in your home is anything but an abusive experiment.  For you to comply without any proof that healthy humans should do so is not standing in Self.

So, start now.  Start researching.  When I go get gas for my car or shop or go to a park or anything, I know I am adding to the health of another through the swapping of the microbiome, if anything.  I am bringing you no harm.  I am not an enemy.  If people have been programmed to fear the air all I can do is agree.  “Yea, I know.  That lousy government allows Fukushima to spew radiation, which isn’t good for us.  And what about that constant Wi-Fi solidifying our pineal glands?  Not to mention the cell towers destroying the sperm of human males and murdering the bees and we can only survive four years after that last bee.  Oh, but that’s ok.  China worked on a fake bee, so maybe we’ll be fine.  And what about the geoengineering?  Those nanobots that we breath into our lungs, cough up and swallow?  Oh man!  Those are pretty nasty.  Nanobots, aluminum, barium, and especially mercury that we inhale will help their fifth generation weapon zero in on individuals better for a more personal attack.  But, unfortunately your mask, and in fact mine if I had one, will not protect you from what the government has done to our air.  The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 704, by the way, legislated that they can harm our health for communications requirements.  If they legislate that they can harm us, are you required to wear that mask for your health?  Hmm.  I wonder.”  I end it with a smile.  And no, those who are not standing in Self don't get it. 

It's foolish to trust anything from Big Pharma, whether it is a test, a drug, or a vaccine, because you don’t know who or what it is you’re trusting with your life.  If you’ve received vaccines since 1983, you may already have a certain ingredient inside you that if you knew about, would wish you didn’t.  (I say 1983, because that’s when they openly started using GMO’s and you have to wonder what they weren’t openly doing, but doing just the same.)  We’ve seen friends, family members, and movie stars suddenly “come down with” something.  Had they received a vaccine or a drug prior?  I haven’t been vaccinated since the 1970’s in Victoria, Australia, yet I had to have a friend assist me in clearing me of an interdimensional invader that was purposely placed in one of the vaccines.  He couldn’t remember if he’d seen it in the polio vaccine or the small pox vaccine, but the invader was prevalent in people with one of those shots.  For the record, I had DTP, so that’s 3 in one shot, small pox, and polio.  I have been detoxing them for my whole life it seems.  They are weapons of the worst kind because they undermine your health and thinking abilities.  They can kill.  More than that, what is inside you can be used in conjunction with other modalities for control of you.

The Agents within the movie "The Matrix" represent the control that can “jump in” average citizens who aren’t standing in Self.  For humans, they may be minding their own business until they are switched on.  Perhaps a riot is intended so they need a mind-controlled subject to pull off some action.  Then, they use the media to get the masses all worked up.  It’s getting easier and easier for them to control.  They use subliminals in shows.  I suspect this is why the "I Love Lucy Show" has been running non-stop for a half a century.   They have devices within your TV’s.  They use the SMART (Secret Military Armament Residential Technology) meter on your house.  They can turn on and off the 5G antenna near your home or workplace, alongside the 60 gigahertz chips being installed.

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known you, nor whether we are related or not, if I see you in a mask, then I know the Matrix has you and you could be as one infected with an Agent.  I am prepared to be a worthy opponent.  Why?  Because I know Self.

So, go.  Anchor the Light.  Stand in Self.  Hwa!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Thoughts on the Demise of Humanity

Are humans worth saving? Well, I don't know. I know the Earth is worth saving though. There's a lot of life-forms here who I feel are far more superior to humans because they don't go and destroy their habitat the way that we have.

Anyway, I was sitting here contemplating the average human. The average human goes and gets injected with a vaccine which is engineered viruses and yet fears the natural viruses that come when that person's cells are trying to rebalance themselves. So humans just seem really odd to me. There's a natural thing happening that saves their life every single day and they have absolutely no respect for it and they allow TV to convince them that it's wrong and bad and harmful.

Further, these humans trust commercialized scientists who work for governments and pharmaceutical companies that have an agenda and they believe that germ theory is true because somebody told them it is.

They could simply read old books and see how smart we once were.

Oh well.  Are humans worth it, or supporting their demise?

Coronafraudus is Human DNA

We are the virus!!!

What a great find!  Thank-you Max Igan!

Coronafraudus:  AI using your chromosome 8 as saying you have the Virus!!!  If you are intelligent or if you have protection to cancer, that’s your chromosome 8!  They are coming for you!

Love this lady when she says, Go back to the soil!”  She obviously understands Bechamp and microzymas.

Of course, babies will be target.  A future of dummies.

Support Crowhouse:

Friday, August 14, 2020

They Told Us!

[Solvent Green was a Charlton Heston movie where the story took place in 2022.  The-criminals-that-believe-they-be are informing you that if they have their way, by 2022, humans will be reduced to eating humans.

Funnily enough, the same puppet, Heston, was used in Omega Man, too.  (The remake was with another puppet, Will Smith.  Both would also have some power, but would have a handler, as well.)  The plot of Omega Man centers around a population that trusted and accepted something that then changed them.  (For us, it would be the vaccine.)

This brilliant covid meme has gotten the masses to fear everything to the extent that they will welcome the social credit system, being locked away, kept from humans, AI taking over teaching, AI prison planet and all that implies.

You are being manipulated through your Astral body. (If you're not, then you are standing strong in Self.) There is so much to say on this.
Perhaps we need to start with what the rulers of this world think of you.  Maybe that would support you in bringing them down from the pillar you’ve placed them on.  You are an irritating slave.  Humans always have been.

In the US, they wanted to people the lands in order to bring in their control far and wide.  Missionaries were led to believe they were doing a good thing and coaxed to go West.  “Free” land was offered to convince others.  Propaganda was printed in the newspapers to stir up trouble between those who “deserved” the free land and those who were there already. 

So, now that you’ve exhausted your use of peopling lands, what do they want you for?  These have been going on a very long time and are still required, though there are more of us than they need.  They want some of you for hard labor, to build underground laboratories, bunkers, etc.  They can figure on many “natural” occurrences and many they even make happen, but sink holes are not something they like, nor can they stop them.  There’s always need for strong slaves to do that which they don’t want to.  (Even pretty, dainty, young male or female slaves for inside the home.)

Then there’s sex slaves.  All ages and all sexes are wanted.

Baby-makers are needed for their satanic rituals.  (This is why abortion was legalized: less red tape around many murders.)  More than this, babies are a delicacy for some “higher ups.”  I have heard for years that they get canned and given to certain parties.  When they come for the mass kill, they will want really young ones for food.  I can only assume they would kill these with EMF weapons, not a brain parasite that they may have in store for older, useless sorts.

But fine.  Get distracted with an election (that is nothing of the sort as they know which puppet they ultimately want in).  Get distracted about the USPS.  Get distracted over “the covid.”  Get distracted over the police (when robots are to come in anyway.)  While you cower in your home behind your mask (in desperation of a Heart/Kidney treatment), the AI prison planet is being installed.

Are you going to fear a "virus" in the air, or protect your young? We could have used your help in stopping it, but, what evs…as the kids say.]

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Not Tired

[I am not tired.  I'm just amazed at where humanity has placed their trust.

You guys know that the government can experiment on you legally as long as they have one person who isn't affiliated with the experiment. 

You know that the government said in the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 that where communications are involved, health cannot be a concern. They don't test vaccines for safety, effectiveness, or to see that they're necessary and the company that makes vaccines cannot be held liable, yet you line your children, your pets, and yourselves up to receive vaccines.

In spite of their legislation, you know that I took them on and I won. One cell tower did not get built in Harbor City because of one human standing up to the 1% and company. So you know that it can be done. You know you don't just have to comply. Where are you going to draw your line in the sand?

The 1% and company who you trust so deeply... well I guess I'm really impressed with their programming. We really do have a worthy opponent. They're more intelligent than us. 

But, I'm not tired. 

They haven't made Earth an artificial intelligence prison planet in spite of the huge support from humans. I still intend to stop them. There's about 3% of us and that's all we need. It just would have been nice if we had had more people who were aware of what's going on.

It would have been nice if we had more humans who are willing to draw a line in the sand and say "Enough!"]

Captain America 2011 I believe. The one person and Company always tell you what they're going to do. Do you see the three items that will become prevalent in the year 2020 in this picture? Look at the whole scene to see if hand sanitizer or toilet paper is there.]

[I'm not sure you understand what fearing humans and the very air you breathe is establishing.

The 1% and company are going to bring the social credit system in to being. What that means is that your house could become your prison cell. 

AI will be controlling every opening to your house. AI can control your toilet and your refrigerator and your stove. If you don't get enough social credits because you're not towing the line, it can be so that your stove doesn't work or your fridge doesn't work or your front door will not open or your toilet will not flush or your window will not open.

Are you going to let your fear create a prison out of our planet or are you going to go and get educated on Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, and other people's point of view on what viruses are other than what the commercialized scientists tell you what a virus is so they can scare you?

Some of you haven't even wondered why this is called covid-19 when it's happening in 2020.

ID 2020

[I understand your fear.

With my Western Medicine classes when I was attending acupuncture school, I had many discussions with the nurses and doctors who were my teachers. They had been indoctrinated with Germ Theory and with seeing a virus as a bad guy. They were pro-vaccination and thought I was awful because I did not allow my child to have any vaccines.

Well, it's 21 years later. I guess I feel confident in spite of the BS that the commercialized doctors and scientists are telling you because I have a gazillion healing modalities at my fingertips. But I also have my mind.

I know I raised a daughter. Got her through a four-year college and she's almost 21 years old and she never received one single vaccine and she doesn't even go to a doctor. Everybody thought that you can't survive unless you have pharmaceuticals from Big Pharma. Well, she got through college without a support animal. She got through college without any drugs. And let me tell you, she was surrounded by a lot of kids who are brought up on vaccines and Big Pharma and they were not able to stand in themselves, if you know what I mean. If you are allowing television to separate you from your environment, to make you afraid of what is outside of you, there are modalities that can help you balance that.

I am here. I am not afraid of you.

AI is coming for you.]

[Embedded in this video game, it says right there that this virus is a hoax.
It's not really a hoax. It's the weapon that's being used instead of guns.

Truly, the weapon is what you don't know about a virus.]