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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gender Confusion & Infertility from Vaccines

Up until recently...within my lifetime...when one person had the DNA of the opposite sex within them, it was due to that person having been a twin.  You see, a fraternal twin which absorbs the other twin, now has the DNA of the opposite sex within him or her.

Flash forward to the present...Many unsuspecting pregnant mothers who were exposed to rubella during pregnancy were convinced to abort their babies through fear.  Amazingly, only about 2 out of 80 babies sacrificed had contracted rubella.  (Perhaps the other 78 mothers had awesome natural immunity due to being happy, etc.  Never let anyone convince you to sacrifice your children.) Anyway, thanks to the boy's DNA and girl's DNA being in 3 shots that people routinely put into their kids, we have rampant infertility and gender confusion.  Yes, glyophosphate and some other pesticides are altering humans, but did you know what vaccines are doing to them?  Listen to Maricella and read Wise Geek's information on Chimerism if you want to know more.

Marcella Piper-Terry tells it to you straight.

What Is Chimerism?

Vaccines can cause auto=immune diseases, too.  Vaccines may cause microchimerism as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vaccines Alter Our Systems

Rely on your own system over vaccines.  Vaccines make your system switch like a train on tracks heading for health naturally and then suddenly switched to a different track going a different direction.  Breastfeeding over formula is also discussed.  Please watch them and understand how ridiculous the vaccination program is.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Explanation of Auricular Acupuncture

Explanation of Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Medicine is diagnosis and treatment of the body through the ear.  The ear, like the foot, eye, teeth, and brain, to name a few, holds a representation of the whole body on it.  Active Points show up when there is an imbalanced area within the body.  There are several ways the practitioner can be alerted to these Active Points: a special pulse taking technique, visual cues, the appearance of tenderness, and through changes in electrical conductivity.  Not only does an imbalance show up such as a thyroid problem, but detail such as whether it is hypo or hyperthyroidism, for instance, appears!  This information supports the practitioner in formulating a plan of how to treat the imbalance, right down to whether gold or silver needles should be chosen for the treatment.  Body acupuncture has to travel further to get to the brain in order to change messages of pathology to messages of balance and health.  Auricular Medicine works instantaneously.  It is a trusted first step for ailments before implementing harsh treatments.  For example, when hormone replacement therapy is required, whether for estrogen, thyroid, or insulin, it is best to access the ear/brain connection first before HRT, which may be costly to health as well as to the pocketbook! Latent emotional issues, hidden toxic areas, and tightness created from overcompensating when injured can all be targeted.  Patients do not have to disrobe and in fact do not even have to be verbal or speak the same language as the practitioner.  The ear speaks for the body.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prince Taught Me: 8 Presidents Before…

1776: The United States declared independence from Britain.

03/01/1781: The Articles of Confederation signed:

1781: John Hanson chosen by Congress to be the first president.

1782: Elias Boudinot.

1783: Thomas Mifflin.

1784: Richard Henry Lee.

1785: John Hancock.

1786: Nathan Gorman.

1787: Arthur St. Clair.

1788: Cyrus Griffin.

04/30/1789: Washington takes offices as first president of the US (a corporation)

                   under the Constitution.

Jon Roland offers:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dental Sealants Cause Teeth to Suffer

     When I heard the pediatric dentist inform me that I should have sealants placed on my daughter’s teeth for protection, alarms went off.  Western Medicine has a different definition of “prevention” compared to so-called alternative medicines that see prevention as supporting the immune system and balancing all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  You don’t need to look any further than the vaccination program that harms people in order to “prevent” diseases to know that Western Medicine should be approached with caution.  That said, I still allowed myself to be talked into sealants for a few of her baby teeth, because I reasoned that they would fall out and any damage that happened to them would not affect her adult teeth.  I was possibly wrong.  The harm that must have occurred to those sealed baby teeth may have prevented natural flow to occur, and that natural flow just may have continued to the teeth growing underneath.  If alarms go off, listen, even if you can’t intellectually justify the warning.

     When she was much older, I sought a biological holistic dentist when the same pediatric dentist had recommended sealants for a few of her adult teeth.  I was shocked when this new dentist didn’t recommend certain homemade toothpastes and certain protocols that are truly preventative steps which place responsibility for health in the hands of the person in question.  They too recommended sealants, but assured me that the product they placed in the teeth did not leach plastics and was far superior to the product used by regular dentists.   From questions I’ve asked about root canal extractions, IV Vitamin C, cavitations, and now sealants, it seems to me that biological holistic dentists don’t seem to be aware of too much more than the average dentists, yet they cost an arm and a leg. 

     Enough! Time to find a Huggins trained biological holistic dentist at (866)948-4638.

     In Huggins Applied Healing on page 130, Dr. Huggins says, “Teeth are alive. They have a fluid flow from the pulp chamber, through the dentin, into the mouth.  This fluid brings nutrients into the tooth structure that keep it healthy and alive.  According to radioactive studies at the University of Loma Linda, it requires 60 minutes for this fluid to flow from the pulp chamber to the surface of the enamel.  Placing sealant on the enamel means that there will be no nutrient flow to the enamel and dentin under the sealant.  Dentists report the presence of decay under the sealants and wonder where it came from.  Today’s dental schools do not teach the physiology of teeth.  Like most lay people, they consider it a hunk of ivory to carve upon. Sealants are like taping your mouth shut and putting a clothes pin on your nose to prevent breathing pollution.  It works, but at what expense?”

     Why don’t dental schools teach the physiology of teeth?  That means how they function, in layman’s terms.  Shouldn’t they know how teeth function?  So, a parent agrees to have sealants placed on their child’s teeth in order to prevent cavities and the sealants can cause cavities? Nutrient flow is stopped by sealants?  How can they be permissible?  The best question of all is, How can your dentist truly give you Informed Consent is they don’t even know the physiology of teeth?

     As with every aspect of Western Medicine, become fully informed before you hand your health over to the practitioners of any Western Medicine discipline.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thoughtless Practitioners

I want to tell you something that disgusts me.  I am sick and tired of health care practitioners wearing gloves to protect themselves without any thought to their patient’s safety.  You know how we use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open a door when in a restroom in order to keep pathogens off our hands?  Well, why can’t doctors, nurses, and the like also use a paper towel in order to protect their gloves from the pathogens and biofilm lurking on objects when they move lights, open drawers, and the like when they are with patients? For at least twenty-five years, I have wondered this.  They do not even bat an eye touching things and then placing that gloved hand in some orifice of their patient only to touch the light or move something else and then put their glove back in that orifice.  One infectious disease specialist touched the light and then even put his finger in the center of the staph infection on my arm and then he touched the light again.  If you are thinking their average disinfectants are capable of killing biofilm, you’re wrong.  Biofilm can be defeated, but the average practitioner and custodial staff do not even know about it.

It’s time they protected their patients!

Vent over.