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Self-interested, Heartless, Psychopathic Agents of the Government Then


In 1878, Northern Cheyenne men, women, and children who had been sent to the Indian Territory (the Oklahoma area)—promised food and safety—were starved and dying in an unfamiliar climate with heavy hearts longing for their country. Rather than to die, in September, those still alive, fled North.

Some survivors made it over 1,000 miles in less than fifty days having fought Generals Pope, Crook, Bradley, and Gibbon and their troops while on the move with the elderly, women, and children in the cold. Some of the healthier made it into Canada to be with the Lakota. The others were caught around the 600 mile mark with the help of traitors: at least twenty-two “Sioux/Little Snakes,” betrayers of tribesmen who tracked and scouted for the agents of the US government. (Some may label scouts as soul-sellers, kiss-assers.) The Cheyenne were held in a barrack at Fort Robinson. Naturally, the self-interested, heartless, psychopathic agents of the government did then what they would still do today if they saw you as an irritation. They ordered the captives back to the strange climate with no hunting possibilities and very little rations for them there. It seemed they intended to send them to a certain, slow death. (More at the bottom of this article.)

I recommend you read Reminiscences of a Ranchman by Edgar Beecher Bronson first published in 1910, Chapter 7, “A Finish Fight for a Birthright” for a long account of a ranchman who was witness to the decision to send the Cheyenne back South. Add this to other accounts you may have read. In fact, other sources have quoted from this book.

To this day, self-interested, heartless, psychopathic agents of the government will not consider the arguments of the one they wish to oppress. They have their goal. Here, it was to clear the North of the “savages” so we may steal their lands and especially, retrieve the gold there. We need them South, so South it is. Too bad if they starve! We want the land without any trouble. (And yes, some tribesman of other tribes that assisted the agents of the government with clearing the land of unwanted “hostiles,” got nicer reservation lands compared to the tribes seen as a problem. Those that comply with today’s narrative will be patted on the head while the questioner will be vilified, imprisoned, murdered, or a combination of the three. Their scripts have not changed.)

The Cheyenne of 1878/9 show us how amazing the human mind and body is. You think you can’t accomplish something? Read all accounts of “The Fort Robinson Breakout” that you can. They are an inspiration for humanity who fight for justice under an oppressive, unjust thumb. They also teach a lesson in consent. (See below.)

The chapter I recommend is easy to read, but if you read the whole book, here’s some vocabulary that may assist you in the journey to a different time and mind set:

airy: any

‘n’: and

‘cept: except

widder: widow

wi’: with

haint: don’t

‘Mo’nin’: Good morning


On Consent

On January 5, 1879, Captain Wessells, who was in charge of the Cheyenne men, women, and children prisoners, received orders from the War Department to send them South despite harsh weather. Wessells simply informed Chief Dull Knife, who basically said, no. It is interesting that Wessells chose to bully the Cheyenne into consent by withholding food and fuel if they did not go willingly. The Cheyenne were already mistreated in rags and were freezing. Why not strong-arm them into chains and place them on wagons and force them to go that way? Although, if it had come to this the Cheyenne probably would have killed each other and committed suicide as they had some arms hidden away, and longed to die in their homeland. And since they have proven to me their spirituality was extremely sophisticated, perhaps they knew about Vivaxis, the place we plug into Earth and its life-supporting energies, and wanted to die where they were born. (Link below.)

So Wessells, as many administrators known as judges today may do in what they perceive as their courtroom, bullied them with threats until he could get their consent to march South peacefully. Wessells withheld food and fuel in below zero temperatures. Now-a-days, judges who want a man to do any number of things: take an oath, write his signature, or fill out tax forms as the judge sees fit, and he doesn’t, the judge will send him to jail and may even fine him. The self-interested, heartless, psychopathic agents of the government have not stopped their bullying tactics to get what they want. It comes down to consent or no.

Speaking of consent, on YouTube, I get this window that pops up informing me I have to allow ads and it explains why ads are important. For fifteen seconds, there is only an Ok box on the bottom left. Then, a X shows up on the upper right, so I click that. I do not give my consent to ads. Likewise, Facebook sometimes has a warning window bop up that informs me that the post goes against community standards. Bottom left is Ok and upper right is X. I wonder if I pressed Ok if I’d end up in FB jail. Consent. It’s all about consent. Simply do not say Ok. Yesterday, I watched an episode of Murder, She Wrote. A tennis coach was ordered by a cop downtown for questioning. “Am I under arrest?” I yelled at the TV, trying to coach the coach. If you are not under arrest, go about your business. Do not consent. (If someone wanted to ask me what I witnessed, I’d be happy to convey that and get on with my life. But taking time out of my day to go “downtown” is a big no.) If the draft comes out. You feel banksters and presstitutes are arms of the Puppeteers who fund and start two sides against each other and wish to have nothing to do with their tantrums in their playpens? Then, look for that moment of consent, and don’t give it. “Step forward.” Sit down and scoot back. If they yell at you and try to make a fool of you, remain seated. Do not give consent. You do not need to be a pawn in their game known as war.

After five days and nights of freezing and starving, Wessells attempted to bully the Cheyenne again and there was the famous breakout. Basically, from Fort Robinson, about sixty escaped to be with the Lakota in the States. Many men, women, and children were murdered by the puppets of the self-interested, heartless, psychopathic agents of the government and placed in a mass grave. They died in their homeland. They never sold their souls by giving consent to the bullies. And even though all schools I have attended and worked at never retold this story of Uncle Sam’s blood-stained hands, they won.

In 2023, the self-interested, heartless, psychopathic agents of the government bullies are at a world-wide level of bullying, perhaps because they sense the peril they are in with the light we are grounding. The bottom line is, be very wary about consent and when you give it. Their goal is reservations for all. Control of our food, just like how they controlled the Cheyenne in the South and North through starvation. They plan to strip you of your culture and so much more. Do not consent. Look for the bullying and remember Dull Knife and the elderly and the children. They froze and starved for the Right to die in their homeland, even if it was ultimately by a bullet.



On Vivaxis.


This book is available online or may be purchased.


The outbreak annual run for their ancestors:

Their language is so sophisticated. For instance, if you say, “We are going to Utah this summer,” in Cheyenne, it is said to either include the person spoken to or not. In English, I may simply know I am not part of that we. Here is the story told in Cheyenne with captions.




11/15/2023 The story of the breakout told in 4:13 in Plains Indian Sign Language.

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