Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Biden To End C*vid on May 11

 A natural, contagion making an "emergency" would end the so-called emergency by stopping.

Puppet "Biden" has supposedly announced that May 11 will be the official end to this c*vid psy-op era because he apparently says so.
I bet the believers of this whole thing are saying, "Oh, thank goodness. It'll all be over on May 11th!"
Crikeybloodym*ses! It could be over right now...It could have been over March 14th if you only had know about Germ Theory and the opponent to humanity.
If you wait for May 11th, then you are only waiting for their next fear-spell.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Death, Prison Planet or Liberation

Quite frankly, if you haven't noticed the attacks on you by agents of the government your whole life, then you have had no defense against those attacks.

Non-va((inated don't suffer the debilitating attacks on their emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual aspects of Self (unless they have had a blood transfusion and been va((inated that way). But Normies do not notice.

Those who understand the "end game" of technology see the "gateway drug" in TV, computers, cell phones, SMART watches, SMART appliances, etc. Those of a frequency to have inner-standing may use some of them, but the power given away...given to them is limited. (And they most certainly would stop at the cell phone.) But Normies do not know.
Those who recognize the evil (that which goes against Nature and flow) behind words on paper such as to ban wood-burning or gas stoves, stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and challenge opponents to humanity. The Social Credit System/SMART cities cannot be brought in until all is controlled. But Normies do not want to know. They use their phones to read a menu or to get into work.

The inception of Western Medicine and it's slow journey away from health started with the "learned doctors" of 1798, making it's way to Pasteur's theft of B├ęchamp's misunderstood work, and will, if they have their way, end in a Prison Planet. Normies chant, "I caught a cold or c*vid!"

When I see death from Big Pharma, frequency attack, or both, I know there was something that one chose not to know in this day and age of communication. Humans are not victims; though, they set themselves up to be victims at every "wallowing in self-importance" opportunity.
Normies watched "Eyes Wide Shut" as if it were entertainment instead of a dire warning. (And those of a frequency could feel the horrible base vibe, but chose to sit through the yukky thing to see what the message was.)

How do people I knew through decades of work and those who knew me in high school respond to my communications (on $hots, technology, geoengineering, the military/science/government/human/non-human attacks and more)? They follow the spell and chant of the opponent to humanity and stop listening to what I have to say. Normies, after all, were programmed to see those who could support them as the reason "c*vid" was happening. "It's their fault," when all along, it was the Normies' compliance.

Humans are young. It is time to put on the big kid pants and search out where you are and to what you have given Power. Or simply, do not "level up." It is your choice. If you choose victimhood: "I can't unless..," then enjoy what you have allowed.

Will you choose death, a Prison Planet or Liberation?