Sunday, March 10, 2019

Reflections on Captain Marvel

Admittedly, I am not into The Avengers series, so I am unable to run all the stories together in my mind.  Even so, I see what The They—The Puppeteers—are informing you with this movie as they have had information for you in the others.  All through this movie, I found myself saying, “Ah, that’s true.  That’s true.”  There was one HUGE lie, though.  You do not “fight” an “evil” opponent with your weapon of force.  You do something else.  (You also don’t dry dishes and then place them on the drying rack. You wash, place on drying rack, dry, put away or in a stack.  But I chalk that one up to no-one on the set having experience with hand-washing dishes.)  Also, women can have a powerful job by staying at home nurturing children instead of going out and fighting bad guys.  It is not being a bad example to choose to stay home, supporting children into growing up to become Whole, secure, and loving.

         Anyway, some of the truths: 
              1) There is an implant that binds up your power.  Remove it and you are
                  powerful again and one kind of implant is very close to GB 12, where
                  the implant in the movie looked to be. 
               2) With the implant gone, you may soar to anywhere; anytime.  You may
                   have to remember how to hold so much power.
               3) An outside “force” (such as the circle she stood on when the “vine”  
                  went into her and she was transported elsewhere) can assist you in
                  being elsewhere.  You are made up of many subtle bodies and can tune
                  in alone or with support.
               4) AI is not your friend.
               5) You think you know the bad guy from the good guy.  Example, which
                   country is supporting the so-called enemy country or group?  Are you
                   sure it’s not your own?
               6) Shapeshifting is real.  You can learn…actually…remember how to do
                   this, too.

Those are just a few points that I recall.  The important take away is that for some reason those presently in control have to inform us about plans and such.  It is as if we have entered the theatre and they have handed us the program.  You just have to know how to read it.  I think part of why there is a need for disclosure may be to simply say that non-humans or AI will be revealing themselves or itself soon, but there may be more to it than that.  They may be programming us to stand back and allow those seeking a home to come in and take over our cultures and make it theirs.  Who knows!  But again, the answer is not to use a weapon of force.