Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Infinity Wars had a Message

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For some reason, the criminals-that-believe-they-be feel they have to inform the public about their intentions.  One avenue of communication is through movies. The recent movie release Avengers: Infinity War had a message: There are multiple “things” that when brought together will kill off a huge number of humans.  They will not know what is hitting them or those around them.  Those left standing may not know why they were spared. 

In this movie, the main “bad guy” collects six necessary stones.  Once they are all together, humans start dropping dead.  More than that, they are pulverized.  This points to something that may be military-grade being the “sixth stone.”  I suspect 5G is the final requirement.  On an average day, they may simply induce us to shop.  Truthfully, they only need that “sixth stone,” because they may “turn up the volume” and pulverize us any time they want.  At any rate, they are obviously including more “stones” in their plan.  I suspect vaccines are another important “stone.”  There would be at least one very special ingredient (implant) that is waiting to come into contact with something else in order for it to “turn on.”  Vaccines are obviously one of the stones, because so many pro-vaccine trolls have been hired to give mothers of dead vaccine-injured children a hard time, and because of so much legislation demanding that various groups be vaccinated.

An unsuspected “stone” is in the so-called group of heroes themselves.  If you are going to take revenge on another or take vengeance on another on behalf of so-called good, then you are contributing to the problem.  You are a necessary “stone.”  Love, discernment, and community are the opposites to this revenge and would support people in not allowing 5G to go in.  This community would also stop allowing authorities to inject biowarfare into themselves and into their children and this group does not try to “win,” yet alone through hating.

The other “stones” could include a chem trail ingredient rained down on us, something emanating from computer or television screens (realize cancer of the eyes is becoming a real problem already), chemicals in so-called foods (such as glyphosate that harms the microbiome), something from constant Wi-Fi, and perhaps a key component to our DNA being turned on somehow.  The only information that is clear is that they have communicated their intentions.  To non-Avenger fans this movie may have seemed dull, unless of course one realizes that Infinity Wars had a message.