Sunday, September 27, 2015

Multidimensionality Is

Multidimensionality is stillness with understanding and compassion.
As Mikio Sankey writes, “The All Field includes every level of consciousness and every dimension, space and spacelessness through all time and timelessness into all Universes, Multiverses, and those realms and fields not yet named.”  This is multidimensionality to me.  It is so much more than simply saying it is beyond 3-D experiences.  When a person is aware of their multidimensional self, they are aware of having received support from something that is beyond the 3-D model.  All intentions are known.  Tricks and illusions are seen.  A true knowing of and about yourself is understood.   Our physical body sings a yantra making us an antenna to pull in understanding.  We can hear our Qi, which is communicating with us.  After all, Qi, the energy inside us—part of which travels with our blood in our vessels—IS information. 

Being multidimensional is much like being an average person who has attended many business seminars on sales approaches and then hears the same lines, the pitch, said in a TV commercial.  It is that, “Ah, I see what you’re doing,” moment.  Esoteric Acupuncture can help to build the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge, which is basically like establishing the connection with two wires and then the bulb lights up.  Multidimensionality is the lit bulb. 


Friday, September 25, 2015

Dark Star Kids

A teacher proposed to me that some children are born under a dark star. She was referring to the kids with bizarre, disruptive behavior.  For those kinds of kids, I see the dark star simply as unhealthy exposures. These exposures maybe all the toxins in the vaccines, fluoride in the drinking water, chlorine in the bath/shower water, man-made non-foods in foods and beverages, pollutants and biowarfare in the air, and electromagnetic over-stimulation at home and at school. That is probably just a small part of the things to which kids are exposed that is contributing to their bizarre behavior.  The altered eating habits which occurred in recent times such as less fermented foods in the diet (and not eating seasonal foods) would be adversely effecting all kids, but I'm sure, too, no matter how small, it is effecting this portion of the dark star kids as well.

The other group of kids I see, in what this teacher coins the kids under a dark star, are the kids who are psychopathic and (as I can see/sense) they have an evil being within them. Though I'm certain rectifying all of the above would be beneficial to this group as well, they need further assistance. Not only does the intruder within or around the kid need to be removed,  an internal protection needs to be established. If the person's spirit is the being that is hurtful itself, then due to Free Will, no change may be made unless it falls under their personal request.  Due to the possibility for violence--even from a five-year-old--awareness on everyone's part, though, is important when dealing with the kid under this kind of dark star.

One thing that may help both kinds of kids is parents giving them a special moment some mornings.  If a parent were to lie down with the child before the child rises and have a chat, perhaps part of the child’s bizarre or dark behavior might be lost in a little euphoria.  Light discussions about the child’s dreams, quality of sleep, and about the day to come might help to reset the old program.  This very small gesture to connect with the child may send him or her off to their day feeling more secure within themselves.  With a little awareness, we--parents and teachers alike--can allow and anchor Light around the kids who have come under the influence of a dark star.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Response to Oklahoma Bill Mandating Vaccinations

My daughter was once a 1 or 2 year-old who hadn’t had her shots, but what others did or didn’t do for their health wasn’t my business.  I made sure she was as protected as much as possible.  I didn’t even fear people who received vaccinations that made them shed the disease for which they thought they were receiving protection.  I knew my daughter was much better off not having poisons injected into her system.  I knew she was in the process of establishing a vigilant immune system that could handle her experiences.

As for “herd immunity,” I think only people who vaccinate think of it as a percentage of a group being vaccinated protects the overall group in question. I see herd immunity as a thing of the past, really.  We have far too many vaccinated people messing up the group with the atypical diseases caused by the vaccines.  Herd immunity is more like when everyone got the diseases and had natural immunity, you had a huge percentage of the group that wouldn’t get that diseases again.  Grandchildren of people who had had a certain disease perhaps had a more mild form of the disease.  I feel the fewer kids bringing atypical diseases to the herd, the better!

As for the media blitz known as the Disneyland measles outbreak, I think that’s a joke.  An easily duped public is the real epidemic.  Measles and whooping cough outbreaks time and again have been linked back to vaccinated individuals, so just stating there’s a person here and a person there isn’t proving an unvaccinated person was the carrier of a disease.  A few people experiencing a disease isn’t an outbreak.  How about we call vaccine injuries like Autism and allergies and ear aches and eczema and SIDS outbreaks? 

Is Yen getting any funds in any way that would incline him to be for mandating vaccines?  I already know he’s been tricked himself if he thinks vaccines really make a difference, so I don’t respect him enough to trust him with making medical decisions for my child.  If he hasn’t been hired to be the doctor of a child, he has no right pushing legislation that makes him and the government the consultant of a child.  There is enough of a history with vaccinations that disproves so much of their efficiency as well as showing the dangers that there is no way parents should be forced to vaccinate their children.  We need to be in a place where we can accept responsibility for our children and how they turn out.  Much like if we allow ourselves to be manipulated by our kids and we end up unleashing a young adult who feels entitled onto the public, we need to be able to look at our healthy children and know that it was our decisions and research that got them to that point.  Mandated vaccinations don’t fit into that model.

It’s only going to be a health issue when tons of children have vaccine injuries and when a government that are the ones that set up vaccination mandates won’t take responsibility for the injured children.  I bet Yen won’t even apologize, because he won’t make the connection.  At any rate, if Yen wants to vaccinate, it should be his choice; although, I’d argue that vaccinations should be illegal due to all the health issues they have caused since the 1700’s.

In closing, there are never any merits to a vaccination bill where children will be forced to have poisons injected into their bloodstreams against their will.  There is no merit in bringing forced Nazi-like behavior to America.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Religious Freedom Threatened

Many don’t realize that the first book published in what became America was a Bible and it happened in the 1600’s.  This Bible was printed in an Eastern Native language.   Now, I suppose it is not surprising that religious freedom would be threatened in the US in 2015 when natives even as far back as the 1600’s felt inclined to throw away their centuries-old religions for the religions that the Bible represents, but it does surprise some people.  H. R. 2232 is one of those surprises.

H.R. 2232 is a bill that was presented to the House of Representatives on May1, 2015—one month before Governor Brown signed SB 277 into law in California.  The goal of H.R. 2232 is to amend the Public Health Service Act, which means that it’ll remove religious and personal exemptions to vaccines in ALL states ( The group that this bill will permit to have medical say of children over parents is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a group within the CDC.  The CDC has proven time again that they are a corrupt, unethical body, yet this bill will allow them to have the last word on your children’s health.  The CDC has firmly proven the lengths they will go to to cover up research data that doesn’t fit their model of vaccine safety (  Do you really want the CDC deciding dosage and types of vaccines that your child is to be forced to receive? 

Average citizens of the world think the US federal government only deals in interstate commerce, so they are shocked that the federal government thinks it can have power over each state’s ideas on medical procedures. The federal government has forced medical treatments onto the American population before, but it went unnoticed.  Surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation are the only legal treatments for cancer allowed by US federal law.  That means if an acupuncturist or a homeopath can treat someone and make the cancer go away and establish a toixic-free environment for the person, they can’t advertise this information, nor publish articles on their success rates, nor can these healers admit what they’re doing on any level.  Healing cancer in other ways other than surgically doing repair work or chemically harming a person’s system is illegal.  Further, a child under eighteen has no say.  He or she gets surgical repair work and chemicals thrust into their body against their will, because it’s the law.  In Nazi Germany forced medical treatments was legislation as well.  For some reason we can frown on that, but not on current and proposed American legislation.  If H.R. 2232 passes, it will override any state’s laws related to religious and personal exemptions (  Even if the hundreds of thousands of California citizens that signed the SB 277 Referendum to stop mandated vaccinations succeeds, this federal law will force even worse rates of mandated vaccinations, because it will include ALL public school students.

Cancer treatments equal big bucks for certain pharmaceutical companies.  Vaccines are no different.  H.R. 2232 will force all children who attend any kind of public school to be vaccinated with the kinds of vaccines and dosages decided upon by the Advisory Committee.  More vaccines given will mean more profit for these companies, but financial incentive is the driving force behind H.R. 2232 in another way.  Under H.R. 2232, federal funds are to be withheld unless certain groups prove a fully vaccinated population.  More than 136 million in government funding will be threatened to stop if students are not vaccinated.   Kids have always just been numbers to officials.  Each child’s school gets paid each day a child is in school.  H. R. 2232 is along those same lines where a child will correspond to a dollar amount and the health of that child has nothing to do with H. R. 2232. 

.  This bill allows for medical exemptions (  Doctors who sign exemptions are already frowned upon.  It’ll be hard to find a doctor willing to sign a medical exemption once and yet, under this law, parents will have to get a new medical exemption signed EVERY year.  That’s a lot of money just thrown away each year. 

What about personal and religious beliefs exemptions?  Well, Congress is not supposed to make any law that interferes with the exercise of religions.  If you don’t think it’s a big deal that the government can force poisons into your child, what about the government’s desire to strip you of your religious freedom (   It doesn’t matter if your religion forbids certain medical procedures.  It doesn’t matter if your religion forbids supporting the business of abortion.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan and don’t wish your kid to be injected with animal and human products.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve had three vaccine injured children and have decided not to vaccinate the fourth.  It doesn’t matter if your child has died and now you don’t want to vaccinate the one who lives.  Your thoughts don’t matter.  Your children don’t matter.

What can you do?  Call your congresswoman or man and tell them that H.R. 2232 is a violation of your Constitutional right to decide on medical procedures for yourselves.  To see some letters that have already been written, please click on this link: Inform friends and family what evil is afoot.  Let’s kill this bill (! Wilson, the puppet used in this case to put forth this legislation, does have a connection to the pharmaceutical industry (  Call Wilson’s office (202) 225-4506 and tell her what you think.

It is not conspiracy theory when I say that cancers and diseases HAVE BEEN injected into people unbeknownst to them (  Do you trust legislation demanding vaccines that have always had a suspect past?  For more information on H. R. 2232, please see: ( and For more information about The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), please see: ( and 




Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mockingjay’s Symbology Revealed

White Rabbit is a man who works on entertaining, educational videos about the symbolism and intent behind movies and public personalities’ actions and dress.  Below, I have included a link to his video where he exposes subliminal messages embedded within the movie, The Mockingjay.

It seems to me that White Rabbit’s purpose is to support humanity through exposing the Elite’s New World Order plan through educating about the Satanic side of things.  Since my purpose is to serve humanity through anchoring Light while exposing the Elite’s New World Order plan, I am going to offer some insight of my own.

White Rabbit reveals how esoteric thought can be manipulated by the Satanic and used to suppress and harm humanity, but just as anything good can be used to harm, so can esoteric tools.  For example, if a person enters a room and has a wooden table with a phone and a knife resting on it, they can choose to use the phone and/or knife to communicate.  They can call someone and have someone evil or angelic on the other end.  They can choose to hang up on that person, or to communicate ideas.  They can take the knife and carve a message into the table.  They can use the knife to cut some kind of bond that is not desired.  They can use the knife to harm or to kill just as easily as to support in repair work known as surgery. 

Alice A. Bailey is mentioned by White Rabbit.  In this video, he shares a quote from her, in his opinion, showing how she warned about The New World Order and how they operate.  Positive esoteric messages, first of all, are being revealed more because humanity is anchoring more Light as well as Earth entering the photon belt.  But, it is true, for some reason, the Elite always have to reveal the truth of something, even if it’s briefly accomplished.  In my opinion, being a messenger does not make you guilty of the message.  I myself have been warning about The World Order for a lifetime and I am not a supporter of it in any way.  White Rabbit labels the spirit communicator of Bailey’s a demon, because he is discerning the message given.  Djwhal Khul is one who communicates with Bailey who I have seen mentioned in other books where individuals have been working to support humanity.  I see Djwhal Khul as a being who has chosen a long lifetime as a discarnate, meaning he chose not to have a physical body, but wishes to anchor Light and to support humanity.  I feel anyone of us could have made that choice long ago. I also feel he would know how to slow down his vibrations and make himself manifest more physically if he chose.  A being who does not suck your energy in order to interact with you is not a demon.  However, family members or not, if  a being is sucking your energy, you will need to be as aware of that just as much as with the pending full implementation of The New World Order.  I do not know with whom else Bailey communicated so cannot speak to that.  I can; however, tell you, I personally have been face to face with beings, both human and not, that have humanity’s downfall in mind, and I am not a supporter of their plans, nor am I their friend.

Agenda 21 is a government plan to move citizens into cities, allowing rural areas to return to their natural state as well as many other awful details.  I say awful because Agenda 21 is part of The New World Order’s plan.  Authorities in the US have actually walled up exits to some small towns so as people have been forced to move away due to being shut off.  The Hunger Games series is full of Agenda 21 ideals.  Movies do reveal what they’re planning to do.  The movie The Kingsman, for instance, reveals how mass humanity, which has been injected with something, can all drop dead with one control being switched on.  Author Susan Reed warned about this long ago, way before her “accidental” drowning, that mass vaccinations will occur with a lethal ingredient within it.  The zombie movies show you how effective the Elite’s aspartame, fluoride, and forced educational system have been.  (Yes, schools started at gunpoint back in the 1850’s, for America at least, because back then the populace could see what was starting.)  If you’re knew to how the educational system was set up to forward The New World Order’s agenda, look at how math is taught today.  The goal is to slow down the thinking process.  Accelerated thought can get humanity out of this, because we will not fall for a diabolical plan that we can plainly see.

I have been posting “refugee” videos on my AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond facebook page, because mind controlled killers are amongst these immigrants.  They will be switched on at once.  Order will have to be gained out of the chaos that will ensue.  But, sadly, so will forced vaccinations…Unless we can stop it.  Of course, so far, the Elite don’t have to switch on the mind controlled killers, because we are willingly allowing ourselves to be escorted to the slaughter.  We don’t get upset when they strip us of our rights.  Look at America.  We have a president that implemented legislation, unchallenged, to kidnap, strip an American of their citizenship, and detain them indefinitely.  All he has to say is that he thinks that person is a terrorist.  It was that easy.  How did the public respond?  He was put back in office for another term.

One thing White Rabbit touches on is the abuse that many public personalities have endured.  A certain political family is amongst these who have been abused.  My concern is that no matter who gets in, that person will have been groomed for it his or her whole life. 

I invite you to watch this video, because The New World Order is real.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Illuminati & MTV

White Rabbit’s ideas in this video (see the link below) are valid to a point.  It’s perhaps not accurate to place every human experience related to homosexuality and to the pineal gland, for instance, into just one category: satanic.  In my opinion, part of how the Illuminati works is through opposites.  They take any topic and make a denser version of it, because it's effective to take something that is trusted and known and then reincorporate it into society; much the same way that the Elite take trusted religious symbols and use part of it to promote their Agenda.

The Nadis are very fine meridian-like pathways that are very much affected by sexual acts.  When love is involved, along with true consent, a very fine Qi (energy) runs through these 72,000 or so meridian-like pathways.  I feel true "living in the moment" can happen along with the resurfacing of Multidimensionality when two partners truly meant to be together (regardless of gender) are indeed together.  I also feel true love and consent can eventually repair clogged up Nadis.  When rape and ritual sex are used, something negative happens with these Nadis.  I have a few theories that we don’t need to go into here, but I can guarantee you the Illuminati know exactly what happens to them.  These Nadis are being mishandled and harmed.  Inappropriate sexual acts are definitely a win for the Elite in their plan to make people stupid and cut off from their Overselves. 

I like this video in that it may be the first time you are being made aware of the Illuminati and mind control programs.  There is a double for almost everything.  So, there is the authentic Jew with the truth of things.  There’s also the Elite’s version known as Zionists that had their hand in 9/11 and the curse of King Tut’s Tomb.  These are the Illuminati.  There is a powerful chakra related to Multidimensionality that has been shut down in most so that humans are easier to control.  This chakra is related to the pineal gland and there are many healthy, centered individuals who may call on this gland in a loving, balancing, promoting human affairs kind of way.  The Elite abuse this gland/chakra and knowledge of it in order to control humanity.  They will constantly meld satanic rituals and drugs with their teachings of this gland in order to give this gland and chakra a “bad wrap” so as good-hearted people will fear this doorway (one aspect of the doorway, at least) to Multidimensionality that is in fact their birthright.

There’s probably always been a small percentage of any society that had individuals who wanted to dress in the style of the opposite sex in any given culture.  There have also most likely always been some within all cultures who are attracted to the same sex.  Then there’s the Elite's desire to destroy individuals through their mind control programs that convince individuals to be gay and inclined to be transgender, transsexuals, and transvestites when none of that was the natural course that a particular individual was taking without interference.

There are probably some movie stars, singers, and politicians who are not mind controlled.  There are definitely many who are.  The mind controlled celebrities will promote ideas sounding cool, when really what they are doing is promoting the Agenda of and for the Elite.  Yes, two loving men can have a child and be a fantastic family.  Unfortunately, the Elite’s idea is to have two mind controlled men who are too fragmented to be real in any response to life.  They are to raise a child in the Elite's hope that he or she will also become fragmented.  It is the Elite's hope that they will be harmed by sexual abuse somehow.  Many actors, singers, and politicians that you love are in actuality sexual child abuse victims where gender never mattered.  To me, this is one point the maker of the video is making.  My sister once visited, and she watched Hannah Montana with my youngish daughter at the time, I watched a moment of it as well.   I saw the sexual overtones and nasty play between family members and friends.  The young crush on Hannah was the worst.  I explained to my daughter why she wouldn’t be seeing that show again until she was older and understood what she was seeing.  I told her I didn’t trust what they were selling.

He, White Rabbit, is just focusing on the music awards, so here, he isn’t discussing everything the Elite are doing to destroy the family.  Schools are not mentioned.  Actually going to school, all the homework, changing the language of functions in math, as well as being around the same age group all day are just a few ways the Elite have set out to destroy the family.   Please watch.  You'll feel in your gut the nastiness of the Elite. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Allowance of the New World Order

Energy is interesting.  For instance, if someone was a professional thief in a past life, or earlier in this one, and holds stuck energy such as guilt and the vibrations associated with it, then chances are that same energy will be attracting something to that person that matches the vibrations held within.  This process shows us what we think of ourselves deeper than subconsciously, along with opportunities to heal, to integrate stuck energies.  Yes, there could be a thousand other reasons why someone gets swindled, killed, robbed, and treated poorly in a variety of ways, but energy attraction is one—a very powerful one, for it is, in my opinion, holding the establishment of the New World Order in place.

Energy attraction—a like attracted to like situation if you will—is holding the elite here to bully us.  The elite have used us as mere chess pieces in a game that we didn’t even know we were playing for years.  Our collective energy is putting out the vibration that says it’s okay to enslave people, to have power over people, and to withhold nutrition and true emergency treatments from people.  Look at us.  We can’t even allow another car into our lane when we’re stuck at a red light up ahead and we honk impatiently if someone has the nerve to let someone in, even though we can’t get too far.  A teenaged boy walks past an older woman struggling to step up onto the curb.  A person barges into a room allowing the door to slam on the person behind whose hands are full.  I look at people interacting with each other every day and wonder if we deserve to have someone like Superman rescue us from the elite.  Nope.  We should do it ourselves.  That way, third/fourth dimensional Earth can remain sweet and blissful (after we fix it),because collectively all of us made it so.  Individuals establishing the floor plan for a harmonious tomorrow will last.  The elite will become compassionate like us, or they will leave.  Our new energy will not hold a place for them.

When we can “let be,” which is more than allowing for it involves true acceptance, perhaps we will have shifted the energy that attracts the New World Order personalities enough that they will let us be.  Our compassion will far exceed human to human relationships, because instead of killing roaches, spiders, and the like we will respect all life and not think we’re better than anything just because we can squish it effortlessly.  It’s up to us.

We’ve been missing the point for years.  We miss the point every time we think our profession, skin color, culture, nationality, education level, life experience, gender, age, and species makes us better than another.  We could stop looking at ourselves as if we’re involved in a hierarchy and eventually the elite will no longer be held in our experience.  Ya hoo!  We are the ones who can have compassion for a dying bee, a starving stray dog, a medically injured child, a surgically maimed woman, a depressed father, a drunken teacher, a hormone-abusing tennis player, a low self-esteem employee, a runaway teen, an endangered species, a poisoned crop…..

We are the ones who can energetically remove permission for the allowance of the New World Order.
Alex Jones makes me laugh.  I am not like him in my approach, yet I have never hidden my views on controversial topics.  I speak to the elite a lot like him.  (It's just, I'm yelling at a television set.  I'm not face to face with the elite holding a megaphone.)  If you'd like a history lesson, please give Alex 2 hours of your time.  Part of not allowing, for now, can be realizing what's going on.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Doctor Giving "The Vaccine Talk"

I have many stories around doctors trying to force various vaccines on me through the years. I want to tell you one related to my daughter, because it relates to the disease changing if in a vaccinated person, as well as fitting these times in which we live where doctors are to "educate" us now. Before my daughter could be enrolled in kindergarten in about 2004, I had to take her to a doctor.  The gentleman poured over her thin, new file, looked up at me and said, “Has anyone talked to you about vaccinations?”

“No, and I’d rather they didn’t.” (I had researched the subject thoroughly fifteen years before I even met my daughter’s father and have logged a few more years of research since.)

“Well,” he continued, “Do you know that three kids died of measles last year?” (This is a common ploy of pediatricians- try to induce fear in the uneducated mother.)

“Was it Atypical Measles?” (I am not an uneducated mother.)

“Ah,” he stumbled, “Ah, well, yes.”

“So that means the three who died were vaccinated.”

He was silent to my statement, not a question. (Atypical Measles occurs in those who have been vaccinated against measles. I personally prefer measles.)

I asked, “Could you please write on the chart that we’ve had the vaccination talk? Thanks.”