Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mockingjay’s Symbology Revealed

White Rabbit is a man who works on entertaining, educational videos about the symbolism and intent behind movies and public personalities’ actions and dress.  Below, I have included a link to his video where he exposes subliminal messages embedded within the movie, The Mockingjay.

It seems to me that White Rabbit’s purpose is to support humanity through exposing the Elite’s New World Order plan through educating about the Satanic side of things.  Since my purpose is to serve humanity through anchoring Light while exposing the Elite’s New World Order plan, I am going to offer some insight of my own.

White Rabbit reveals how esoteric thought can be manipulated by the Satanic and used to suppress and harm humanity, but just as anything good can be used to harm, so can esoteric tools.  For example, if a person enters a room and has a wooden table with a phone and a knife resting on it, they can choose to use the phone and/or knife to communicate.  They can call someone and have someone evil or angelic on the other end.  They can choose to hang up on that person, or to communicate ideas.  They can take the knife and carve a message into the table.  They can use the knife to cut some kind of bond that is not desired.  They can use the knife to harm or to kill just as easily as to support in repair work known as surgery. 

Alice A. Bailey is mentioned by White Rabbit.  In this video, he shares a quote from her, in his opinion, showing how she warned about The New World Order and how they operate.  Positive esoteric messages, first of all, are being revealed more because humanity is anchoring more Light as well as Earth entering the photon belt.  But, it is true, for some reason, the Elite always have to reveal the truth of something, even if it’s briefly accomplished.  In my opinion, being a messenger does not make you guilty of the message.  I myself have been warning about The World Order for a lifetime and I am not a supporter of it in any way.  White Rabbit labels the spirit communicator of Bailey’s a demon, because he is discerning the message given.  Djwhal Khul is one who communicates with Bailey who I have seen mentioned in other books where individuals have been working to support humanity.  I see Djwhal Khul as a being who has chosen a long lifetime as a discarnate, meaning he chose not to have a physical body, but wishes to anchor Light and to support humanity.  I feel anyone of us could have made that choice long ago. I also feel he would know how to slow down his vibrations and make himself manifest more physically if he chose.  A being who does not suck your energy in order to interact with you is not a demon.  However, family members or not, if  a being is sucking your energy, you will need to be as aware of that just as much as with the pending full implementation of The New World Order.  I do not know with whom else Bailey communicated so cannot speak to that.  I can; however, tell you, I personally have been face to face with beings, both human and not, that have humanity’s downfall in mind, and I am not a supporter of their plans, nor am I their friend.

Agenda 21 is a government plan to move citizens into cities, allowing rural areas to return to their natural state as well as many other awful details.  I say awful because Agenda 21 is part of The New World Order’s plan.  Authorities in the US have actually walled up exits to some small towns so as people have been forced to move away due to being shut off.  The Hunger Games series is full of Agenda 21 ideals.  Movies do reveal what they’re planning to do.  The movie The Kingsman, for instance, reveals how mass humanity, which has been injected with something, can all drop dead with one control being switched on.  Author Susan Reed warned about this long ago, way before her “accidental” drowning, that mass vaccinations will occur with a lethal ingredient within it.  The zombie movies show you how effective the Elite’s aspartame, fluoride, and forced educational system have been.  (Yes, schools started at gunpoint back in the 1850’s, for America at least, because back then the populace could see what was starting.)  If you’re knew to how the educational system was set up to forward The New World Order’s agenda, look at how math is taught today.  The goal is to slow down the thinking process.  Accelerated thought can get humanity out of this, because we will not fall for a diabolical plan that we can plainly see.

I have been posting “refugee” videos on my AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond facebook page, because mind controlled killers are amongst these immigrants.  They will be switched on at once.  Order will have to be gained out of the chaos that will ensue.  But, sadly, so will forced vaccinations…Unless we can stop it.  Of course, so far, the Elite don’t have to switch on the mind controlled killers, because we are willingly allowing ourselves to be escorted to the slaughter.  We don’t get upset when they strip us of our rights.  Look at America.  We have a president that implemented legislation, unchallenged, to kidnap, strip an American of their citizenship, and detain them indefinitely.  All he has to say is that he thinks that person is a terrorist.  It was that easy.  How did the public respond?  He was put back in office for another term.

One thing White Rabbit touches on is the abuse that many public personalities have endured.  A certain political family is amongst these who have been abused.  My concern is that no matter who gets in, that person will have been groomed for it his or her whole life. 

I invite you to watch this video, because The New World Order is real.

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