Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crisis Initiation 101

According to...false flag expert, Mr. Clawson, "The traditional way America gets to war is what would be best for U.S. interests.  Some people might think that Mr. Roosevelt wanted to get us into the World War Two.  As David mentioned, we had to wait for Pearl Harbor" (Youtube video, link below).  Get that?  The U.S. had to wait for Pearl Harbor.  They knew it was coming.   

According to…Gardnar Mulloy, in his book, As It Was: Reminiscences from a Man for All Seasons, Hank Prusoff predicted the impossible and the impossible came true on December 7, 1941.  Prusoff was a tennis player in Tampa, Florida in 1939 with Mulloy.  One night after tennis matches in the Dixie championships, some of the men were discussing the war between Great Britain and Germany.  Mulloy had expressed concern over America getting involved in the far-away conflict.  Mulloy writes in his memoir, “Hank responded quickly, stating strongly, ‘I wouldn’t worry about Germany, because we will be fighting Japan soon,” (71).  The men laughed and teased Prusoff, asking how he came by this knowledge.  “He responded, ‘The Japs are going to bomb Pearl Harbor’ (a place I had never of) and we queried, ‘Why would the Japs attack the United States?’” (71).  Prusoff went on to report that at that time in Seattle, Washington, the Japanese tourists, or perhaps spies, were “‘taking photos of the harbor and it’s the general talk, and furthermore, Pearl Harbor is our big naval base in the Pacific,’ Hank responded'”(71).  Mulloy reasoned President Roosevelt must also be aware. 

Through the men’s teasing and antagonizing of Prusoff, he became angry.  Finally, they decided that Prusoff should inform the President “in case, which is absurd, he didn’t already know” (71).  There, in a pro shop in Florida in 1939, Prusoff’s fate was sealed with a pen to paper.  Mulloy personally mailed the letter that held Prusoff’s name and address.  Mulloy writes, “My feeling is our government had to be aware the bombing would happen because, if nothing else, someone in the administration had Hank’s letter!”  Mulloy hypothesizes that that’s “why four of our aircraft carriers were conspicuous by their absence and not at Pearl Harbor but conveniently shipped out several days earlier on a ‘training mission’” (71). 

Hank was killed in an elevator accident by the time Mulloy called his buddies who were present at that 1939 talk.  

False Flag attacks are staged attacks so a country feels obliged to make war on another country.

Please read As It Was: Reminiscences from a Man for All Seasons by Gardnar P. Mulloy.

For more information on covert crisis initiation 101, please watch Max Igan and Ken O’Keefe’s YouTube video entitled, “False Flags and the American Interest.”    

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sacred Geometric Codes for Sale

Interdimensional protection can come to you in many forms. Your mind is by far the most readily available type of protection you can have. However, sometimes it is nice to have a physical tool to help you when you come face to face with the unseen. The Temple of Light Codes, the Goddess Code, the Crystal Imprint Clearing Code, the Spiritual Clearing Codes, the Manifestation Grid, and the Meridian Code are sacred geometry cards that are part of the Sacred Geometry Code Series visualized and made with the Spiritual Forces of Light’s aid. The energy and sound frequencies from the card(s) chosen seem to work by overlapping with a person’s aura, or emanating out into a specified area in the cases of land healings. The specific goal to balance and protect embedded within each card cannot be destroyed, altered, or interfered with while at the same time assisting a person to vibrate to their own distinct vibration.

The Metatron Matrix Code is separate from the Sacred Geometry Series and is the blue code seen in the background of AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond's fb page.

The Temple of Light Codes are four individual, bright, mostly yellow cards that are intended to be set up in four corners of a designated area, offering protection from unseen forces. They can be buried outdoors in the front and back yards, establishing a huge rectangle that encompasses the house and garage for long-term use or they may simply be placed above ground in the four extreme corners of your home for long-term use as well. They may also be set up briefly for a day’s seminar in a conference room or overnight in a hotel room by placing them in the four corners of a designated room. You may place a crystal and a fluorite tetrahedron stone in the center of each card if drawn to do so.

The Goddess Code has multiple purposes. It most especially may be used to clear negative vibrations off jewelry and other objects, doorways and rooms in general, the exterior and interior of vehicles, and people and their energy fields. An affirmation written in pencil on a small piece of paper, folded, and placed on this Code under the pillow of the writer may help to clear energies interfering with a goal. A child prone to nightmares, or who is convinced that noxious energies are in the bedroom, may use this Code to help dispel the energetic darkness.

The Crystal Imprint Clearing Code clears crystallized negative thought-forms. The Vincents say, “This Code is designed to break up and purify trillions of these crystallized thought-forms throughout the matrix and hologram of time that are not in perfection with wholeness, oneness, and unity.” Next, “new programs are installed to broadcast frequencies of the Divine Blueprint to the Soul. Then frequencies for the manifestation of the perfected etheric template into the physical are broadcast.” Also, blocks are cleared and a connection to the conscious mind is established. This Code may be placed on the Heart Chakra area and turned a quarter turn at ten to fifteen minute intervals until it is in its starting position again.

The Spiritual Clearing Code set comes in a notebook encompassing the five individual cards, one Earth Chakra Code, a Manifestation Grid, and the Intent Code to be used in certain cases with the Manifestation Grid, along with written information. The five Codes may be used individually or together in personal treatments, on others, or for quick land clearings. They are a ‘must have’ for practitioners who treat holes in auras, foreign energies attached to auras, etc. Those with clairvoyant vision may see geometrical designs dancing in and out of a client’s body, seemingly convincing an aura to vibrate in synchronicity with the Code(s) chosen. Also, used with the Manifestation Grid and the Earth Chakra, an intended geographic space may be cleared over a longer period of time.

The Manifestation Grid set includes the Manifestation Grid and the Intent Code. The Vincents say, “The Intent Code and Manifestation Grid align you with the appropriate forces of Light for the manifestation of your goal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned. These codes set up a field of protection to keep limiting forces from interfering with your intentions.” This Grid and the smaller Intent Code may be used together with crystals or BioGenesis’ Amplifiers placed on each point of the picture of the star. The Grid set up alone with six amethyst crystals, will transmute the energies in a healing room. The intention of a workshop or a room intended to be continuously cleared, may be written in pencil and placed in the center of the Grid.

The MerKaBa Repatterning Codes work on an internal transformational level, helping to rid self-sabotage programming and replacing such with positive goals.[1]  A person vibrating quickly will be more likely to notice a negative spirit’s influence and to take care of the situation in a timely manner.  Vibrations within really depressed people, for example, may start to change, too.    
The fifteen MerKaBa cards can be used individually or in combination, the same as with the Spiritual Clearing Codes.  In fact, both sets can be mixed and matched together during one treatment.  The MerKaBa codes may perform the following: open and clear the chakras, encourage the client to recognize that he or she is love, replace feelings of lack with an awareness of abundance, remind the cells of the vibration of inspiration, establish communication with the individual’s higher self, and tap into the feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, grace, and mercy among other tasks of equal value.[2]
The cards support a person’s ability to integrate a personal Intention, possibly making a goal a reality.  In the prevention of psychic attack from human thoughts directed in a hostile manner and other such happenings, these codes can help manifest goals of protection.  They do this by clearing away internal base vibrations, helping the aura to vibrate quickly, thus warding off any kind of potential intruder.   The MerKaBA Code set comes with a Goddess Code.  These codes cost $150 plus s/h.

The Stargate Codes are made up of thirty-three codes: twenty-eight Pyramid Codes, four Ray Codes, and one Vortex Code.  Through these codes, the Vincents “devised a system to tap into the transformational process on energetic, visual, and metaphorical levels” of the ancient Egyptian “Starfire” ritual.[3]  The Vincents say to “expect greater integration of your multi-dimensional selves. Protected/safe portals for higher dimensional travel, enhanced vortex energy fields for healing work (local and long distance), [and] intent lists,” may also be expected.[4] 

Basically, as a basis, these codes will “repattern your energy field into grids of coherent energy which will remain in place and continue to work, integrate and uplift your being.”[5] Since they help you to experience multi-dimensional realities, there’s really no limit to the ways you can use these cards.  In the past, I’ve selected four and placed them around my bed, taken one with me for the day to stare at, hold, or to just have with me, and used them following the directions within the booklet that comes with them.  They can be used during treatments on yourself and others, or during your meditation time.  If you are intrigued by Sacred Geometry, you will most likely like these codes.  I finally purchased them when I was hungry for more after having treated myself and others with other Vincent codes for awhile.  These codes cost $230 plus s/h.

The Meridian Code "provides sound frequencies and geometry for opening meridians and aligning the subtle energy bodies for easier integration of Code programs.” People who are sensitive to fine energies are usually aware of the body’s energy opening up and flowing freer. Acupuncture clients working on chronic stagnation may enjoy this Code’s help as will energy-practitioners who do not use needles.

The Dimension Code: Based on "projective geometry," this code is used to access and align the proper dimensions necessary for the manifestations of desired goals.  May be used with the Manifestation Code under a client, by itself, or on a room full of participants needing a clearing.  This code may be as an operator connecting you with your Multiselves, supporting communication and connection.

The Metatron Matrix is a code brought to us by John Butler, a clairvoyant/dowser from New York.  It is recommended that the code be situated so that passers-by can look at it.  Just by taking a moment to examine the code, the person’s consciousness is increased.  Sensative people who have gazed at it comment on the various ways they can feel it working on them.  It also helps to settle the chakra’s spin to the correct direction.  This code may be placed on the body, held close to the body at the edge of the aura, and/or just put up on a wall.  In Nothing in This Book is True, But it’s Exactly How Things Are, Bob Frissell discusses Metatron’s Cube in detail.  One thing he says is, “All of the shapes I have been describing have been female energy curved lines, so one of the simplest and most obvious ways of adding male energy, in straight lines, is to connect all the centers of the spheres on the fruit of life.  If you do that you end up with a figure known as Metatron’s Cube.”[6]  Four out of the five three-dimensional Platonic solids can be seen within this code.  Frissell adds, “Even though it may not look like it, in fact we are nothing but geometrical images and shapes, both inside and out.”[7]  This is just one reason Sacred Geometry compliments us.  This code costs about $35 plus s/h.

Unseen forces play with humans on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. You can never be over prepared.  For more information, please visit Contact Us and John Butler at

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