Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crisis Initiation 101

According to...false flag expert, Mr. Clawson, "The traditional way America gets to war is what would be best for U.S. interests.  Some people might think that Mr. Roosevelt wanted to get us into the World War Two.  As David mentioned, we had to wait for Pearl Harbor" (Youtube video, link below).  Get that?  The U.S. had to wait for Pearl Harbor.  They knew it was coming.   

According to…Gardnar Mulloy, in his book, As It Was: Reminiscences from a Man for All Seasons, Hank Prusoff predicted the impossible and the impossible came true on December 7, 1941.  Prusoff was a tennis player in Tampa, Florida in 1939 with Mulloy.  One night after tennis matches in the Dixie championships, some of the men were discussing the war between Great Britain and Germany.  Mulloy had expressed concern over America getting involved in the far-away conflict.  Mulloy writes in his memoir, “Hank responded quickly, stating strongly, ‘I wouldn’t worry about Germany, because we will be fighting Japan soon,” (71).  The men laughed and teased Prusoff, asking how he came by this knowledge.  “He responded, ‘The Japs are going to bomb Pearl Harbor’ (a place I had never of) and we queried, ‘Why would the Japs attack the United States?’” (71).  Prusoff went on to report that at that time in Seattle, Washington, the Japanese tourists, or perhaps spies, were “‘taking photos of the harbor and it’s the general talk, and furthermore, Pearl Harbor is our big naval base in the Pacific,’ Hank responded'”(71).  Mulloy reasoned President Roosevelt must also be aware. 

Through the men’s teasing and antagonizing of Prusoff, he became angry.  Finally, they decided that Prusoff should inform the President “in case, which is absurd, he didn’t already know” (71).  There, in a pro shop in Florida in 1939, Prusoff’s fate was sealed with a pen to paper.  Mulloy personally mailed the letter that held Prusoff’s name and address.  Mulloy writes, “My feeling is our government had to be aware the bombing would happen because, if nothing else, someone in the administration had Hank’s letter!”  Mulloy hypothesizes that that’s “why four of our aircraft carriers were conspicuous by their absence and not at Pearl Harbor but conveniently shipped out several days earlier on a ‘training mission’” (71). 

Hank was killed in an elevator accident by the time Mulloy called his buddies who were present at that 1939 talk.  

False Flag attacks are staged attacks so a country feels obliged to make war on another country.

Please read As It Was: Reminiscences from a Man for All Seasons by Gardnar P. Mulloy.

For more information on covert crisis initiation 101, please watch Max Igan and Ken O’Keefe’s YouTube video entitled, “False Flags and the American Interest.”    

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