Monday, September 18, 2023

My Friend the Black Widow


I had a magical thing happen September 17, 2023. I needed to wash the floor. LOL. Real magical, huh? Anyway, I saw a maggot (in a corner on the floor) that was not moving but I got some paper towel to go and squish it and take it off the floor when a black widow came dropped down really fast from underneath the counter bottom and touched the back of my hand with one thin leg. I felt my Heart Chakra open so wide my Throat Chakra and Beyond were open. I heard, “Don’t take my food,” in such a sweet female voice! Well, I had already committed to squishing the maggot and was sorry. I let the Black Widow live. We had a talk. I could see how easy it would have been to kill it. I informed it I was uncomfortable with it just right there in a busy part of the kitchen right by the door to the outside. Not to mention how strange it was to see this kind of spider away from a dark cozy place!

The next day, it was on the bottom of the backdoor on the inside. I informed it that I was afraid with my cats who might put their noses on it or another human in the house who would kill it, so I would be taking it outside to a place that looked nice (to a human) for a spider. It was so strange to me that this kind of spider would be out in the open like that.

The truth is that I have no idea what that was. Was it simply a life communicating with me and only that? Was it set up by my non-physical teachers (and buddies) to see if I graduate (in frequency) or not? Fear wins equates to me killing the spider, which equates with not graduating. I just don’t know. But it was a nice experience no matter what truly happened, no matter if it was orchestrated or simply a lifestream speaking with me.

When I suggest that Genetic humans identify with the Pinky-rose within them and connect that with others from Source, this is how it feels: the response I had to her thin leg touching me. Such a small thin leg and the Power it shared was major Space of Love on steroids! It just takes a pinhead of Pinky-rose from you connecting with a pinhead of Pinky-rose Love in another. Bam. Magic!



Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction


As I mention in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, alien abductions may be coming from the military/science/government/human/non-human faction. (So can physical abductions.) Yes, other entities, both human and otherwise maybe involved in any kind of abduction, but this group HAS TO BE considered when you’re making your differential diagnosis about natural fires and alien attacks.

Naturally, I recommend not listening to or watching the screens (computer, hand-held devices, and TV), because newscasters are $pellcasters and will offer “the narrative” that you are intended to swallow hook, line, and sinker!

Instead, ask questions. Don’t simply believe the $pell that the newscaster ($pellcaster) is spinning. Search out answers on your own. Don’t allow any catch-phrase such as “climate change” or “c*vid” to distract you from your mission to discover the truth.


With “natural fires,” did the fire burn as a normal fire would? Were inhabitants supported in every way, including being permitted to take soil samples? Were officials present that day or had they made themselves scarce beforehand? (Don’t make excuses, just notice.) Now that lands have been destroyed, is there a positive for the agents of the government? In other words, who benefits?


With “alien attack,” who benefits by your belief in an enemy that’s not your government, and then further, that is a mysterious, powerful enemy to all Earth? Will the agents of the government have power over its people now? Is fear being used as a weapon? If a good guy alien group comes along, is it also the Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction? Or is it straight out your government that beats off the “aliens”? Again, who benefits?

As I also mention in my book, an attack is an attack. You may use the same tools to support yourself out of an attack whether it’s truly an entity (human or non-human) or more like a hologram or something that is planted in your mind, a subliminal, such as the military flag that has been used in America to incite it’s population to war.


Stand in alignment with the Sound of Self. Focus on holding a Pinky-rose state of love. Stop allowing yourself to be Astrally tugged into fear and anger. Rise above Mental body implants of control, making them obsolete. Know that there are many lifestreams here already who you ignore. If you want to expand your understanding, start with what’s right in front of you. You will continue to not see if you refuse to turn off the newscaster. That’s a choice that will lead you to fear and to being more easily controlled.