Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fraudulent Propostition 37 Count

 The petition asking Secretary of State in CA, Debra Bowen, to please continue counting the votes has been taken down.  So please call, write, fax, and e-mail her office requesting an honest count be done and reported to the public.  Please add that if she's unable to do this, then to please step down.
California Secretary of State
Debra Bowen
1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

General Information: (916) 653-6814

And please read:

A list of monies put behind con & pro Proposition 37 advertisements with companies behind both sides.

Healing and Clearing Codes: Psychic Protection

Psychic protection can come to you in many forms. Your mind is by far the most readily available type of protection you can have. However, sometimes it is nice to have a physical tool to help you when you come face to face with the unseen. The Temple of Light Codes, the Goddess Code, the Crystal Imprint Clearing Code, the Spiritual Clearing Codes, the Manifestation Grid, and the Meridian Code are sacred geometry cards that Carleen Vincent and her son, Scott, visualized and made with the Spiritual Forces of Light’s aid. The energy and sound frequencies from the card(s) chosen seems to work by overlapping with a person’s aura, or emanating out into a specified area in the cases of land healings. The specific goal to balance and protect embedded within each card cannot be destroyed, altered, or interfered with while at the same time assisting a person to vibrate to their own distinct vibration.

The Temple of Light Codes are four individual, bright, mostly yellow cards that are intended to be set up in four corners of a designated area, offering protection from unseen forces. They can be buried outdoors in the front and back yards, establishing a huge rectangle that encompasses the house and garage for long-term use or they may simply be placed above ground in the four extreme corners of your home for long-term use as well. They may also be set up briefly for a day’s seminar in a conference room or overnight in a hotel room by placing them in the four corners of a designated room. You may place a crystal and a fluorite tetrahedron stone in the center of each card if drawn to do so.

The Goddess Code has multiple purposes. It most especially may be used to clear negative vibrations off jewelry and other objects, doorways and rooms in general, the exterior and interior of vehicles, and people and their energy fields. An affirmation written in pencil on a small piece of paper, folded, and placed on this Code under the pillow of the writer may help to clear energies interfering with a goal. A child prone to nightmares, or who is convinced that noxious energies are in the bedroom, may use this Code to help dispel the energetic darkness.

The Crystal Imprint Clearing Code clears crystallized negative thought-forms. The Vincents say, “This Code is designed to break up and purify trillions of these crystallized thought-forms throughout the matrix and hologram of time that are not in perfection with wholeness, oneness, and unity.” Next, “new programs are installed to broadcast frequencies of the Divine Blueprint to the Soul. Then frequencies for the manifestation of the perfected etheric template into the physical are broadcast.” Also, blocks are cleared and a connection to the conscious mind is established. This Code may be placed on the Heart Chakra area and turned a quarter turn at ten to fifteen minute intervals until it is in its starting position again.

The Spiritual Clearing Code set comes in a notebook encompassing the five individual cards, one Earth Chakra Code, a Manifestation Grid, and the Intent Code to be used in certain cases with the Manifestation Grid, along with written information. The five Codes may be used individually or together in personal treatments, on others, or for quick land clearings. They are a ‘must have’ for practitioners who treat holes in auras, foreign energies attached to auras, etc. Those with clairvoyant vision may see geometrical designs dancing in and out of a client’s body, seemingly convincing an aura to vibrate in synchronicity with the Code(s) chosen. Also, used with the Manifestation Grid and the Earth Chakra, an intended geographic space may be cleared over a longer period of time.

The Manifestation Grid set includes the Manifestation Grid and the Intent Code. The Vincents say, “The Intent Code and Manifestation Grid align you with the appropriate forces of Light for the manifestation of your goal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned. These codes set up a field of protection to keep limiting forces from interfering with your intentions.” This Grid and the smaller Intent Code may be used together with crystals or BioGenesis’ Amplifiers placed on each point of the picture of the star. The Grid set up alone with six amethyst crystals, will transmute the energies in a healing room. The intention of a workshop or a room intended to be continuously cleared, may be written in pencil and placed in the center of the Grid.

Of the Meridian Code, the Vincents say, “This Code provides sound frequencies and geometry for opening meridians and aligning the subtle energy bodies for easier integration of Code programs.” People who are sensitive to fine energies are usually aware of the body’s energy opening up and flowing freer. Acupuncture clients working on chronic stagnation may enjoy this Code’s help as will energy-practitioners who do not use needles.

Unseen forces play with humans on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. You can never be over prepared.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Jon Rappoport's Unveiling of Prop 37 Fraud

“Prop 37 Vote-Fraud Update: 3.3 million Votes Still Uncounted”- Jon Rappoport

In my personal opinion, we cannot ever rely on a vote count.  This election just may be more proof of that.
The day after the election, when results were revealed so quickly, I wondered why people did not raise an
eyebrow at the speed of it all.  But then I remembered how we have become a society that dislikes delayed
gratification.  We want everything and we want it now.  Perhaps Proposition 37 and the fraud involved will
awaken the sheeple of the world...or at least right here in the the entrapment of wanting instant

As for Genetically Modified Organisms, it is time to do a little work, folks.  I highly recommend we stand
together and make our phone calls and send our e-mails.  You need to call the number on each package that
you lift from a shelf.  Ask them if they include ingredients made from GMO's.  Ask your grocer if the organic
items you wish to purchase are from Genetically Modified seeds.  If they cannot answer you, ask for phone
numbers and/or e-mail addresses so as you can find out for yourself.  After you receive an answer, if it is an
unfortunate one, inform your grocer that you can no longer purchase that particular product.  If there is an
overwhelming number of GMOed foods in that store, then inform the store manager, in writing, that you will
no longer be shopping there.

We need to apply pressure, no matter how futile it is for us as individuals.  As a group, we may start getting
somewhere.  Let us inform them that we are not an ignorant public.  Write letters to stores listing the items
you discovered had GMO's in them, asking that the store either stops carrying them or to at least place a
label beneath the item so as the public may be informed.  Any store that refuses can be given the names of
the stores that co-operate and that they will be the stores where you will be shopping from now on.  Friends
who are in agreement can also walk into these same stores making these same demands with your list.

I am referring to the more enlightened stores, not the mainstream stores, of course.  Health food stores,
Whole Foods, Sprouts, and stores along those lines are to have pressure placed on them.  It is not fair that
we need to make a shopping booklet, even if it is as notes in our phones, listing products that are safe to buy
and products that are to be avoided, but, thanks to money, power, and the planned destruction of 80% of
the population, we need to take our healthcare by the reins.  Post your results on your Facebook pages and
web/blogsites.  Let us stand together instead of falling apart.

An example: As of summer 2012, Quaker Oats: Old Fashioned has No GMO's and is not irradiated,
but it is not organic.

Calling businesses may be helpful in that they see how concerned we are.  For those of you who would
prefer a quicker solution to finding non-GMOed foods, please visit the helpful website below.

Here is an excerpt of Mr. Rappoport's article to be found over at NaturalNews, where I have posted
some articles myself.

"Monday, November 12, 2012 by: Jon Rappoport

(NaturalNews) When the networks and other media outlets made the early call on election night,
claiming Prop 37 had gone down to defeat, there were millions of votes still uncounted.

I just checked the California Secretary of State's website, which is the official center for vote results, and 
there are 3,334,495 votes that remain unprocessed.

Reading the county-by-county reports, the last date any of them reported in with numbers was November 8,
three days ago.  Why is it taking so long for California to count all its votes? Why do so many remain 
uncounted at this late date?

Yes, some of them are what's called provisional votes. That basically means they were turned in with errors,
and those errors need to be tracked down and corrected. That takes time."

Please become informed and read Mr. Rappoport's article in its entirety at

 It is beyond ridiculous that I have to ask this, but please sign the petition demanding that the votes
be counted.

For a list of companies to boycott due to their involvement with the No on Prop 37 camp, please read
The Alliance for Natural Health's article at the following link.