Saturday, August 26, 2023

How to Survive C*vid Propaganda 2023


If the-criminals-that-believe-they-be try another c*vid scam soon, do the following:

1)   Think and turn off the “news.”

2)   Refuse to have a PCR swab shoved up your nose. This is a forensic tool and a tool to make more of the PKU blood sample from babies so they may sell genetic information to nefarious labs and world players. It is not finding a natural, contagious “virus” that’s within you.

3)   Do not cover your nostrils and mouth. If some air can get through so that you may breathe a little, a tiny so-called “virus,” if it existed, could get through, too. In operating “theatres” they increase oxygen if the surgeons are wearing masks. (The masks stop their spit from getting on the patient.)

4)   Learn natural remedies and find a practitioner who isn’t a whore for the pimp Big Pharma.

5)   Write a letter using the following as a guide. Include whatever name they give the new “natural, contagious virus.” Include requests about $hot-related information or masks or whatever they are making an issue this time around. If it’s a “variant” that they are claiming, then you’ll request information on the original and the variant. Have this ready, and sent as quickly as you can after you become aware of the new problem. For example, next Monday, you hear, “33 people have been hospitalized with (name).” Send to the State Health Department, local county health department, the CDC, the hospital director who is making the claim that people are in that hospital with this “dis-ease,” and to your state governor, city mayor, and local supervisors. (Don’t sit back and expect others to do it for you. This is your opportunity to level up spiritually.)

6)   If you notice you're in fear, turn off all devices, calm down, walk on dirt barefooted, breath. Know that you are being manipulated into that state and regain your Center. (It’s called Astrally tugging you. The non-humans behind psychological operations get off on doing this to Genetic humans. Stop giving them power.)



I am requesting that you provide proof that “covid” has been isolated and is not simply a computer -generated simulation. I ask you to please provide me with a copy of the following items:


·        produce evidence that SARS-COV2 (and all its names ie: coronavirus that is natural, contagious and harmful; covid-19 that is natural, contagious and harmful) has been isolated not using PCR—which is not a test and cannot isolate a virus—nor by a computer-generated guess, but definitive proof that a natural virus has been isolated that is a contagion.

·        produce all records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV2 virus, directly from a sample taken from an expired body, where the patient sample was not put with any other source of genetic material, for example hepatocytes, monkey kidney epithelial cells (Cercopithecus aethiops), or the like. To be clear, “isolation” means the act of separating a thing from everything else.  I am not requesting records where “isolation of SARS-COV2” refers to a culturing of a thing, or how something such as the PCR functions related to this or a sequencing of a thing.  To clarify, I am requesting all such records that are in the possession, custody or control of your office or a U. S. federal department whether downloaded to a computer or device, printed in a hard copy, or held in some fashion.

·        produce records that the isolate is contagious and harmful to humans

·     provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they do not transmit the virus.  Please include all subjects who started the study.  Please do not call only two out of two one hundred percent.  Please state your answer on subjects by their number, ie 100 who received the shot were around 100 non-receivers of the shot.  Twenty of the non-shot receivers became ill and the pathogen was isolated from them.  Also state how many and which company’s shot(s) was or were received by those who had the shot.

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they cannot “catch” the virus.  Again, an example would be 100 who received this shot were placed in a room with 100 ill patients for X amount of time.  None became ill.  The 100 ill patients had the isolate to prove they were sick with a natural, contagious virus.

·        provide evidence that proves that segregating the population who have not received this pharmaceutical from those who have stops the spread of the natural, contagious virus that has been isolated.

Please limit your search of the above items from October 2019 to December 2021.

If any part or all of the materials or information is withheld under a FOIA exemption, please provide a list of the information withheld and mark any deleted sections.  Please list the specific exemptions that form the basis for any deletion of a document or the complete withholding of a document.

I am a US National exhausting remedies to get to the truth.  This is my first step with you, because I see segregating the population as discrimination when no natural, contagious virus and a pharmaceutical supposedly protecting humans from it cannot be brought into evidence. 

If there is a natural, contagious pathogen as a reason to support covid measures and if requiring contractors to be vaccinated has been proven helpful, then you must have the paperwork nearby.  I am requesting a hard copy.  Thank you. 

 As provided for by section 552(a)6(A)(i) of the Freedom of Information Act, please provide your reply within twenty (20) business days.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.






Observations on Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada was never one of my favorite places because of the desperation and bullying of entities that I could feel. Recently, my family descended on that town for a reunion of sorts, so I found myself there, feeling like a prisoner on a decade’s sentence who recently got freed. The changes are phenomenal!

I was shocked when I entered a casino and couldn’t hear the coin-dropping noises, the sounds that came with the flashing lights, the one-arm bandits being pulled all around me. (I don’t recall hearing any music in the past, whereas now, it’s everywhere, even in some parking lots!) The ceiling laden with smoke, though people were smoking just not to the extent as before. Children walking close to the gambling because now there are indoor malls everywhere. No more restaurants affiliated with this casino and Keno while you wait. Instead, individual businesses have restaurants, cafes, shops booths, etc. just like in any city in any place in the world cookie-cutter fashion. Though I saw one small group of coin slot machines, they have been tweaked and they aren’t the old-time machines. The new machines are really tall. They accept bills, a gambling card, or the credit slips you may receive with your winnings or when you’re simply finished playing. The credit slips and chips from the tables may be taken to a human cashier just like the old days. The gaming tables are costly, but then if minimum wage is going to be $15/hour or so then that would figure. (Back when I made $4ish/hour, a minimum bet on a low-cost table might have been $1. Now, you’re lucky to find a $10 bet permitted.)

The town to me felt like I had virtual goggles on. Though we met many nice employees all around in the different establishments, the malls under or as part of the casinos made it feel so unreal. In a few where we went, you looked up to the ceiling to see fake sky with white clouds. (No painted on chem trails.) Outside, simply sweeping your eyes at the sites as you drove by, you saw fake Paris, a fake looking castle and other odd, out-of-place sites.

The only place I sensed three sparks of life was at the Bellagio. We walked through the inside gardens, which felt very virtual and devoid of feeling overall. But at one point, 1) a group of flowers, while I was standing there looking for life, suddenly released a whole bunch of scents. Usually, that’s fairies or Nature People saying hello. It was possibly that, yet a “wall” between them and me still separated us. It was strange. 2) There’s a mermaid over near an entrance. The Spirit with her was strong, but again, as if a wall separated me from her. If I had to place it into words, I’d say she’s created a Space for herself to send a part of herself there or it’s as if she can be elsewhere, but has a Screen to look in on things, but may interact somehow if she chooses, because she interacted with me. (Just not the same as when I’m face-to-face with Power. You can feel her in this picture above, though.) 3) Across from her on another path is a man holding a container that is a waterfall. He was just as her but felt slightly different. The mythological creature that is the masculine of Nature (which I remember as Pan) is most likely what is keeping an eye out in this area just as perhaps his female qualities do on the other side. Of course, I may not be of a frequency to feel that they are the same thing, different, or completely different to what I’ve stated here. 

When I first came to America, a lot of my time was spent in the casino babysitting area and so the sounds are very much a part of my childhood. I had no idea those sounds would go away.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Russia Accuses US of Lab-tweaked Virus Labs

The c*vid psy-op era was way more than lab-tweaked "viruses" (weapons) injected through any $hot, but doctors sold their souls and wrote "C-19" as a diagnosis because they were told to. Doctors murdered people with intubation when not indicated. The PCR was a forensic tool misused to promote their "lie." EMFs and millimeter waves, 5G and so many other military attacks helped. Then, THE C $hot came on the scene. There's no need for a war 1) stop taking va((ines. 2) connect with Pinky-rose Love. The "evil" ones will either have to change or leave because they won't like you loving them in their current state.

Russia is correct that the US are involved in lab-made weapons. Vac(ines attest to that.
Listen to the following. Watch it.
See what these gods that you trust are up to.
The needle is the best way for them to deliver their weapons.
know that there is no such thing as a live virus, yet, at the ICU, they warn visitors to not enter ICU if they recently had a live virus va(cine (up to six weeks ago), because of "shedding." They have been working for decades to make their lab-tweaked "viruses" transmissible!

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Alias Gene Decode


I have no idea if I’ve ever listened to this man before or not. I’m one who needed the introduction to the guest (see link below).

One very important Insight for the average Trust the Science bloke happens during this introduction to Gene Decode. Unfortunately, that group will not be listening. I’ve been informing folks for decades that if you insist on injecting your kids with what are called vac(ines, then you must go to a place in Beverly Hills or Manhattan Beach. (These are two places in my vicinity that would serve lot numbers of saline rather than lot numbers with actual weapon in $hots due to the affluent moms and dads.) In this video, this man dicusses how he witnessed a black man receiving weapon over what he was to receive. The Trust the Science group really need to hear more and more accounts like this. (They’ve been out there a long time. Find them. If you’re not white or not affluent, test it for yourself.)

Then next thing that was important was that when the inhabitants have learned lies lies lies, they won’t know Truth. Pinky-rose is the easiest Truth to understand, but Genetic humans have been trained and programmed to be helpless victims. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” is a lie. You have Pinky-rose and your Mind (connected to your MultiSelf) and you may re-member how to use it.

He goes onto mention the off-world genetics (bacteria) and off-world lab-made weapons also called viruses by many out there, since calling a lot of things by the same name can give them stealth cloak-ability. Our Pinky-rose may be a defense against these too. Notice when he speaks, fear (the weapon to the MultiSelf), never enters the picture. He held his Center through it.

Then, he goes onto discussing how tyrants use Genetic human pawns to physically detain people in violent, harmful areas, such as what is going on in Maui. (No, I haven’t listened to things on Maui as I assume it’s an organized attack and I choose not to listen, so I wasn’t listening too carefully and may have missed a lot. I do feel the Trust the Science group need to listen to this man, because they’ll be believing all the harm coming from EMF’s, $hots, all the other weapons the tyrants of the Military/

Science/Government/human/non-human faction use are “climate change.”


To me, the Judgment of God comes from that Pinky-rose. How much have you smothered, locked in a trunk, covered with a black clothe, and wrapped in chains? We are Source (MultiSelves are holograms or splinters off Source) and if you chose to do that, the sufferings and low frequency that comes from not connecting to Pinky-rose will dictate your environment and experiences.


As for waiting for others to fix the problems here, focus on a pin-head of Pinky-rose actively. Connect it with commanders out in the oceans on submarines that have orders to cause dis-easement in the environment and to targeted individuals. Hold a Space of Love with that one. Then, with each on that submarine. You are not doing a healing. You are saying, “Hey, buddy. Fine. You may choose dis-easement, but with your dealings with me here in Southern California where you are directing that weapon, I command a Space of Love from you!” It is done. Do that with your Council members and those implementing QR Code readers instead of cash. Do it with that employee that obviously has unhealed feelings with you. Do it where (situations) you feel attacked.) A benefit is that it can assist you with Insight into your role in the disharmonious relationship.


Take responsibility for yourself. Be ready for something like an earthquake, but search out  how you do things in your average hours. What can SMART meters, EMFs, $hots, Antarctica, etc.  do that’s harmful? How can I establish an abundant food forest? Where in my life can I trade skill for skill, or with silver, gold, grain, alcohol, cigarettes, honey, etc.? Is it wise to use digital over cash when I know “convenience” is consistently a trap the tyrants use? (And if you don’t know that, search that out.)


I agree that each Genetic human needs to learn everything they can. I took a martial arts free class for a week and then went on a trip. A man grabbed me and I got free and "bongst" him in a move that you’d think I’d been studying forever. Yes, become familiar with acupuncture points. I recommend people do that through reading the Esoteric Acupuncture book series by Mikio Sankey. Get an acupuncture book guide, but as I say in my book, the points are on the Etheric body, they move slightly, so learn to trust your intuition where the points are on yourself today. You’re most likely activating them with your mind anyway, so that should help.


One of my pet peeve’s is “African American.” My mom who is white is an African-American because she was born and raised on the continent of Africa and is now an American. The “They” have lied lied lied. Moors were here. When lands have shifted and societies have been restarted so often, at this point, origins really don’t matter beyond the Puppeteers tweaked you and their part of you, the Implants known as genes, can be overcome with higher freqwuency. When you look at nose, jaw and whole head shapes, you can see the off-world genes (Implants) involved), so to me, someone who says they’re African American when they never even had a relative within memory who lived on that continent is more distraction and attempting separation. We are MultiSelf. The percentage tapped into the Imposter ray is what’s significant.


I don’t know if his “Truth about 19” is the same as I use in my book and Mikio talks about in his, but I found that comment interesting.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Natural Rights Are Law


Natural Rights are Law. Natural Rights are also what we call Duty. For example, I have the Right to not have you trespass on me and you have the Right to not have me trespass on you. (So I have the Duty to not trespass on you; or I have the Right to not trespass on you.)

A Natural Right also is the Right to locomotion. If me travelling over there does not trespass on you, I may move over there and if I want, I may move back, provided I don’t trespass.

Be careful with the idea of trespass. When you willingly participate in certain activities, you ARE giving permission to be trespassed on and since you have the Right to choose that, it is Law now for you to be trespassed on.

How to not get trespassed on:

·       Marry for love and without the State. You have the Right to enter into an Agreement with the man or woman you love. You have the Right to have witnesses write their names on the paper that states the design of your Agreement to the one you love. The State may not have sons and daughters from this union.

·       Make certain to have your babies away from hospitals, but should something occur and you end up there, be certain you already left paperwork ahead of time stating No Hep B or any $hots. No goup in the eyes for STDs. No synthetic Vitamin K $hot at birth. No PKU blood draw. (As I say in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, they can use the PCR to spin to make more so they can sell your baby’s blood to nefarious entities. They also may perform a “voodoo” sort of mind control to tap into and to control that baby, potentially for the son or daughter’s whole life!

·       Do not register the births with the State. CPS is unLawful to start with, but the State cannot steal/take what doesn’t belong to it. If this baby has no registered birth on file and his or her mom and dad have no marriage certificate on file with the State, then they cannot Lawfully trespass, because no permission has been given.

Now, it’s your choice what you want to do related to public or private school. Personally, I recommend reading And the Children Played by Patricia Joudry

And to look into schools such as Sudbury. Since the 1850s in this Nation State known as the USA, the idea of schools has been for indoctrination into the State. Since 2016, public school has been the most harmful I have witnessed. Schools work with tyrants of the “government” to support insanity, lack of alignment with the Sound of Self, and dehumanization tactics. In public school, the State will trespass if the mom and dad are not vigilant. It will start by coercing va(cines to be injected, but will end by turning your son or daughter into a parrot for whatever the State wants them to say. My daughter attended two schools where I worked. I had to supplement her education and do a lot of unravelling of the harm that was done there. I highly recommend rethinking allowing the State in the door! 

Get land. Make an abundant food forest. Learn about solar generators for no Public electricity. Learn about Waterless toilets or Outhouses. Learn learn learn!

Here is a good Kirk video that shows the arrogance of the State and some ideas on what you may do about that pesky little trespasser!.




Sunday, August 6, 2023

On Dane Wigington

I just listened to this man for, I think, the first time.

Know that when I say I'm suspicious of him, it means that I know that those who are an opponent to the MultiSelf have to disclose what they're going to do . They could be using people like this guy to do a little bit of disclosing. In this case, that "weather" is not necessarily natural.

Here are my thoughts:

His tone is very dramatic and urgent. This tone, whether he realizes it or not, elicits an Astral tug, an emotional response, in a listener. This is one thing that makes me suspicious of him.

It is possible to awaken the sleepy masses without drama. We can present to them what's going on and then offer solutions. We also can support them in tapping into their creativity so that their solutions may not look like yours or mine, but could still be effective. Realizing what's going on is important, but it's also important to know that the Genetic human is creative and can have answers. It's important for the Genetic human especially to understand that they are not helpless and that we are not victims. I heard the opposite on this link so it makes me suspicious of him.

He is giving the message that if we don't awaken the sleeping masses, then we're in for it. This is not true. Those who are going to choose to stay at a low frequency and to "trust the science" and to just play on their phones and just allow allow allow, are going to create a different reality. So the message if you are a Genetic human is, "You are a victim and there's nothing that you can do unless there's a savior or unless everybody gets on board or unless unless unless." This makes me suspicious of him.

When you hear the concept about some sort of microorganism that is frozen and it can thaw and now it can devastate lifestreams presently on earth, that is an Astral tug. That is something trying to terrify you. If it is a bacteria or a fungi or something that is living, we can be of a terrain that can make that thing even transmute/change if it comes into my body or my space. Look up Bechamp and his microzimus theory and you'll understand how something will behave like a pathogen if you give it permission. So simply don't give it permission. Now, if they are claiming that there is a virus that is in the frozen tundra and it's going to become alive with melting, you're being lied to. A virus is a history of what a cell experienced and although there could be some kind of genetic debris that's somewhere, it cannot harm you unless it's taken into a lab and made to harm you and then usually it's injected into you. Still, your frequency will give it permission to harm you or not. He spoke of spooky organisms to elicit a fearful response. This makes me suspicious of him.

So most importantly, you can choose to do Violet Cubes of Light and take anything that the opponent to the MultiSelf dishes up and transmute it into whatever is gold for you. Is that Blessings, is it something else? You can do that. You are creative. You do not have to give permission to the tyrants. Then there's the whole aspect of law that you could go and learn about and then learn the legalese and everything that goes on with courtrooms and the clerk's office and learn how to take action. You could learn how to connect the Pinky-rose inside of you with the Pinky-rose inside of who you perceive to be your opponent. If it is not made from Source, you will go to whoever is controlling it who is from Source. You can demand that your experience of that opponent to the MultiSelf is of Love and you can hold that Space and you can bring that opponent to their knees!

You can.

When you are listening to someone, if you feel Astrally tugged into fear or helplessness, to me that's the opponent working through that mouthpiece. Be careful who you listen to. Once you know what's going on, there is no further need to listen to people like this guy. Okay. You know. Got it. Now, what are you going to do about it? If you don't know, then find people out there who can teach you.

You can also make an abundant food forest yourself, which directly affects the atmosphere above it. There are physical tools that can make certain geoengineering not hover over your property. There are many answers out there.

On "with the time you have," you are a MultiSelf and cannot disintegrate. You can be hooked into the imposter ray and forget all about your imposter and forget all about her MultiSelf, but there's no need for alarm. Earth has gone through so many things so often. All we can do is just hold the Space of Love. We don't need to worry about anything. Just, everyday whatever action you are taking. be certain it is for the betterment of all lifestreams on Earth and for Earth itself. You don't need to get all Astrally tugged to do that.

There are two "makers." There is Source and there are the Puppeteers. Source provided us the MultiSelf. The Puppeteers provided genes, the implants that go through to descendants. The implants are there means of control of us. So I wonder which maker he was referring to?

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Cat v. Coyote


Opting out of Western Medicine treatments and pharmaceuticals doesn’t necessarily equate to neglect.

On Monday, July 17th at 6 AM, my ten-year-old cat was attacked by a coyote just outside the fence to my home. The coyote seemed youngish and strong; healthy. The eyes conveyed intelligence and dismay at my mother for having shooed it away.

The coyote had had my cat on his back, biting his mouth and throat. My mother ran outside yelling, flailing her arms and the coyote was distracted enough for my cat to run across the street. The coyote followed and so did my mom. My cat got up into the engine of a parked car, growling. The coyote ran away but returned an hour and fifteen minutes later searching for my cat. (By then, my cat was on the dining room table having received a warm cloth bathing of wounds, having eaten, and taken water.)

I was worried about what I would find when I got my cat from that car. Would I have to take him to a vet? I really didn’t want to do that, not liking the va(cine pressure from doctors the last ten years, nor drugs.

I wrote this on July 30, 2023, as my cat was relaxing outside in the backyard in the sun and had not had to take him to the vet, yet. (I will eventually re-examine his teeth to see how they are doing since I saw a broken small tooth on the day of the attack.)

Here’s what I did for him.

I immediately gave him one squirt of Rescue Remedy and later, one squirt of Dr. Dale’s dental homeopathy in case there was trauma to the teeth. (I saw drops of blood where the coyote prowled near the car and damage near my cat’s mouth, so figured his teeth had been working hard!)

It took us about a half an hour to get him out of the engine and into the house. He was so traumatized, after the Rescue Remedy, I only used warm water on a paper towel to clear away the blood. I’m certain not all of it was just my cat’s blood. I also took another warm paper towel to start cleaning off the urine. It looked like the left lower tooth went into my cat’s jowls and the left upper tooth scraped under my cat’s left eye. On the other side, it looked like a top tooth went into my cat’s lower right lip on the outside. He had a small broken tooth and possibly a line in one canine may be cracked.

He ate and drank and went to sleep for the day in my room, where he goes in times when he feels threatened.

I BioOscillated him for twenty minutes. His eyes revealed that he loved the energy. (You know that slow blinking when a cat enjoys sunlight? That.) Here’s what I say about the BioOscillator (in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, Chapter 7) since you may not know about this tool:

“BioGenesis is a trade name for beautiful glass objects that come in a variety of shapes and abilities, or functions. The largest, the rocket shaped BioOscillator, for example, is a powerful gizmo capable of ridding the body’s Multi-dimensional layers of noxious debris, including entity hitchhikers and the influences from negative alien implants.”

A few times, I did a mental imagery BioOscillating where the tool was really small and the energy was directed, getting into nooks and crannies.

He had a total of two color-light sessions doing a scale: red through to violet, and then lemon, turquoise, magenta, scarlet red, pink, and the first time, purple for pain.

Three mornings, he had twenty minutes under the Infra-Red lamp.

At first, I bathed him with just hot water on a cloth that cooled to be able to dab him with it and held it there when he could take it. (And continued to use it over his urine-laden body to make a start on ridding him of animal warfare smells.) From Day 2-7, three times a day, he was bathed with either Celtic salt or Master’s Miracle II soap in that water. By Day 3’s end, I pulled a loose, pussy plug out of a hole on the left under his chin. I held it so it could droop. It was the shape of a tooth, a lower canine, I think because it was smaller than a front top fang. The hole was deep, red, and clean. Fur had hidden it from my view, but it was getting bathed thanks to the lip wound. Once that pus left, it never came back. The hole healed nicely. I plucked fur away from the wound making a clear space all the way to the wound near his lip.

I used one drop of Helichrysum (by SnowLotus) mixed with a little coconut oil (liquid because it was warm here), and some edible Clay I received from I placed that paste around the deep hole, avoiding the raw hole. (My intention was to address the hard bump from the hole to his lip. Was it pus that needed to come out?) But it seemed when my cat was feeling a bit better, he used his paw to spread it around and would have ingested some of it by way of cleaning himself. The first time, he permitted it to harden a little. I did this about four times.

Day 6, I noticed two fang prints in his back near his tail. I saw it because fur was falling out. I plucked fur away from it to make it easier to observe and only bathed it twice as it was doing fine.

I have a nice flea comb that he enjoys feeling, so I did that on him 2-3 times a day so he could enjoy something and lift his spirits. (Whatever it is that your recuperating animals enjoys, see if you can do that for him or her.) Interestingly, for three days, this defleaing process was strange. I got more eggs, strange fur coming off, and fleas more so than when he’s outside. The parasites knew he was down and it made them flourish. I wouldn’t have thought to do this. I only did it because I was trying to raise his spirits and it turned out he needed it three times a day! Also, by about Day 3, I did this outside in the backyard as often as I could. Sometimes he stayed out there longer than at other times. 7/30/23, he stayed outside the back sleeping all morning and into the afternoon.

He slept a lot during the first four days.

For three days, I gave him water through a dropper (once an hour for part of the day) just because I wasn’t seeing him drinking except right after the attack. He might have been, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt and he’d love the attention. (Attention is a terrific remedy!)

Two weeks later, he went out the front, walked down our short path and came back inside. 7/30/23, he went outside the front, turned to sit on bricks near roses, stayed a little longer than the day before, and came back in when a dog on a leash approached our sidewalk.

He ate here and there, but it was about Day 4, when he started really showing interest in food again. He pushed the other cat (a female) out of the way as his usual self!

His wounds are well on the way to healing nicely.



8/2/2023 He seems normal (eating, sleeping, etc), but I still haven’t gotten around to checking his teeth.

        8/3/23 The two cats are very close together today. It took a week for the little black female cat to not balk and run from the boy. But today is the first day that they have been moving around the backyard together. (At 8AM, the female was outside and ran towards the kitchen door when a huge hawk showed up. After that, the boy went outside with her.)