Saturday, August 19, 2023

Alias Gene Decode


I have no idea if I’ve ever listened to this man before or not. I’m one who needed the introduction to the guest (see link below).

One very important Insight for the average Trust the Science bloke happens during this introduction to Gene Decode. Unfortunately, that group will not be listening. I’ve been informing folks for decades that if you insist on injecting your kids with what are called vac(ines, then you must go to a place in Beverly Hills or Manhattan Beach. (These are two places in my vicinity that would serve lot numbers of saline rather than lot numbers with actual weapon in $hots due to the affluent moms and dads.) In this video, this man dicusses how he witnessed a black man receiving weapon over what he was to receive. The Trust the Science group really need to hear more and more accounts like this. (They’ve been out there a long time. Find them. If you’re not white or not affluent, test it for yourself.)

Then next thing that was important was that when the inhabitants have learned lies lies lies, they won’t know Truth. Pinky-rose is the easiest Truth to understand, but Genetic humans have been trained and programmed to be helpless victims. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” is a lie. You have Pinky-rose and your Mind (connected to your MultiSelf) and you may re-member how to use it.

He goes onto mention the off-world genetics (bacteria) and off-world lab-made weapons also called viruses by many out there, since calling a lot of things by the same name can give them stealth cloak-ability. Our Pinky-rose may be a defense against these too. Notice when he speaks, fear (the weapon to the MultiSelf), never enters the picture. He held his Center through it.

Then, he goes onto discussing how tyrants use Genetic human pawns to physically detain people in violent, harmful areas, such as what is going on in Maui. (No, I haven’t listened to things on Maui as I assume it’s an organized attack and I choose not to listen, so I wasn’t listening too carefully and may have missed a lot. I do feel the Trust the Science group need to listen to this man, because they’ll be believing all the harm coming from EMF’s, $hots, all the other weapons the tyrants of the Military/

Science/Government/human/non-human faction use are “climate change.”


To me, the Judgment of God comes from that Pinky-rose. How much have you smothered, locked in a trunk, covered with a black clothe, and wrapped in chains? We are Source (MultiSelves are holograms or splinters off Source) and if you chose to do that, the sufferings and low frequency that comes from not connecting to Pinky-rose will dictate your environment and experiences.


As for waiting for others to fix the problems here, focus on a pin-head of Pinky-rose actively. Connect it with commanders out in the oceans on submarines that have orders to cause dis-easement in the environment and to targeted individuals. Hold a Space of Love with that one. Then, with each on that submarine. You are not doing a healing. You are saying, “Hey, buddy. Fine. You may choose dis-easement, but with your dealings with me here in Southern California where you are directing that weapon, I command a Space of Love from you!” It is done. Do that with your Council members and those implementing QR Code readers instead of cash. Do it with that employee that obviously has unhealed feelings with you. Do it where (situations) you feel attacked.) A benefit is that it can assist you with Insight into your role in the disharmonious relationship.


Take responsibility for yourself. Be ready for something like an earthquake, but search out  how you do things in your average hours. What can SMART meters, EMFs, $hots, Antarctica, etc.  do that’s harmful? How can I establish an abundant food forest? Where in my life can I trade skill for skill, or with silver, gold, grain, alcohol, cigarettes, honey, etc.? Is it wise to use digital over cash when I know “convenience” is consistently a trap the tyrants use? (And if you don’t know that, search that out.)


I agree that each Genetic human needs to learn everything they can. I took a martial arts free class for a week and then went on a trip. A man grabbed me and I got free and "bongst" him in a move that you’d think I’d been studying forever. Yes, become familiar with acupuncture points. I recommend people do that through reading the Esoteric Acupuncture book series by Mikio Sankey. Get an acupuncture book guide, but as I say in my book, the points are on the Etheric body, they move slightly, so learn to trust your intuition where the points are on yourself today. You’re most likely activating them with your mind anyway, so that should help.


One of my pet peeve’s is “African American.” My mom who is white is an African-American because she was born and raised on the continent of Africa and is now an American. The “They” have lied lied lied. Moors were here. When lands have shifted and societies have been restarted so often, at this point, origins really don’t matter beyond the Puppeteers tweaked you and their part of you, the Implants known as genes, can be overcome with higher freqwuency. When you look at nose, jaw and whole head shapes, you can see the off-world genes (Implants) involved), so to me, someone who says they’re African American when they never even had a relative within memory who lived on that continent is more distraction and attempting separation. We are MultiSelf. The percentage tapped into the Imposter ray is what’s significant.


I don’t know if his “Truth about 19” is the same as I use in my book and Mikio talks about in his, but I found that comment interesting.

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