Monday, December 21, 2020

Letter to CA Health Depatment-Show Proof of Claim


[Janes Jones]

[####  ###th Street]

[City, CA 9####]


December 21, 2020


Sandra Shewry, Acting Director

California Department of Public Health
PO Box, 997377, MS 0500,

Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

Dear Ms. Shewry,


I am writing to ask you to please show proof of claim publicly on your website and personally to me that a virus has been isolated that you are calling “coronavirus”/covid-19 that you are claiming is in the air.


Further, please show proof of claim that wearing a mask stops the spread of this pathogen that you can prove has been isolated and is in the air.


Also, please show proof of claim that the PCR Process actually reveals that a person is experiencing the isolate within their body and that they can spread it.


Lastly, please show proof of claim that the vaccine for this pathogen that you claim has been isolated prevents the spread of it and is completely safe for humans to have and it will not alter their DNA at all.


Since you are of the frequency to be unable to prove any of this and yet stand by and allow humans to be mistreated under your name, I must inform you that a higher court exists, and I am demanding that you be judged there for crimes against humanity if you choose not to show proof of claim.  I am informing you that as a living man under Natural Law that you have no right to force your religion on me.  Show proof of claim that a virus has been isolated or go public that there is no threat from a virus in the air in California…or be judged accordingly.


If we are playing with Free Will in the 3D, then you have to show proof of claim now, or tell the truth.  The Higher Court will measure your heart.  Please support humanity and tell the truth.


For humanity,


[Jane Jones]

Dear Reader,

I placed my name in brackets because I have heard that it takes the information within it off the page.  In case they come after me for being crazy, I can sit back and see if the bracket thing really does take the info off the page.  I signed it within brackets. I also placed a sticker (the same as I used on the front envelop that I signed instead of using a stamp and it will get cancelled by the PO) on the back of this paper.  Then, they can't say they never saw the paper face down, because my name will be on the back, but yes, in brackets.

I wrote about the Higher Court in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.  You see, I got called into it when I was trying to save humanity.  I was told that I cannot make a decision for all.  This experience showed me two things of importance: 1) What I was doing was actually disconnecting humanity from its implants, so, yay, my technique works and 2) there is a Higher Court, so I can hold that over the heads of all bad guys to humanity.

This is just one letter.  Please write to your state's health department, too.  Thank-you.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Be a Worthy Opponent


[So, who is sick or has "a cold?"

The reason I ask this is because I know someone who has been very diligently isolating herself from the public and constantly wears a mask and is sick. In her words, "I have caught a cold."

 "How did you catch this cold if you're not seeing anyone?"

There was a long pause and then she said that it must have just come in through the air.

Listen, you are stressing yourself out by not socializing and mixing microbiome with other people. You are stressing yourself out by wearing a diaper on your face that prevents oxygen levels that you need and is creating an environment for a mycrozyma to grow into a pathogen in your lungs.

When your cells are stressed, they try to rebalance themselves because they are so intelligent. Obviously more intelligent than the average human! At any rate, there is something that is called a virus or an exosome or soap... depending on the scientist who was noticing these pieces, this by product. This is what they have convinced you is a virus that's floating around in the air.

Many doctors and scientists who did not sign a contract with anyone affiliated with Big Pharma have information out there. If you don't wake up now, soon it's going to be even harder.

You are Powerful and you are Light. AI is coming for you. Be a worthy opponent.]