Friday, March 27, 2020

The Lab Tweaked Virus Biowarfae

[ many years ago I had a friend who held two PhDs in microbiology. She would have her shopping list in her hand and keys and person be heading out the door and she would suddenly become conscious in that same room but all the shopping would be sitting on the counter and her keys in her purse would be on the counter and she would just be sitting there and absolute confusion thinking that she was getting Alzheimer's.

I knew what was happening to her, but I didn't know how to protect her at that time.

You see, the criminals-that-believe-they-be kidnaps scientist all the time to do work for them and then kill them. But it is so much more cost-effective if you can compartmentalize their brain and take them to tweak their bugs without them knowing that they're doing it. Yes we have some pretty evil humans who would be perfectly willing to use their brains in order to make more money and to put the human population at risk, but there is a group that are doing this without remembering.

At any rate, we have event 201 telling us that about six months into the plandemic, all of a sudden a whole bunch of people died from the virus.

Well within the first three months, we've had a lot of lies from the media and we've had a lot of over reach from the government, but we haven't seen too much of their super virus biowarfare, yet. June 2020 is about six months in. So we do need to become more aware about the kind of attack they're going to implement. Even more so, we need to figure out why. There are those of us who believe it's because they want to bring in the smart prison which includes id2020 which includes vaccinations which includes 5G which includes the social credit system. But we have to put all of that together with the transgender psychological and physical attack  and realized something more is at stake than just a body.]

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Innocent, Unloved, Poorly Represented Virus

The imbalance within your physical body causes the innate virus to come into existence, if ‘existence’ may be used for a soul-less creation that something from Source creates instead of Source Itself.  You are not a victim with a disease.  You are a body experiencing dis-easement while all the cells of your body struggle to re-establish balance. 

We torture animals in labs and also cause further stress to their cells by injecting them with a variety of biowarfare.  The end result is to take these distressed tissues from these animals and mix them in vials with other vile ingredients intending them to be injected into humans, especially targeted “undesirable” humans.  The humans that these animal-viral infested scientific experiments appeal to the most are the aspect of every society that loves to play the part of helpless victim.  Also, as a bonus, these animal-viral infested scientific experiments appeal to the group of modern society that gets its information about health and well-being from the white-coated gods who are financially supported by Big Pharma in a medical establishment supported by Big Pharma, and by the media, which is also supported by Big Pharma.  These, ironically, are the groups of humans who find all viruses guilty as charge without a trial and never look to themselves for the situation in which they find themselves.  Is this you I am describing?

Instead of intercepting the communication from your body that is screaming for certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, supportive microbiome lifeforms, and instead of stopping exposure to EMF radiation, electricity, heavy metals, sugar, millimeter waves, nanoparticulates, fluoride, and chloride, do you blame your physical woes on a viral enemy that must have come from outside yourself and there was nothing you could have done about it?  Instead of exercising, eating foods with life force, drinking vibrant water, speaking truth, taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions, are you sitting on the couch in front of the television or computer stuffing your face with junk food and using coffee to swallow the drugs the white-coated god gave you, all the while embracing a diagnosis as a badge of honor?

Listen, if you want to trust Germ Theory that tells you that you are a helpless victim and can be done-in by a virus in the air, y’all need to be informed about something.  You are following non-human’s and AI’s dogma.  They are the ones that belittle humans.  They are counting on you reacting as stupid as they think you are so they can really go to town on you and snatch your soul after they turn your body to dust with a little something outside of you.  Hmm.  It aint a virus, but it sure sounds like the millimeter waves they intend for you!
People defecate to rid their system of waste.  A cell also has a byproduct when it is under distress.  Its byproduct is what we would call an RNA virus.  We’re so awesome that we can build up stress over generations called miasms and collectively, we can all try to heal the cells together.  We don’t know where that kind of signal comes from, but our cells respond and bam, we have what the non-humans want you to notice as an epidemic.

I will tell you something.  You may find the answers that are important by supporting your health in deed and thought, and by connecting with the Light within you. This doesn’t happen with going out and purchasing a chocolate bunny with a mask in support of the hysteria of our time, it starts with acknowledging how amazing you are when you choose to accept the responsibility for where you are right now. 

Is it a virus that you inhaled or had injected into yourself?  Is it a virus you inhaled or one that came from your own cells in an attempt to right itself?  Y’all need to figure it out or continue being a helpless victim pawn on their game board, which is what they want.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Viruses: The Truth is Empowering

Viruses are not living.

Paget Anne Posts

["I Haven't seen much of news, but even on fb & YouTube, I have seen no people documenting their downfall to CV.
Have any of you?
Even crisis actors? Nothing? Something?
I still don't even know anyone who is sick."
Paget Anne of Essendon]

["So here we are looking at all those who have been vaccinated, which is another way of saying injected with viruses and other distressful matter to their cells.
Ah, they will finally understand when they fall ill!
We watch their systems being overwhelmed and their cells being in distress and their cells starting to exude their own little viruses all in an attempt to try and bring balance to their bodies.
Ah, now they'll see. Now they'll admit that injecting gunk and viruses isn't the best road to health!
And what do you know. These same people who welcome viruses from across species to be injected into their bodies scream for friends to keep their distance!
Now when some of them are sick and some are even testing positive for the coronavirus... if the test is even accurate...we don't get to be vindicated. They think that a virus is an alive little being that came from outside in the air!
And worse...
They scream for a vaccine to save them!"
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

["What? Anti-vaxxers will beg for a CV. vaccine?
I would straight out say, 'Viruses come from the vaccines from animal byproducts being worked on in labs. Our cells release viruses when they're in distress but there is such a thing as biowarfare that we're calling viruses. A virus, like what they're telling everyone is going on now, is not alive, so therefore it can't live for nine days on a surface unless It's a bot that has been programmed to do so!
People who have studied vaccines have also studied health. We know that our internal terrain, which is made up by the food and drink choices, the choices of thoughts and words that we speak and think, whether we exercise our body or not, whether we have fasts or not, and the healing modalities we choose are for life. They don't injure our liver, our kidneys, our brain, our gut flora, such as Western Medicine's drugs do.
We will not receive a vaccine. None of them have been proven safe, effective, or necessary!
We don't know what this world government is up to with the so-called virus. We do know that a vaccine is not the answer. In fact, they may want you to take this vaccine because of the viruses and what have you that are in them, and then they can turn on 5G and maybe it's going to be an ugly mix!
If you think we would take any vaccine, you are not paying attention!"]
Paget Anne of Essendon]

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus Plandemic & 5G

Videos to watch:

On Q, the Savior & The Pedophile Elite

[First of all, most of the so-called elite have been tortured and made mind control slaves.  Yes, some of them also torture and have and make mind control slaves, but that's a very efficient machine for you.

Yes, Q may be Trump and JFK, Jr..  Yes, perhaps they are "draining the swamp."  But, Reptilian entities don't just murder their own for no reason and the thing is, if people are being killed for high treason, that is a satisfaction to these entities, but also a sacrifice of sorts to their Satan god.  Therefore, it is wrong.  Two wrongs do not make a right.

Grounders of Light do not condone torture and death, even if that person did it to others.  It is a nice thought, though, to think that the criminals-that-believe-they-be are being arrested.  Below I have many links on this subject.  Know this though, when entities make sacrifices of many loved ones to their Satan god, they are signalling that they want to perform a huge kill in general.  It's kind of like, "Hey, do this for me.  Make it smooth and awesome and I'll offer this to you.  Cool?  Cool.  Great."

Secondly, Terryl Blackstar said many years ago...that when the officials need to get into their bunkers, they will release a pathogen, lock down travel, and go to their bunkers with ease, while we will be sacrificed.  Some may survive the earth changes, possibly to become the so-called elite's slaves.  Most importantly with this... THOSE IN POWER AND CELEBRITIES WHO ARE STEPPING DOWN OR BECOMING ILL MAY BE HEADING FOR A BUNKER.  This adrenochrome taking, though true, may be to satisfy those of us who do not believe they are ill.

Lastly, connect with your Light to see what you need to do at this time.]

Here's some info on Q.

["So let's look at what we've got before us. We've got CEOs all over the world stepping down. In a way Harry and Meghan are also like CEOs who stepped down. Let's not forget that. I'm sure it figures in.
Is it because they know the economy will collapse so that the credit system can be brought in?
Is it because the Black Star or an asteroid is heading for earth and they are all heading for their bunker? Cuz y'all know you and I are not going to be invited to the bunkers. And y'all know that they have technology that we don't have that would inform them of things that we're not being informed about. Y'all know they would want travel to be easy and swift to their bunkers and so they would need us out of the way.
Is it because there truly are arrests that are being made because of crimes against humanity? This one I would doubt, because the people who would be judging these people have also committed crimes against humanity. So who are they to judge? But then, the authorities are awfully hypocritical oh, so maybe it would figure in! They certainly would be able to get us to believe that we could trust them if they went and drained the swamp.
I recommend everybody go within. Whether you meditate or pray, get in touch with Source so that you can see what's going on. If we are as cattle being led down the chute to the slaughter, we also can stop it.
Remember what I posted last week. I said that the authorities have never done anything major for our health. They allowed vaccine makers to be exempt from all liability. They made Section 704 in their Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 which says that it doesn't matter how much their communication devices harm your health or the environment, no one can stop them. I stopped one tower by citing abuse, but when I was citing health I got nowhere!
Color healing was replaced in hospitals because of Big Pharma's influence. It was not because it wasn't a successful healing modality. And I could go on and on and on about other healing modalities that cause no side effects that also cause no profits for certain people.
Do you really think that you are being asked to stay in your home for your own safety?
So we're back to the question about why the CEOs are stepping down and how is it related to us being locked out of our regular lives?]
- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

["On the Cabal documentary, I've found about 85+% on my own. What concerns me is that 15% could be manipulation. Propagandists always put truth mixed in with their deceit. And I am a reptilian and other entity researcher and I find it hard to believe that they would allow anything to happen unless there was a reason. For instance, they might be perfectly happy sacrificing their own because they're about to do a big kill and they like to do a sacrifice of sorts first.

I am a grounder of light and I do believe we are winning, but there is still something going on. They are doing a huge push here.

The part of that series that I'm not comfortable with is execution for high treason. Reptilians love blood sacrifice. Most of those who commit high treason have been terribly abused themselves and are complete mind control slaves themselves. Killing them is not the answer. Killing them is not okay. Shaming them is not okay either. That isn't of the light. We need to ground love and compassion.  
It was a good vid. In it, they discussed McCain's high treason. Cancer is a weapon, esp. when they add radiation.

I read elsewhere that suicide or execution would be options for those arrested. Again, may or may not be true."]

-[Paget Anne of Essendon]

Coronavirus Plandemic

"The trouble is that we don't know what The District of Columbia, the fake government of the US & Australia, are up to, but since they consistently put pen to paper for actions against our health, locking us down cannot be for anything good.
Are they simply cleaning up many of the child abusing officials and performers as is rumored?
Are they installing grids and antennas to make our classrooms, work places, libraries, etc targeted millimeter wave attacks as they desire?
Are they going to force more pharmaceuticals (that have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary that are based on out-dated ideas of what the immune system and viruses were once thought to be) on everyone?
The only thing we know for sure is that things are not as they seem.
Stay alert and safe."

- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

"Gosh, if I were to give you some herbs or give you some acupuncture, I wouldn't be wearing gloves and a mask like this. Is he afraid he's going to get her sick with a germ that he has or is he afraid of what's in the vial? Or is he thinking that the patient is already sick and so therefore she shouldn't have the vacc*ne? Do people always look like this when they administer vacc&nes to your kids? Crazy!
When she becomes ill, or worse, transitions, will we hear that she must have been sick prior to receiving the v*ccine?  I mean, that's what they tell you about the flu shot.  They say, 'You would have had it worse if you hadn't received the shot.'  Well, folks.  There's no proof of that.  No v4xcine has gone against a saline placebo-receiving control group.  Ask your doctor for their proof.  Take a book.  You;ll be waiting a long time."
- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

"Healthy children who never received vile ingredients from a vial from a doctor or nurse who worked for the establishment were instructed by the fictitious government ruling Australia and the US to stay home from school.

Now that same government is ordering the world to stay home.

It's like I've said...They can't just suddenly place you on lock down or take away all your rights.  They have to do it little by little so you won't throw a fit, or better...notice. 

They come up with "the cold" kind of CV, the one made in a lab and pattented, and millimeter waves and SMART meters ...and of course their number one weapon, the media.  Ah, now they've got you where they want you.

Stay home or you'll die is reverse speak for Stay home so we can build your prison...or death camp."

-[Paget Anne of Essendon]

Lock Down: Time to Access

"Time to reassess.
We know that the criminals-that-believe-they-be have some sort of an agenda that will cause a win for them and a loss for us.
We know that humans need to interact for emotional through to physical reasons. For instance, the swapping of bacteria that we do is very important for our physical health. And we know that they want to have us in isolation, which will adversely affect our emotional through physical health... not to mention those who will be harmed by not going out in the sunshine, or by staying on the internet non-stop or in front of the TV nonstop.
We know that when we are locked in our homes, we are not seeing what's going on out there. I can't help but think of those people who were locked into their church and burned alive during the American Revolution. All I know is that these "people" have never done anything for our health or for our good. They have always done everything that would be a win for them no matter that it was a loss for us. So are they adding more 5G antennas or something like that, because right now the few that I've seen scattered around town would only harm people right there? Those 5G antennas can't hurt somebody three blocks down. I've wondered all along about them digging up the roads. I'm wondering what they're putting in there. They've had to do an awful lot of work with us in the way lately.
Is it possible that they did put the coronavirus that was patented into adrenochrome, which is a black-market product that people used to stay young. If this was done, was it so that they could kill off that whole market who didn't know that the coronavirus patent was in that batch? Certainly, anyone who they want to live, they would tell them about it. I'm not saying that the coronavirus patent that they came up with would kill, but I am saying that it could be a marker to be used so that a person could be executed for their crimes against children. If they are doing this, I would think that it would be the reptilians manipulating it. They're into all that kind of stuff! Is this another round of killing off people that they like, of killing off people that they use as puppets as a sacrifice to their Satan before a great big kill that they're about to do perhaps on April 19th or 20th?
As much as I would love to believe the fairy tale that some savior is removing all of those nasty people who harm children and it's going to implement a nice "sunshiny day," it doesn't seem realistic when I know how involved the reptilians are on 3D Earth.
So, I guess we're back to why are we being locked in our homes and is there a great big kill that is about to happen?
With the Light that I have grounded, I feel that right now, something amazing is happening. There is this powerful Love vibe that is radiating down to us...All we have to do is receive it and experience it.
I think we need to put down our fear and say it is time that the experience on 3D is win win for all. It's time for us to put down our cell phones and not be manipulated anymore. It's time for us to turn off the television shows. It's time for us to experience community with one another and with Nature.
It's time to stop fearing germs and each other, and it's time to stop blindly trusting the officials who undermine our health with every single signature they put on a piece of paper!
It is time to go and anchor the Light, hwa!"