Friday, March 27, 2020

The Lab Tweaked Virus Biowarfae

[ many years ago I had a friend who held two PhDs in microbiology. She would have her shopping list in her hand and keys and person be heading out the door and she would suddenly become conscious in that same room but all the shopping would be sitting on the counter and her keys in her purse would be on the counter and she would just be sitting there and absolute confusion thinking that she was getting Alzheimer's.

I knew what was happening to her, but I didn't know how to protect her at that time.

You see, the criminals-that-believe-they-be kidnaps scientist all the time to do work for them and then kill them. But it is so much more cost-effective if you can compartmentalize their brain and take them to tweak their bugs without them knowing that they're doing it. Yes we have some pretty evil humans who would be perfectly willing to use their brains in order to make more money and to put the human population at risk, but there is a group that are doing this without remembering.

At any rate, we have event 201 telling us that about six months into the plandemic, all of a sudden a whole bunch of people died from the virus.

Well within the first three months, we've had a lot of lies from the media and we've had a lot of over reach from the government, but we haven't seen too much of their super virus biowarfare, yet. June 2020 is about six months in. So we do need to become more aware about the kind of attack they're going to implement. Even more so, we need to figure out why. There are those of us who believe it's because they want to bring in the smart prison which includes id2020 which includes vaccinations which includes 5G which includes the social credit system. But we have to put all of that together with the transgender psychological and physical attack  and realized something more is at stake than just a body.]

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