Friday, December 17, 2010

Vaccination Education

According to…vaccination educator Fisher on the video entitled, “Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher on Forced Vaccinations,” some insurance companies are denying coverage to individuals who refuse to be vaccinated. Fisher says, “We get reports at NVIC (National Vaccination Information Center) that families are being thrown off of health care plans; they’re being denied health insurance if they can’t prove they received a certain number of vaccines.” It makes me wonder, has required health insurance been pushed through as a law in order to force families to become vaccinated? After all, if companies refuse you and you have to have coverage, then will you be forced to be the perfect citizen and allow those vaccines to be put into your body in order to comply with the law? Of course, not all insurance companies have this stipulation…yet. It’s just food for thought.

As it stands, many states allow you to choose not to vaccinate your children. Of course, propaganda is so strong that I still meet Californians who are under the impression that their children cannot go to public school unless the children are vaccinated. Please get educated. It’s time for humanity to not be manipulated by another’s fear. We need to stand up and surround politicians with pinky-rose light so that they, like Senator Judith Zaffirini of Texas, won’t try to strip parents of their rights. She filed Senate Bill 56. Her plan is to have the government automatically collect people’s vaccination histories from doctors without the consent of the individuals. Authorities could use this information to figure out who is not getting vaccinated and harass the families or, worse, have them on some list for later reference. The current Texas law requires parental consent in order for their children’s vaccination histories to be collected. Whatever your state, or even your country for that matter, something is always brewing on the pro-vaccination front. Please get educated so that you may continue being the one making decisions for yourself and for your children.

Fisher and NVIC have been my source for information on vaccines for about twenty-three years. Please visit and for more information.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Organic Sodium: Nature’s Fountain of Youth

According to…Mikio Sankey in Support the Mountain, “People diagnosed with arthritis, or those with stiffness and pain in the joints, need organic sodium, but not table salt” (151). Table salt is the familiar Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Chemically speaking, organic sodium simply is sodium (Na). Organic sodium is important for the life of cells and the lymphatic system, the gastrointestinal tract, and the joints of the body (150,153). In fact, when organic sodium is not being ingested in sufficient amounts, health issues can arise, for there isn’t enough “organic sodium in solution in the blood to prevent the body from leeching calcium out of the bones. The first place the blood will usually start to leech calcium from the body is from the jawbones” (152). The next target is usually the spine, and then the joints (152). Sankey writes, “If the blood is still trying to balance its pH level by needing to leech more calcium, then eventually that person will develop arthritis or bone problems such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis” (152). How many health care practitioners advise ingesting organic sodium as prevention and remedy to health problems?

Organic Sodium has to be, as Sankey says, “very refined and is found in organic greens, celery and carrots” (150). So, when your doctor says for you to ingest no salt, it most likely is not organic sodium to which he or she is referring, for it is difficult to have youth, vitality, and life without organic sodium, nature’s fountain of youth.

“Organic sodium is an alkaline biochemical mineral,” writes Sankey (151). Sufficient amounts are needed in order for the blood to “retain a healthy alkaline pH level,” and the unused sodium can be stored in the stomach (151,149). In bodily secretions, sodium is in greater quantities compared to organic potassium which is greater within a cell’s wall (150). If you don’t ingest organic sodium and leave your body deprived, then health issues will surely await you. As Sankey writes, “All cases of arthritis indicate a lack of organic sodium in the body” (151). Pain and stiffness in the joints, a “lack of openness in life,” and “not being willing to view all options in front of you” are easily prevented with the regular ingestion of organic sodium (151).

As most people age, rigidity in the body may become noticeable. What about the stubborn, rigid thinking? Sankey states that, “flexibility is also associated with the mind and how expansive and receptive we are to new or different views and ideas of life” (150). Organic sodium allows for “expansiveness of thought” as well as physical flexibility, thus truly assisting people with feeling and appearing younger (150). After all, Sankey says, “Flexibility is associated with youth and youthful spirit” (150).

Organic sodium is not the only sodium the body requires, in Sankey’s opinion. He says, “I personally feel that the physical body needs small quantities of high quality salts for optimum health. The blood and most of the fluids in the body contain some level of salt” (152). Sankey is not referring to commercial salts and sea salts purchased in the average store (152-3). He says, “Commercial salts are devoid of any beneficial minerals or trace minerals. Commercial salts are bleached, excessively heated to a very high temperature, and have very little nutritional value except for tasting salty” (153). Many people are under the impression that regular, white, sea salt is beneficial. However, sea salt lacks the important trace minerals and electrolytes of the higher quality salts such as the gray Celtic or the pink Himalayan salts (153). Moreover, commercial salts “can be detrimental to the human body when taken in excessive amounts” and also contain additives to make the salt flow from the shaker (152-3). If the salt you use attracts moisture and becomes clumpy when left uncovered, that’s a good sign that you most likely are using a high quality salt.

Celtic or Himalayan are two high quality salts. When cooking with either of these salts, do not add the salt until the food has been removed from the heat. Sprinkle it on just before serving, because heating high quality salts will destroy many of the valuable trace minerals (153). Avoiding excess heat also goes for the organic sodium found in your fruits and vegetables. As Sankey says, “Raw foods have more life force and have enzymatic activity” (154). While consuming fresh and raw foods ensure that more of its natural, important qualities, like organic sodium, are still potent, slightly steaming vegetables is alright. Sankey says, “To obtain organic sodium through your foods, eat organic, slightly steamed or raw okra and especially freshly squeezed organic celery juice” (151). He goes on to warn, “Most of the store bought fruits are picked immaturely, so they will be lacking in the quality and quantity of organic sodium needed” (151). An apple or apricot tree, a carrot garden, and a strawberry patch, are all ideas for your backyard, so you can enjoy organic sodium in freshly picked foods.

Don’t fool yourself. You can ingest an excess amount of table salt and salt within processed, packaged foods and still be deficient in organic sodium. Fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, or “fast food” and medically prescribed drugs, the choice is yours. The outcome is yours. What you ingest today will decide if nature’s fountain of youth is with you tomorrow, or not.

For more information, Please read Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture Volume V, Support the Mountain: Nutrition for Expanded Consciousness.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gallstones Contribute to Tooth Decay?

According to Andreas Moritz, liver gallstones interfere with attaining and maintaining health in a variety of ways, such as from the bacteria and viruses hiding within the stones that can leak into a person’s system (viii, 10). He confidently writes in his book The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, “Gallstones in the liver are, as you will understand from reading this book, the main impediment to acquiring and maintaining good health, youthfulness, and vitality (viii). Puffy eyes, impotence, gout, and nightmares may be related to liver gallstones (5). That is not all. Moritz warns that thrush, herpes, tooth decay, and problems with gums are all related to these green, brown, beige and black gallstones within the liver (8, 10). Tooth Decay? It may be a surprise to hear that there is more to tooth decay than simply not brushing correctly.

Digestion, absorption, and elimination are all functions that occur in the alimentary canal of the digestive system. Moritz explains, “The stones interfere with digestion and absorption of food, which, in turn, forces waste products meant for elimination to remain in the intestinal tract. The storage of waste in the intestines creates a toxic, anaerobic environment that supports breeding of destructive germs and parasites and undermines preservation of healthy, resilient tissues” (8). As a consequence, the intestines are clogged up with this undigested waste that most likely will lead to bacterial and viral infections in the mouth. How? Bacteria all along the gastrointestinal tract may lead to thrush in the mouth, which is one end of the tract (9). Moritz warns, “Since the largest part of the immune system in the body is located in the mucus lining of the GI tract, thrush indicates a major weakness in the body’s general immunity to disease” (9). With herpes, the virus attacks the nucleus, which is the cell’s interior (9). Moritz is adamant that a person cannot suffer from either thrush or a herpes outbreak with a healthy colon and elimination function, and that both cases involve “weak and unhealthy cells – that is, cells that are already damaged or dysfunctional and are susceptible to mutate into cancerous cells (8-10). Keeping cells healthy is a priority in order to maintain a healthy body.

When a body is not healthy, bacteria will perform its duty of decomposing the problem, just as with bad fruit or a carcass. “While decomposing food or flesh, bacteria produce toxins,” writes Moritz (9). He adds, “Bacteria never attack - that is, infect something – that is clean, vital, and healthy as a well-nourished fruit hanging on the tree” (9). Having a clean colon ensures no bacterial attack, and for this an adequate amount of bile from the liver is necessary (10). When not enough bile is available, the bacteria clean-up crew is happy to be on the job, which can create a plethora of problems for the host: you. One obstacle to adequate bile production is gallstones.

Tooth decay is related to the lack of bile from the accumulation of gallstones. Not enough bile secretion can reduce “appetite and secretions of saliva from the salivary glands in the mouth. Saliva is required to cleanse the mouth and keep its tissues soft and pliable (10). Again, if the mouth resembles an unhealthy situation like bad fruit or a carcass, bacteria will show up to do their clean-up job, which in turn will result in the production of toxic waste products, and may likely result in “tooth decay, gum destruction, and other tooth-related problems” (10). Bile that has “regurgitated into the stomach and, from there, into the mouth” can cause a bitter taste in your mouth and “drastically alters the pH-value (acid-alkaline balance) of saliva, which inhibits its cleansing action” (10). The bacteria are your friends, simply trying to help your unhealthy mouth out. They are not the cause of your tooth decay, even though tooth decay may result from their presence (10).

For more information about how gallstones can affect your health and for details on the Liver Gallbladder Gallstone Cleanse, please read The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify & Rejuvenate Your Body by Andreas Moritz.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Audio-Psycho Phonology: Ear-Brain Exercises on the Go!

According to Rafaele Joudry, director of Sound Therapy International, listening to Sound Therapy CDs offers a variety of benefits, from reducing stress to acquiring vigor for getting through the day. Benefits other listeners have noticed are improved rest with sleep, relief from tinnitus, clearer communication, and a willingness to socialize. But what exactly is Sound Therapy?

At first glance the CDs appear to be a variety of classical music. However, each musical selection has passed through the Tomatis’ Electronic Ear, which is a machine that alters the frequency levels and adjusts the sounds therapeutically, so during listening, the ear and brain receive a workout.

Many people have experienced harm to their high-frequency hearing through loud noises at concerts or from the industrial environment of today. The damage to high-frequency hearing was noticed during some of the earlier work done with Sound Therapy’s predecessor, the huge, non-portable Electronic Ear in the office of ear specialist, Dr. Tomatis. At that time, singers noticed an improvement with their singing: they were able to sing higher as their ears were learning to hear higher frequencies.

Sound Therapy will not interfere with daily activities. During work, travel, sleep and some play, the CD player may be worn in a hip or neck bag, and the headphone cord may run down the back beneath clothing. In addition, because the volume is set low, working an eight-hour shift and choosing to have this form of sound therapy will not interfere with hearing. A greater calmness and increased vitality may eventually accompany the listener as they complete tasks.

A minimum of three hours a day, not necessarily in a consecutive manner, is required to set the ear and brain on a course toward change. Provided that the CDs can be heard even a little without hearing aids, it is recommended that at least some of the daily listening occur without hearing aids. It is suggested that the ears not be shocked with the therapy being too loud. Rather, set the volume so as some parts of the music are heard comfortably, and others are not heard at all. Intermittent sounds are sufficient for the Sound Therapy to work. The music is not as important as the therapy behind it.

What if the constant music is too harsh on the ears? If the experience of listening to Sound Therapy is uncomfortable, then the volume is most likely set too high. Conversations, a person’s own voice, and the TV, for example, should all be heard over the hisses and music of the program. Prior to entering a noisy theatre, for instance, set the music to a low but audible volume, then do not give it another thought.

Is it painful? Subtle pain in the ears may occur at first, just as in any exercise program. The muscles in the middle ear may be functioning more fully than they ever have before, and the nervous system and ears will adjust accordingly with continued use. Momentary discomfort and tiredness may be initial signs that the program is working.

The Sound Therapy instructional manual informs users that, “Individuals vary greatly in the length of time required for the auditory opening, and that effects, while sometimes dramatic, can be subtle.” The “opening” is a near magical moment when a shifting seems to occur within the ear and brain: symptoms may suddenly vanish, a voice may spontaneously sound softer or sing higher, hearing may all at once become more acute, and energy levels may surprisingly improve. Some may require months of dedicated listening before changes are noticed. A desired outcome may seem never to arrive, but if analyzed, life improvements overall are bound to be noticed.

After the desired change has occurred, continuing to listen to the CDs, even in a haphazard way, is recommended. Sound Therapy is a continual protection against intrusive noise, a concentration tool and an aid to help the brain retain what has been studied. As long as the CDs are from Sound Therapy International and not burned from iPods or otherwise copied, they are therapeutic. Copying the CDs renders them ineffective because specific recording equipment using original analogue recordings from the Electronic Ear have been carefully transferred to the Sound Therapy CDs.

Sound Therapy’s Basic Music Kit is an investment for the whole family. I have been listening for years and though I had no health issue I wished to solve, I have noticed, though not a singer, I am able to sing higher than previously, and I can understand words in songs now. I rely on my Sound Therapy for protection against loud noises such as in movie theatres and stores and for when I am close to loud speakers.

When you call me to purchase the Basic Kit, you can order one of three complimentary books. I suggest Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain by Patricia and Rafaele Joudry if you have not read it. It will provide all the information you need in order to understand how and why Sound Therapy came about. The other two books from which you may choose are Triumph Over Tinnitus and Why Aren’t I Learning.

For more information go to, or call Dr. Debbie at (310)279-8138.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ear Infections

"Who you are dictates what you see.”- John Maxwell

According to…Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine by Bob Flaws, the Chinese “understanding of what is a healthy diet, both for infants and for adults, is way ahead of us in the West” (91). Many children suffer from multiple ear infections here in the U.S., yet supposedly not in China. Flaws points out that it is not related to different anatomy. Diet and awareness of what is put into a child, whether given by shot or orally, could quite possibly be behind the mystery.

It is common practice for parents to take their children to a doctor for routine wellness checkups. The child feels fine, but the doctor will use what he or she sees through the otoscope, the instrument used to check ears, as the only evidence for prescribing antibiotics (94). Because of this, Flaws advises against the over use of an otoscope. As this practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says, “When children are given antibiotics over and over again at a young age, it is my experience as a clinician that this can lead to many years, if not a lifetime, of chronic health problems” (94). Flaws observes that these children “are more prone than others to all sorts of allergies, including hayfever and allergic asthma. They are also more prone to sore throats and tonsillitis” (94). The suggestion is not to get started on the antibiotic merry-go-round.

Some children experience recurrent ear infections and make many unscheduled visits to the doctor’s office. Antibiotics can clear the heat accompanying the infection, but do nothing to address the food stagnation, which is most likely the root of the problem. “In fact,” says Flaws, “[antibiotics] contribute to its worsening” (91). In TCM thought, antibiotics actually damage the built-in mechanisms that assist us with all the aspects of digestion, physical and non-physical. In Western thought, antibiotics are equal-opportunity killers of bacteria in the stomach and intestines, even the helpful bacteria. Flaws says, “These [beneficial] bacteria help break down foods and the waste products of digestion. Others of these bacteria help keep populations of various yeast and fungi in proper proportions” (42). Parents and physicians usually become frustrated with the endless cycle of problems related to ear infections, such as food stagnation and perpetual antibiotic use, and finally suggest the procedure of placing tubes in the eardrums without ever considering Chinese herbal formulas.

From the onset of an ear issue, Flaws is an advocate of trying other procedures before starting on a course of antibiotics, indeed, saving antibiotics as a final effort to remedy the problem (41). TCM practitioners have a variety of remedies to try, taking the child’s constitution, age, diet and diagnosis into consideration. Flaws says, “Chinese herbal medicine is very effective for both treating acute earaches as well as preventing recurrent earaches” (92). The most commonly prescribed herbal formula for children, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, has been used for hundreds of years safely (92). Sometimes another herbal formula, Wu Ling San, is prescribed in the absence of inflammation or infections because it addresses excess fluids, which may cause “bulging eardrums” (94). Wu Ling San has also been in use for centuries successfully treating fluid leaking from the ear amongst other ailments. For cases when the eardrum has burst, Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang may be necessary. Flaws says, “Actually, this is the final stage of an ear infection and when this occurs, it [the bursting eardrum] marks the resolution of the situation” (94). Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang is used after inflammation and infection have been resolved. The formula, along with keeping “the child’s head out of water 4-6 weeks after the eardrum has ruptured,” are important for a quick and certain recovery because water entering the ear will cause pain and may cause another infection (94). All Chinese herbal formulas are prepared with harmony for the client in mind; therefore, additions and deletions of specific herbs may make a slightly different formula.

TCM practitioners recognize the importance of diet, especially where children’s ears are concerned. Not consuming dairy products, fried or spicy foods, candy or sugar, and frozen or raw foods, is a must. Flaws warns, “In children with recurrent ear infections, even yeasted wheat products, like bread, should be eliminated” (93). A bland diet for awhile will help the child considerably because diet and lifestyle are responsible for seventy percent of the healing process (93-5). Consuming fewer drugs, with more attention to food choices, is a sound practice for this future adult to learn now.

For more information on how to live drug-free and to have healthy ears, please read my articles at Sound Therapy: Ear Exercises on the Go (November 2009), Flower Essences for Balancing, Herbs for Kids Instead of Antibiotics, and Genuine Essential Oils (all from October 2009).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pure Air, Pure Water

“In Life Insurance and such like societies, were they instead of having the person examined by the medical man, to have the houses, conditions, ways of life, of these persons examined, at how much truer results would they arrive!” Notes on Nursing (1860), p. 123 by Florence Nightingale.

According to Florence Nightingale, “All disease, at some period or other of its course, is more or less a reparative process, not necessarily accompanied with suffering” (7). Back in 1860, Nightingale published Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not. In this little book, she explains how illness is a function of nature to fix up either a long or short term toxic body, most likely from a faulty environment. She holds that poor health is unnoticed until you become ill and that even then, you may not notice your unhealthy physical surroundings. 

Her hypothesis is still true today. Nightingale wrote this book at a time when people were already masking true conditions with a foreign substance in order to barge through life as they wished. In this instance, what they called “disinfecting” and “purifying” were measures taken through “fumigating,” which was a process of releasing a scent meant to overpower the smell in the home so people could tolerate their homes. Nightingale writes, “I wish all the disinfecting fluids invented made such an ‘abominable smell’ that they forced you to admit fresh air. That would be a useful invention” (23-4). Back in her time, Nightingale saw five “essential points in securing the health of homes: pure air, pure water, efficient waste drainage, cleanliness, and light” (24). Today, each of these points still holds true, only now we could add protection from constant electromagnetic bombardment to the list. 

 Air has not gone out of fashion. However, fresh, pure air has become hard to find. People spend their days and nights locked up in offices and rooms relying on heaters and air conditioners, with closed windows blocking out even the cities polluted “fresh” air. Also, air poisoned with carbon monoxide has killed some people due to faulty heaters. Nightingale would be horrified at how drastically our dwellings' ventilation has deteriorated. Get fresh air! 

 Pure water is even harder to find whether in a bottle, from the tap, or out of a lake. We have the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowing chemicals and such to remain in our tap water and I am not convinced they are checking bottled water, which did not exist in the past, but something we drink just the same. In fact, the FDA, or local governing bodies, allow chlorine, fluoride, and other additives to pass their inspection and still enter your water. One way to inspect the water in your home is to ask yourself if you smell chlorine when taking a shower? If so, you are having a gas chamber experience. One of the only threats related to bathing in the past was that someone might catch a chill. Now threats include how you are affected by what you have inhaled or absorbed through your skin from the water and the cleanser you use. If you do not have pure water, get a filter to help protect your family from bath, cooking, and drinking water. 

 Efficient drainage was a concern in the nineteenth century because the end of a pipe that led away from the house was communicating with a nearby sewer, and the other end opened into the house via a sink hole or the “water closet” bowl (toilet). Nightingale’s concern was that fumes were entering the homes, fouling the air. This might still be a concern, though to a lesser extent since today’s drainage constantly flows away from homes from connected pipes, possibly halting a backward flow of fumes. Efficient drainage for us now would include protecting our oceans from the waste and the chemicals used in the sewerage plants. “Efficient drainage” would also now relate to purifying the sewer water of everything, waste and chemicals, before it is recycled back into drinking and tap water. 

 Cleanliness is not the same issue as before. We can bathe more often because it is convenient. We do not have copious dust blowing inside our homes and sticking to the wallpaper, hiding in the rugs and collecting in corners of our homes. We do not have multiple gaslights, as Nightingale calls them, pouring their fumes into the home environment. We do not have those same gaslights consuming the oxygen that eleven men could (20). However, we are under the impression that the cleansers we use on our hair, skin, and household items are safe. Are body and home environments truly clean if smothered in chemicals that we absorb into our skin and inhale into our bodies? Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a common ingredient in detergents and soaps, will damage hair follicles, cause liver toxicity, and can cause skin and eye damage, to name a few negative effects. Cocamidopropyl Betaine, widely used in soaps and cleansers, may cause allergies and is a toxin to the environment and to the immune system. Cocamide DEA, a soap and shampoo thickener, may increase cell death, inhibit cell growth, and lead to miscarriage and cancer. These are just a few of the ingredients you may be ingesting, absorbing, or inhaling in your so-called clean environment. Cleanliness is still an issue. 

 We may have strong odor and germ killers in our carpet shampoos compared to the past, but they may not be making the house healthier. Also, we have chemicals in the products that “freshen” our air artificially. We use standardized oils, instead of wholesome essential oils, and drip them onto harmful propylene candles instead of beeswax candles. Are environmental toxins in our cleaning products for humans and our homes what Nightingale had in mind for cleanliness? I think not. A modern sick person is not likely to be residing in a chemical-free body and home environment. 

 As far as light goes, we shut ill and infirm people away from sunlight. Even if a hospital patient, for instance, has a window, it most likely does not open and the light enters through glass, not naturally. Nightingale writes, “It is the unqualified result of all my experience with the sick, that second only to their need for fresh air is their need of light; that, after a closed room, what hurts them most is a dark room” (84). She goes on to clarify that “it is not only light but direct sunlight they want,” and beautifully states, “The sun is not a painter (inspiring the spirits), but a sculptor tangibly aiding the body” (84). Nightingale believes the purifying aspect of sunlight is important for recovery and health. She quotes a foreign non-philosopher without naming him or her. This person says, “Where there is sun, there is thought” (86). She equates cellars, the shady sides of hills, and dark, narrow streets and the “degeneracy and weakliness of the human race” hiding out there, with a mind and body deprived of sunlight (87). She says that given the opportunity, both plants and patients will move their leaves and their faces to the light (87). In order to assure continued health, adequate sunlight must interact with you and your home on a regular basis. 

 Light can also be harmful in the form of artificial lighting. Fluorescent lighting has been accused of being a huge culprit of ill-health in humans. Robert Brennan, at a website cited below says, “Studies worldwide prove that if schools and workplaces were lit with sunlight or full-spectrum bulbs kids would do better in school, and rates of depression and suicide would drop everywhere from college to prison.” Lack of sunlight is probably contributing to ill-health now more than in 1860 because the press maligns the sun, convincing people to avoid it. As a result, people overuse sunscreen and sunglasses, people have a lack of exposure to sunlight without prescription glasses or contacts, and people are constantly under artificial lighting. 

 In short, your environment is probably harder on your system than Nightingale’s was on hers. If you are experiencing poor health, your home and workplace need to be examined. Do not simply turn to painkillers and such, masking your symptoms as those long ago did with foul smells. Find out where your health and home environment need your attention, thus the root cause of your ills. These five simple, often over-looked points are important even for us in 2010. We have no time to lose. 

Please read Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not by Florence Nightingale and the articles at http:/ and for information on fluorescent lighting and on being aware of products even if they use the word “organic.” Also visit for environmentally safe candles.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sun: Friend or Foe?

“When your body is toxic the sun will draw out from that body and bring those toxins to the surface. It helps you cleanse and detoxify your system, keeping you young, beautiful, and healthy.” - More Natural “Cures” Revealed,p. 65 .

According to Andreas Moritz in Heal Yourself With Sunlight, if you experience sun sensitivity with only a reasonable time in the sun, then your body is toxic (45). For example, liver gallstones interfere with the various functions of the liver. When the liver’s function of detoxifying drugs and alcohol is impaired, the kidneys have to work harder to remove the poisons from the blood (30). It is similar with sun sensitivities. Moritz, who promotes the sun as a friend says, “Sunbathing may be dangerous, however, for those who live on a diet rich in acidic-forming, highly processed foods and refined fats or products made with them” (38). A toxic system is an acidic system. Moritz writes about the next step of toxicity for the person saying, “The skin becomes vulnerable to the natural elements, including sunlight” (31). Smoking and drinking alcohol can make the skin “highly vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) radiation” (39). Is it fair to blame the sun when the person simply needs to cleanse their liver and ingest higher quality foods and beverages? Moritz says, “Skin cancer and cataracts only occur if the liver is congested” (32).

Many have come to blame the sun for health problems, when in fact a poor diet more likely contributes to the problem. “Ever since refined polyunsaturated fats have been introduced to the population on a large scale during and after WWII,” says healer and author Andreas Moritz, “degenerative diseases have increased drastically, skin cancer being one of them” (41). He believes that tissue-damaging free radicals from polyunsaturated fats, plus the chemicals within sunscreens, make the sun seem dangerous (45).
Chemicals like sulfa, paraminobenzoic acid (PABA), hypoglycemic and diuretic drugs, tranquillizers, anti-depressants, antibiotics, anti-arrhythmic Quinindine, and antihistamines cause sensitivity to our skin and eyes (29). Feel you are out of the woods because you don’t usually use any drugs or medications? Check your tooth paste, soaps, and cosmetics for their chemical ingredients and then research them. You may be surprised. Three examples that you may find on the ingredient list are hexachlorophene (a prescription drug/cleanser not suggested for routine use, especially of the whole body), sodium lareth sulfate (alters cells and compromises immunity), and propylene glycol (an antifreeze ingredient that doesn’t leave the tissues of the body). More chemicals come into contact with the skin than many realize, and when combined with sunshine, cook up a harmful interaction.

People slap on copious amounts of sunscreen and suddenly feel impervious to damage from sun over exposure, as if the sunscreen were Superman in a bottle. Sunscreens teach humans to suppress the natural response for getting out of the sun (17). Their bodies may be screaming for shade or a shower, but their intellect is convinced that they’re safe (16). Sensible actions rather than unconscious use of sunscreens may be in order.

Also, read sunscreen labels with a discriminating eye, looking for chemicals in the ingredients. It is also sensible to expose your skin to the new summer sun briefly, slowly increasing the exposure time (47). Being sensible is paying attention to when your skin becomes itchy and noticing the itchiness as a sign that it is time to get out of the sun before you burn (19). The strong sunlight during summer months from 10:00 AM until roughly 2:00 PM should be avoided, or at least taken into consideration when planning outside activities (46). If you’re forced into the hot sun all day, for example, while at an amusement park during the summer, wear a long-sleeve cotton shirt; light, airy long pants, a hat, and take along an umbrella that can contract to fit in a pocket. The next time you visit such a place during the summer, notice how all day long people apply sunscreen. Yet by the end of the day, you will observe many of these same sunscreen users with red-hot sunburns. This happens because sunscreens offer a false sense of security by tricking its users into overexposure, believing they’re protected (29).

Sunlight called Ultraviolet B (UVB) “activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is crucial for the absorption of calcium and other minerals,” says Moritz (18). UVB rays, not usually the UVA rays responsible for tanning, are blocked by most sunscreens (18-9). The average consumer is unaware which rays from the sun their sunscreen blocks. Moritz asserts that sunscreens don’t prevent cancer, but actually causes it through encouraging too much UVA absorption by people who, believing protection is offered, remain in the sun too long (20). Having said that, some sunscreens do block out both UVA and UVB rays, thus depriving the body of natural immunity (20). With habitual sunscreen use, people can’t win either way.

The problem with sunscreens goes beyond overexposure to sunlight: it’s the chemicals within them! Moritz comments, “Sunscreen lotions containing paraminobenzoic acid (PABA), for example, not only block out the therapeutic and healing effects of sunlight, but may also cause genetic damage to the skin”(17). Simply put, the cells aren’t able to reproduce themselves normally. Moritz says, “UV light induces damage to the DNA in the presence of PABA” (17). UV is being blamed for damage caused by a sunscreen ingredient. Isn’t it odd that a product sold to be used in the sun becomes harmful to you if you are in the sun? The cells of the skin are constantly smothered in chemicals with each application of sunscreen, thus destroying the skin’s brilliant protective network (18). Messing with human cells can lead to malignancies (19), including cancer.

Moritz places sunlight’s importance for the body on a par with our other necessities: eating, drinking water, and sleeping. This analogy works well, especially when he’s driving home the point about not indulging in too much of a good thing, like sun exposure or lack of it (13). He contends a “lack of sun exposure is one of the greatest risk factors for disease” (5).

When I have been ill, nothing felt better that the warmth of the sun. Sunlight can make people feel well, “provided they don’t use sunscreens or burn their skin” (7), warns Moritz. Sun exposure and diet improvements used to be respected treatments for health ailments (6). Big business in the form of modern allopathic medicine and antibiotic use has ousted the free-of-charge heliotherapy that was once commonly prescribed (5). The sun is medicine that can restore your body and your mind (37).

Moritz makes an interesting assertion about sunlight and obesity. He says that both people and animals locked indoors away from the sun can gain unhealthy weight and “any person who misses out on sunlight becomes weak and suffers mental and physical problems as a result” (7).
How many over-weight people and others with health problems in general can claim they get enough sunlight? And, it’s important to note, that few people enjoy sunlight, even from under a veranda, without glasses or contacts blocking the light from entering their eyes. Unhealthy people, if they even get outside into the sun, most likely go slathered in sunscreen and thus are prevented from receiving many of the sun’s health benefits.

Let’s examine this thought about the importance of being out in the sunlight without something over or on the eyeballs. Moritz writes, “Sunglasses block out important rays of the light spectrum, which the body requires for essential biological functions” and he adds, “Your eyes receive these rays even if you are in the shade” (6, 45). Wow, how often do you hear that prescription glasses, sunglasses and contacts interfere with sunlight entering through the eyes, preventing that very sunlight from stimulating the immune system? Moritz says, “Unfortunately, it is the ultraviolet portion of sunlight that is the most easily eliminated by windows, houses, spectacles, sunglasses, sun lotions, and clothing” (5). He suggests installing UV glass in the windows of your home for when it’s too cold to have light entering through wide open windows and doors (46). This is important for the health of those who get shut inside for long winters. Moritz says, “With sunlight, the use of oxygen in the body tissues increases, but without, our cells begin to starve for oxygen” (45). After the cells stop working correctly, the person seems to look or feel older, and perhaps even expires before his or her time. People nowadays, even children and dogs, shut out sunlight on a regular basis with sunglasses. Because of this, Moritz says, “the eyes are unable to properly repair themselves and replace worn out eye cells” (28). When you go for a walk for exercise, don’t wear contacts, and hold your prescription glasses in your hand in case you need to see a situation clearly. Give the sun an opportunity to keep you healthy whether you are under an umbrella or a hat or not.

It has been proven time and again that sunlight is important for our health on many levels. Moritz writes, “Solar research from all over the world has shown that exposure to ultraviolet light is probably the most comprehensive and impressive healing method there is” (26). Let’s take a closer look at how the sun is beneficial to humans. Our organs are directly supported by specific colors of the light spectrum (49). Moritz explains, “Upon entering the pineal gland in the brain, the different rays are chemically encoded in the brain and passed on to the organs and systems in the body” (49). Red, yellow and green light rays are especially required to the extent that without them the kidney, heart, and liver respectively may malfunction (49, 50).

Not only is the organ level dependent on sunlight, our hemoglobin needs it. Moritz says, “The hemoglobin in our red blood cells requires ultraviolet (UV) light to bind to the oxygen needed for all cellular functions” (8). UV light sounds pretty important, yet most people are encouraged to hide under sunscreen. Additional benefits are being recognized all the time. Moritz claims that research is available proving that sunlight treatments can decrease high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower “blood sugar levels in diabetics, and increase the number of white blood cells” (5). White blood cells, of course, help with immunity.

Thyroid hormone insufficiencies and a more serene mood are also supported by the sun. The UV rays within the sunlight, according to Moritz, “actually stimulate the thyroid gland to increase hormone production, which in turn, increases the body’s basal metabolic rate” (7). Sunlight’s UV light “raises one’s tolerance to stress and reduces (instances of) depression” (27). Moritz adds that sunlight becomes like insulin within the body “with the storage and break-down of glycogen in the tissues” (37). In other words, the lack of sunshine may have caused health problems in the first place, and sunlight may help restore health now that it has been compromised, even with the person in the shade.

Are unhealthy people exposed more to artificial light inside a poorly ventilated room or to outdoor sunlight and fresh air on a daily basis? Moritz suggests that those who “work under artificial lighting have the highest incidence of skin cancers” (21). Our children spend a huge portion of their day under florescent lighting. Office workers spend a huge part of their day under artificial lighting. Then there is the air conditioning. Many schools and work places run the AC daily, at times even when the outside temperature doesn’t warrant its use. Air-conditioners blow dry air into a room. This dry air leaves, as Moritz says, “the skin with little natural protection against the elements, fungi, and bacteria” (22). Natural, moist air supports the skin with its job of waste removal (22). Surely a sojourn to the beach can’t be blamed in place of our harmful daily practices and lack of healthy activities when, years later, dis-ease manifests. Moritz reminds us that the Greeks exercised nude in the sun. He suggests it could help with reproductive health since that is a growing problem (35). He’s not being funny. How many infertile couples have allowed the sun to touch their nude bodies as surely happened long ago on a regular basis?

Our modern concept of a germicide is something found in a bottle that we pay a high price to get our hands on. Free of charge, ultraviolet waves are germicidal (1). Moritz claims, in fact, that sunlight purifies ocean water down to twelve feet and that “the longer the UV wave length, the deeper it penetrates the skin” (27). The sun isn’t only a germicide, it’s a power plant, potential energy for us. The huge range of the sun’s electromagnetic waves is from nanometers to kilometers (3). Each wave has a certain outcome in the atmosphere and on our planet (4). Moritz writes, “The sun is, in fact, the only true source of energy on planet earth” (1). He believes that the most adequate food sources for humans are those from the bottom of the food chain, vegetation. Of the foods we ingest, the lowest forms are “manufactured directly by sunlight” and have “the most sun energy” available to benefit us (2).

A big craze right now is to take a vitamin D pill or to eat processed foods with vitamin D added. If eating healthy is your goal, choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables over eating foods with huge ingredient labels. As far as vitamin D goes, if it is at all possible, allow the sun to help you. Take off the glasses and sunscreen for a sensible amount of time, and allow your body to work through its innate wisdom to maintain your health. Moritz claims that a healthy body can store enough vitamin D to last for up to six weeks (42-3). The trick, of course, is having a healthy body.
Some of us have heard that the darker our skin is, the safer we are from sunlight. Perhaps what we haven’t heard is, as Moritz says, “darker skinned people require more sunlight to synthesize vitamin D” (32). For therapeutic levels of vitamin D from sunlight to guard against breast cancer, for instance, darker-skinned individuals would need to spend twenty-five minutes a day, three times a week, in the sunlight. Lighter skinned individuals would only require ten to fifteen minutes in the sunlight three times a week (32-3). Moritz cautions people against taking vitamin D. Instead, he advises people to synthesize it themselves through natural sunlight (34).

What of the unsafe light passing through the hole in the ozone layer? Moritz claims that the hole in the ozone layer has not significantly been responsible for skin cancers in humans. He says, “A study of Punta Arenas, the largest South American city close to the Antarctica ozone hole,
showed no increase in health problems related to depleted ozone. In fact, UV measures were too small to have any noticeable effect” (10). He goes on to write that in spite of declining UV radiation from 1974 to 1985, skin cancer diagnoses due to sun exposure w ere increasing (10). This is saying that the theory about the hole in the ozone layer may not be the true cause of the cancers that are being attributed to it. Melanomas, which make up roughly 5% of skin cancers, occur on parts of the body hidden from the sun! Why are cancers that are attributed to sun exposure occurring on hidden parts of the body? It may go back to a toxic internal environment being bombarded with poisonous soaps and creams on the exterior. Keep in mind, statistical findings related to the diagnosis of people thirty years ago are likely to have changed. Today, further criteria are included when diagnosing certain cancers, like melanoma, that wasn’t regarded in the past (15).

For the sun to be your friend, not your foe, simply exercise, know what you are putting into and onto your body, and expose yourself sensibly to sunlight. Stop eating “refined, processed fats and oils” and stick with fresh, organic, foods (42-3). And research, research, research! Don’t trust that just because a product is sold legally that it will benefit your health.

For more information please read, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation by Andreas
Moritz, The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley, More Natural “Cures” Revealed by Kevin Trudeau and visit for reef safe, earth friendly, organic sunscreen. Also investigate Miracle II Soap and “green” Amway products.

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Esoteric Acupuncture Revisited

According to Mikio Sankey, acupuncturists might have better results with their clients if they looked for the qi emanating from the person’s true acupoint rather than merely looking at a book’s generic definition of where the point should be located on everyone’s body.

How may an acupuncturist see, feel, or simply know where the center of a specific acupoint is appearing on any given client on any given day? When a practitioner follows the same guidelines they present to their clients for living well, the acupuncturists will refine their own Qi (energy) and thus work toward intuiting the location of points. The guidelines given and followed are to receive acupuncture in conjunction with eating foods and beverages that promote life. This means avoiding the chemicals frequently found in beverages, food and drugs. According to Sankey, even a sip of alcohol sends its energy from the practitioner through the needle to the client. Under normal circumstances this may not present a problem. If the client is a recovering alcoholic, however, the practitioner needs to be aware of the state of his or her own Qi and what he or she is bringing energetically to the treatment room. Meditating and/or doing Inner Plane work as well as performing Esoteric Acupuncture on clients will contribute to increasing the practitioner’s awareness, intuition, and ability to see or feel subtle qi.

Here is a surprising fact. The client’s Intention for the outcome they wish to receive from the treatment can actually effect where acupoints will show up at that time on his or her body. Of course a hand point will always be in a similar area on the body. It would not suddenly be accessed on the foot. However, astute acupuncturists will notice that from person to person particular acupoints are not consistently found in exactly the same spot, nor even on one person from treatment to treatment. Even with these adjustments, the acupoints will always be in the proximity of the book’s definition; however, several factors influence whether a treatment has offered all that was expected. Did the client and practitioner have the same Intent, or any Intent at all? Is the practitioner able to sense the point’s location? Some people prefer a practitioner who is aware that they are in process and working toward the same wellness and high awareness goals as their clients. Other clients hold any doctor in high regard simply for holding a license and the clients are unconcerned with the practitioner’s state of health and state of mind. A client’s decision s about their practitioner’s standards will also contribute to the treatment.

The Chakras, spinning energy vortices, are located in a person’s Astral/Emotional Body, which is outside the Defensive/Protective Qi area of their physical body. Incarnating humans consist of five bodies: the dense physical body and the four subtle/finer frequency bodies, which Sankey says are “actually distinct vibrational fields extending outward from the dense physical body.” Each body is named for the plane on which it resides. The physical body resides in the physical plane, for example, yet each body is contained within all the bodies that precede them. The subtle bodies from most dense to most fine are the Etheric, the one that houses the acupuncture meridians; the Astral, the one with which traveling and work may be accomplished away from the physical level while still incarnating; the Mental/Casual, the Mental acts as a filter for incoming information and the Casual is a higher level of the Mental body; and the Spiritual, which is actually separated into the Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Energies come from the Mental plane through the Chakras in the Astral body to the physical body. Imbalanced Chakras may pull in greater energies from our other subtle bodies and planes of existence. Due to being laden with charged emotional energy, the frequency now working within the Chakras may be lower, and the spinning may go in the opposite direction for health. (Clockwise is a healthy rotation for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Counter-clockwise is healthy for those in the Southern Hemisphere). Chakras must be clear, open, and activated prior to working consciously with kundalini energy.

Sankey writes, “Kundalini refers to an electromagnetic energy field of consciousness” that is stored at the base of the spine. It slowly rises up the etheric spine over the course of someone’s life, unless he or she, along with their Inner Plane work and meditation, is working with it purposely. In Sanskrit, kundal does mean coil; however, kunda can mean pit, as in the cranium. Sankey points out that “the dissection of the human brain reveals that it resembles a snake coiled upon itself.” Westerners can think it all hog wash, but it is a good idea to research and understand the effect of kundilini, diet, and the power of unexpressed emotions because in ignorance one risks the rising energy getting stuck, usually around the third and fourth Chakras in middle age. It is common to know someone who died of a heart attack around forty years of age.

When people are out of balance, they might like to find their center, which actually rises with their changes toward health and along with increased understanding of their subtle bodies. Esoteric Acupuncture can assist a person with this endeavor through Sacred Geometry, among other disciplines. Humans are not flat. When Sacred Geometry is Intended through using Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, energy folds, flops, and twists, affecting a person much like a combination lock that first turns to the right, and then to the left. With each “click,” a person’s consciousness is closer to “opening.” Building the Antahkarana, Rainbow Bridge, is assisted with this work. Building the Antahkarana is building the center. The concept of the six surrounding the one is made manifest with needles, or oils and crystals, for the non-acupuncture treatment. Bridges, or connections, between the sixth and seventh Chakras, that some meditators have long been aiming to establish, may occur now. Knowledge may come to those receiving regular Esoteric Acupuncture treatments without reading or hearing the information. For others, simply being able to understand a once hard book may be the noticeable outcome. Full Sensory abilities may first show up with peripheral clairvoyance, seeing into other dimensions out of the corner of the eye. Other benefits may include calmer, more balanced relationships and accompanying improved physical health.

When a client visualizes the acupoints connecting to each other, picturing golden light making triangular shapes, and consciously moves energy in figure eights, the client becomes a living Yantra. A Yantra in Sanskrit is a tool that can be used during meditation in order to express otherworldly ideas, something that can perceive and receive. Yantras sometimes look like beautiful designs in the shape of a circle. Another example of a perceiver/receiver is the human body. Esoteric Acupuncture is a tool for assisting with an awakening through the Yantra of the human body. Esoteric Acupuncture is a tool making a spiritual “download” possible.

Esoteric Acupuncture can guide a person on a journey to understanding finally that the ancient Hindu belief that we are all connected to everything is true. When someone makes the decision to refine their Qi (energy), it is as if a veil has been removed and the whole world opens up for them. With the New Encoding patterns, needles are placed in and are also later removed from acupoints in an exact order. This sequence acts very much like a combination lock. The client does more than simply relax on a massage table with the needles in place, they experience what NASA refers to as “spin field.” Esoteric Acupuncture can assist a person with their Intent to build minor energetic bridges within their head centers in order to eventually sustain a bigger bridge, the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge. Energy will not go to the Crown Chakra, it will jump if something, like the Rainbow Bridge, is not set up in advance. Needling one point and having it travel to another not within its meridian system is possible with Esoteric Acupuncture.

Esoteric Acupuncture works on multiple levels: physical, etheric, astral, mental/casual, and spiritual in order to support a client in preventing illness, maintaining health, and experiencing wellness on previously unknown levels. For more information, please read Esoteric Acupuncture: Gateway to Expanded Healing and truly participate with your acupuncturist in designing Esoteric Acupuncture treatments suited for you personally.


Harmful for Kids?

Are any of you adults who have not been a part of a local school district for twenty-odd years aware what goes on at the end of the year? Thanks to multimedia being what it is, movies, which were once a treat, are now common place. Perhaps you think that is no big deal. Well, have you considered this? In middle school and high school, if one teacher starts a movie, and every successive teacher starts a movie, your child could be being exposed to six completely different movies in a day. Have you ever wondered if it is harmful to have a child's brain pulled in and out of different plots with the chime of a bell? Could it be causing a split in their young psychies?

I traveled with a group of students, doing just this, being pulled in and out of different movies. Some teachers did not even start the movie fresh for the next group. They just kept it runnning. Since, at my home, we are not into television shows and movies of today to any great extreme, I found it annoying to walk into a room, in the middle of a movie that was unfamiliar to me. Then, with the bell, we were exposed to another movie in another room.

If any one out there is searching for a topic to test, how about this? Does being exposed to pieces of different movies within a six hour span, perhaps over multiple days, adversely affect school children?

Games, socializing, or even continuing to teach in order to prepare children for the next school year could be healthy alternatives to movies.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Healing and Clearing Codes: Psychic Protection

Psychic protection can come to you in many forms. Your mind is by far the most readily available type of protection you can have. However, sometimes it is nice to have a physical tool to help you when you come face to face with the unseen. The Temple of Light Codes, the Goddess Code, the Crystal Imprint Clearing Code, the Spiritual Clearing Codes, the Manifestation Grid, and the Meridian Code are sacred geometry cards that are part of the Sacred Geometry Code Series visualized and made with the Spiritual Forces of Light’s aid. The energy and sound frequencies from the card(s) chosen seem to work by overlapping with a person’s aura, or emanating out into a specified area in the cases of land healings. The specific goal to balance and protect embedded within each card cannot be destroyed, altered, or interfered with while at the same time assisting a person to vibrate to their own distinct vibration.

The Temple of Light Codes are four individual, bright, mostly yellow cards that are intended to be set up in four corners of a designated area, offering protection from unseen forces. They can be buried outdoors in the front and back yards, establishing a huge rectangle that encompasses the house and garage for long-term use or they may simply be placed above ground in the four extreme corners of your home for long-term use as well. They may also be set up briefly for a day’s seminar in a conference room or overnight in a hotel room by placing them in the four corners of a designated room. You may place a crystal and a fluorite tetrahedron stone in the center of each card if drawn to do so.

The Goddess Code has multiple purposes. It most especially may be used to clear negative vibrations off jewelry and other objects, doorways and rooms in general, the exterior and interior of vehicles, and people and their energy fields. An affirmation written in pencil on a small piece of paper, folded, and placed on this Code under the pillow of the writer may help to clear energies interfering with a goal. A child prone to nightmares, or who is convinced that noxious energies are in the bedroom, may use this Code to help dispel the energetic darkness.

The Crystal Imprint Clearing Code clears crystallized negative thought-forms. The Vincents say, “This Code is designed to break up and purify trillions of these crystallized thought-forms throughout the matrix and hologram of time that are not in perfection with wholeness, oneness, and unity.” Next, “new programs are installed to broadcast frequencies of the Divine Blueprint to the Soul. Then frequencies for the manifestation of the perfected etheric template into the physical are broadcast.” Also, blocks are cleared and a connection to the conscious mind is established. This Code may be placed on the Heart Chakra area and turned a quarter turn at ten to fifteen minute intervals until it is in its starting position again.

The Spiritual Clearing Code set comes in a notebook encompassing the five individual cards, one Earth Chakra Code, a Manifestation Grid, and the Intent Code to be used in certain cases with the Manifestation Grid, along with written information. The five Codes may be used individually or together in personal treatments, on others, or for quick land clearings. They are a ‘must have’ for practitioners who treat holes in auras, foreign energies attached to auras, etc. Those with clairvoyant vision may see geometrical designs dancing in and out of a client’s body, seemingly convincing an aura to vibrate in synchronicity with the Code(s) chosen. Also, used with the Manifestation Grid and the Earth Chakra, an intended geographic space may be cleared over a longer period of time.

The Manifestation Grid set includes the Manifestation Grid and the Intent Code. The Vincents say, “The Intent Code and Manifestation Grid align you with the appropriate forces of Light for the manifestation of your goal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned. These codes set up a field of protection to keep limiting forces from interfering with your intentions.” This Grid and the smaller Intent Code may be used together with crystals or BioGenesis’ Amplifiers placed on each point of the picture of the star. The Grid set up alone with six amethyst crystals, will transmute the energies in a healing room. The intention of a workshop or a room intended to be continuously cleared, may be written in pencil and placed in the center of the Grid.

Of the Meridian Code, the Vincents say, “This Code provides sound frequencies and geometry for opening meridians and aligning the subtle energy bodies for easier integration of Code programs.” People who are sensitive to fine energies are usually aware of the body’s energy opening up and flowing freer. Acupuncture clients working on chronic stagnation may enjoy this Code’s help as will energy-practitioners who do not use needles.

Unseen forces play with humans on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. You can never be over prepared.

For more information, please visit "My Store" and John Butler at

Five-Needles: Acupuncture with Immediate Results

According to Dr. Zhi Liang Huo, fixing physical problems with acupuncture is easy. This acupuncturist/researcher teaches twenty-five subjects to professional acupuncturists. One subject is centered on clearing clients of their toxins. It was at this seminar that I met Dr Huo and learned his technique. Dr. Huo uses a form of scalp and auricular acupoints that he developed thirty years ago. He says, “Five-Needles can treat everything!”

Unlike Esoteric Acupuncture, with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in general and Five-Needles, a thorough diagnosis is fundamental to deciding the treatment plan. For example, three to five various acupoints will be chosen from above the neck, and acupoints on the arms or legs may need to be needled as well. At any rate, no more than ten needles are used per treatment. Dr. Huo is able to perform over fifty fast acupuncture treatments in a day with Five-Needles, sometimes seeing the same client twice. Some clients have one treatment a day for fourteen days straight, due to the distance traveled in order to see him.

With Esoteric Acupuncture, a front pattern may be needled with a separate back treatment to immediately follow. With Five-Needles, one group of acupoints may be needled in the morning and one in the evening, each as a separate treatment. Dr. Huo has found this protocol extremely successful. He documents before and after treatments on video, with the permission of his clients, because he is setting out to prove the power of acupuncture for those unfortunate people who believe it only eases pain.

Dr. Huo says that allopathic doctors have frustrated countless people with either no diagnosis or a diagnosis with no treatment option, and sometimes, a death sentence. As a last resort, the frustrated people show up on his doorstep. His clients have also experienced taking prescription drugs for years with no positive change in symptoms, occasionally worse off than before the doctor prescribed the drugs. “If your drugs do not fix the problem within two months, then they are not working,” says Dr. Huo, adding that, “three days for antibiotics” is the average length of time it should take for patients to experience improved health.

Positive changes in the feel of the client’s pulse for the practitioner, in the physical appearance of the client, and in how the client feels should accompany all treatment modalities because they are signs of improvement. Dr. Huo takes care of the imbalances that led to the client’s prescribed drug use in the first place, and he encourages his clients to work with their MDs to reduce the number and or dosage of drugs they are taking. Together with reducing a client’s toxicity, improvement in their health is imminent.

Dr. Huo usually starts his clients on a week-long liver and colon Chinese herbal cleanse while also treating them in the office with acupuncture. His Five-Needles technique is also called, “Qi Gong Needling” because of the way the practitioner uses his or her Qi (energy) and Intent to guide the insertion and rotation of the needles. Also, roughly every five minutes of the half hour treatment, the practitioner returns to work the needles, offering more Qi. As with acupuncture anesthesia, working the needle is the way to get Five-Needles to work since it is more for the Etheric and Physical Bodies. In contrast, Esoteric Acupuncture is acupuncture for all the Esoteric, non-physical bodies as well as the Physical Body. Also, with Esoteric Acupuncture, the needles are not manipulated in order to get great results. With Five-Needles, the manipulation of the acupuncture needles is key for great results.

As with TCM in general, Dr. Huo treats the person not the disease, and he has also developed concentrated powdered herbs for specific ailments. Unlike allopathic medicines, even the concentrated powders treat the person by taking “mucous” or “blood deficiency” into consideration rather than simply “cancer”. He has an herbal ointment ready to apply to those in need of it. He has set fractures and used the ointment, with quick results. Breast lumps have disappeared with Five-Needles in conjunction with the use of the ointment and his cleansing formula, making surgery a very distant back-up plan for his grateful clients.

For more information, please visit

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Vitamin K Shot for Newborns

According to Doris Haire’s idea that epidurals and spinal anesthesia given to a laboring mother-to-be causes hemorrhage in the newborn, the vitamin K shot is not what is needed for the newborn: a drugless birth is. Prevention is not always giving something in order to possibly stop something bad from happening. It is analyzing why something bad may occur in the first place and not allowing it to happen. Is the vitamin K shot prevention, or permission to interfere medically, possibly negligently?

Because of the education and training acquired, perhaps weekly Bradley Method classes for expectant parents would help assure a drugless birthing process. At the very least, an expectant mother could ask to read the packages or paper work that come with a drug like bupivicaine long before labor to ascertain if she really wants to subject her fetus to the possible side effects. After all, reading the insert of the actual product a doctor may administer is truly informed consent. The Bradley Method supports active participation in the birthing process for home or hospital births and can help the father-to-be feel competent and supportive.

In considering birthing at home, for example, the expectant mother takes into consideration that her body is familiar with the germs within her own home. Precautions involving sterilization and cleanliness are put into place. When an expectant mother gives birth in her home environment, there is definitely a reduced need for antibiotics compared with that of a hospital, when the circulating air and the laundry (her hospital bed sheets being washed with all manner of germy bed sheets) are taken into consideration. Babies reportedly make two clotting factors close to their due date, right before birth. In an unborn child, the liver’s ability to produce blood clotting factors would be inhibited by the delivering mother’s antibiotic use, so the safer she is, the less need for antibiotics.

Antibiotic use by the mother also lowers her “bugs,” which some researches feel is unfortunate for the fetus in two ways. Being exposed to the mother’s bacteria-laden feces at birth may help the baby’s intestinal flora to make vitamin K. Also, the mom’s antibiotic use will lower the baby’s intestinal flora via the antibiotic crossing the placenta. The less need for antibiotics, the less need for the newborn to receive the vitamin K shot.

How is a newborn’s inability to clot blood related to the routine use of the vitamin K shot at birth? What is in the vitamin K shot, and how can humans get it naturally? Why would parents want to opt out of their newborn having the shot?
How is a newborn’s inability to clot blood related to the routine use of the vitamin K shot at birth? What is in the vitamin K shot, and how can humans get it naturally? Why would parents want to opt out of their newborn having the shot?

A newborn’s inability to clot blood the same as an older infant is related to the routine use of the vitamin K shot at birth because it is believed that the shot helps the baby to stop bleeding if bleeding should occur. Whether bleeding occurs or not, doctors think it of no consequence to have administered this anti-hemorrhage vitamin, believing it is better to be safe than sorry. In the U.S., the injection is delivered intramuscularly into the thigh. In Europe, three oral doses are administered.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that the need for the shot is seen in vitamin K deficient two to twelve week-old babies. The deficiency occurred “primarily in exclusively breastfed infants who have received no or inadequate neonatal vitamin K prophylaxis.” Among mothers who have breast fed their infants, it would be hard to find any who breast fed exclusively for a lengthy time, at least in America. And when I asked several mothers if their infant had received the vitamin K shot, none said that they declined the shot, and most did not have a clue that it had been given to their baby. My baby was exclusively breastfed for six months (breastfed for nineteen months in all) and did not have the shot, and was not included in any study. The criteria for this research, a baby being exclusively breast fed for a lengthy time and having received no vitamin K, seems hard to come by, requiring a second a look at AAP study. Where did the AAP test this? How many two to twelve week old babies were included in the above research? If these were babies out of the reach of U.S. medical care, perhaps malnutrition or cleanliness were issues as well.

As far as data collection goes, babies within the first three months of life who do not receive the shot should statistically be included in hemorrhage or no hemorrhage categories. Next, babies who do receive the vitamin K shot at birth should be included in hemorrhage or no hemorrhage categories. Including the statistic of the mother’s drug use, or lack of drug use, would only add to the researchers’ and consumers’ understanding of this shot’s needfulness, effectiveness, and usefulness. As it is, only 0.25 to 1.7 percent of babies are recorded as having a hemorrhagic problem. Unfortunately, the research does not indicate if these hemorrhagic babies received a shot or did not receive a shot, and we don’t know if their mothers were on epileptic medicines, antibiotics, or administered drugs during the birth or not. In my own case, my daughter did not have the shot or any vitamin K procedure at or after her birth; she had a drugless birth, and she did not bleed. I repeat: no one has gathered information on this birth in any statistic. Even though past research does not confirm a genuine need for administering the vitamin K shot, this shot is routinely given at hospital, birth center, and home births.

Perhaps, overall, the births that take place in hospitals are more violent, since labor often has to be started again once the mother-to-be arrives, and the environment is very controlled, with the mother being hooked up to machines and gadgets. As a result, forceps, suction, and C-section procedures may be of higher frequency in hospital settings, and these procedures may lead to internal bleeding in the newborn. Those considering allowing their newborn to have this shot might research statistics on medical intervention procedures that can lead to bleeding in hospitals compared to the statistics of the use of these procedures in birthing center births and home births.

What is in the vitamin K shot and how can humans get vitamin K naturally? Vitamin K is a group of compounds including the plant form, phytonadione, which is found in food sources such as alfalfa, broccoli, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, and seaweeds; menaquinone is made in the human intestine with the help of bacteria; and the synthetic form, menadiol, is in the shot. Some sources boast that vitamin K does not cross placental barriers and therefore the fetus does not benefit from the mother’s ingestion of vitamin K. Other sources claim it does. Some sources say that the mother’s bacteria within her feces can help colonize the bacteria in the newborn during birth.

I personally started ingesting Chlorella two months prior to my daughter’s due date with the intention of giving her every chance to be able to handle minor bleeding should it occur. Food products with chlorophyll, such as Chlorella and Barley Essence, are helpful for our blood. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara wrote long ago that chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color, and human blood are chemically identical, except that chlorophyll has magnesium in the center of the molecule, while human blood has iron in the center. Of course, if the midwives had judged at any point in the birthing process that the shot had been necessary, they had my permission to administer it.

Why would parents want to opt out of having their newborn receive the shot? There are separate consequences, as some apply to the procedure and some to the baby. There are several negative consequences associated with the shot: the ingredients themselves may cause problems to the newborn and the needle stick area may be exposed to germs as the shot is administered. As a result of receiving the shot, if an unnecessary procedure, the baby may experience over-toxicity of vitamin K and inappropriate cell division, and may develop psychological problems.

Like with any vitamin, mineral, or drug, use of the synthetic form may result in toxicity due to using too much, compared to naturally forming the vitamin from within or ingesting it in a natural form as found in vegetables. Too much vitamin K may lead to toxicity symptoms, such as chest constriction and abnormal clotting that may not be immediately noticed. For further warnings, the label of the shot should be consulted. The AquaMEPHYTON insert says, “Vitamin K should be injected into a muscle or vein only when it cannot be given by injection under the skin or taken by mouth.” Why? Because it may lead to death in some infants. (Ask your doctor or midwife where and how they plan to administer the shot). Other side effects in general may be “an allergic reaction, rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing.” How is a newborn to express that he or she is feeling dizzy? The vitamin K shot has levels reportedly 20,000 times beyond the newborn’s own levels. So what, if anything, could this mean for a little body suddenly introduced to such high levels of a synthetic form of vitamin K, plus preservatives? One milligram used to be administered to low birth weight babies, like premature babies, since that was the accepted dose for an infant. Now it has been decided that sound protocol is to administer .5-1.0 mg. Many feel this shot was put into use without adequate research.

In addition to risks connected to over-toxicity, because vitamin K regulates cell division, there is a concern that too much in the newborn could lead to out of control cell division, leading to cancer.

Then there is the concern about the preservatives included in the injection. How many parents have allowed this shot without reading the insert to see what preservatives and other ingredients are inside the needle with the vitamin k? Before standing back and allowing this shot to be administered to their child, parents should be aware that benzyl alcohol has been used as a preservative. According to Wikipedia, in the 1980’s the death of sixteen newborns occurred from benzyl alcohol within saline flush solutions because the newborns were unable to metabolize and change the benzyl alcohol to a safe form within their systems. Their deaths led to the recommendation that this preservative not be used in products administered to newborns and that it only be approved in a five percent solution in a lice removal mixture recommended for infants older than six months. That means the lice removal mixture is not recommended for babies less than six months. Is benzyl alcohol in your child’s shot, and is it approved for babies under six months? At any rate, research the ingredients thoroughly to be certain it passes your scrutiny. There is also the question of the microscopic wound made at the needle site on the newborn’s body. A newborn has a weak, immature immune system. Especially if the baby has just been born in a hospital, vicious germs may enter at the injection site. Only if the wound was not there could anyone be certain that germs could not enter. Pain, swelling, and tenderness may result at the injection site and the baby’s awareness of these three symptoms cannot be verbalized.

Most articles that discuss the vitamin K controversy don’t touch on this aspect of the discussion: the needle stick to the baby can lead to possible psychological effects. Imagine it from the baby’s point of view. The baby comes suddenly and violently from a dark, warm, watery environment to a lighted, colder air environment (presuming this is not a water birth) and is absolutely overloaded with stimulation of a variety of types. To top it all off, it is stuck with a needle. What a fine “How do you do!” According to psychologist Dr. David B. Chamberlain, “We must alert the medical community to the psychological hazards of early pain and call for the removal of all man-made pain surrounding birth.” Wow, wouldn’t that be nice for the baby! He goes on to say, “Acute pain caused by skin-breaking procedures can lead to physiologic-instability and behavioral distress, and it has downstream effects on subsequent pain processing, development and stress responsitivity.” It certainly is a shame that modern births are surrounded with sensory overload for the baby. The rooms frequently have strong lights, the first human contact is often through gloved hands, and instruments greet the newborn by poking and jabbing at them. Some researchers believe that the younger the baby is when it is subjected to pain and trauma, the more damaging and longer lasting are the effects.

Some parents and researches feel that the routine administration of vitamin K is an unnecessary procedure. Perhaps parents who are cognizant believe risk factors need to be present in order to administer any drug, vaccine, or synthetic vitamin. Some parents have a mantra that if something is not indicated, then it is not for their child. When you step back and observe how many things will happen to your child simply out of routine, you need to become an expert on each matter and decide for yourselves if all these things are really necessary. For instance, nitrite to the newborn’s eyes, the Hepatitis B shot, and the vitamin K shot are all routinely administered, regardless of whether or not the mother has gonorrhea or Hepatitis B or the baby itself is at risk of bleeding. Some parents feel, for example, that if they do not plan to have a sexually active newborn and if they do not plan to have a drug user newborn, then perhaps the action of routinely giving the Hepatitis B shot to their newborn is not indicated. The vitamin K shot is in the same category of need versus routine.

Some parents opt out of the shot because of a possible cancer correlation. Other researchers state that there is absolutely no proven link between the shot and cancer. Some researchers have postulated that the increase of leukemia in children since the 1970’s could be related to having switched to the shot form of vitamin K in newborns. The only way to be certain would be to have only one intrusion, the vitamin K shot, occur at birth with a certain number of babies compared to no intrusions with the same number of babies, full term. Unfortunately, to know for certain if cancer in a child is due to the vitamin K, the preservative in the shot, or the trillion other factors involved with the child’s upbringing and health care would, in my opinion, be practically impossible. Again, some parents feel why risk their child’s health if the shot is not indicated? The injection supposedly started being administered in the 1970’s, but vitamin K was administered to newborns in some fashion as far back as 1961. So many factors are different with 1970’s kids compared to 2000’s kids that it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint the culprit of the increase in leukemia, but it certainly does not exclude the possibility of the involvement of the shot. I was a 1970’s kid. I did not have my food prepared in a microwave, eat genetically modified foods, or have thirty-plus vaccinations within a short period of time. Many in my generation, in fact, did not watch television to the extent modern kids do, nor did we get our music digitally, have routine exposure to adult levels of content through the media, spend so much time in doors under florescent lighting, and attend classes with crowded conditions and misbehaving classmates. I grew up with a mom who packed my lunch and sent me off to school. I ate breakfast and dinner at a table with my family where we talked. My mother didn’t serve hot dogs or cold cuts. Gosh, there are more factors that are not even coming to mind.

Perhaps parents would like to opt out of the shot, but have the oral kind administered. An oral vitamin K option for parents exists. It is supposedly administered over time, not all at once, so it is something you can inquire about with your obstetrician or midwife. I have also heard that it is not approved in the U.S. and that only injections are to be used in hospitals and birth centers. I have researched many topics over the years, spending fifteen years on vaccines alone before I became pregnant. I have found conflicting information about the need for vitamin K and inconsistent research in the results of having administered it. From the necessity of the shot, to if vitamin K can cross the placenta, to if the one in the shot is fat or water soluble, all need to be carefully considered. If I had the opportunity to decide all over, I would not change my opinion: medical intervention needs to be on a case-by-case basis. Is the procedure indicated for the baby in front of the doctor right now? For parents-to-be, this is only one aspect of your adventure. Good luck!

For expanded information, please read Immunobiology of Human Milk by Lars Hanson and Midwifery Today online. Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin is also a great source about empowered birth.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Support Freedom

If you can support freedom in any way, do it! If there is any way you can cling to your right to not purchase healthcare insurance, do it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vivaxis Exercise #2: One of Many HealthCare Solutions

My mother and I have now completed the second exercise, the neutralizing process, from the book The Vivaxis Connection. Immediately after expelling foreign fields, which in this case means a connection with a Vivaxis that is not my own, my face felt alive and energy danced above my head. My mother felt energized, centered, and grounded. Her eyes were sparkling much as mine were after the colonic I had had.

Judy Jacka, in The Vivaxis Connection, says “The rational for the neutralizing exercise is to bring in and saturate our energy field with our own energies, and to do this so strongly that all foreign energies are removed.” Esoteric acupuncture, the Vincent Codes, colonics and cleansing in general, and countless other modalities for supporting qi (energy/power within) are at our finger tips. It is a wonder to me that people take drugs of any kind. In this age of knowledge, so many techniques for health are offered. Most could even be performed in a person’s own home.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colon Hydro Therapy Experience #1

I recently completed fourteen months of cleansing: three Support the Mountain colon/parasite cleanses, ten Andres Moritz Liver Cleanses, and two Present Moment Kidney Cleanses. Today, I cashed in a recent Christmas gift certificate and experienced my first colonic.

Kristina at La Paz Spa was very helpful, gentle, competent, and accepting. I was reminded of the modern birthing table when I first glanced at the table-toilet contraption that I was to rest on for the next forty-five minutes. Unlike the birthing table, the design of this table is remarkable and appropriate. It was remarkable because I could lie back supported and the water and waste got taken away without any mess.

I found it hard to relax, and it was hard to wrap my brain around defecating in the supine position with a tube in my rectum. The, as they say, “Stuff Harming your Intestinal Tract” comes out, and the water goes in simultaneously. It’s amazing. The best thing was, I controlled the speed of the flushing water with the turn of a knob, so I could slow the pace of the removed waste to get a practitioner’s look at it through the glass tube to my left. I’m sure most people aren’t that interested. I was even certain I saw an old, trapped gall stone!

I couldn’t relax and feel groovy during the colon irrigation, however, afterwards, my eyes were shining brightly, as if I’d had an acupuncture treatment or a really cool meditation. Naturally, I recommend this experience for everyone.

For more information, please visit or a colon detox center near you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Coercion Reform

"How often the attendants of a case have stated that they knew perfectly well that the patient could not get well in such air, in such a room, or under such circumstances, yet have gone on dosing him with medicine, and making no effort to remove the poison from him, or him from the poison which they knew was killing him"
Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing, p. 126

According to the news, this Health Care Reform mandate only needs Obama’s signature, and then you, I, and every person residing in America will be required to carry medical insurance. Use a search engine and search “Health Care Reform.” Guess what was already being advertised on the same page as the results. The hungry, salivating dogs anxiously waiting to get you- their fresh meat- served up to order thanks to Obama’s persuasive tongue. Yes, the ads for insurance have already started, because after his John Hancock touches the page, you will be fined if you do not have it.

The law seems not to consider that some people might not wish to have health insurance because of their spiritual beliefs. Many people are likely to find that they will be unable to pay their rent and provide food for their family as they meet the requirement to fork over their hard-earned cash to an insurance company. The federal government has decided to define freedom by passing another law that forces you to pay money to profit a business. How can the freedom myth be continued if Congress keeps passing measures that deny you of your freedom?

Do you know that Congress has already passed a bill that was signed into law that forces you to commit torture on your children if the minors have been diagnosed with cancer? The torture is in the form of The Big Profitable Three: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. If you’re a person who would freely choose these modalities for yourself or for your children, then that’s a different subject entirely. I’m speaking about a parents’ right to choose a toxic-free solution, which currently does not exist because a toxic-free solution is against the law. I refer to The Big Profitable Three as torture, because I remember a friend burning inside with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a practitioner, I know how dangerous it can be to pour toxins into an already toxic body, yet alone ask the body to release toxins AND to simultaneously deal with the new harmful ones. For this reason, people who are committed to being drug-free while they detox for the duration of their treatment, no matter what the diagnosis, are better off.

The Big Profitable Three law isn’t in place for your children only. No-one is supposed to be treated for cancer in any other way than The Big Profitable Three if they reside in America. California made it a state law too, just for good measure. Doesn’t this make you mad? Is it okay with you that big government can bully you all the way to the doctor’s office and away from other health care practitioners? Now on top of that, Congress can bully you to buy health care insurance and thereby force your medical records to be the property of the insurance companies.

In front of me I have a “Notice of Privacy Practices” from a top insurance company. It egotistically states, “We have the right to use and disclose health information for your treatment, to pay for your health care and to operate our business.” It goes on to say that they may disclose health information for payment purposes like “we may tell a doctor whether you are eligible for coverage and what percentage of the bill may be covered.” They feel they have a right to disclose information about you for research purposes and to their business associates, which is soon to be the government since they are helping insurance companies get business, and are therefore associating themselves with insurance companies. Strangers in a business I don’t respect pouring over my private business makes me feel as violated as those new airport X-ray machines do. When will it end?

The other problem with being forced to hold health care insurance is that insurance companies are in the habit of saying no. Have you noticed that? So, now by law, you have to pay to hear no, or be fined. Many years ago before I became pregnant, I called my insurance company with a lot of questions regarding home water birth, visits to the midwife, etc. The representative informed me that all those things I wanted were absolutely not covered under my insurance policy, which was a PPO, by the way. I was left with two tough choices: pay out-of-pocket with funds I didn’t have, or sacrifice the birth I wanted for myself and for my baby and go to a hospital where the birth would become a medically managed event. But, hey, it would be covered. I chose the former. Years later, I discovered I had been misinformed by the insurance company. I started a battle with them, trying to get reimbursed for the home water birth I had. The insurance representative said that it had been over a year, so I couldn’t file a grievance. No again. I said it hadn’t been a year since I found out they had lied to me, and I filed my grievance, and eventually won. The out-of-pocket cost of my daughter’s birth was reimbursed to me. If all my money and trust had been placed in my insurance company, I would have allowed them to take away my dream of a loving birth. These are the crooks that the government wants it to be illegal for you to avoid. Am I the only one who finds this aspect a psychopathic law?

Congress also is asking you to pay for insurance when the company may not reimburse you for the kind of treatment you wish to seek. Try getting reimbursed for a tuning fork treatment, even if you never touch another cigarette after just one treatment. I can think of many alternative health care procedures that are not reimbursed by insurance. If these modalities are all you seek, it is unfair to have to pay for insurance that will be of no use to you.

Perhaps the government is trying to steer you away from the techniques that balance because sick people are better for the economy. I urge everyone to research what the new Health Care Reform really means for them and their loved ones.