Wednesday, March 29, 2023

A Discussion on that Cookie that Half Terra's Population Received

The nanobots are already in us thanks to geoengineering. Do a test. Think something without speaking it. You might see an ad for it or such. AI will know when you are thinking about questioning your controllers and will punish you by deducting credits. They’ll have you in a 100-floor apartment building, you won’t have enough credits to get the elevator door open. If your neighbor wants to help you, she will lose credits. Your Starbucks and McDonald’s are training you to get used to the system through rewards. The social credit system is a rewards and punishment system. 

I am not going on this system. Your actions are as votes for what you will allow or will not. It’s your choice.

Please know that all $hots since roughly 1980 have been going after your DNA.

Monday, March 27, 2023

German Measles (Rubella) Experiences


I am as most people on Terra. I believed that there was such a thing as a natural, contagious virus. But, in examining my own history, I can see I was under a spell. I was fooled.

When I was six months old, I experienced what is identified as German Measles (by how the byproduct from an imbalanced cell that struggled for balance looks.) What are known as exosomes (this byproduct), after all, are as rings on a tree trunk—they are a history of what a cell has experienced; of what we have experienced. The doctor informed my mother that, being so young, I would go through German Measles again. (It’s curious that va((ines are given to brand new babies and sixth month olds, yet a natural experience of this was not going to prevent me from experiencing it again. Hmmm.) My mother had never had German Measles and yet she did not “catch it,” though she took care of me.

When I was two and a half, I experienced it again. What internal cycle was occurring again?...What stressors were making my cells imbalanced again?…What was sloughing off gestational pathogenic heat?…What was normal compared to abnormal? I cannot say. But, there I was experiencing it once more. My mother didn’t “catch it.”

When I was five, my mother experienced German Measles. People came to our home and visited her. Why weren’t they afraid? Hmmm.

I know it’s hard to break out of the programming that is pounded into your consciousness with every movie, TV program, commercial, and billboard that you see and with every word you hear spoken.  "I caught a cold!" and "Who did you catch that from?" are heard almost daily. You are being misled into a belief system. "Did you catch that from her?" If you see someone who is ill and you stiffen up saying, “Man, don’t come near me! I can’t afford to get sick!” you have already shown yourself that you have been programmed. Likewise, "Don't come near me, you'll catch this!" is just as prevalent. Breaking out of it is not fun, but it is rewarding.

I know you cannot fathom why agents of your government would have allowed such a thing to be told to you if it’s not true, but that just shows that there’s a lot you are not aware of.

Please know that a virus is not alive, yet some va((ines are sold to us as having “live viruses.” Please start to question. If you’re able to read this, you are qualified to get excited and to seek the truth.

How about starting with the most recent lie to humanity? Write to your health departments (state and local) and ask to see their isolate. Below, I'll include the letter I wrote to many from 2020 until the end of 2021. Each time, I started with some mandate or ruling that that particular office had made, to drive home the point that they became tyrants with no proof of a natural, contagious virus. It should matter to you that they did what they did without any natural, contagious virus. It should matter to you that the Control Group is well after three years of breaking everyone of their unnecessary rules, while those who had the $hots have suffered and are repeatedly sick.

One view on the normal function of what is called a virus. (By the way, there is another reason not to eat pig. They were tweaked from humans. Just look at their genetics. They know fear upon their deaths. You ingest their fear. Humans become more violent with cannibalism.)

Dear …

The purpose of this letter is to request information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C., section 552.

Since you submitted the following:

Item #10 December 7, 2021.

“COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Los  Angeles County Contractors Recommendation as submitted by Supervisor Hahn:COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Los  Angeles County Contractors Recommendation as submitted by Supervisor Hahn: Adopt an urgency ordinance to require vaccinations for County contractor employees prior to interacting in person with County workforce members and members of the public or working on County-owned or controlled property; and require all new or amended County contracts for work described above to include standard contracting language requiring contractors to vaccinate their employees as a condition of doing business with the County, while the urgency ordinance is effective immediately, County contractors will have until January 1, 2022 to comply with the ordinance requirements.  4-VOTES,”

I am requesting that you provide proof that “covid” has been isolated and is not simply a computer -generated simulation. I ask you to please provide me with a copy of the following items:


·        produce evidence that SARS-COV2 (and all its names ie: coronavirus that is natural, contagious and harmful; covid-19 that is natural, contagious and harmful) has been isolated not using PCR—which is not a test and cannot isolate a virus—nor by a computer-generated guess, but definitive proof that a natural virus has been isolated that is a contagion.

·        produce all records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV2 virus, directly from a sample taken from an expired body, where the patient sample was not put with any other source of genetic material, for example hepatocytes, monkey kidney epithelial cells (Cercopithecus aethiops), or the like. To be clear, “isolation” means the act of separating a thing from everything else.  I am not requesting records where “isolation of SARS-COV2” refers to a culturing of a thing, or how something such as the PCR functions related to this or a sequencing of a thing.  To clarify, I am requesting all such records that are in the possession, custody or control of your office or a U. S. federal department whether downloaded to a computer or device, printed in a hard copy, or held in some fashion.

·        produce records that the isolate is contagious and harmful to humans

·     provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they do not transmit the virus.  Please include all subjects who started the study.  Please do not call only two out of two one hundred percent.  Please state your answer on subjects by their number, ie 100 who received the shot were around 100 non-receivers of the shot.  Twenty of the non-shot receivers became ill and the pathogen was isolated from them.  Also state how many and which company’s shot(s) was or were received by those who had the shot.

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they cannot “catch” the virus.  Again, an example would be 100 who received this shot were placed in a room with 100 ill patients for X amount of time.  None became ill.  The 100 ill patients had the isolate to prove they were sick with a natural, contagious virus.

·        provide evidence that proves that segregating the population who have not received this pharmaceutical from those who have stops the spread of the natural, contagious virus that has been isolated.

Please limit your search of the above items from October 2019 to December 2021.

If any part or all of the materials or information is withheld under a FOIA exemption, please provide a list of the information withheld and mark any deleted sections.  Please list the specific exemptions that form the basis for any deletion of a document or the complete withholding of a document.

I am exhausting remedies to get to the truth.  This is my first step with you, because I see segregating the population as discrimination when no natural, contagious virus and a pharmaceutical supposedly protecting humans from it cannot be brought into evidence. 

If there is a natural, contagious pathogen as a reason to support covid measures and if requiring contractors to be vaccinated has been proven helpful, then you must have the paperwork nearby.  I am requesting a hard copy.  Thank you. 

 As provided for by section 552(a)6(A)(i) of the Freedom of Information Act, please provide your reply within twenty (20) business days.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



Saturday, March 25, 2023

Gain of Fiction


No, it is not Gain of Fiction. The fiction is that there is any natural, contagious virus here on Terra. My definition of Gain of Function is the following and though it receives big funds, the core reason is far more nefarious:

These commercialized scientists take poor animals that have been kidnapped from their home environments (thanks to big funds for poachers where the officials turn a blind eye). While kept in miserable conditions, each cell slowly falls out of alignment with the Sound of Self more and more each passing agonizing moment. The commercialized scientist harvests the byproduct— which is a history of this animal’s experience—from these animals. It is what is called a natural “virus,” and though it is not contagious, it gets sold to the public as so. These crazy, mad scientists tweak this so-called virus into a weapon that they place in va((ines and the toxine of the c*vid psychological operation era. Some of these $hots succeed in destroying health of humans and possibly even in transmitting the Etheric parts of the weapon. (I see small spots standing outside my aura on the edge trying to gain access. I feel it’s an off-world or Earth Atlantean technology that is part of their Gain of Function. It is definitely part of the toxine.) The Controllers, opponent to humanity who use Big Pharma and Germ Theory as their weapon, ARE placing harmful tweaked what they call viruses into their $hots and have been for decades; being certain to give a saline solution to certain demographics. With this toxine, the Imposter ray is most likely being delivered even with the more saline solution vials, though glyphosate, which I feel is housing this ray, is delivered to humans vials of va((ines, IV vitamin C, and or course, foods and beverages, which is not as powerful as injections.

And “release” means through a $hot. They introduce their weapons directly into a body and hope that if many are ill, it can be promoted as contagious, especially with the help of the news and “strong-arming” doctors. (Of course, the opponent to humanity have physical weapons such as aluminum, barium, mercury, and such that they may place in the skies for nefarious reasons, but that is a different attack compared to direct bloodstream introduction of a lab-tweaked what they call virus.)

I'm so sorry the opponent to humanity took this man away from us.

Here is someone else’s thoughts on Gain of Function.

For another POV on Gain of Function, please listen here. But, please though that my searching out revealed long ago that the 1918 Flu "Pandemic" was another operation achieved through media and va((ines. If the lady dug up truly had "viruses" that were harvested, then they were simply a byproduct of her cells being out of whack and having sought balance. If the matter retrieved was from $hots, just like they can find now in brains of HPV "victims," then it's simply getting the early style "Gain of Function" matter to bring into a lab once again. Presently, in 2023, there are two kinds of C*vid Psy-op Era humans: one set believes we experienced a natural, contagious virus that devastated the world and the other that know it was trauma contrived by agents of the government, media, commercialized scientists, a variety of $hots and THE $hot, and Big Pharma owned doctors...and EMF/Wi-Fi/SMART meter/5G/6G and possibly more sophisticated frequency weapons. It stands to reason that there were two groups back in 1918 pretty much as our two groups, but with different forms of media and frequency control, and different levels of biowarfare within their $hots. "Mutation" when speaking of "viruses," is simply redoing what they do with that byproduct in a different way. I met Clint. I feel he is an awesome researcher. I feel he, too, has short-comings, but it is well worth it for you to become acquainted with his work.

They do their best to contrive what they want you to believe.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Minister Versus Administer

To minister is to take care of business. To minister is to preach beliefs. Is it not funny that in our fake courts, we have administrators who "administer" for us Hmm.

“The prefix ad- is used to express direction towards or in addition to. It is derived from the PIE root *ad-, meaning "to, near, at". It can be simplified to a- before sc-, sp- and/or st-; modified to ac- before many consonants and then re-spelled af-, ag-, al-, etc., in conformity with the following consonant (e.g., affection, aggression.”

So, it’s near ministering; near to taking care of business, near to preaching beliefs?

“Prefix ad- means towards, to, with regard to, or in relation to. It can also describe addition, or joining.

So, joining your taking care of business, it is with regard to preaching beliefs?

At any rate, we would do well to stand in ministering to our own affairs over having another coming close to it. Ministering to our own business is hitting the target. An administer/administrator is coming close to doing our business for us and feels way of the mark.

Just food for thought.


Friday, March 17, 2023

Indigenous & Aboriginal Defined


I see the word indigenous differently than most see it.

First, let me establish a foundation for what I am about to say. Most of you are unaware that the acupuncture meridians are in the Etheric body because you’ve never heard of the Etheric by that word. You are familiar with “phantom pain,” right? Some poor fellow has lost his arm but he can feel it aching. That is because his Etheric arm is still there, Etheric scar tissue and all. Qi travels there, but now lacks a physical counterpart.

Long ago, before we were tricked into applying our Free Will to an experiment that became the Genetic 3D human, we had a Physical-ish experience without genes (Implants.) We could fly with thought, etc. There are still some who visit here even now who never chose to incarnate as we have and who are there to support us and have especially supported the tribal groups of old. Tribesman respected them, "fed" them, performed ceremonies around gratitude and more. But most importantly, they were aware of them.

Are you ready? Okay, here goes…

Indigenous means no genes.

Now, please don’t get your knickers in a knot, deciding that I am belittling tribesman. Take a breath and continue reading…stay with me a moment.

I feel the indigenous were Physical-ish Spiritoids known by many names in various cultures. In Cheyenne roots, I feel they were ones who appeared to guide, lead and teach when the Cheyenne, for instance, first incarnated as Genetic humans. Perhaps, before they incarnated, they had an agreement with the indigenous ones to learn spiritual ways and have a “middleman” to support them with communications with other non-physical levels…as many cultures did.

Likewise, in Australia, the aboriginals were not original as the name says, because a equals not. Those without genes were first, the originals, and they were willing to guide the aboriginals. They were like 3.5 dimensional Etheric/Physical-ish beings experiencing a physical-ish point of focus (lifetime) without the genes that came later. (And I am using dimensions strictly for common ground, so that if you see the Astral as 4D, then perhaps it establishes a picture in your mind of levels, though truly, reality was and is far beyond numbers.)

Genes are Implants for control and slavery that Genetic humans may rise above because we all have our Spiritoid/MultiSelf within us. If we have not disconnected ourselves to the point of easily falling under a spell of the controllers, then we may be of a frequency to rise above the Implants and their promptings…We may rise above the genes and be close to what many of us lived before when in more of a 3.5 dimensional existence; part Etheric, part Physical. (Which, by the way, is still a point of focus, a lifetime that we may choose if it suits our plan.)

A Genetic human, such as Neil Diamond, who may not realize when he is in the company of a Physical-ish Spiritoidso may not understand what I’m going on about—could find it worth pause and consideration just the same. In the 1970’s, a knock came to Neil’s door and after the encounter with a stranger, he wrote the score to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This visitor was an Indigenous one; one without genes/Implants. It was time humanity had this musical score. (Read the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull and see the movie or listen to the album.)

The internet seems to have scrubbed all the references I found when I mentioned this briefly in my book back in 2020, but here is just a look at the word and the secrets it holds for us:

  • ind: to lack AND geno; beget or born. (Noah’s Webster American Dictionary of the English language (1828, no page number in this old book.) Indigenous: lacking being born

When you stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, you can downshift to make your frequency heavier and when your goal has been accomplished, you may make it lighter. This is how a spiritoid can make itself physical-ish and then seemingly disappear into thin air. An average Genetic human has actually experienced a frequency downshift. Think about having something on your mind that has caused great bliss, joy, and excitement within you. Suddenly, something happens: a gift is rejected, you receive bad news, someone scary just showed up, and you deflate. You feel that sinking, slowing down sensation. That’s small scale compared to what a MultiSelf/spiritoid in control of itself can do. (Implants interfere with that but can be overcome.)

It is interesting to note that in many cultures, a Twin story exists where one is more spirit and Power than the other. These stories now are even slightly different in presentation within one tribe, as well as with others. I posit that three thousand years ago (even three hundred years ago before religions infiltrated camps), this story would have been very different. I feel this is the story of the MultiSelf/physical-ish spiritoid and the Genetic human; the indigenous one and the Genetic human. 

Well, thank you for allowing me to express my thought. It’s especially important in this era to look at words. They can control you if you’re not careful.

Now, go anchor the light. Hwa!

Tapėhéveameōhtsėstse! (Dah piv vey yum may yhosts.) Go in a good way now.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

They Control What You Think You See

OMG, you guys. This is why I say do not watch the news!!! They can make you see what they want you to see. They can get you all riled up (Astrally tugged)!

Just look at the first 10 mins of this.

And, btw, Australia, they will lie to you and sell your own slavery to you as convenience. It's control of yourself that you are handing over to them. Don't be daft!
AI is counting on manipulating your Mental body. Stop it! Think!
Crikeybloodymoses, think!!!

Then, within the next 10 mins, the Imposter Ray is discussed. (That's what I call it in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied). It disconnects a human from their Monadic Ray in that the person thinks he or she is standing in alignment with the Sound of Self, but they are hooked into AI. Yes, it is true that the (ovid $hot injected this AI into people, but as I warn in my book: it is transmitted to humans also through glyphosate. Think about it. Foods and va((ines deliver glyphosate to you and to your food (Plants & animals). The GMO-aware crowd avoid it and Western Medicine. Enter ND's controlled by the opponent to humanity. They give you IV vitamin C with glyphosate. You HAVE TO request non-corn vitamin C in order to not be injected with the same stuff they place in average va((ines!

They will have you by what you don't know! They control you through what you think you see.

As for humans being controlled because of what was injected into them, they perfected frequency and entity control of those who took anti-depressants long ago. In 2013, I hurt the feelings of a friend because I would not let her stay in my home because she made the choice to go on anti-depressants. I knew that now she could be controlled, weaponized by the opponent to humanity.
And as you can see from my shirt in my profile picture on Facebook, all va((ines need to be outlawed. You have been lied to about contagious "viruses." These $hots are not safe, effective, or necessary...except they are necessary to the opponent to humanity.

They ALWAYS start AI things in AUS or NZ before it comes to America. (In 2016, I was shocked to see a machine to take orders (despite humans being there) in a fast food restaurant and recently, I saw it here in America.)

My Kiwi relatives, what do you (who have had the $hot and trust your agents of the government) think your highest death rate is from? And why didn't it happen by April 2020 if their narrative was the truth???

As I also mention in my book, before the Genetic human was tweaked into existence by the Puppeteers, we were the Physical-ish spiritoids. Before Implants in our DNA, we were Indigenous (without genes). Anyone here at that time (and since if with no genes) is the true Indigenous one. The "Indians" were aware of them (just as we may be aware of the robotic human, the successive human, amongst us now). We can rise above those Implants. We can make it unimportant that we were born a Genetic human, the slave. (Aboriginal, if you think about it, a='s no/not, so not original. The indigenous was original and had no genes. Next, was the first Genetic humans, who we know as aboriginals and "Indians.")

These were my thoughts while listening to Max's video (link above.)