Friday, August 31, 2012

A Note From the Center for Biological Diversity

Just minutes ago, the federal government approved Wyoming's wolf-slaughter plan, stripping protections from wolves in 80 percent of the state.

Hundreds of these magnificent animals, critical to the ecology and wildlife of Wyoming, will now be wiped out in the designated kill zone. We have to stop this massacre.

As we've been writing you all month, the Center for Biological Diversity is leading wolf advocacy across the entire United States, and we're in this fight to win for Wyoming's wolves. Help us now to take emergency legal action to stop the wolf hunt in court by making a generous donation to the Emergency Wolf Protection Fund.

Wyoming's kill-at-will plan will promote the quick extermination of 170 wolves, from aerial gunning to gassing pups in their dens. Wolves are already being killed in vast numbers in Montana and Idaho -- we have to stop that killing at Wyoming's border and save this critical population of wolves.

Today's news confirms that our work is needed more than ever. Our lawyers, scientists and activists are working with allies right now to launch a legal case to stop the massacre of the Rocky Mountains' last federally protected wolves. We need your support and we need it now.

You can help today by making a donation to our Emergency Wolf Protection Fund and passing this appeal along.
We can't let these intelligent, majestic animals be slaughtered to satisfy the whims of ranchers and politicians. Tens of thousands of people have written letters and made phone calls to save the wolves, and the United States has spent nearly 40 years bringing wolves back from the brink of extinction. It's one of the most incredible wildlife recovery stories in America's history. We can't let today's decision turn back all the good we've done.

That's why we need to get into court as soon as possible to uphold the will of the people and laws protecting our wildlife.
The Center can save Wyoming's wolves. We have an unparalleled record of stopping wolf killing and upholding the law. Oregon's wolves are protected right now because of swift action by our lawyers and activists -- and just yesterday wolves in Washington got a reprieve from the kill list because of our work. With your help, we can do the same for Wyoming's wolves and work with allies to secure lasting protections.

But the clock is ticking fast. Our window to respond to today's bad news and stop the hunt before it starts is closing fast. Please -- make a generous gift today to our Emergency Wolf Protection Fund.

For the wild,

Kieran Suckling
KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity
P.S. We need to stop the massacre before it starts. Join with us and help save Wyoming's wolves by donating right now to our Emergency Wolf Protection
P.S. We need to stop the massacre before it starts. Join with us and help save Wyoming's wolves by donating right now to our Emergency Wolf Protection Fund.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Permission to Not get Your Child Treated

I heard one mention of AB 2109 on the news.  They made it sound like it had passed around the time of its first trip to the senate, yet I haven't heard anything more.  It's strange when this is such a life altering law for many.  You'd think "the They" wouldn't be so secretive.  As is quoted on, "Thus far, there has been virtually no mainstream media coverage of Bill AB2109.  This is a curious fact, considering that if it passes it will be illegal not to submit your children to a medical procedure without the explicit permission of the conventional medical system."  A good point, isn't it?  Permission has to be granted by the white-coated gods to not "submit your children to a medical procedure."  How crazy is that?  Can't I just decide to not submit my child "to a medical procedure"?

But then you already know about laws such as this that get all involved with the medical care of your children.  How many of you have heard how children are taken from their parents and court ordered to have chemotherapy and radiation?  AB 2109 is close to this, because you have to take your kid to an authority figure in order to NOT get them something that you don't want them to have. 

 For more information on AB 2109, please join me in checking out this link.

Call your Assembly Members and Governor Brown and ask them to vote NO on AB 2109.  If you reside outside California, you may want to call as well since other states will follow with similar laws if AB 2109 is successful here.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Please Help to Stop AB 2109

 Dr. Pan has amended his AB2109 brain-child.  He has included nurses in his short list of who will be able to sign a vaccination waiver allowing a child to be exempt from having vaccines.  I cannot even imagine asking a school nurse to sign my vaccination waiver.  Dr. Pan obviously has had no experience with schools.  For one thing, he is unaware of the constant phone calls that go out stating that our children will not be allowed in school without their shots.  A friend told me she had to escort a kid to the nurse on the first day of school because he did not have his Tdap.  Schools do not inform parents that they can sign a waiver right now and opt out of shots.  Instead, they make it seem mandatory already.  What makes Dr. Pan think a nurse would gladly sign the paper when they are calling home saying, "Sorry.  Your child is not allowed in school until you show me proof that he had his shots."? 

When my daughter started kindergarten, her school staff claimed they could not find the present waiver.  What kind of tricks and lies will occur if waiver-signing is placed in the nurse's hands?  Dr. Pan, how about allowing licensed health care practitioners for the state of California sign them.  Acupuncturists should be included.  You know why we are not included in the amendment?  Because many of us would not only sign it for free, we would advertise that shots are not REALLY mandatory if you know how to play the game. 

It is positive for us that he feels AB 2109 will not pass without an amendment.  Let us keep the pressure on.  The following is a call for help from Dawn Richardson, the director of the Advocacy Portal.  Please call the Assembly members as Ms. Richardson recommends.  Thank-you.

8/22/2012 UPDATE
Don’t Be Fooled by Dr. Pan’s Amendment Adding School Nurses
California Bill to Restrict Vaccine Exemptions ReScheduled for Senate 3rd Reading Today

ACTION: Contact Senators NOW to OPPOSE AB2109 and Tell Your Senator Dr. Pan’s School Nurse Amendment DOES NOT FIX THIS!
Dear California NVIC Advocacy Team Members,
AB2109, was amended by Dr. Pan to add school nurses to the short restricted list of providers allowed to sign off on the exemption form.  This does not address the problems with this bill and ignores the fact that with over 10,000 schools in California, less than one out of four (2,474) have school nurses. 

This new version is scheduled to be voted on by the California Senate today. 
Even if you have already contacted your senator before, we need your calls and faxes AGAIN now asking  that they vote NO on AB2109

Senator Contact Information
can be obtained by clicking on and entering your zip code to lookup who your senator is and then finding their contact information on or you can log into the NVIC Advocacy Portal at, select your California State Team Page,  and click on your senator’s name displayed on the right side.

Ask Your Senator to Vote NO on AB2109 because

·         There is no language in AB2109 compelling a provider to sign the form and most won’t based on their current behavior of already denying care to families using vaccine exemptions.
·         Too many medical offices already deny medical care, harass and bully, and even dismiss patients for making informed and educated vaccination decisions.  It is extremely difficult if not impossible for many families to find medical providers who will even see their children if they are electing to delay or decline a vaccine. 
·         Dr. Pan’s recent amendment adding school nurses DOES NOT fix the access problem that concerned parents and the Senate Health Committee.  There are approximately 10,000 public schools in California and there are only 2,474 school nurses.  School nurses don’t have time to have lengthy conversations about vaccines.  Three out of four schools don’t have a school nurse. Also, what about day care, private schools, pre-school, and home schools?  In committee, Dr. Pan opposed including pharmacists who give vaccines - there are over 300,000 in California  - because this is not about vaccine education, it is about how to remove access to the exemption by only including who is more likely to refuse to sign the form.   
·        Dr. Pan has misled the legislature by giving false information about Washington State’s new exemption law. In testimony he has claimed a hotline set up to take complaints about a provider required signature has not received many calls.  That is because that hotline does not exist according the Washington Department of Health. In a personal email note to NVIC dated June 28th, 2012, the Washington Department of Health Immunization Department stated, “I’m not aware of an 1-800 number to call in to report providers not willing to sign an exemption. As far as I know there is no number to do this.”  Also, Washington has a religious exemption that DOES NOT require a doctor signature, and California Law DOES NOT have a religious exemption at all.

Also, if this bill passes it will go back to the Assembly and that could happen today. PLEASE CALL AND FAX YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER after you’ve contacted your Senator stressing that Dr. Pan’s school nurse amendment does not fix the problems with this bill and they NEED TO VOTE NO ON AB2109.  You can look up your Assembly member, obtain their contact information and determine who they are with your address at  Or you can just log into the NVIC Advocacy Portal at and your legislators are displayed automatically on the California State Team Page for our members.
Please let us know what you learn from your calls and faxes by sending a quick email to myself Dawn Richardson and our California State directors Dawn Winkler and Michelle Gutierrez by writing to
Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy
National Vaccine Information Center and

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AB 2109 Manipulation

The National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) is always searching for pending legislation that interferes with a parent’s right to decide medical directions for their children.  Each state seems to be aware of this fact, for they constantly try to “fly under the radar,” making it too late to be stopped before the NVIC becomes aware of the pending legislation.

This is exactly what happened yesterday.  Like me, I am certain the NVIC has been on the look-out for what happened since the senators voted recently on AB 2109, the legislation that will make it harder to get a waiver for non-vaccinated kids.  Suddenly, the NVIC became aware that AB 2109 was to go before the whole California Senate for a final decision.  This could have happened yesterday.   I do not know for sure.  We had very little time to get our calls in before they were supposedly meeting. 

My question is, why the manipulation?  Why are the legislators so secretive with what they are doing?  The biggest question of all is, since this law will impact California’s citizens, why was this not put on a ballot so we could do the voting?  Many citizens showed up in Sacramento to speak out against this legislation prior to yesterday.  These politicians are bent on not listening to us.  Should we ask them to step down if they are through representing us and instead promoting their own agendas?

If…no, let us be realistic, for it was their plan all along…When AB 2109 passes the senate vote and after it moves on to the governor for his signature, the ball will start rolling to take away all our rights where our children are concerned.  Right now they assure us that this law being in place will not change anything.  They say that we can simply go to any doctor and they will gladly sign a vaccination waiver so our children can attend schools without having been vaccinated.  (Let me point out that right now, it costs me nothing to sign the waiver myself.  If AB 2109 passes, I have to fork out cash to a doctor to get the signature!)  All they want is the opportunity to educate parents on the necessity of vaccinations.  Does this sound realistic to you?  Most parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their kids have done so either after extensive research, like me, or after a vaccine killed or maimed their kid, like quite a few I have come to know.  We do not want a white-coated-god to “educate” us, thank-you very much.  It is a complete conflict of interest, because doctors profit in so many ways from Big Pharma.

AB 499 was the first step in taking away parental rights.  Our Assembly members, senators, and governor saw to it that a twelve-year-old could make certain medical decisions without their parents consent or knowledge.  Now, if AB 2109 is signed into law, parents will eventually run into resistance getting the waiver signed by medical doctors.  For now, we can keep our kids out of school rather than to subject them to the insults of vaccines; but, how long is it until our politicians straight out mandate everyone to receive the shots if they simply reside here?

Could they possibly have another agenda, a really important reason to make sure you and your children receive these shots?  Could there be something in the needle that makes all of this legislation imperative for “the They’s” overall agenda?  Susan Reed, who “accidentally” drowned prior to her book being published, wrote about how the whole world is to be implanted, so as we humans can be electrocuted “via the implant” (Reed, Susan, BSC.  The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching by Reptilians A Real Alien Conspiracy.  Frankston: Hidden Mysteries TCS Publishers, 2006, p. 67).  Vaccinations were not the mode of implanting to which Reed referred.  I am simply pointing out that since the 1990’s with Hepatitis B vaccines being given to two day old, non-sexually active, non-drug using babies, definitely an ulterior motive has to be present.  As James Bartley wrote in his book review of Reed’s book, “The Global Elite’s plan to cull the Earth’s human population by at least 80% is a documented fact”
(http://www.whale./b/bartley_reed.html).  An implant that can cause illness or death at the push of a button, or a micro-chip to follow our every move, or some other wacko agenda could be in place.  

 It should be our choice to not allow something into our bodies or into our children’s bodies, especially when we are taking someone’s word on its efficacy and necessity.  Let me also point out that fluoride was put into your water with an ulterior motive as was aspartame into your food and drinks.  Do you really trust the Powers That Be with vaccinations?  Why are they being so manipulative and secretive if they did not really NEED this legislation to pass?

Please start now asking Governor Brown NOT to sign AB 2109 into law.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vaccine Hoax

 After years of becoming breathless explaining about vaccinations and the scams involved with them, it's so nice when I can just refer you to a link.  The lies about Gardasil and the laws in place in order to promote Gardasil are overwhelming the public.  Please use this link and listen to Mike Adams.  After that, continue your research before you ever allow a whited coated god or anyone to put that poison into your system, or to that of your child.

Also, see my article, "Protect Our Children", here in the November, 2011 section for ideas on how to protect your child when the law allows children to make medical decisions for themselves.  This knowledge is important, because school nurses can pull your child from class, ask if he or she wants the Gardasil shot, and can give it if the child says, "I don't know.  I guess so."  Should he or she hesitate, or say, "No way," the nurse may try to bully them into it saying that the child's parents wouldn't mind, and other such manipulations.

When a doctor suggests a vaccination, please research it thoroughly before you consent.  If you should decide to allow it, please have just one vaccination at a time.  It's easier to report the vaccination in question when injury or death has occurred if you know exactly which one it is.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

David Icke's Research

Here's excerpts of an article written by David Icke.  It's long, but even upon scanning it, there's interesting information here.  If you've never heard of David Icke, here's a link so you can see him.

If you become a subscriber to his newsletter, you can read his full articles.  This one was sent to me by a friend.

August 12th, 2012
by David Icke

 [There's ] the two mass shootings in the United States over the last three weeks. 

[Media manipulation exists.] 


Icke writes, "All this [propaganda served up as news] serves two of the fundamental goals of mass perception programming: to sell a fake version of events and, crucially, to limit to a maximum extent the public's perception of the possible. I have been emphasising for many years how vital it is to target a sense of the possible because so much comes from that. In so many ways, it is the centre of the target, the bull's eye from where the whole mind-game can be orchestrated.
A fake version of events and suppressing a sense of the possible are the polarities of perception control. The first one programmes the lie and the second blocks any alternative to the lie let alone what really happened.
Put simply: if you don't believe that mind control is possible how are you going to wonder if a guy going crazy with a  gun could have been mind-controlled to do that?"

Icke explains, "Standing waves are like waves that run on the spot because they result from two waves of equal power colliding and cancelling out and suppressing the movement of each other so that they resonate in one place without forward momentum. This is what fake versions of events and a suppressed sense of possible can do to the human psyche.
The lie can't be processed and questioned because the sense of the possible is so limited that there seems to be no alternative to the lie. This forms a standing wave between the lie and the sense of possibility in which the lie dominates perception for lack of an alternative explanation. Or, more accurately, the perception of other possibilities."

Icke writes, "The point is why they dismiss these possibilities [that things are not what they seem]by reflex action and instant rejection and this comes down overwhelmingly to one of two states of mind, sometimes both: either their religious or scientific belief system would collapse if what I say has validity and so, to them, it cannot possibly be true; or it collides with their sense of the possible.
I shake my head when I see people who think they are intelligent just dismissing possibilities without a minute's research simply because their minds are so imprisoned that their sense of the possible is an instant censor of all that surpasses its myopia."

Icke warns, "Anyone keeping abreast of events will know that the US authorities want to disarm the population in preparation for a military takeover and that they are seeking to program the population to believe in 'domestic terrorism' to justify using terrorism laws against the American public. There, in one sentence, you have two of the prime motives behind these staged shootings."

Mass shootings and attacks in the United States since 1990
Icke writes, "Staged shootings and terrorist outrages have become part of the American landscape with the Murrah building in Oklahoma, 9/11 and a stream of high-profile shootings such as Columbine and the Washington DC snipers. This is done to weaken the gun lobby and make people feel unsafe and insecure as they go about their daily lives. It is all a mind game.
The more fearful and insecure that people feel the more likely they are to accept, or not resist, impositions on their freedoms in the name of protecting them from the 'bad guys'. So what you need is as many 'bad guys' as you can get and if they don't come naturally then you invent them."

Icke informs us that "the audience in the Aurora theatre watched a trailer for a movie called Gangster Squad involving gunmen firing in a movie theatre before they experienced the real thing. Shortly after they watched those scenes twelve of them were dead and nearly 60 wounded as a gunman, or gunmen, went on the rampage."

Icke's research informs us "another 'coincidence' was that a Colorado university just 16 miles from Aurora held an exercise on the same day to show medical students how to respond to a gun attack in a theatre. The Denver Post reported:
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack.
The Rocky Vista Dean Bruce Durbin said: 'The irony is amazing, just amazing.' He ain't kidding. But these things tend to happen with staged terrorist events. A virtually identical 'exercise' was taking place on July 7th 2005 that mirrored what happened in the London tube and bus bombings at the same time and at the same locations.
The bus that was bombed also carried an advertisement for a horror movie called The Descent which featured a woman screaming in a tunnel alongside the words: 'Outright terror, bold and brilliant'. The film won the Saturn Award for best horror film of the year.
The alleged 'Batman' killer, 24-year-old James Holmes, was a neuroscience PhD student at Colorado University who had a fascination with altered states of consciousness. Video footage has been uncovered of his presentation at Miramar College in San Diego in which he talked about 'temporal illusions'. These he defined as 'an illusion that allows you to change the past'.
Holmes referred in the video presentation to a John Jacobson who he called his 'mentor'. Jacobson is described as a 'philosopher' and researcher of cognitive sciences at the San Diego University Salk Institute. He has said:
... it's possible... for us to manipulate temporal order, we have loads of power over temporal order, if events happen in the order A/B, a good psycho-physicist can have the subject experience it as B/A. This is routine.
Jacobson has trashed Holmes as a person and a student since his arrest. Holmes said that he was working on 'subjective experience, which is what takes place inside the mind as opposed to the external world.'
Holmes was also one of only six students every year accepted into an elite neuroscience programme, a National Institutes of Health training course at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver. He was awarded an annual grant of $26,000 for his studies.
Holmes apparently gave a presentation in May this year as part of a class entitled 'Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders'. But after he joined the programme in Denver things started to go wrong and he suddenly dropped out of university weeks before the shooting.
The man was classic mind-control material and a number of observers before and after the shootings have described how his eyes fluttered wildly and repeatedly blinked. His legal team said that he was mentally ill and asked the judge for more time to assess the nature of his illness.
The key question is why he is mentally ill. Students in the arena of psychology are wide open to mind manipulation because that is the very environment they are working in."
Icke tells us, "Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that in the two years before Holmes served as a research intern at the Salk Institute it was partnered with the appalling Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This is the research and developed arm of the Pentagon with major emphasis on mind manipulation and control. Holmes' father also had connections with DARPA.
Madsen says that the Salk Institute-DARPA research project was part of the DARPA 'Peak Soldier Performance Program' which involves the development of 'brain-machine interfaces for battlefield use' and 'human-robotic bionics for legs, arms, and eyes'.
Holmes, who is said to have called himself 'The Joker', was also reported to be hooked on the prescription painkiller Vicodin (also known as Hydrocodone and Oxycotin), the potential effects of which include 'altered mental states' and 'unusual thoughts or behavior'. Hydrocodone and Oxycotin were among a cocktail of drugs that killed actor Heath Ledger who played 'The Joker' in a previous Batman movie.
Holmes and Ledger
What else was Holmes taking or being given, and where was he getting the drugs? Pharmaceutical and psychotropic drugs are a major common theme with these 'lone nutter' shootings.
Holmes was a patient of Dr Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist at Colorado University who is said to specialise in schizophrenia and 'threat assessment'. She has faced disciplinary action according to state records for prescribing drugs for herself, her husband and an employee when neither was a registered patient. These drugs included Vicodin.
Dr Fenton is the medical director of Student Mental Health Services and her online resume says that she sees up to 15 students a week for medication and psychopathy and others in her private practice as a psychiatrist. She was also formerly the head of physical medicine with the US Air Force in San Antonio, Texas."
Dr Lynne Fenton. "What's with those eyes?" Icke asks.
Icke found that "Holmes' defence team filed court documents saying that he was undergoing 'mental health treatment' before abandoning his course in neuropsychology."

Icke points out that Holmes, "was supposed to have entered through a fire escape door that can only be opened from the inside," and that "a witness described how he saw a man in the front row take a call on his cellphone and then walk to the fire escape door, push it open, and hold it ajar with his foot. Witness Corbin Dates told CNN:
I was sitting in the second row, probably four seats away from the right aisle where people usually enter from. Another guy walked in after me, sat in front of me in the front row ... and I noticed he got a phone call. Most people when they get phone calls would take it out into the lobby, but this person went directly to the emergency exit.
And on the phone this entire time he was propping the door open with his foot, and it was like he was directing someone to come forward ... 15-20 minutes into the film that's the emergency door that swung right open and a man, 5-8, 5-9, walked in wearing all black, [with tactical clothing and heavy body armour]and he was wearing a gas mask and threw a canister into the audience behind me.
Witnesses also reported that more than one gunman was involved and there is other evidence to this effect."  As far as knowing if Holmes was seen at all, Icke asks, "How would anyone know when the gunman was wearing a gas mask?"
Icke's research reveals that "Holmes is said to have given himself up to police without a fight despite being supposedly heavily armed and killing all those people. He is claimed to have booby-trapped his apartment with such skill and sophistication that it took the FBI two days to make it safe. Police said that Holmes had done this to kill anyone who went there, but it was Holmes who told the police that it was dangerous to go to his home."

According to Icke, "A woman was removed from a court hearing for Holmes this week after she said that she had evidence of judicial misconduct. The woman said that she had 'tried to deliver information vital to the defence of James Holmes to the public defender', but the defence team had refused to speak to Holmes about the information.
'It will do the victims' families justice to have this information', she said as she was led out by deputies."

Icke's research has led him to questioning the validity of Holmes being the man in custody.  He leaves it to us to decide if the two photos are of the same person.  Icke tells us that "the one with the dark hair is James Holmes as he was and the other is the alleged James Holmes as he has appeared in court and police mug shots.
Some researchers say that the second 'Holmes' appears to have much thicker hair, thinner eyebrows and a different nose and lips while skin features and freckles don't match the James Holmes of before."

Icke writes, "Another story running on the Internet is about his father, Robert Holmes, the Senior Lead Scientist at Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a company that issues credit ratings for banks and businesses. Father Holmes has spent his working life in financial and credit services and his speciality at FICO is handling fraud.
It has been reported on the Internet that Father Holmes was due to give evidence soon to a Senate panel about the Libor banking scandal in which banks have fraudulently misrepresented the interest rates paid, or expected to be paid, in inter-bank trading.
These rates for various reasons are used to gauge the health of the financial system and given that derivative markets, mortgages, student loans, and other financial 'products' use the Libor rate as a reference in transactions any Libor fraud can have potentially catastrophic consequences for the financial system. It is also another way for the few to profit by fantastic amounts while the majority lose out.  
Dr Robert Holmes
The claim that Father Holmes was about to give damning evidence against the banks has not been confirmed, but it is certainly true that he has helped to develop mathematical and software systems that could uncover the mega villains behind the Libor scandal and trace what happened to the trillions in bail-out money transferred from taxpayers to banks.  
Father Holmes worked for the HNC Software Inc. in San Diego which was developing technology that could think like humans (see the machines in the Matrix movies) and he worked in the same area for the deeply sinister DARPA. HNC was later absorbed by his present employer FICO. James Holmes' grandfather also appears to have had intelligence work connections during his career in the military."
Icke tells us that "the Colorado area, including Denver and Colorado Springs, which are major centres for mind-control and Satanism."
Icke reminds us, "Mind control is not only real it is commonplace and used to manipulate the minds of many politicians as well as setting up patsies like James Holmes to do their deeds or, in his case and others, to get the blame for massacres carried out by military-trained professional killers.
One drug that has been highlighted for possible use on Holmes is Scopolamine, known as 'The Devil's Breath'. It can be added to drinks and food without detection because it has no colour, taste or smell. Scopolamine makes people so docile and pliable that people will do anything for you, even empty their own bank accounts and hand you the money.
The drug also has the added 'bonus' of blocking memories even under hypnosis. It would mean that Holmes would have no idea what happened to him. Holmes is being held at the Arapahoe County Detention Center where an employee is quoted to have said: 'He claims he doesn't know why he's in jail. He asked: "Why am I here?"'
This graphic shows what Scopolamine does to brain activity ...
... and does this face look like someone who is docile, pliable and doesn't know what the hell is going on?"

Icke's research has led him to believe that "the US mind-control programmes are run by the military and one of the major centres is Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It just so happens that the man blamed for the gun attack on the Sikh temple in Wisconsin on August 5th is 40-year-old Wade Michael Page who was formerly a 'psychological operations specialist' at ... Fort Bragg."

Icke writes, "witnesses have spoken of multiple gunmen acting in unison. The London Guardian reported:
One of the wounded men said that an unknown number of gunmen walked into the kitchen of the Sikh Temple and opened fire. The man who said his father had been wounded reported that there had been multiple gunmen. Those who had been inside the building at the time of the attack described it as a very coordinated thing.
Another eyewitness told the Associated Press: 'Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing [as in Colorado], came in and opened fire on our congregation.' This could have been confirmed by a surveillance camera inside the temple but it was turned off at the time."
Icke says, "But despite what the Sikh witnesses said the official story is repeated so many times right across the media that it soon becomes the version that people believe unless they are aware enough to question what they are told. It is good to listen to the themes that are circulated immediately after these tragedies because it gives you a fix on the psychological motivation.

Icke informs us that "it is classic Orwell inversion. War is peace and the true terrorists are the peacemakers; the mass-killers of civilians are the civilian protectors; the Satanists are the God-worshippers." 

To see what's going on, Icke writes,
"This requires a mind that is open to all possibility and one that is prepared to research and question and not just absorb sponge-like anything the authorities seek to peddle.  
A closed mind is a prison sentence." 

Lastly, Icke hints at another cover-up for your review.
The Washington DC Snipers: Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up

Please watch this presentation:

Notice: this link reports that a sniper's victim, Linda Gail Franklin, was an "analyst at FBI headquarters."  Also, Muhammad's (William's) ex-wife had taken a job at "John Ashcroft's Justice Department."

'You can dam a stream and you can dam a river, but you can't dam a tidal wave.' - David Icke

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free-Ranged Humans

Movies, more than ever before, seem to be giving their audiences insight into the way things are in real life.  Take the movie The Amazing Spiderman, for instance.  First of all, they have a lizard/scientist as the antagonist with a more compassionate human side and a colder reptilian side.  This correlates with David Icke’s and Robert Bruce’s work on situations happening to humans regarding reptiles.  Secondly, the reptile in the movie sprays a formula onto some policemen that will make humans become lizards.  This correlates to the nano-particulates/chem-trails being sprayed onto us in order to change us.  Lastly, the ultimate goal of the lizard/scientist in the movie is for this formula to be sprayed onto the entire human population so they will change into reptiles as well.  After all, from his point of view, being a reptile is better.  This correlates to the elite & scientists who think we will be better off as more non-human than we are presently.  So, The Amazing Spiderman is not only telling us what is happening, but who is helping it to occur.

According to Max Igan, something being sprayed onto us that can alter us is not fiction.  Chem-trails are the visible remnants that have spewed out of planes over populations of humans for years.  Those in control, for example, can decide to rain pertussis onto the population if, say, they have a new TDaP vaccination waiting.  This is child’s play.  It helps with their control of us, while lining their pockets, but, worse than that, those in control can release something that can supposedly change humans into a more robot-like kind of humanoid.  Chem-trails, like the high tower the movie lizard/scientist chose, has the ability to reach many people, not just the ones right in front of him like his first meager attempt with the policemen.

Three films to be found on YouTube that discuss the very real problem of particulates being sprayed onto the population, without the awareness or permission of the people, are Trans-Formation, From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life, and What in the World Are They Spraying?  Powerful and rich groups, along with scientists who agree that this is what is best for humans, or scientists who are programmed and not in full control of their actions, have gone way past the plotting stages of altering humans.  Just like the movie’s antidote, ours starts with recognizing the problem exists.

Information for this article on chem-trails was taken from Max Igan’s movie, Trans-Formation

Please listen to Max discussing chem.-trails, especially if you have never heard of this before.  Note: “Al-u-minium” is “aluminum” for those of you who are not used to hearing Australian.

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life

What in the World Are They Spaying?:

Friday, August 3, 2012

People Must Be Hungry to Know

I have been slowly copy-editing a piece of work for years.  One book I often need to reference in order to check a sited source is The Biggest Secret: the Book That Will Change the World by David Icke.  Since I loaned my personal copy to a work mate back in 2002, and have been unable to get it back, I have recently been resorting to getting the exact edition from a Los Angeles County Library.

I was shocked to see six titles available for Icke within their system ─ two of them being an old and a newer edition of The Biggest Secret.  Wow, the general public does not mind books like these on their shelves?  The LA County Library actually has two books about the Reptilians?  Surely this book is a bit shocking for someone who has not actually seen a human change into a reptile.  For authors like Icke to finally be in libraries, there must be people out there who are truly hungry to know more these days.

From time to time, I have to renew the book.  No problem.  No-one would be waiting for a book that discusses politicians as influenced by other-worldy happenings, humans as influenced by symbols, and Princess Diana’s murder, for cryin’ out loud.  I tried to renew the Icke book, and to my amazement, someone is waiting for it!  What?  The public is curious about it?  Most people I know who investigate these topics have a home library full books and they do not rely on libraries.  Perhaps more average citizens are becoming hungry to simply know. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Your Life Can Naturally Work

“I’ve always said that all you’ve really got to do to succeed in life is follow the four rules of Darwin: ‘Do the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right reason,' and make sure you’re always operating in service to creation.  And you’ll find that your life just naturally works.” - Max Igan

Max Igan's quote found here at 1:22:03:

Television Programs

We are all familiar with how characters in television programs convince us to mimic them in our daily lives.  We know people who feel they have to botox their faces, shave their arms, buy the latest fashions, and use the latest lingo, because it is the cool thing to do.  Unfortunately, we are being programmed far beyond superficial fancies.  The personalities of characters and the character’s responses to situations and to the other characters, teaches us how to respond and how to be, usually without us being aware of it.

Take the television cartoon version of “Wonder Woman”, for example.  In The Super Friends version of 1977, she is feminine, gentle, compassionate, and co-operative.  Her body is soft and her voice is nice.  In The Justice League of the 2000’s, she is masculine, aggressive, and competitive.  Her body is chiseled and her voice harsh.  Television is informing the public that femininity is weak and that girls need to emulate the new “Wonder Woman”, when the older version always got the job done just fine.

The Super Friends team is co-operative with discussions on who would be best suited for any given situation.  In The Justice League, they all think they are the best suited for the job.  My generation watched the discussions of the super heroes, even when time was of the essence, as they decided together who would be best as the so called leader, or main avenger.  The modern version is teaching children that the thing to do is to assume you are the best suited for the job as The Justice League do, and to take the glamorous position. 

The Waltons had “John Boy,” who would not answer back to his mother and who would milk the cow even though he wanted to do many other things.  Family Affair had the twins “Buffy” and “Jody” who, in one episode, spent time with a lonely, older gentleman and as a consequence were faced with the dilemma of an inheritance and the responsibilities that can come with it.  They were thoughtful of one another and in the end, mindful of the old man and what he would want.  In contrast, many shows involving young people today center around egocentric characters bent on getting what they want.

I am not advocating watching television.  I am just suggesting you notice what messages the shows are sending to you and to your children, and I am suggesting that perhaps some older television programs are less aggressive over all.  Of course, you can have discussions about all the drinking that was done on Bewitched, and the limited thinking where woman’s rights were lacking and prejudices were rampant in other shows, but there is a quieter, gentler, slower pace to a lot of the older shows in comparison to today’s shows.  One Bonanza episode featured Dawn Wells as a native girl.  When she revealed the whipped and abused back of a child, the camera was on the faces of the men seeing the damage to the boy’s back, not on the boy’s back itself.  The viewer was invited to use his or her own imagination to fill in the picture.  Today’s television spells everything out for the viewer, leaving no room for imagination.