Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Decision Related to the Social Credit System Is Ours

We have grown comfortable with liberation (freedom of locomotion), even when standing back and allowing the opponent of mankind to treat us as criminals at airports,

establish the REAL ID, fingerprint us (our property stolen), photograph us (our property stolen) and an endless list of what amounts to shackles on our wrists and ankles. The decision related to all of that was ours. Not enough humans stood up to that tyranny and it was permitted to snowball. Our desire to travel always won out over our liberties or Rights that were being taken away. Well, now here we stand close to match point for the opponent to mankind. The decision related to the social credit system, which will ultimately amount to 100% take over of humanity if humans don’t stop it, is our choice, not theirs.

Mankind is pouring on the high frequency vibes at this time, to match what’s going on around us with light and Sound that is here to be grounded. The opponent to mankind is pulling out all the stops to defeat humanity by making every little thing scary and uncomfortable. A mother has accomplished a grand feat by keeping her kids out of Western Medicine’s clutches, so the opponent establishes a situation to force her to ruin these kids and get them in the clutches of AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence and awful individuals.) Piece of cake unless she is of a frequency to move around that.

An average human can stop the social credit system from coming online through not complying. It’s painful, but necessary. Higher frequency mankind is at many levels working on multiple aspects and all of us collectively are worthy opponents to the “bad guys” through simply ignoring them and establishing a Space of Love where they are uncomfortable. They will either start diggin’ the Love vibe, or they will leave.

I have no idea what level my frequency is. I imagine those higher reach down to me and pull me up as I have done for those of a lower frequency to me. We all do our own thing. Here’s a partial list of how I operate here when I really want to do something banned by words on paper; that is made illegal, though is lawful because I am injuring no-one. (Respect for life, liberty, and property.):

1.    I stand in alignment with the Sound of Self. I do not cover this nostril, that one and that mouth simultaneously, especially just because a so-called official thinks he or she has the Right to force me to. I identify mankind. We breathe. A Long Beach cop even bounced off my aura when he tried to escort me out of an airport. Choosing to smother myself in order to diffuse a situation briefly got me out alive, but I equally could have chosen not to as the countless times since this bs covid era started. I would not get the $hot even if it meant I could not go to Denny’s. I mean, look at the absurdity of this, please. (If you can simply not comply, that is something even if you are in no conscious communication with your MultiSelf.)

2.    Connect the Pinky-rose within myself with the Pinky-rose of authority figures, lands, controllers, their bondservants and slave attackers, etc. I see a pin-head size from myself seeking a pin-head size from this one who has shut the Love in a trunk under chains behind thick black curtains. He/She came from Source, so I find it. (Or the operator came from Source, so I seek it from the controller of the thing). In making this connection, I am holding a Space of Love and forcing my experience of this one to be from Love. Yes, sometimes, the experience is as water being poured in the glass of sugar and it swishes up…their stuff wants to take over and be mean…but in holding the Space of Love through the storm, the sugar is dissolved. Now, they are in charge of their healing. This is not me forcing a healing. The sugar analogy really isn’t sugar. It’s more like dirt. It gets stirred up. If I stop demanding my experience be of Love, their dirt will take over again. That is, until enough of us are making this same demand here on 3D Earth for Love. (If you allow them to bully you, you are voting for tyranny here.)

3.    Violet Cubes of Light for transmutation. I use this on towers, antennas, chem trails and on attacks coming at me. Sometimes, I’ll do it between me and another to stop an attack that that person was not intending. I can do this with the implanted aspect of my DNA or with the microzymas that became a pathogenic bacterium…but better to transmute what’s going on with the environment of me. The same holds true with my experience with the opponents of mankind, I decide the experience they have with me. Are they going to be mean or loving? Hold your Center; tap Power.

4.    The Harmonizing Pyramid by BioGenesis is thought up within me and grows bigger. I can see it pushing away attack and keep it growing so big that Earth is within and pushed the attack completely out. This is a physical pyramid that may be purchased. I work with the being within it or associated with it.

5.    There’s using the General-post Office as court to hold people accountable using words. But a human writing a letter of protest and educating the reader with sources cited is a start. Requesting FOIA’s on an isolate that supposedly exists is a start, too.

6.    Vote out loud. “I vote that every time someone prays the social credit system is stopped that the opponent to mankind is de-cloaked, that Truth is revealed.” “I vote that every time someone prays for disease to be gone from Earth that they see it’s lab-made and their own fear that keeps it going.” “I vote that each time a person prays for covid to be over that they see the PCR for the tool used in forensics, that it finds no virus.” “I vote that the transmitting quality of the toxinated and vaccinated be seen by all just as easily as I can see brown eyes.” “I vote that the harmful ingredients coming off chem trails can be seen and that when we transmute them, we see it turn to blessings.” I understand that a human under a spell suddenly seeing what’s going on will hurt them, shock is like that, Truth can be like that, but truthfully, when we go against it. The opponent is harming humanity. This voting is more like a healthy dose of medicine. A little boy plays with matches because he thinks it fun. Mom is preventing him from burning himself (or the whole house down) when she stops him. All I’m saying is that if humans pray for something to end, then in all honesty, they need to see their role in it continuing. They need to see the lies they accepted. They need to see the Truth. And if they want to remain in a spell, then their controllers can have them stop praying for covid to end.

7.    There’s standing in Truth. I have always been thought of as weird. I bluntly state Truth. What humans think of me is no big deal. Mostly, I look at them as the “Special Ed” class of the Omniverse. I do not belittle “Special Ed” kids here on 3D Earth. I have worked with them for over three decades. I can tell you though, that they don’t realize what they don’t know. Parasites crawling on one little boy’s brain made him get upside down to feel better, but he had no idea his mother allowed the attack on him through a vaccine. He simply doesn’t know. Humans are like that. They just don’t know. I know my experience is limited, but from where I am standing, humans seem the most lost of all the diverse groups that we, physical-ish spiritoids, have become in our various experiences. Humans are the most cut off from their MultiSelf and the Successive human is the most cut off of all! Light-bearer humans, mankind, can establish a world where Life, Liberty (freedom of locomotion) and Property (Rights) are respected by not selling their souls as humans have. Are you afraid what those around you think of you? Humans I know are so afraid of what others think of them that they will follow the crowd right into the social credit system.

The decision to operate under the social credit system is ours. (Just as in 1933, humans handed over their gold and silver because the agents of the government told them to. The opponent to mankind dismantled the substance behind common law with illegal words on paper by people of that time complying. Since then, September 11th was made to happen, the covid era, and every little step in between.) I hear people’s fear over this aspect of their Agenda. Instead of fear, establish the world you want with your thoughts and actions. I will not go on the social credit system because it is not in my Space of Love. For the human, perhaps you can stock up on cigarettes. If the social credit system happens in your experience, you can offer some guy ciggys to get you what you need at a store. But know that AI will eventually take credits away from helpers so people will stop helping one another. (This is part of their goal. Humans will not support one another, they will snitch and be rewarded for it, community will be gone from the physical and so much more.) Mankind is connected and standing strong in a Space of Love. Joins us or don’t. It’s your decision through the choices you make.

It's going to be an uncomfortable bumpy ride. (Think of a wagon compared to the train, compared to the plane, compared to travelling with a thought.) You may get what you want right now through compliance, but what will it cost you? The decision related to the social credit System is ours.


Péveameohtse! (“Pe vey yum may oats”) Go in a good way!

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!


 For more information of disturbances and what to do about it, please see

It is possible that the vehicle over by the moon that I was disconnecting from humanity (as I wrote about here), has been taken out.
Humans, are you ready to stand as mankind, in Power?

For information of tools of protection and a picture of the Harmonizing Pyramid, see

Human spirits are in humans. 

Other spirits are in mankind.

A few human spirits are in some mankind. Many of these would be the few who don't want to have the $hot but can be strong-armed. Some will have gained frequency to stand firm.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Demons Are Fallen Casuals

And it isn't done this way. A Causal body can fall and enter anyone who is unable to stop it. It's a frequency thing. If you're standing in alignment with the Sound of Self, it will not be able to penetrate. Anything that comes from Source may be "forced" into a Space of Love by your Intent. Their "evil" plans and what's known as Karma (permission) may be held at bay with concentrating on a pin-head of Pinky-rose within yourself and the other. Bam. That space is demanded and commanded and there you are. TV shows will make good guys violent, not Powerful; not loving.


Thursday, September 8, 2022

"Brain Dead" Ploy for Harvesting


The Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction wants you to become aware of some aspects of the adrenochr*me phenomena (kidnapping of children for rich people’s youth infusion), perhaps to scare you, along with the covid era hype. (In fear, opportunities for truly standing in alignment with Power are missed.) But here is an aspect of this that I have heard no-one speak of and that’s the a&renochrome harvested during and after the stealing of organs in hospitals while that loved-one is very much alive and has been paralyzed so lookers-on can’t see what “brain-dead” really means. Picture it. The corneas are taken first. Pain galore, but the human is still very much alive, screaming in their heads, but no-one behaves as if they know they are not brain dead.

As I say in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, a variety of energy coming off humans serves as food for Draco and company, but this group enjoys what they can get physically, as well. They are unable to enjoy. The best description really is that they get an erection while eating a human from toe towards the head, but in this situation, they get to have harvested for them (from the practitioners at work) a large dose of adren*chrome from a variety of races, sexes and ages. What a smorgasbord! A scary foe could even demand that that one be made “brain dead” now. “I want that one, or you will get it!”

I was thinking of the “adrenochr*me harvesting” in hospitals when a loving, white elephant showed up, trunk down, close to my face. Ganesa? I thought. I wondered if this loving presence was here working on this issue with humanity. I do feel the practitioners, buyers, kidnappers, “victims” of the kid-stealing-selling-to-stars variety are all within a cycle together and support is here to assist them in getting out of it. I have offered assistance myself. But what of the Western Medicine harvesting variety? Evil is often packaged as “good.” (Just look at biowarfare packaged as life-saving vaccines.) This “good” ensures food for the opponent to humanity, because fear will send humans to the doctor, if not to the hospital.

Your goal should be to not think thoughts or do actions that would give Draco an erection. Stop covering the three holes on the face for breathing. Stop sacrificing your children to white-coated gods and Western Medicine. Stop allowing an authority outside of yourself to dictate to you as if they are a parent. Stop being Astrally manipulated with fear. Get educated on Natural Medicine and Common Law. In fact, become educated on the tools used against humanity: Western Medicine and Legislation. Start noticing what is going on around you. How does it feel? Humanity and mankind have the feeling aspect as a barometer. Don’t just listen and read—feel. The loving presence that I saw and felt this morning isn’t even something I can put into language. Coming close, I could say it felt like Pinky-rose, but Still. Being silly, I could say Pinky-rose on steroids.

Your organs and terror do not belong to the Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction and especially not to Draco. We did not contract with them. Please visit a site I just remembered.

This morning, I was in a relaxed state thinking of how humanity has been trained to all the workings of Western Medicine thanks to the tools Germ Theory and Virology and the fear they were intended to manifest. The opponents to humanity train mothers and fathers to ritually sacrifice their offspring to doctors, nurses, Big Pharma, and Big Tech right from conception. These Moms and Dads are convinced that their offspring nor themselves can find health without constant visits to the white-coated gods who shall proclaim, “All is well, but you better have this $hot just in case.” Then, the family is a customer for life with various problems. Or perhaps the tests that were done on the bodies caused reactions to radiation or X-Rays and such. No wonder they trust the beautiful or handsome young official in the hospital that convinces the family members to sign papers for the good of another. Naturally, some organs that are harvested, a good number in fact, HAVE to go to real average folk so the family members of these “saved” ones become advocates for this vile sacrifice. (Humans supporting the torture, demise, death and destruction of other humans is a key tool of theirs, and it gives Draco that erection.) People have been trained to the white-coated god to the extent that not one would question them at all. If they say a heart can still pump though a brain is dead, they will be believed. Folks, if a heart is still beating, how do you know what your loved one is being given that keeps them unconscious until you sign the papers? How do you know how they would do without Western Medicine? Are they being kept intubated when they would not be if cared for by a representative of mankind: a Natural, non-“learned” practitioner? I feel many are conscious when the harvesting begins because they need that adren*chrome to be top-tier.

If someone should be out walking and get knocked over by a person on a bicycle, perfect. A hired official for the organ transplant society can come to the grieving, worried family and get forms signed. All must be quick before the person seems too much on the road to recovery to turn back. The hospital, most likely put in place by Draco controllers to ensure food, has to fulfill a quota of covert sacrifices. Forms signed; they may start immediately. Roxanne is one with whom I connected, and I am 100% certain she was conscious and healing when she was paralyzed enough to look “brain dead” and her organs were harvested.

Human sacrifice has not stopped. It occurs with each “Brain dead” diagnosis and paper that is signed. In fact, this goes so deeply, if they have convinced you to sign up for donating organs and you haven’t been able to get onto the website to rescind it, they don’t even care about the formality of a signed paper. Their crime needs no permission, from their point of view. 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Parthenogenic Pregnancy is a Thing


Parthenogenic pregnancy is spiritual energy manifesting in the physical very much like creating any physical thing with your Mind (standing in alignment with the Sound of Self), except the X-chromosome, in my opinion, is the physical part that comes into play. I joke how what’s wrong with men is they are missing part of one X-chromosome and so they are lacking, but this is why we can create a baby without a male.

From my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied:


I placed a meme here because it is information that is worth searching out.

Know the Game They Play


The following is from a case Gordon v. State March 20, 1985

“It is well settled that the United States Constitution protects an individual's right to travel, although it is not always clear which constitutional provision affords the protection. See Califano v. Aznavorian439 U.S. 17099 S.Ct. 47158 L.Ed.2d 435 (1978); Kent v. Dulles357 U.S. 11678 S.Ct. 11132 L.Ed.2d 1204 (1958); Crandall v. Nevada, 6 Wall. 35, 18 L.Ed. 744 (1858). The Idaho Supreme Court has held that a particular mode of transportation — the operation of a motor vehicle upon public streets and highways — is also a right protected by the federal and state constitutions. Adams v. City of Pocatello91 Idaho 99416 P.2d 46 (1966). Other jurisdictions considering the issue have declared the right to travel on public highways to be a privilege, not a constitutional right. E.g., Standish v. Department of Revenue, M.V.D.235 Kan. 900683 P.2d 1276 (1984); Crocker v. Colorado Department of Revenue652 P.2d 1067 (Colo. 1982). Whether it is termed a right or a privilege, an individual's ability to travel on public highways is "subject to reasonable regulation by the state in the exercise of its police power." Adams v. City of Pocatello91 Idaho at 101416 P.2d at 48See Noe v. Dolan197 Colo. 32589 P.2d 483 (1979); Popp v. Motor Vehicle Department211 Kan. 763508 P.2d 991 (1973).

The part that I put in bold is because I want you to see it clearly. Free travel, the Right of locomotion is not a privilege. Privileges come with the public official’s Office. It’s not for us private people. If we join their Game, then perhaps privileges come into play, but that has nothing to do with our Rights/Duties. If humans could bring themselves up to the standards of mankind, we would not need agents of the government, who are most likely human over being mankind. (Think of police that rape, kill and steal. That’s a human. Mankind don’t behave like that. It’s all about frequency.)

Respect life, liberty (which includes freedom of movement), and Property (which includes Rights) of yourself and others. Bam. Done. No need to be parented. Govern your own little self.

I made “police power” bold because this is a made-up thing. All Law (words on paper before legalese’ statutes, ordinances and policies) discussed militias, but not police as we know them today. Police was also vocalized as policy. See

“We have already determined the insurance requirement of the MVSRA to be a permissible exercise of the state's police powerState v. Reed107 Idaho 62686 P.2d 842 (Ct.App. 1984). Gordon argues not that his conviction for failing to exhibit proof of insurance is unconstitutional, but that requiring him to insure his automobile is unconstitutional.”

This police power was made up. It is unlawful.

“Public safety” is so misunderstood. First of all, “public” is officials. Individuals are private. And as for “safety”—the opponent to mankind’s key phrase for control—you as a lawful being should respect another’s Right to life, liberty and property so statutes, bullying ordinances and policies are strictly for officials to keep them in line, not for you. Further, if we follow this Natural Law, then we don’t even need a certificate of competency because we would not operate an auto if we knew we couldn’t. (And if we’re out of our minds and don’t know it, those around us would surely intervene, even if it ended up being a stranger.)

“Although removing the lien placed on a mortgaged vehicle arguably elevates one to a new level of freedom, we do not believe the state or federal constitution exempts the "freeman" from the regulations imposed here through the state's legitimate use of its police power. The constitutional right to travel does not "destroy the independent power of each State under our Constitution to enact laws uniformly applicable to all of its residents." Califano v. Torres435 U.S. 1, 4-598 S.Ct. 906, 90855 L.Ed.2d 65 (1978). See also Salibra v.  Supreme Court of Ohio730 F.2d 1059 (6th Cir. 1984).

Sorry, but you cannot have “freeman,” implying a liberated individual and “police power,” which is made-up oppression against humans and mankind in this sentence…nor legitimate and police power, which is illegitimate. It makes no sense. Of course, a Freeman would be exempt to bondservant, slave, serf mentality, oppression and rules! Dah!!!

Please tread carefully. Here on 3D Earth 2022 the officials are puppets to that which is against mankind. You better know the Game they play if you want to demonstrate your Right to be liberated. For example, the Draco see you as food, so know where you stand on their list of resources. Also, be a frequency to establish a Space of Love and to be able to transmute the attacks that will be slung at you.

Know that you are aligned with the Sound of Self prior to aggressively, even assertively, challenging them.

For more information on opponents to mankind, the Genetic human, the light-bearer human (mankind) and techniques to assist mankind, please see my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

For inspiring, supportive books for this time, please see

9/7/2022 added (Free exercise and enjoyment of Rights)


 Péveameohtse! "Pev vey yum may oats" (Go in a good way) Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Is it Concerning if Doctors Go Away?


Doctors should be here to support us, not kill us with vaccinations. If a learned doctor is a puppet for Big Pharma and would harm us with a $hot, is it concerning if they go away? If a doctor has been indoctrinated to follow the fake Germ Theory and virology memes for control of mankind, to harm them and to make customers for life, to steal their money, and to support them in dis-easement and to instill fear and to make these patients as bondservants to them, is it concerning if they go away due to the very “medicine” that they prescribe?

If all the learned doctors allow themselves to be coerced into taking $hots that they don’t want, doesn’t that show that they are not standing in alignment with the Sound of Self and most likely cannot truly serve us? If the learned doctors welcome the $hots because they believe in them—they see them as safe, necessary and effective—then may ignorant doctors truly serve us?  If learned doctors all die by their medicine, then hasn’t Big Pharma just lost all its patsies? If we are only left with true supporters of mankind, is it concerning if the learned doctors go away?

When murdering their puppets is of no concern to Big Pharma and the opponent of mankind, should it be concerning to us if the learned doctors go away? Not concerning that they go away, but the opponent to mankind is killing its puppets and that is interesting, even if concerning for other reasons.