Monday, October 12, 2020

What Are You Voting For?


Your actions are as votes.  What are you voting for?  Have you spent a week away from your cell phone, computer, and TV to notice how you feel?  Have you tested the idea that you have been programmed, and in walking away from these powerful tools, that programming may have “let go” a little?  No?  You cannot do these things because…there is always a because...that is part of the programming.

Here is one because.  “I can’t leave my phone unplugged at home anymore because I have to call the library from their parking lot so they’ll bring my books to me.  We’re not allowed to enter the library anymore.”  1) Just call them before you leave home and request that they come outside a good ten minutes beyond the time you think you will arrive there.  2) Pound on a door or two.  3) When someone comes outside for another customer, give them your name for them to go fetch your books.  

“I have to use my phone and computer at work.”  Then ONLY use them for work and have a landline you can use, as well.  Revert calls to that.  Cable the keyboard, mouse, and internet.  If you notice a difference, break away from WiFied apparatuses even more.

If you are not taking actions to free yourself from their programming of you, you are voting for the timeline we are currently on.  When unrest happens, remember that you took part in the creation of the unrest through your actions that voted for it.


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