Monday, October 12, 2020

AI’s Opponent: The Grounder of Light.

 AI’s opponent is the grounder of light.  When I say “opponent,” it is because AI is very much involved in the Game: greed and self-service.  Anything standing it its way is seen as an opponent to be eliminated.  To the grounder of light, light is the focus.  Being the frequency of love, there is no opponent.

The masses are not supporting the grounder of light; and therefore, are contributing to their own demise when they simply move along robotically.  Parents mindlessly purchase GMOed, pesticided, irradiated, artificially flavored, sugary products that they think of as food.  They have no idea which oils are harmful when heated, so automatically place things in their shopping carts that are not supporting health.  They learn about the human body through what they hear on TV and so-called experts, that unbeknownst to these people, are actually sponsored by the same companies that buy commercial spots for specific products.

These people have their noses in phone screens when walking their dogs and have their children at a park.  The dopamine fix is satisfied momentarily, but once they get off the phone, it will not last, and they will have to look at it again. The phone is placed very close to their body when not in use. 

Like clockwork, they take their children and themselves in for annual check-ups and shots without understanding anything about a true need for a visit or true information on shots. 

AI licks its lips in delight at humanity and how easily they serve themselves up to be snatched.

The grounder of light seeks to continue downshifting from pure spirit to become a lifeform in many “places” away from 3D Earth.  Here, the grounder of light acknowledges AI’s reincarnation cycle and the adventures to be had here while noting the threat that AI wants them to forget about their spirit and true freedom.

Are you AI’s plaything or a grounder of light?  How do your choices show your answer?


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