Wednesday, October 7, 2020

More on Q

[I'm not a Qan*ner, but find it amusing that the establishment can lie to you about coronafraudus, but a few people can't hold onto a dream about a savior!

Is the Facebook Q purge happening because they really want people to know about Q*non who don't presently know about it? Do they want to put Q in their consciousness?

When the population waits for a savior, they will not actively fight against AI and the-criminals-that-believe-they-be's social credit system (which includes contact tracing and using your phone to get into a building or onto a campus), 4G/5G, SMART meters, and vaccines.

It is amusing that just as with forced vaccinations and forced mask-wearing, the population have no problem with a group's right to their opinion, to follow their a religion, to express themselves all being shut down.

The last thought is that when I looked into this group, I found at least 85% of truth that I had found on my own, so is bringing Q into the public's consciousness related to that 85%, or to the 15ish%, because a certain propaganda is embedded that they want the reactionaries to know?

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