Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prop 37 Lies & Fraud

 OBAMA just signed H.R. 993 into law...Do we stand a chance against such legislation and politicians?

According to the dirty politics occurring in California, we need someone with about $80,000 to throw away to come to California and count Fresno County's ballots for Proposition 37.   Here's why...


According to Jon Rappoport..."There WAS a recount on the Prop 37 vote, and it was stopped cold

by Jon Rappoport
March 17, 2013
The relentless Brad Friedman of TheBradBlog ran this story down and broke it. There was, indeed, a recount of the Prop 37 vote.
Prop 37, the ballot measure that would have mandated labeling of all GMO food sold in California, went down to defeat last November, under suspicious circumstances.
So a small group, headed by Tom Courbat, former senior budget analyst for LA County, decided to challenge the vote.
In California, any voter can do that, if they’re willing to pay for it. And they have to pay for the recount county by county. They pick the counties they want to start with, they contact the county registrars, and they’re told what the price is. It’s different in each county.
So the group picked Orange and Sierra Counties. They paid the fee. The votes were recounted, and there was no appreciable change in the numbers.
The group decided Fresno County should be next. That’s when trouble came and whole thing blew up. The county clerk in Fresno, in charge of all voting processes, is Brandi Orth.
As The Brad Blog reveals, Orth came up with a staggering price for a vote recount. Here are a few of the details:
Orth stated there would be an up-front fee, due before the recount even started, of $18,000.
The cost per DAY of doing the recount? $4,000. This included five vote counters who would each be paid $46 an hour—to sit and count. Then there would be a three-person executive staff, each of whom would be paid an astonishing $92 an hour.
Note: In Orange County, the Prop 37 recount didn’t cost $4,000 a day. The fee? Only $600 a day!
But here is the best part. As Tom Courbat, the leader of the Prop 37 recount group, spoke with Fresno County Clerk, Brandi Orth, he suddenly learned he was being charged for the phone conversation—and also for Orth’s staff “getting ready” for a recount!
Understand this. No recount had begun. Courbat hadn’t given the green light for a recount. But, he was informed, he was already $4000 in the hole.
Courbat estimated a vote recount in Fresno County was going to cost his group $78,000 by the end of three weeks worth of work. They didn’t have the money.
The Fresno County recount was toast. And with it went any chance (even if one assumes a recount would be honest) that Prop 37 could be fairly reviewed in California.
At this point, I ran down a few facts about Fresno County. It’s the number-one county in the US for agricultural production; in 2007, $5.3 billion. Major employers? Kraft Foods, Del Monte Foods, Foster Farms, Zacky Farms, Sun-Maid. A local outfit, David Sunflower Seeds, is owned by the giant ConAgra.
Beginning to form a picture? Fresno is Big Agriculture, and the last time I looked, Big Ag isn’t rushing to support GMO labeling. They love Monsanto, crime boss of the GMO world.
Brandi Orth, who blocked the recount, was installed as Fresno county clerk a mere 10 months before Prop 37 went up before California voters. This happened, as The Brad Blog points out, because the previous county clerk, Victor Salazar, suddenly announced his retirement with three years left on his contract.
Who picked Orth as the new county clerk? The five members of the Fresno board of supervisors. I noticed that two of them, Phil Larson and Debbie Poochigian, were members of the Fresno County Farm Bureau.
That’s quite interesting, because in the run-up to the November Prop 37 vote, the Farm Bureau was one of the organizations that signed on to a large NO on 37 print ad.

Let’s recap. The recount on the Prop 37 vote is stopped cold in Fresno County (a major center of Big Ag), because the county clerk, Brandi Orth put up absurd, incredible, and arbitrary obstacles. Orth was selected for her job, in the first place, by a board of supervisors on which, at the very least, two of the five members were opponents of Prop 37.
Does the California state government and, in particular, the state attorney general’s office give this foul-smelling situation even a sniff? No.
Does the California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, who is in charge of all voting in the State, budge from her office and investigate, or better yet, go down to Fresno and personally install a fair and equitable and affordable recount of Prop 37? Of course not. She moves right along to other matters.
What does that tell you?
The stink from the blocked vote-recount goes all the way from Fresno up to the capital city of Sacramento and back down again.
Naturally, the major media give this story no play. They remain silent.
As I’ve detailed in other articles (under the ~/category/yeson37/ section of my blog), there are many reasons to reject the truth of the original Prop 37 vote in California, as well as any election in the State. But after these revelations, if you accept California vote-counts as real, you should check your sanity.
Jon Rappoport"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Massacre of Wolves

The following is from the Center for Biological Diversity

"Final Push for Wolf Defense Fund


Wolves Under Fire. Help Fight Back
Photo of gray wolves courtesy of Flickr/Jeremy Weber.
Wolves Under Fire --
Help Fight Back
This is my final push. There's no more time to wait, or simply hope, for wolf recovery. We need to take bold action now to save these rare, iconic animals.

Right now our lawyers are preparing our next powerful lawsuit to defend America's wolves. We need your support to ensure we have the funds to keep up the pressure on all fronts.

Please consider a generous gift today to our Wolf Defense Fund and then share this with five of your friends who also care deeply about protecting wolves.

Special-interest groups are trying to drive wolves off the American landscape. We're rallying to file our latest lawsuit this month in defense of wolves, so this is the final time I'm going to ask: We urgently need your help to stop these attacks.

We're seeing the assault on wolves increase.

• Washington's state senate just passed an anti-wolf bill that allows livestock owners to kill endangered wolves and other predators without permits, even if they're not attacking livestock.

• Outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has proposed removing all Endangered Species Act protections for nearly all wolves in the lower 48 states. This farewell act would be a death sentence.

Congress is proposing cuts to wildlife protections this week, during the budget debate.

Government agents refuse to release enough wolves in the Southwest to keep a healthy wild population.

The Center for Biological Diversity has a powerful record of success and a reputation for hard-nosed legal action in defense of wolves. We band together with allies across the country to stand up for wolves whenever that's needed, but our lawyers and scientists are uniquely focused on the big picture: saving and restoring all of America's wolves, in every part of the country where they belong.

Now we need you to step up your support so we can beat back attacks nationwide, starting with our lawsuit this month. Please give to our Wolf Defense Fund today.

The Center's the only group battling to save all wolves nationwide -- from the Rockies to the Southwest to expanding populations along the West Coast. In fact, we recently filed a major petition to protect all wolves under the Endangered Species Act and we'll soon launch our next suit. Today our campaign is more important than ever.

We can win this fight, but it's going to be an expensive, all-out battle. This is my last push to get this latest fight funded. Please donate generously to our Wolf Defense Fund to ensure we have the resources to keep wolves protected.

We need your help. I hope you'll take action today to make sure the gray wolf's howl continues to echo across our wild places.

For the wolves,

Kieran Suckling
KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. In states where wolves have lost protections, more than 1,200 wolves were killed last year -- hunted from planes and snared in inhumane traps. Pups have been gassed in their dens. This kind of indiscriminate massacre is what drove the species to the brink of extinction in the early part of the 20th century. Stand with us today and donate to ensure a safe future for gray wolves."

All donations to the Center for Biological Diversity are tax deductible to the fullest

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chinese vs. Western Medicine: the Treatment Plan

Pretend for a minute that you are experiencing chills and fever, a cough that sounds phlegmy and triggers a dry-heave, a slight headache, a slight runny nose that seems more stuffy at this moment, a red tongue and a pulse of about 85 beats per minute. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine is acupuncture, herbs, Gua Shi, and cupping, to name just a few modalities.  A practitioner of Chinese Medicine will aim at releasing your body of external and internal pathogenic factors, boost deficiencies that made you susceptible in the first place, relieve stagnations and other excesses, and help support conditions of the lungs.  He or she will also discuss lifestyle choices, diet, and your constitution, all to help you be aware of the whole picture related to your ailment.  With you on board as a team player, perhaps future miseries can be avoided.
A practitioner of Western Medicine will listen to your lungs with a stethoscope and let you know if you do or do not have pneumonia, look up your nose, in your mouth, and in your ears, determining that you are red.  Without further word on what you do have, except that you have come into contact with a stubborn bug and should wash your hands more, he or she will type a prescription into the computer and an order will be waiting for you at your favorite, local pharmacy.

In contrast, a practitioner of Chinese Medicine will communicate with you in order to know which treatment plan best suits your personality, financial situation, and the time you are willing to devote to your healing.  Most likely, you will be fine with an acupuncture treatment, but Gua Shi and cupping are always explained if they are to be part of the treatment plan and certainly if a client is new to the concepts.  Herbs, pills, plasters, powders, and raw herbal formulas may all be discussed.  The practitioner may write a prescription for a Chinese herbal pharmacy, or dispense the herbs themselves.  Treats like half an Asian pear, with a special herb powder prepared in it to moisten the lung may be suggested.  Four bags of two raw herbal formulas mixed together with the goal of releasing the external pathogenic factor, which most notably to you manifests as moving aches and pains, as well as transforming the phlegm and releasing the internal lung heat may be sold to you.  You will be instructed to avoid foods such as pasteurized dairy products and store bought juices due to their dampening qualities and pressure to your normally functioning internal works.  And you will be encouraged to put yourself first and to truly get lots of rest.
Over at the pharmacy, your Western Medicine practitioner will have waiting for you a bag of medicines that the pharmacist will review with you.   “This,” he will say reaching for the Promethazine – DM cough syrup, “may cause dizziness and drowsiness, so be careful about when you take it.”  “This,” he will say reaching for some tablets, “is 30 milligrams of pseudoephedrine in each pill, so take two at a time to help your stuffy nose.  It may make your heart race.”  Gosh, I never told my doctor my heart tends toward palpitations, you belatedly think.  “What’s this?” you ask raising the container of pills you are guessing must be antibiotics.  “That’s Naproxen/Naprosyn for inflammation,” and you remember how the doctor mentioned how he would get you something for the body aches associated with the illness.
Chinese Medicinal formulas may sometimes have an adverse reaction such as you will notice looser stools.  Chances are though, that your practitioner has taken your digestive abilities into consideration and the only downside to this medicine is perhaps the time and money that you have to invest.  At least this medicine does not push a pathogenic factor deeper into your system, thus making latent pathogenic heat that can surface at a later date in a more serious form.  The herbs will clean house and rid your body of the ailments.  Your next visit will be with a body that is very different in presentation from the week before and your new herbal formula will most likely be focusing on rebuilding your system, repairing any damages the pathogenic factor may have done.
According to eHow Health, the ingredients of the cough syrup is as follows, “One teaspoon of promethazine-DM contains the active ingredients of 15 mg of dextromorphan hydrobromide, 6.25 mg of promethazine hydrochloride and 7 percent alcohol. The inactive ingredients are ascorbic acid, citric acid, D&C yellow #10, FD&C yellow #6, menthol, methylparaben, orange pineapple flavor, propylene glycol, propylparaben, purified water, saccharin sodium, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate and sucrose.”  Sugar and food dyes are alarming enough because your body is ill and being asked to process non-life giving ingredients, and then you notice the propylene glycol and sodium benzoate and are shocked.  According to The Good Human, propylene glycol “alters the structure of the skin by allowing chemicals to penetrate deep beneath it while increasing their ability to reach the blood stream.”  They add a very good point when they say, “So even if propylene glycol was good for you, it’s main job is to help other chemicals you come in contact with reach your blood stream.”  According to Spa From Scratch, “Sodium benzoate is not found in foods unless it is added as a preservative.”  This website states that this additive is “transported to the liver where it is filtered out and expelled as urine.”  Sounds like an added burden on the liver and probably the kidneys.  Professor Peter Piper of Sheffield University concludes that since mitochondrial DNA of yeast cells is damaged by sodium benzoate, it may do the same to human DNA.  Your doctor may be giving you something that damages your DNA!
According to, pseudoephedrine may be involved in a variety of dangerous drug interactions.  The author instructs, “Take this medicine with a full glass of water.”  This website also warns not to take this drug for more than seven days and to avoid it if you are on diet or caffeine pills.  There is a long list of side effects that could certainly make you forget about the miseries of your present illness!
Over at the RxList: The Internet Drug Index, simply warns that your doctor must have decided that the benefits of Naprosyn far outweigh the side effects.  This website lists upset stomach, heartburn, and headache just to name a few.  The Western doctor must have decided that new problems are far better than roaming aches and pains which accompany acute illness.  In Chinese thought, the aches and pains are from an external source that has penetrated your protective qi and must be expelled.  You will hopefully sweat to get it out. 
It seems that Western Medicine has decided the phlegm associated with external attacks is associated with a histamine reaction that can be stopped by cough syrups such as the one mentioned.  In Chinese thought, there is a weakness with the Middle Jaio, meaning your transportation and transformation functions of your digestion, but particularly your qi(chi) mechanism is off possibly due to poor diet choices, poor eating habits in general, or stress as a start.  It is interesting the two completely different thoughts on illness and how to get better.  Which works for you?