Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Perils of Genetic-Humans

The Genetic-human who goes to Western Medicine will already have in their consciousness the program that when they feel poorly, it is 1) really good that they went and got that $hot now or else it would have been even worse and 2) somebody did this to me and made me sick because I am a victim of that non-mask-wearer, healthy individual.

The Genetic-human is programmed to think that it's never due to them choosing certain practices such as vaccines, the toxine, covering this nostril simultaneously with that nostril and mouth, diet, too much exercise, lack of exercise, fear...

The Genetic-human finds it challenging to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Common Law Purchase

I made my first common law purchase which was two silver dollars (which equaled $78 at the time) to purchase a book. Part of common law is the substance, which is dealing in silver and gold. :)

Monday, May 2, 2022

To Hilda, from a Friend

Letter to one of our supervisors from a friend...

 Hilda, (a big Pharma kingpin experimental injection pusher):

You are a flat out liar and have no authority to issue any “face diaper” wearing on anyone.  Mask wearing is an experimental medical procedure.  You fail to state the harm of mask wearing.  There is no law to wear a mask on public transportation.  Even if there were it would be unlawful and unconstitutional. You overstep your authority and commit the color of law - federal offense - among other criminal acts you commit and committed over these past two years.  Executive Orders, CDC (non government agency) recommendations etc., mean jack!
You are a disgrace to the office that you hold.  You are a servant to the people.  You are an employee to the people.  The people are your boss.  You, prefer, have taken on the role of a self-anointed psychopathic dictator.
I am not in your jurisdiction, nor am I in the Federal jurisdiction. I am not a US citizen of the United States according to the 14th Amendment of the constitution.  I am a National of the United States of America.  You will be placed on legal and lawful notice.
The person who wrote your newsletter must be sick of your immoral and unethical and illegal and unlawful dictates.  Note their use of the word ‘suck’ in your newsletter.
As far as your unlawful and immoral injection pushing (drug kingpin for Pharma), you have blood on your hands:   43,898 Dead 4,190,493 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions.