Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flower Essences for Balancing

“It is not the lack of opportunity, but our own inner coding that is somehow to blame for all our woes…Who will be able to remove it and how – this mysterious coding for hopelessness?”
-Who Are We by Vladimir Megre

According to Machaelle Small Wright, nature intelligences co-created the Perelandra FlowerEssences with her in order to help balance the electrical network of the human body. Whether the body’s electrical system becomes “short-circuited” or overloaded, it affects the central nervous system (CNS). The correct individual servings, or uses in combination of Perelandra Flower Essences, target the electrical system and the CNS, bringing balance and halting the spiraling effect that can eventually become a symptom, such as a cold or something more serious.

Perelandra is an unusual garden in Virginia. Its founder, Machaelle Small Wright, wanted to set up a research project in the form of a garden. Among the garden’s unique features: there are absolutely no insect repellents employed, either organic or chemical; nature intelligence are called on to help guide, protect and infuse the garden with harmony; and the minerals, plants, and animals (insects included) work harmoniously with one another to ensure that they may all thrive undaunted and unharmed.

What are the advantages of making flower essences from the plants instead of simply eating the well-balanced vegetables? Plants in the form of flower essences may have the ability to drastically reduce an unwell person’s recovery time. Also, when a person is working on expansion and being more multidimensional (fine tuning intuition and the like), the flower essences aid the CNS in functioning in broader ways. Another reason to use flower essences is that human bodies are working overtime, coping in an environment that challenges on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The energetic imprint that occurs with a drop of flower essences subtly adjusts the imbalances. With nature intelligence behind each bottle, flower essences can be used to provide answers to new patterns of disharmony, possibly before scientists have even recognized a problem.

The Perelandra Essences Guide says, “An organism cannot be in balance and at the same time be in need of healing.” Yet the idea of balance and healing traverses far more territory, it also addresses the very nature of organisms working and living together. For example, viruses, bacteria, fungus and humans could live together in a state of health.
When the human body is “off” or “under the weather,” which could be caused by a minor electrical system imbalance or too many gall stones laden with prolific amounts of viruses and bacteria, microorganisms replicate into abnormal numbers, causing further imbalance. The Perelandra Flower Essences do not intend to wipe out communities of pathogens but work through establishing a harmonious, gentle, loving environment.

How do plants become flower essences in a bottle? Individual flowers, like a rose for instance, are picked in the morning, just as the flower is on the verge of opening fully. It is then placed in a glass bowl of water and set out in full sunlight. Each plant infuses its personal imprint, an antidote for a specific stress response, into the water. After the plant part itself is removed, the essence is preserved in brandy.

Nature intelligence guided Small Wright in writing definitions for each bottle as a starting point for those interested in what the particular flower essence can do for them. Yarrow Essence stands ready to aid with protection against outside influences when a person is feeling vulnerable. Sobopla can help with the human’s soul and body’s relationship with Earth. Zinnia, as it says in the booklet, “restores the individual’s sense of playfulness, laughter and joy.”
The flower essences may be used in balancing treatments involving a physical body, a recently departed spirit, and in land clearings.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Herbs for Kids Instead of Antibiotics?

"Everything living on the Earth, from the outwardly simple blade of grass to Man(kind), is a self-constituted harmonious and eternal whole."
-Who Are We by Vladimir Megre

According to Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow, “There has been a great increase in chronic and recurrent illnesses affecting children.” In their book, Herbs in the Treatment of Children, Scott and Barlow also write, “Whatever the reasons, parents now face greater difficulties in keeping their children healthy and nursing them back to health once they become sick."

Has modern medicine with its incomplete exams and hasty antibiotic prescription writing had anything to do with the increased prevalence of health issues experienced by the current generation of children? Julian Scott, PhD and Teresa Barlow, BSc started out as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbalists who became amazed by the similarities between “western herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine and African medicine.” One important similarity between these healing systems is that herbalists take the client’s constitution into consideration and do not necessarily deliver the same herbal formula to two different children, even if they are both presenting with, for example, “pink eye”; this type of individualized treatment is in opposition to allopathic Medicine, the mainstream system involving a person in a white coat.

An allopathic doctor, for example, will most likely listen to the child’s heart beat, notice the greenish-yellow exudate (gunk) in the corner of the child’s eye, and take note if the sclera (white of the eye) is red but does not necessarily take the child’s temperature or ask if there is an aversion to cold. When the conjunctiva of the eye is inflamed, a mainstream medical practitioner would say that it is due to viruses, bacteria, or perhaps allergies, and in shorter time than the parent waited in the waiting room, prescription for Vigamox antibiotic eye-drops in hand, parent and young patient are on their way out the door.

Scott and Barlow suggest that this may be where a patient’s health digresses, when on antibiotics. Having never adjusted the internal environment conducive for toxic growth, the child heads down a road of situation after situation requiring further antibiotic use. A parent usually is not comfortable with their child needing antibiotics yet again, but there seems to be no other realistic choice.

With a TCM practitioner, it is a slightly different story: the child is considered along with the acute conjunctivitis, enabling the practitioner to select an herbal regimen particular to the child.
Bob Flaws, in A Handbook of TCM Pediatrics writes, “In Chinese medicine, redness is typically associated with some sort of pathological heat in the body. There are five main patterns associated with conjunctivitis…In children, the two most commonly encountered patterns are the wind heat external invasion and the stomach heat hyperactive above.”

A child encountering a wind heat external invasion pattern might experience a dislike of cold, reddening of the sclera, a feeling of something in the eye, possibly a headache and fever, and a white coating on the tongue. In this case, the herbs chosen for this condition clear out the heat and chill.

A child encountering the second most common pattern, stomach heat hyperactivity, might experience frequent hunger, bowel issues, a yellow coating on the tongue, and yellowish discharge from the eye. The herbs would clear out the heat and address the stomach energetic channel and bowels.

Because the child’s detailed condition, constitution, and disposition call for different herbs, the formulas for the five different presentations of “pink eye” would each vary in their goals. Some herbs that are actually bactericides (without harming the intestinal flora) may also be added to the formula and the child’s diet is definitely discussed.

Though, amazingly, there is another factor that sets TCM apart from allopathic medical care. An adult presenting with “pink eye” would be treated very much in the same manner that a child would be by a “western” doctor. They would be seen briefly and sent on their way with antibiotics in some form or another.

While allopathic medicine and TCM share one similarity, the dosage of medicine is usually smaller for children, TCM practitioners recognize that children “face very different problems than those of adults,” write Scott and Barlow. The yin/yang (core energy interplay) is different in a child compared to an adult. It is very important to consider children individually when choosing herbs, when deciding how to prepare them (drink, powder, etc.) and when choosing other TCM treatments. For example, needles may not be appropriate for a young child, but are usually fine for adults.

One drawback to the administration of herbs is getting them into a child who does not like the taste. It is usually easy to succeed with antibiotic eye-drops and pills rather than convincing a youngster to drink more than one sip of something that is not liked. Fortunately, herbal powders can be placed into capsules and swallowed without the taste of the herbs interfering, sprinkled into a single serving of waffle batter, for instance, or may be administered in other creative ways that allow for considering the child’s diet. With herbs and kids, necessity is truly the mother of invention!

Parents can become informed and then answer the question for themselves, “Herbs instead of antibiotics?”

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Genuine Essential Oils

“All diseases or symptoms of ill health are caused by an obstruction of some sort.”
-Andreas Moritz The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

According to Peter Holmes, L.Ac, M.H. of Snow Lotus Genuine & Full Spectrum Essential Oils, “The Snow Lotus collection of artisan essential oils represents my professional standard of excellence for oils intended for clinical and home-care aromatherapy.” His company’s oils are “absolutely pure and of the highest quality.”

Peter Holmes is a researcher, author and lecturer, as well as a practitioner of Oriental Medicine and a medical herbalist. He has studied with well-known practitioners in his field such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) author Ted Kaptchuk and pharmacist-herbalist Henri Verdier.
Long ago, Holmes had been looking for “fragrant jewels” with “remarkable healing effects on the body, mind, and soul,” not simply commercially, chemically standardized oils easily found in stores. His journeys took him around the globe, visiting grassroots producers of oils, because “my search was for distillers who worked in the time honored artisan way, living with the very source of the plant materials.”

He located indigenous family businesses that distilled the plants “in the traditional manner for an extended length of time, using low-temperature steam and low vapor pressure.” Not surprisingly, he still works with these families to this day.

Often, it is the very plants that are overlooked for herbal medicine that are used for essential oils. Some examples of these oils are Ylang-Ylang for a fast heart beat, palpitations and high blood pressure, Geranium for skin issues and women’s health, and Palmarosa for bacterial, fungal and viral invasions. Amazingly, the natural chemical components of the original plant are retained within the oil when ready for market.

The oils are easily incorporated into a variety of uses. For example, they may be used in therapeutic spas, during massage treatments, during TCM treatments (genuine essential oils trigger healing responses in the body and mind just as acupuncture needles do), as first aid remedies, on 100% beeswax candles, and internally when under a trained practitioner’s supervision. In fact, the uses are only limited by a general lack of education. They are a great gift idea because they are helpful for people in their quest to gain balance with symptoms, such as inflammation and infections, without harming their intestinal flora, or the environment.

Just open a bottle of these “Eco-wild” oils and smell the difference!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Food for Thought

Today, 7 million Southern Californians will be participating in a simulated earthquake. Some time in the AM, average employees and school's staff and students will be pretending a 7.0 earthquake just happened. Some will pretend to be injured, so the search and rescue teams can run into "real" situations.

I ask you, with thought being creative, with "What you focus on expands", is it wise to have 7 million people all focusing on an earthquake simultaneously?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Acutonics® Artists

“What is the human? The human is a space, an opening, where the universe celebrates its existence.”
–The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme, PhD

According to Donna Carey and Marjorie de Muynck, “There’s no place like Ohm.” These two healers and authors have combined Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with sound and the mysteries of the universe in their healing art form called, Acutonics®. Acutonics® is so much more than acupuncture with tuning forks instead of needles. Its creators blended their diverse backgrounds and knowledge to manifest this far- reaching form of sound healing.
Acutonics® : There’s No Place Like Om describes Dr. Carey (PhD, LAc) as a “self-taught musician, writer, and poet, who heard the Music of the Spheres (Astral/physical music that physically deaf composers probably can hear) when she had a near death experience in the 1980s.” As with the Music of the Spheres, the celestial sounds from the Acutonics® forks can be experienced with the whole body.
Ms. de Muynck (MA, LMP), has been a “musician, composer, and healer” for over forty years and an oriental-style body worker for over twenty years. She has heard the cosmic tones since her childhood, and now they can be heard on the Acutonics® forks.
Acutonics® has a far reaching professional audience and may be employed by “acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, psychotherapists, music therapists, energy workers, and other healers,” as stated in their book’s introduction. Fortunately, lay people may support their own body’s wellness during their personal symptoms by receiving training and instruction from an Acutonics® practitioner. Although a person is more likely to relax more fully during a session performed by a practitioner, self-treatment involves a person in his or her own health on a very immediate level. Did Acutonics® start in the 1980s with two women embracing music and later bringing it to the treatment room? In their research Carey and de Muynck uncovered many before them who had laid the ground work from which Acutonics® grew. Hermes Trismegistus, of Hermetic principle fame and who has also been credited as the inventor of hieroglyphic writing, is thought to have authored forty-two books. According to the authors of Acutonics® , one of these books “contains keys on how to use music to bring cosmic energy and tones to the earth plane to transform humanity.” Planets and planetoids’ cosmic energy can be heard and felt through the planet tuning forks. As Hermes predicted, “As above, so below.”
More recently, Johannes Kepler, a well known mathematician, scientist, and Pythagorean researcher, discovered the laws of nature and the laws that “govern planetary motion.” He also figured out that the planets travel on an elliptical pathway. Hans Cousto, a twentieth century mathematician, raised his eyes to the Cosmos in curiosity, and “translated the planetary velocities into musical tone.” He took Kepler’s mathematical description of the planetary orbits and translated them into music. In Acutonics® , the orbital tones are placed in individual tuning forks.
Cary and de Muynck pioneered taking this music even further by addressing the cosmic interval, which is the silence in the sound. Cary and de Muynck state, “Silence is the sacred space between the given sound and the resultant vibration.” The frequency range of the forks is 50 hertz (Hz) to 550 Hz, and a musical interval occurs when the different forks are used in certain combinations with each other. As a result, tonification, releasing, opening, and moving of energies (qi) is possible.
Ohm is a very real sound and vibration of nature and has an important role in the forks. Often, it is one of the forks used along with any other(s). An Acutonics® treatment can make a person feel as though they have been transformed. When the forks are placed on acupoints or waved over the body, a person will believe and concur that “there’s no place like Ohm.”
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mandatory Vaccination

Recently, my friend’s non-health care employer (not in CA) demanded that the whole firm be vaccinated against the “Swine flu”. The employees were led to beleive that it was mandated, but after 50% of the employees refused, the adminisration admitted that being vaccinated was just “strongly advised”.

Thankfully, I reside in a state that allows school waivers for those who do not wish their kids to be vaccinated. So far, I am not aware of employees being forced to have the H1N1 vaccine, or lose their jobs. In 2005, mandatory flu vaccinations were demanded of nurses in Washington. The nurses won. Recently, in Albany, NY, healthcare workers were threatened with losing their jobs if they didn't succumb to pressure to have the Swine Flu shot by November 30. On October 23, 2009, the regulation was supposedly suspended when it was realized that there was not enough of the vaccine. In actuality, an Albany judge "halted enforcement of the rule in reponse to a lawsuit filed by three nurses," said Claudia Hutton, a spokesperson for the State Health Department. The thing that is confusing to me is that all 50 states make up the US, so why would someone not have freedom to choose?

Obviously, there are groups out there who think vaccines are good, helpful things. They are perhaps concerned that unvaccinated people will make them sick. If they get the shot and believe in it so much, then how can what I do or not do be of any concern to them? Fear should never be a motivating factor for anything. Even though this blog is about mandatory vaccinations and not against vaccinations themselves, I invite you to research percentages on those who have not had shots and don’t get the disease, as well as those who have had shot s and still get the disease, only usually in a worse form.

I have many stories around doctors trying to force various vaccines on me through the years. I want to tell you one related to my daughter, because it relates to the disease changing if in a vaccinated person. Before my daughter could be enrolled in kindergarten, I had to take her to her doctor (who she hasn’t seen since because she has stayed in the same school). The gentleman pored over her thin file, looked up at me and said, “Has anyone talked to you about vaccinations?”

“No, and I’d rather they didn’t.” (I had researched the subject thoroughly fifteen years before I even met my daughter’s father and have logged a few more years of research since.)

“Well,” he continued, “Do you know that three kids died of measles last year?” (This is a common ploy of pediatricians- try to induce fear in the uneducated mother.)

“Was it Atypical Measles?” (I am not an uneducated mother.)

“Ah,” he stumbled, “Ah, well, yes.”

“So that means the three who died were vaccinated.”

He was silent to my statement, not a question. (Atypical Measles occurs in those who have been vaccinated against measles. I personally prefer measles.)

I asked, “Could you please write on the chart that we’ve had the vaccination talk? Thanks.”

It really doesn’t matter whether we are in agreement on the vaccination issue, or not. What’s important here, is a person’s right to choose what’s best on an individual basis, is being threatened. A group at Care2 have started a petition refusing the idea of mandatory vaccinations. I ask you to go to the Care2 website, do a search on their site for refuse and resist mandatory vaccinations, read the petition and see if you are in agreement. If you are, then please join their efforts to get to 50,000 signatures with a click. With as many people as are here in the US, and with as many people who say they believe in Freedom, I would think people would be willing to sign provided the words meet their standards. I am now receiving Care2 action alerts about various atrocities, so beware of that if you’re not interested in receiving e-mails.
Their web address is

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Esoteric Acupuncture

“When you change, your environment changes.”
-Bill Walsh, of Rainmaker Seminars

According to…Mikio Sankey, humanity as a whole has raised its consciousness to such a level that it has acted as a timelock for Esoteric Acupuncture’s New Encoding Patterns to be released and offered. These acupuncture patterns can expand humanity’s path toward healing and wellness, and opportunities for even higher consciousness!Dr. Mikio Sankey is a California licensed acupuncturist, naturopathic physician, theosophist, lecturer, and author of several books.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years. The goal of the early TCM doctors was to see their clients as little as possible, because it meant that the doctors were doing a good job with educating their clients on how to conduct their lives, and that their treatment procedures (acupuncture, acupressure, qi gong, tai chi, herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations) were correct.

To-day, we are blessed to have Esoteric Acupuncture as another treatment protocol, thanks to Dr. Sankey, with the goal being wellness and heightened awareness about personal health, the environment and beyond. The name was chosen to express the Ancient Esoteric Wisdom along with TCM and acupuncture theory. The diagnosis process is different compared to traditional acupuncture where the practitioner views the client’s tongue, feels the pulses on their wrists for information about their organ systems, and takes note of their signs and symptoms. The Esoteric Acupuncturist notices tears in a person’s energy field, foreign energies clogging the system, imbalances with the chakras (huge energetic vortices situated along the midline of an individual), and especially various emotions and how they are effecting the client. TCM is often referred to as preventative medicine. Esoteric Acupuncture is concerned with wellness, taking prevention to a whole new level.

Healers, not licensed in acupuncture, may use Esoteric Acupuncture patterns by using crystals, oils and other items instead of needles. With the New Encoding Patterns, the acupoints, areas of extreme energy on the body, are touched in an exact order. While the points are activated, the client remains awake, possibly doing mental imagery to assist with the treatment. Afterwards, the objects are removed in the inverse order to how they were placed in or on the body. Dr. Sankey has found that this protocol, unlike with traditional acupuncture, releases higher frequencies. In fact, meditators wishing to expose themselves to heightened awareness and expanded consciousness are drawn to Esoteric Acupuncture, especially those who do Inner Plane or multidimensional work.

Esoteric Acupuncture helps a client to be able to view problems and imbalances from a higher level, thus being able to step back from a situation in order to improve clarity. The fine tuning of subtle frequencies, being aware, and an active participant in the process, the client may “simultaneously align and initiate the opening of their Heart Center.” This will cause a frequency of love that is generated throughout the energy field becoming the “gateway to expanded healing.” Dr. Sankey emphasizes the importance of the Heart Center being in alignment, because, in his opinion, no healing can truly occur without it.

Information, Intelligence and memory reside in the cells. Think of each cell is as a computer and Esoteric Acupuncture as a tool that helps a client to access the data when the timing is appropriate for that particular individual. With organic produce, clean, healthy water, exercise suitable for the client’s personality and body type, meditation, and a modality such as Esoteric Acupuncture, a person may become more present and healthy.

Esoteric Acupuncture is just one more piece of the puzzle available at this time.
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