Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Sophistication of the So-called Savage

Many of you have no idea how backwards the British, Australian, and American societies are when it comes to the Deaf of their communities. There are so many people out there who have no idea how to communicate with them. 

Do you know that unlike our society where Deaf people are here with the regular society and the regular society doesn't know how to communicate with them, the plains natives (all the tribes) trappers and traders knew sign language and could all "talk" to each other. And they could talk with the people in their Tribes who could not hear!!!

BAM. So sophisticated!

Do you think you know all the reasons for wanting to remove them?

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Spell


In this point of focus (lifetime), I chose what was to become the ovum with the genetic information I wanted from ancestors (and especially from my mother) long, long before the day that I orchestrated the conception of this Physical body. I sent my Monadic Ray into it…possibly my Casual body as well…and waited a really long earth time to allow that ovum-to-be to ripen. On the day, I chose the genetic information I wanted from my father and entered what I wanted to develop into the sperm I had chosen. I, my Monadic Ray, rode it as a horse, if you will, and we waited while about twenty-three acrosomes (enzymatic heads of sperms) worked on making a hole in the egg so that we could ride in and fertilize the egg I had chosen. Each point of focus is different for me.  I don’t always choose every detail carefully. I’m certain I have entered an abandoned baby before it was born and took over another’s plans…only, changing what was brought to that Physical body, thus changing the outcome for that baby. My point is that before birth is when you have the opportunity to choose your gender for your work here. Draco and company have humanity under a spell in thinking they may make the choice AFTER birth.

Cultural gender roles are what any human is free to change. I read about a Lakota (Native) male of the 1800’s. He wanted to be intimate with a man. He wanted to dress in the pretty dresses and jewelry of the women. He disliked killing, stealing horses, and hunting and wanted to dress animals and prepare foods as the women did. He knew he was a male. It was the cultural gender roles that he wanted to switch. No culture, after all, has a Right to inform you what your likes and dislikes are to be. He was so fortunate. (Well, this is a human way of looking at a pre-birth plan.) A male was there in that band who desired to be intimate with a man. Walla! A match literally made in Heaven. These men knew they were men. Everyone seemed to accept them as they were: men living with their likes. There was no spell here. No-one convinced the woman-man that he had a vagina or a menstrual cycle. No-one convinced him that he could give birth to a child, though I’m certain he supported other women in caring for their young.

Likewise, it is conceivable that a woman from long ago who desired fighting and stealing horses and deeds of grandeur—but desired to be intimate with a man—could have lived. This woman would still be a woman and if she entered a Cheyenne lodge, she would go in the woman direction, not the male direction, because she would have known she was a woman. It would have been the cultural gender role she was rebutting. No spell here. She knew she had no penis.

I recently heard, “They are in the bathroom.” I was so confused. After all, how many people could fit in that tiny bathroom and why would multiple people go together? It was explained to me that this human is a they, because this human is both male and female. So, let’s pause here to think of the ones who have had difficult lifetimes because they were born 53% male or 51% female. They literally are both and yet neither. They were born with a large clitoris, perhaps no uterus, and the like. These ones led tormented lives made worse by mean humans and their name-calling, shunning, and killing. But today, healthy males and females have unhealthy minds (under a spell) and they actually think because they state they are ninety-seven genders or two genders, that they are! The most dangerous for humans are the ones who maim themselves and render offspring impossible. Draco and company want the successive human here. It is as a robot and cannot procreate. (Long ago, the Puppeteers tweaked some humans and made the pig. Draco get off on happenings such as that.) The pig was made right under other humans’ eyes. The successive human is happening under the humans’ and mankind’s eyes. The spell is working on humans, but the humans able to rise above the frequency of the spell are setting themselves apart from the insanity. They are mankind.

Humans, it is gender roles of your culture that you may switch and identify with. That’s called likes and dislikes. You can’t deny your uterus or penis just because you’ve been convinced that you can. Be Powerful in your Feminine or Masculine role how you see fit. Be intimate with those you desire. But know that a doctor did not assign a gender to you at your birth. That belief is part of the spell you are under. Be the woman or man you were born in your way, but don’t allow anyone to convince you that you are a they! You are perfect, whole, complete as you are. You are the best You possible. Break the spell with the Power held within you that the opponent to humanity fears.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!



Monday, November 14, 2022

Night Terrors & Nightmares


Night terrors, in my opinion, are attack. Attack comes from frequency, entities and weapons of entities such as an automotive gray or an Incubus. (Think of something such as a spaceship that can be as a suit that is slipped on, and the controller can experience the crime of energy harvesting first-hand, yet the attacker is safe far away!) Nightmares are unfinished business from our past that has not been integrated. Nightmares may be from this point of focus or a “past life.”

Night terrors may leave markings on your body because something really was present holding you down. With a frequency attack involved, your head may feel microwaved. Most notably, increased heart rate, sweat and an inability to move are usually present. The military/science/government/human/non-human faction or damon time travelers are often involved with night terrors for their individual agendas.

With nightmares, you may be working through past perceived hurts too quickly or not at all and in both situations, your Causal body (soul) is there to pull you out or safely rattle you because you ignored the umpteen symbols/signals throughout the day and there is work to be done. Before this point of focus (lifetime), you would have permitted certain future experiences for whatever reasons and your Causal body would have accepted responsibilities in that part of the agreement. Frequency attack, an entity showing up to attack, a non-viable controlled automaton there to attack, or a combination of these attackers may show up and bring you from your work with the nightmare. But usually, they are unrelated, except to say that in the big picture, it is all related since all goes back to the One.

The same measures may be used in both instances. Signs posted at the doors of your home and inside up on shelves with detailed messages about trespassing, and the contract they will enter in with you if they trespass should be clear. Pinky-rose coming from you to the attacker from Source should be established. (When I have followed a Thought-form attacker or some other thing that was a tool of attack, I go to one who originated from Source, as I did. Those from Source have Pinky-rose, no matter how buried and forgotten. They don’t like the command that your experience of them is to be from Pinky-rose love. The Harmonizing Pyramid (now called the Multicolored Pyramid) works as defense and healing. It may be conjured up with your mind, but the real tool is nice to have around. Violet Cubes of Light may transmute your fears or the attack coming at you. When temporarily paralyzed, your mind is your best weapon if you can get to a thought before they seemingly disconnect you. The defenses mentioned here work really well. As far as nightmares go, I have revisited a very real attack from the past and rewritten it with the help of Pinky-rose and the Cubes.

Night terrors and nightmares are opportunities to claim information about your personal experience here and the big picture of what is occurring here, and your part in it. If something has the “upper hand” over you, you have the opportunity to claim and then hold your Center.

Standing in alignment with the Sound of Self is the goal. When you are in communication with your Causal level, you are above Astral body tugs of fear and the promptings of the implant in the Mental body.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!


Dateline Proving Lawyers Suck


I saw a Dateline last night where a 27-year-old husband was found guilty of murdering his 24-year-old wife, Sarah.

The husband claims he found her dead in the bathtub. He deduced she must have fallen asleep and drown.

Fact: She fell asleep often and suddenly, including in the bath.

Fact: She did not feel well that day. She complained to the dentist that she felt sick, that her tummy felt off.

Fact: Husband was watching a game on the tele and when he came upstairs, he put the TV on in the bedroom before checking on her.


Though most human males addicted to sports on TV would not murder someone over watching the game—not when there’s roughly 21 other hours in the day for that, he could have used this as an alibi. So, we won’t include this to say he’s innocent.

This man had three legal teams. As far as Dateline mentioned, not one:

·      Subpoenaed her medical records running through her entire life. They specifically needed to look for Narcolepsy testing. She could have simply told her friends that she just went to the doctor, and he said she’s fine. These doctors also needed to be placed on the stand. Perhaps she never ever informed them that she had a “sleeping suddenly” issue.

·      Next, a narcolepsy expert needed to be questioned. Perhaps jurors don’t know this is a form of epilepsy.

·      Can narcoleptics die without water during an episode, or do they all simply die because they fall asleep at an inopportune moment?

·      Did the ME look for narcolepsy evidence in her brain? Get a second opinion regardless.

·      Get a second autopsy by an outside concern, not affiliated with that first guy.

·      Check her vaccination records. “Died Suddenly” has been occurring in babies and adults that I know of since the 1980’s.

·      What work was done on this woman who didn’t feel well when at the dentist? Did she receive the toxin fluoride? Did she have work done and novacain?

·      Were pictures taken of her before the abuse of trying to save her life?

·      Was tap water in her lungs?

 Learn legalese (de facto words on paper; administrative control of the ignorant) and Law so no matter what the circumstance you can stand for yourself ands make certain the truth is told. Do not trust lawyers who don’t want to displease judges.

Start here but read American Jurisprudence.

Fluvid-19 Video First Link

On Numbers:

Friday, November 11, 2022

Climate Change Defined

 Climate Change: Food shortage caused by agents of the government having paid farmers to destroy all of their product. Food shortage when agents of the government buy up farmland for their agenda. Food shortage when animals are destroyed for a made up reason such as c*vid.

Climate Change: Agents of the government controlling weather to destroy the human way of life such as by ruining crops that were to be food. Geoengineering to poison crops and humans.

Climate Change: EMF poisoning to destroy humans and their potential food. To destroy bees so pollination will eventually stop.

Climate Change: Murder by $hots put out by Big Pharma.

Climate Change “Natural” movements in the atmosphere made worse due to humanity’s’ fear, greed, lust and other base emotions “sooting up” atmosphere, preventing free-flow of energies.

Tour of 2022 With My Grandparents


After hugs and greetings because my grands have been gone for a while, I would show them LA County in Commiefornia as a bird’s eye view into the happenings in this world. For you to know these people and their experiences, they were:

·       a civil engineer, inventor of convex/concave walls for dams and he built bridges (he didn’t get his patent in in time for the cement truck concept, but was one inventor), three months shy of his 90th birthday when he died

·       a bowls player housewife, formerly a long-time nurse, one month shy of her 91st birthday when she died

·       a Hall of Fame tennis coach, WWII Vet who placed radar into Beau Fighters and Beau Jets, three weeks shy of his 99th birthday when he died

·    and secretary to the coach and housewife, former nurse though a sixth-grade education, five months shy of her 104th birthday when she died.

These people travelled extensively, mostly back when people dressed nicely on this occasion and barf bags were commonplace on planes. (And passengers didn’t have to pay for baggage.) The first two were residents in Canada and South Africa; the other two, Australia. 

Here's what my tour would consist of. What do you suspect would be their reactions?

·      Authorities informed the We the People that a natural, contagious virus was loose, so they better follow protocol that these authority figures say. Firstly, healthy people were locked up; quarantined! (After all their questions about why that could happen, I’d continue.) Secondly, they took the temperature every day of the healthy! (I couldn’t possibly answer their questions here, except to explain, “You see, the thermometers are not as you knew them. Though there are harmless ones that may be rolled on a forehead, the authorities would scream, ‘Germs!’ as an excuse to use the ones they did. They zapped a person’s pineal gland.” (Here, I would have to digress to explain Wi-Fi and how it destroys the blood-brain-barrier and 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G (connecting humans to the mainframe), which would lead me to Section 704 of the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act and how authorities blatantly placed words on paper saying health cannot be a reason to stop bad things related to communication.) I relate all of that to the tools used to take temperatures and to v*(cines, because they too seek the blood-brain-barrier and so much more to destroy.

·       The recommended v*(cine schedule for kids from birth is through the roof. Here, I’ll show a visual.


·       By now I’d have to find four seats for them, and I haven’t even gotten to how humans were convinced to smother themselves and their children for fear of a so-called natural, contagious virus that could not be isolated. Onto the PCR, I’d have to start with how it is really used with forensics. “You see, now if a partial skull is located with a little bit of matter under a tooth, a DNA profile can be made because the PCR can multiply that small amount of matter and now they have enough with which to work. They can match it with the daughter who has searched for her mom’s remains for decades. When she was small, she knew where her father had killed her, so she searched for the body forever.” I’m sure the four would be sitting taller here, saying, “Fascinating!” I’d have to explain how the PCR was used on the PKU sample so authorities could sell that info far and wide and other nefarious things that they can do with that one small drop that they now made more of. (See my book). I’d announce, “The authorities convinced the people that the PCR was to find a natural, contagious virus that had never been isolated. Because of this, they ran a scam on the people where they took complete control of them.” I’d explain how I had to leave my job because I refused to participate in an experiment against humanity and that I am not Muslim or some such religion. My religion does not require me to cover my face. I’d explain that, further, I wouldn’t allow my temperature to be taken as no-one there was my healthcare practitioner, and I am healthy. I would need smelling salts by the time I got to that $hot that had never been proven safe, effective in supporting health, nor necessary as there was no isolate.

·       School was conducted on computers from separate homes and yet, people sick within the “classrooms” thought they were spreading a “germ!” Mental health was adversely affected by the attack on humans led to believe an unseen boogeyman was there to get them and school conducted in this manner did not help matters. (I had first-hand experience here so could elaborate a lot for my grands.)

·       Critical Race Theory. They actually are teaching children to hate white people.

·       Transgender Movement. They are preaching that there are more than two sexes, and further, supporting young people in blocking puberty and so much more. At my acupuncture license renewal, I was asked, “What gender did my doctor assign me at birth?” Here, I am certain one of my grands might simply state, “But Dr. Hercules simply looked at your wee-wee!” And this in a day and age when blood can reveal sex! Further, if a man is arrested, all he has to do is say he identifies as a woman and he can go to a female prison. If a woman who was born female and identifies as female changes her name, she has to announce it in a newspaper, which have mostly moved to the internet, by the way. (I’d have to explain a lot here, too.) If a woman is born female but identifies male changes “his” name, he doesn’t have to announce it in the newspaper. If he simply asks his doctor to write down male, he is a man. If a girl decides to be a boy, she can, but she may adopt the pronoun “They,” and there are words on paper saying you’ll go to jail or pay a fine if you call them the wrong pronoun. “Them?” the four will say. “Them is more than one.” I will say, “Not in 2022. It is one human.” (I may need those smelling salts once more.)

·       At public school, tests that are given to children can sometimes be on an individual basis. The first part of the test is a test. What does this kid know? The second part is to profile the child. The questions have no right or wrong answers. (No-one is teaching the class while the teacher conducts these one-one-one tests. They are doing independent work.)

·       Geoengineering/Weather Control/attacking humans would be a rather lengthy topic, because I would inform them what I do to combat itViolet Cubes of Light.

They would all be asking to go back to rethink another trip to Earth at this point, so hugs and goodbyes. I am left here in Commiefornia with many who don’t understand as those four would. Heavy sigh.

Thank goodness for my teas! My afternoon teas where the few who are sane are finding each other.

Added 11/18/2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

You Call Me the Theorist?


Humans who can’t rise above the implant in their Mental bodies and hold Power against Astral body tugs of fear, are also unable to separate from screen-time (TV, phones, computers, etc.), most likely because they are addicted. They are programmed with whatever the opponent to humanity downloads into them. They are informed that a boogeyman, natural, contagious virus is attacking them, and humans don’t question the program. Humans theorize that if officials are opening their mouths proclaiming an enemy virus is upon them, it must be true. Mankind has stood strong in the resolve to find this isolated so-called enemy and destroyer of health. None can be located. Yet, mankind is labeled the theorist!

Humanity is programmed to cover both nostrils and the mouth simultaneously. They obey, not needing to see any proof of what could be a fairytale. Mankind knows the request is counter to breathing and demands proof of such claims. “First, show me the isolate. Next, show me two groups: the first masked; the second unmasked; both in the presence of this isolate.” The requests are not granted. Humans theorize that if officials are opening their mouths proclaiming ma$ks are safe and necessary that they must obey, because it must be true. Mankind questions. Yet, mankind is labeled the theorist!

Humans are commanded to use the PCR as if it is a test looking for a v*rus. They dutifully obey daily or weekly. Mankind demands to see the isolate and to see if it can be found with this tool. The requests are not granted. Humans theorize that if officials are opening their mouths proclaiming this tool is a test, that they must use this tool in this manner, no questions asked. Mankind questions. Yet, mankind is labeled the theorist!

Humanity was informed to distance themselves from other humans without them challenging the command. Mankind socialized while inquiring. Humans allowed and still allow multiple questionable pharmaceuticals from a company that cannot be held liable to be injected into themselves and to their children. Mankind stood and still stands steady, strong and true to protect themselves and loved ones from threats coming at them. Humans blindly obey, theorizing that all that comes from officials’ mouths is for their own good, without looking into one claim, yet alone all. Yet, mankind is the theorist!

Humans were informed that a so-called natural, contagious virus could be enough to call in Emergency measures, when mankind said that an unproven isolate was not a volcano, earthquake or the like. Humanity blindly agreed that healthy people could be isolated, when if anything, mankind would isolate one who is very ill, but would not fear supporting this individual. Humanity dutifully surrendered all Rights, theorizing that words out of officials’ mouths would be for their own good. Mankind screamed, “No! I do not relinquish any Rights!” Mankind required evidence as to why an official thought he or she had the authority to strip mankind of the Right to travel, breathe, have body autonomy and self-determination. Humans complied. Mankind thought and questioned. Yet, mankind was the theorist.

I proved that coronaviu$ is the common cold. (Even went on to prove the common cold is not contagious.) I proved that there is no isolated c*vid that is natural, but that Gain of Functi*n is real and is lab-work against humanity that attacks with or without frequencies. I am in the control group, having followed no officials’ requirements and have not been sick. If you separated yourself from others, wore a ma$k, still wear a ma$k, had/still have a swab shoved up your nose, got the $hot and still get more, or a combination of these things, then you followed theories. And yet, you call me the theorist?

But then, humans were programed to name call and belittle by labeling freethinkers “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Criminals-That-Believe-They-Be Ask For Amnesty


The c*vid era tyrants are asking for amnesty now that they've been caught. 

Would we try and judge a teacher who tests his pupils? 

Humanity failed themselves. 

Humanity are the ones who didn't have the frequency to NOT fall for the c*vid era bs. They are responsible as much as their teacher is.

Humanity was complicit in the crimes against them. They gave their permission every step of the way.

At any rate, the students will be held accountable for not paying attention and having the frequency to break through the programming by the consequences of the $hots , smothering themselves and allowing a questionable swab up their noses.

The criminals-that-believe-they-be should lose all access to humans via screens and authority figures. Their frequency should send them to a planet with like frequency. They should be in each other's company, not ours. Please keep in mind the non-human damon puppeteers to these nasty humans get off on hangings and other such killings. They are fed by hatred. The puppeteers to these nasty humans should also be send to a planet of similar frequency...a gathering of all the low frequency, a place where if they cannot increase their frequency, they will simply stop. 

Keep in mind many of the nasty humans were sexually tortured, implanted more than the average human and drugged into becoming the robot of control that they are now today. We can best support them in returning to control of themselves by commanding our experience of them is from Pinky-rose.

The bottom line is that if there were more people like me on March 14, 2020, they could not have gotten away with ANY of it. Truth!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Dear Bonta, Measure A Seems Unlawful


(I ask for the letter to be placed in my administrative file because there should be many letters in there that I can call into a courtroom one day to reveal the tyranny that he has allowed. I ask for the envelope to be placed there because it was sent through the Judicial District where I am behaving as "reasonable mankind" from American Jurisprudence's Reasonable Man Doctrine.)

Jones, Jane                                                                        

c/o #### E. (name) Street

City, California



30 October 2022



Attorney General Bonta

CA Department of Justice

PO Box 944255

Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Re: lawfulness of Measure A


Dear Attorney General Bonta:

Please show me where it is lawful for Measure A to be on a ballot. The sheriff supports people and is elected. Where does it say in our Constitution that a charter may be made for the people to vote to have control of the sheriff move away from the people to another authority?

Please place this letter and envelope in my administrative file. Thank you.




Jane Jones


 Added 11/06/2022

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Toxine’s Etheric Component of Attack


Three times now, I have seen the Etheric level component of the toxine’s attack on humanity. The toxine is the weapon pedaled to humans as a va(cine. It transmits physical matter that has, with equipment, been proven to be in non-$hotted-up people.1 (Refer to the manufacturers’ practice of transmissibility with past v*ccines: hospitals warn not to enter ICU’s if a visitor has had a list of $hots within six weeks. There is no “live” virus. So, what was being transmitted?) How can I be so certain that this $hot has an Etheric attack within it? 1) I saw it. 2) I know about Physical, Etheric, and both Physical/Etheric implants as discussed in my book.2

 The first time I saw the Etheric component was the morning after a long-time friend visited us from Australia. From November 2021 to July 2022, he had had four Pfi…. $hots. I saw huge spots on the edge of my aura. They were spaced apart. The next morning, they were tiny and had multiplied exponentially. I got in touch with the non-physical court and stated my case that I have warning signs up3 making it clear that any attack is trespassing and that if an attack enters my space, the controllers of the attack just entered into a contract with me. Things settled down during the ten days of his visit, but I did ingest “the goop” daily.4

Yesterday, I socialized a lot, not giving “c*vid era bs” a thought. This morning, I awakened to seeing the Etheric attack waiting outside my aura again. The dots were medium sized, smaller than the first sighting, but more of them. They were less in number and larger than the second sighting. This was enough to convince me that the two densest bodies are under attack. (But I theorize that the $hot’s prey has the imposter raystanding in for conscious connections with the Causal body and Monadic Ray, so obviously this attack is a Multibody attack.) I scorched myself with Violet Light to transmute what was sticking to me or near me. (I saw a little me with Violet Light coming up from below my feet, burning as flames, higher than my head.) I took the “Goop,”4 Goddess Coded myself,and Green Lasered myself.2

 It's helpful to be aware of this toxine’s Etheric component to attack in order to understand the technology used against humans, to do something about it and to stand as a worthy opponent.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!






4 (Receipe at #2)





Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Human Pawn


Permit me to introduce you to the fiction into which you have been indoctrinated if you are a human. (If you are in alignment with the Sound of Self, the light-bearer human, mankind, this is not for you…as you know.)

The Social credit System: digital credit/debit depending on the human’s behavior and if it is in alignment with AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, awful individuals).

ID 2020: The Social Credit System and digitalized medical records meeting with approval from AI (as defined above) for locomotion (including entering stores).  

Agenda 21/30: The Social Credit System, ID 2020 and all humans having been corralled in high-rises except when working for AI. Screen time will become fulltime virtual reality with a schism complete. The “body” will be operating independently to the brain, which will be occupied in a virtual reality. Memories of alignment with MultiSelf will only be related to something seen on the screen for entertainment. Humans will be programmed to see mankind, who can assist in liberating them, as the “bad guy.”


Mankind has already warned the human about AI’s (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, awful individuals) ways. Humans ignored these warnings calling mankind names and then kicked representatives of mankind out of their lives, amongst other “punishments.” Humans willing covered the orifices used for breathing because they were simply instructed to do so by AI. Further, they allowed a questionable swab to be shoved up their noses because they were informed it was a test by AI. Lastly, they allowed a horrible product to be injected into them by a company that cannot be held liable because it was called a v*ccine, (because AI told them they cannot work or travel without it and, besides, everybody who cared about humans was doing it).


Humans will not heal their addiction to authority.


Humans will not stand in Power.


Humans experience fake, internal “pay-offs” at playing the part of the victim.

Humans are choosing to be pawns.


If they continue on the path of the human pawn, they will be as a robot. This successive human, which is following the Genetic human, will be the ultimate slave and will be tied into the fate of their oppressors. If a frequency shift happens, the pawns will go the same level as the AI controllers.

The pig was a tweaked human. It still is as is. The human pawn; however, may leave their role at any time. The problem is they are addicted to the “pay-offs” of name calling and victimhood. Addictions are holding onto...They make the human a damon, one who goes against the flow.


During the c*vid era—the blatant grab-for-the-human thanks to the human’s compliance—mankind was mistreated. Mankind was forced at gunpoint to follow certain orders, refused service for not being $hotted up, harassed, verbally abused, beaten and so much more. But mankind rose to the occasion. Mankind studied law, as well as the de facto legalese. They practiced travelling with their innate MerKaBa. They practiced materializing food and “food” from the ethers. Mankind “upped” their game. Thanks to the aberrant behavior of the human pawns, mankind stood in Power. Mankind found each other since the humans would no longer socialize with them.


Your fate is in your hands. Will you integrate the lower frequency of the human pawn and connet with your Power, or go the way of your oppressors?


 For information on the successive human, damons, and how to de-pawn yourself, please read my book:




Friday, October 21, 2022

Human Prey


Coronavirus is not infectious. It is natural. It occurs when a cell has sought balance and is the byproduct, the history of that event.

SARS was made in a lab, most likely from “coronaviruses” of animals who were tortured. The COVID (gain of function) in 2019 would have been SARS, HIV (made in a lab) and MERS (made in a lab) placed in a Flu $hot and then 4G, 5G…constant Wi-Fi…would have helped some to become sick. Plus add the rest of what “covid” was…humans informing the public that a scary “virus” was going to get them…plus add doctors allowing themselves to be “strong-armed” and writing “covid” for a diagnosis because they sold their souls, plus all the shutting down of those speaking the truth…and walla…covid!

I even posted a screenshot of my Merck's Manual defining coronavirus as the common cold and people ignored me. (But then, they were programmed to believe “common cold” meant contagion…)

The imposter ray is what will turn the Genetic human into the successive human, because the human will no longer find it easy to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self. Innately, they will be under the impression they are in communication with their Monadic Ray and Causal body, but will be in communication and under the direction of AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence and awful individuals).

Unfortunately, if consumers didn’t investigate a product, nor the group promoting it, and ignored individuals warning them about it, they used their Free Will against themselves by inviting an injection of biowarfare. Perhaps warning signs should have been in place prior to having "rolled up the ole sleeve" so these humans could hold agents & entities accountable for trespassing. But, if no signs were up prior, no contract set up along with a warning, these humans left themselves open for attack by an opponent far more intelligent than their own little selves. Oh, well.

Wi-Fi went global along with many vaccines being on the CDC schedules. I was terribly concerned the first time I saw Wi-Fi at a beach. This ensured a weakened blood-brain barrier. Enter PCR tool being shoved up the nose. Enter the toxine with its imposter ray.

The Genetic human needs to increase his and her frequency. This warfare doesn’t reach one of higher frequency. The light-bearer human will be fine. The successive humans, on the other hand, will not be able to easily free themselves from the attack and it will follow them upon so-called death. We are here to assist them, but they couldn’t hear us back when glyphosate and atrazine were tools of humanity's opponents. How will they hear us from the Causal level as we reach "down" to them? (Part of this attack is an implant in the Mental body. Part is an Astral level attack. Both already made it challenging for humans not holding a lot of light to understand us from the Physical level.) 

Anytime you hear about a SMART appliance, even if it's technology injected into humans, remember the military/science/government/human/non-human faction that is in charge of the attack on humanity. Remember:






But their attack is not simply technology. It's technology delivered in a $hot. It's Big Pharma in general. I don’t recommend that you use anything from Big Pharma, Ivermectin amongst them. Samuel Thomson's (1822) book and Dr. Christopher now, and so many others have products and foods to support health. Please don’t be conned by Big Pharma and the “learned” doctors. Learn about law. Learn about Pinky-rose and how to command a Space of Love from officials and others. Learn about Violet Cubes of Light and other defenses to use in response to EMF emissions and geoengineering.

Recall that the pig was tweaked from a human and that opponents to humanity have not stopped tweaking humans yet. Why should they? Humans are easy prey.

If humanity doesn’t pass this test, I am not sure they deserve to survive. Mankind has been here supporting them for so dang long! They consistently fall for the lies. If they can’t stop themselves from being tweaked in this lab, then perhaps that is their destiny.

Should they ever desire to stop behaving as human prey, well, liberty is a thought away. Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

A link cited in my book roughly 40:00.

Knowing Law is defense.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

For Our Loved Ones


These two groups (what I call humans and mankind) that have become obvious during this c*vid era are two sides where the one is saddened by what the other is doing. Halloween decorations sum the two philosophies up nicely. One side has the “gravestones” saying “Did my own research, and the other has “Trusted the science.”

For my loved one, sadness is around trust given to the PCR tool, even though this one believes in “c*vid,” as well, which makes me feel defeat that outside influences can trump my influence.

So, here goes. An interactive article for our loved ones. Please use Webcrawler, Swisscows, Duck Duck Go and Google to see the differences and similarities with the sought material.

Let’s start with “c*vid,” shall we?

Search “HIV Image.”

Search “Mumps Image.”

Search “Rubella Image.”

Search “Measles Image.”

Search “Lyme Image.”

Bacterial…search “Chlamydia Image.”

Search “Water mine Image.”

Search “Covid-19 Image.”

Exosomes/natural non-contagious "viruses":

Keep in mind that matter found near or within a cell that is labeled a virus is only seen in black and white. Does all matter found near a cell have the shapes seen above? Does anything? Is this simply an artist’s rendition of a water mine? How come a bacterium looks the same as a virus when presented to an ignorant populace? How come many so-called viruses look the same? Have any of these viruses been isolated?

Why not simply show chlamydia in the following way? 

Does the water mine image elicit fear? Is fear the goal in order to sell a va(cine, a pharmaceutical, a narrative, or all three?

Please read this next part as it is important to this discussion, because your trusted sources have vilified people such as me who needed proof of a “pandemic” before it was given any credence at all.  Is it wrong to seek proof before offering credit to something?

I have spent the last two years writing to officials and healthcare directors for proof of the isolate known as “covid-19.” If it exists, why wasn’t proof provided? Here’s an excerpt of how I posed my request, in case you think I asked in an incomplete way.

“I am requesting that you provide proof that “covid” has been isolated and is not simply a computer-generated simulation. I ask you to please provide me with a copy of the following items:

·        produce evidence that SARS-COV2 (and all its names ie: coronavirus that is natural, contagious and harmful; covid-19 that is natural, contagious and harmful) has been isolated not using PCR—which is not a test and cannot isolate a virus—nor by a computer-generated guess, but definitive proof that a natural virus has been isolated that is a contagion.

·        produce all records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV2 virus, directly from a sample taken from an expired body, where the patient sample was not put with any other source of genetic material, for example hepatocytes, monkey kidney epithelial cells (Cercopithecus aethiops), or the like. To be clear, “isolation” means the act of separating a thing from everything else.  I am not requesting records where “isolation of SARS-COV2” refers to a culturing of a thing, or how something such as the PCR functions related to this or a sequencing of a thing.  To clarify, I am requesting all such records that are in the possession, custody or control of your office or a U. S. federal department whether downloaded to a computer or device, printed in a hard copy, or held in some fashion.

·        produce records that the isolate is contagious and harmful to humans

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they do not transmit the virus.  Please include all subjects who started the study.  Please do not call only two out of two one hundred percent.  Please state your answer on subjects by their number, ie 100 who received the shot were around 100 non-receivers of the shot.  Twenty of the non-shot receivers became ill and the pathogen was isolated from them.  Also state how many and which company’s shot(s) was or were received by those who had the shot.

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they cannot “catch” the virus.  Again, an example would be 100 who received this shot were placed in a room with 100 ill patients for X amount of time.  None became ill.  The 100 ill patients had the isolate to prove they were sick with a natural, contagious virus.

·        provide evidence that proves that segregating the population who have not received this pharmaceutical from those who have stops the spread of the natural, contagious virus that has been isolated.

Important to the “c*vid” topic is who are the officials, doctors and scientists that you trusted with the information you received? Are they commercial scientists or freelance? Are they affiliated with a university or freelance? Search out each individual. Has Big Pharma offered money to them ever or now? Who sponsors their opposition? If you trust a paid opinion over a freelance opinion, how come?

Has Germ Theory ever graduated from being a theory? Is it possible you were trained to believe in “germs” and helplessness to them by news, movies and other programs?

Is virology a settled science or do many arguments and discussions ensue about it? Did you decide a “virus” is a natural, contagious attacker because you saw real proof or because you heard it on a media platform? In the beginning of 2021, I witnessed three people becoming ill on three successive days. We were together on Zoom, but alone in our homes. “Yup, something’s going around.” I was the only one out of many who brought it to their attention that they did not make each other sick. Their programming was so complete that lack of health had nothing to do with their choices (in food, exercise, detoxing programs, etc.). It was ONLY that another human could MAKE them sick. If a human is helpless and woes are somebody else's fault, victimhood is satisfied.

Are you concerned that authority figures will be displeased with you if you search for answers? What voice is in your head making you wrong for stepping away to investigate yourself…For stepping away from your friends and loved ones to think for a moment? If it isn’t safe to hold different opinions, is what you fear solitude? Are you afraid that no-one would like you for questioning an accepted view?

It is time to answer these questions over calling those who have searched to find an isolated natural, contagious virus “conspiracy theorists.”

Onto the PCR tool.

Let us look at the package holding the swab that is to be shoved up your nose to come into contact with very delicate tissue. The swabs used in the “c*vid test” are sterilized using ethylene oxide—a cancer causing, sterilizing agent. To place this inside your nose repeatedly cannot possibly support health. A lot of the information supporting this statement has been removed, but this is still up.

Use the four (or more) search engines to investigate this for yourself). 



The inventor of the PCR said it may not be used as a test. PCR tools are not searching for a “c*vid,” they are identifying pieces of DNA and RNA that have occurred within the life of that body and cannot say definitively what it means.  Depending on how many cycles it is spun, results will vary, yet swabs are placed up both nostrils, potentially exposing the other side to what the first side may be experiencing, bacterial for example.  This ritual is useless and pointless, unless a sinister reason exists for the tool being used in this fashion.

The PCR tool is used to assist in solving crimes. For instance, a suspect’s boot has one drop of blood on it. If it can be proven that it is from the brutally murdered female near to where he was seen, they can conclude that he was present when her blood was spurting upon her death. The PCR takes that one drop and multiplies it so they have enough material to work with.

Pretending it identifies a natural, contagious virus is stretching the parameters of this tool, especially in light of no natural, contagious virus having ever been isolated.  Isn’t it time to stop trusting the opponent to humanity? Isn’t it time to start looking into what is called virology and all the “tools” used to keep this religion going?

If you locate a natural, contagious virus, please post the proof in the comments below. No Health Departments the world over has been able to do so. Thank you!