Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dis-easement Causes Illness

[You know, there are few things that can make any dis-ease a really bad experience or the opposite without a boogeyman being in the air. There's a reason that some of us who have studied Germ Theory and about cell byproducts (viruses/exosomes) can't be pulled into the narrative about Covid-19 and the common cold known as coronavirus. Add in our education on EMF's, 5G, 60 gigahertz chips, Wi-Fi, vaccines, HAARP, Agenda 21...including ID 2020 (social credit system, AI, etc.) and there's no way we can unknow what we know just to become another reactionary.

If you're extremely deficient, something like Acutonics can help give you energy if the practitioner knows where acupuncture points are that can help with tonifying specific meridians. If you have run yourself into the ground by overworking, for example, then there's no fuel there for your body to help you. Acutonics is nice and gentle. It won't draw on your Qi. It just gives and gives and gives so it's fantastic if you're extremely depleted. But you have to acknowledge what you did that made you so depleted and not do that again. Accept responsibility for the state you're in, because you contributed to your internal terrain by your thoughts, your actions, your diet, how you socialize and exercise, etc. For instance, have you been in perpetual fear for four months? Have you been compulsively checking statistics of something that puts you in fear? This will cause liver Qi stagnation which supports systemic dis-easement. Have you been wearing a mask? You've not only been depleting your oxygen, you've been increasing your carbon dioxide load which leads to all kinds of dis-easement within yourself. What about EMF toxicity? Have you been on the internet without going and putting your feet in some soil to help drain the static electricity? Have you been on the internet more than usual? Have you been watching TV more than usual? Have you been drinking a good amount of clean water? Can an internal terrain be mistreated in a certain manner and not have any dis-easement?

How many viruses were a byproduct from your cells due to imbalance trying to rebalance? Is it a mild experience because you are only slightly doing things that were putting your cells in jeopardy, or were you doing something extreme against your own personal wellness and balance, and have a lot of by-products (viruses) been formed? All those viruses in your blood are as debris and now your liver and your kidneys and everything is having to filter harder. Now, examine what actions you did that forced your cells into imbalance so that then they had to go and rebalance themselves, making this byproduct. While you're at it, do not overlook the vaccines that you have received. If you have even had one vaccine in your life, then you have brought engineered viruses into your system. What used to be a virus/exosome within an animal's tissue (due to that animal's cells trying to rebalance) have been tweaked in a lab and are now a bioweapon. What kind of imbalance is that creating your system?

Finally, are you taking Western Medicine? It doesn't matter whether it's a pill that you pop, an injection that you receive, or liquid that you swallow. If it was put out by Big Pharma, it was not made to support your body. It was made to suppress symptoms. That makes it even harder for your body to rebalance itself. It's counterintuitive.

So you may be really miserable, but could it quite possibly be because of your outlook on life, such as fearing the air and believing in Germ Theory...not because of that person over there not wearing a mask and not believing the narrative related to Plandemic 2020?

The gap just seems to be getting further and further between those who listen to the 1% and Big Pharma and their narrative, and scientists and doctors who are not affiliated with the 1% or Big Pharma. I feel content, happy and safe in my choice to not follow the narrative even though I've read their plans that go way back stating how they plan to kill 8 million to 6 billion humans. Can you say the same? You know, in A Course in Miracles it asks, "Would you rather be right or happy?]

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