Sunday, July 19, 2020

Outside the District of Columbia

Many authors state how you have to choose: either be a citizen of the United States, or a living man.  I find that too challenging in such an ignorant world.  I prefer to stand in the District of Columbia so far with things such as a driver’s license, but that may change if I’m asked to get the Real ID.  I dot my “i” and cross my “t” and look like a citizen of the United States. 

But let me tell you what I do outside the District of Columbia, and believe me, half the battle is recognizing the Communist regime that is on the surface and that there is another jurisdiction hidden beneath it.

I wrote a letter to the effect of…(You see, I did this back in the beginning of March and can’t remember my exact words)…

To Whom It May Concern,

I :Jane :Jones ©, being a living man in the country California of the States of the Union hereby declare that I do not give permission to be vaccinated, tested for covid or anything else, masked, forced into isolation, forced to physically distance myself from other people (both living men and citizens), nor anything against my will.

Bright Day,
:Jane :Jones ©
:Jane :Jones ©

The envelope this letter was placed in was sent to myself through the General Post-Office within the Judicial District and the “stamp,” my signature, was cancelled by the Post Office.  From what I’ve learned, the Post Office holds the most power and the postbox is the court.  

See the stamp in the upper right-hand corner? I placed one of those on the back of my letter. It is said that if an official turns your paper over, they can say they don't see a letter from you, so it's obvious that that is my letter.

Now, I don’t know what good it’ll do me with a bunch of ignorant officials, but I hold in consciousness that if I don’t step into the District of Columbia, I will be okay until arriving at someone who does know.  It gives me something akin to hope at any rate.

I recommend reading The Red Amendment for some information on legislation in the US.
On Youtube: The Justinian Deception and many others who have their point of view.

You may place the envelopes in any USPS mailbox. Packages, you take into the post office and hand them to the USPS worker. They cannot hand it back to you because that is obstructing the delivery of mail. They have received it. You just tell them, "It's prepaid. It's fine." They will look at you with suspicion and say that they don't think that it'll get anywhere, but they'll put it in the mail anyway. And you say, "Thank you," and leave. I have sent these letters internationally and I have sent packages across the United States... without paying any money.

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