Monday, July 6, 2020

Timelines Following Frequency

[Have you ever experimented with taking yourself above the 3D?

An example would be if you had an infection and you needed to get into a medical building to see your naturopathic doctor but there was a Nazi nurse outside who needed to take your temperature first, and you knew you had a fever because of the infection but you also knew that you needed to get into that building because you didn't have covid! So the nurse takes your temperature and it's 97.1 but when you get into the building and see your naturopathic doctor, it's 100.1! For a second, you took yourself above 3D.

Likewise, have you ever felt the fear that is a reaction to what you hear happening on the news? That fear makes your energy condense, slow down, tighten up.

Everyday you are choosing a timeline, so to speak.

Now, I assume there's only about five of you who will like what this video has to say. So I reckon there's only about five of you who would be interested in my manuscript on this kind of stuff.😂 I have been researching frequency and the 1% for close to 30 years... which is amazing since I'm only about 34! 😉

But I am seeing the split just like you are. There are two groups that are forming even within the most dense timeline.

Each individual had a plan before incarnating, but in my opinion, even that is of the "Matrix."
Every soul is a soul no matter where they are on a human timeline. Groups of souls split of from the All together, but even some of them can get out of the "Matrix" while others may stay. Timelines are of the "Matrix."

Frequency dictates choices available to us, but our choices right now determine frequency, too.

No matter which timeline, you can downshift nourishment into your being if you remember how. The only thing is, if people are going to serve themselves completely, that shuts the other two options off...or at least makes it more challenging to connect with.

I actually see these three options available to us every single day. We can choose to rise above 3D in any moment. Children or anyone can. I think frequency "breaks" families apart all the time. Some people just don't get other people even when they share blood.

When I saw that the 1% were coming after the food supply and I thought about what kind of disharmony that's going to create on this dense 3D, I started practicing with downloading nourishment and feeling full. It can be done. And I'm doing that standing here in the 3D with everyone else.

It was interesting for me to hear this man say "anchoring Light." I have been feeling what's been coming to Earth since at least 2001 and have been anchoring it. And we actually need to anchor it on purpose because we are humans and we are here and we can anchor it better than some other groups.]

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