Sunday, July 12, 2020

Helplessness is a Choice

[Even though we know there isn't any exosome/virus (that came from our cells as a byproduct after an attempt to balance) floating around in the air, alive and ready to attack us... we can't say that there's nothing in the air.

Compliments of the governments of the world, we have 4G, 5G, 60 gigahertz chips, Wi-Fi, SMART meters, nanoparticulates, a variety of heavy metals and other ingredients from geoengineering, the shedding of engineered viruses from the vaccinated and chlorinated steam in showers...and let's not forget nuclear plants spewing radiation.

It's amusing to me that with everything that people could fear if they really wanted to be in a state of fear, the government has given them plenty of fuel. But instead, they're choosing to fear a common cold that isn't even in the air!

Now, the news is going to tell you differently, but just because the person standing next to you is feeling ill doesn't mean that you are going to get ill. Natural processes do not need to be feared. You may want to take some time to contemplate the biowarfare that the government is tweaking in their labs that they have planned for you, however, especially the lab-tweaked viruses that they want to inject into you.  But know this, for every commercialized scientist who has told the story of a germ in the air that can hurt you, there is another scientist who has proven otherwise. Maybe you might want to turn off the TV and take some time to go and find the scientists, because they've been around for a really long time.]

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