Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pitting Human Against Human

[Is your governor trying to pit person against person? Is your governor sure to label anyone who doesn't wear a mask as inconsiderate, not valuing community, and not caring about other people?

That is programming people to see those who are not wearing a mask as hostile. This in and of itself could start riots.

One thing that I learned during the last almost 4 months is that the majority of people who believe in the covid-19 narrative and fear "death by virus" are the Democrats. Correct me if I'm wrong. I only know one Democrat personally who is aware of the narrative and the psyop that is occurring. (And for the record, I am neither Republican or Democrat. I look at them like they are two sides of the same coin. They are both the 1%.)

I've also learned that the majority of people who are not for citizens being armed are Democrats.

So chances are that a person who is wearing a mask and comes at a person who is not wearing a mask  is going to be a Democrat.

Well be careful, because that person who doesn't wear a mask...could be carrying a gun.

Don't let politicians work you into fear to the extent where you look at a person with a naked face as a killer...Because they just might end up one!

Be careful. I've seen how successful each and every program that they have done on humans (especially through the news) has been successful. There's no reason to think that this program coming from a politician's mouth isn't going to be successful. They want 8 million to 6 billion of us dead. And they don't care how many of us kill each other on the way. It's entertainment for them.

Humans, whether they have a mask on or not, are not the enemy to each other.

AI and the 1% are coming for you.]

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