Monday, July 27, 2020

The “Elite” Can’t Hold Their Human Form

[The so-called “elite” would understand natural phenomena such as increased photons coming to Earth as average humans wouldn’t.  They would be aware that all lifestreams around the known, as well unknown (by humans) Verses (Uni, Multi, etc).  This would mean that the controllers, the “elite” and company, would be aware of the more positive lifestreams accessing this Light and grounding it on 3D Earth.  They would’ve foreseen a time when “holding their form” would be challenging, thus the extreme measures of control since the mid-1700’s and the rush for Agenda 21 to be implemented outwardly…no more covert control of the USA, for example.

With Light, it is difficult for non-humans to hold their human form.  It would be best to disclose at least some information related to UFO’s and extraterrestrials in general beforehand.  But more than this, perhaps they want all to become completely fed up with liar humans first.  So, if any of the elite are human, they could serve to make you suspicious of them.  Ah, listening to the Draco Reptili*ns may be a proposed choice. 

Don’t do it.

Whatever may seem human to us may be Artificial Intelligence or an entity of some sort and part of the script.  Know that you can be made to see and think whatever they want you to if you don’t acknowledge they have that technology, and therefore, you can’t stop it.

Things may be very confusing while they are trying to get you to turn your Free Will over to the “Aliens.”  Go within and connect with Truth.  Do not give them your Power.

We are almost Free if we will only embrace our Power over their lies.

Hold on.  It’ll be a bumpy ride, but do not choose fear.  You have all you need.  Breathe.  Connect.  Be a user of that which is Within and Without.  Cease being a consumer and slave.

Now, go anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

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