Monday, July 13, 2020

Lice in Schools

[In 2013  the CDC informed me that lice was not a health threat so we couldn't ask kids to stay home. Some bus drivers got away with not allowing kids with lice on the busses, but not all.

What was intersecting was that it bothered the same 50% of the class the entire school year. There were some who never got it even with close interaction. The adults, too. We worked closely with all the kids. None of us got it. I didn't always have my hair up. I could see all stages of the lice in the children's hair. Including the adults falling off of their hair on to the table with death.

I'm saying that cleanliness goes a long way, but also a person's internal terrain.

Bechamp is worth looking into if anyone thinks that just because something is supposedly in the air that it can hurt them.

As a side note, to the teacher who made the comment in the meme above... Coronavirus is a common cold. Humans have been told that common cold spreads. But what's really happening is that you have overworked or eating too much sugar or had too much stress or some other thing and your cells have become imbalanced. Your body is trying to rebalance itself.

Within each cell, a by-product is left and it is known as a virus. There are a couple types of coronaviruses that can be these exosomes of sorts. It is not surprising that with the attacks that the governments of the world are doing on us, that our bodies are probably creating different kinds of viruses in response to the different kinds of attacks that are imbalancing your cells.]

Merck Manual: Coronavirus is mentioned once under common cold.

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