Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Puzzle Piece I Bring

[The piece of the puzzle I offer is to remind you how powerful you are. There is free energy around you. You have your mind that's inside your cells. You can choose to be a utilizar of what's around you and what talents you have over being the consumer that the 1% have made you.

There's plenty of information out there as to what a virus really is. A virus is a byproduct of you and it is absolutely amazing. You go and party all night and eat incorrectly and your cells try to establish balance after what you did to them. There are also the attacks of the governments of the world so our cells are trying to rebalance themselves. A byproduct is a virus. The reason that we keep on having what is called flu season, isn't because it's contagious. It's because people eat all kinds of candy and do all kinds of behaviors that make their cells imbalanced and they ignore the imbalance, call it dis-ease, in fact; blame a boogeyman pathogen. Play victim. They go to work sick. They still push through.

Bechamp offered a piece of the puzzle. Go and read his work! There's a reason that Pasteur was embraced. Big Pharma could not be what it is today without people believing in the Pasteur meme.

You are being played by your fear. Fear is not a puzzle piece. It does not fit in this picture of community we will create. It keeps you from putting the whole picture together. Fear is creating a lack of community. Fear is promoting ID 2020.

Those without fear are going to create a beautiful picture with all their puzzle pieces coming together. That picture is community. Those of you who are choosing fear will be left out. It's not us who are leaving you behind. You're making a choice.]

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