Thursday, December 26, 2019

Warning: Baby Steps Lead to the Social-Credit-Prison

          You may think it is benign when asked to rate an employee who has helped you, but this is a baby step that is leading to having every action that you do rated.  Your phone assists the criminals-that-believe-they-be on knowing everything about you through its spyware, so one day, they will rate you and deduct credits or add credits.  This will either allow you enough credits to do a desired thing, or deny you…and those around you may not want to associate with you if your actions….writing a blog about government goings-on, for instance…causes you to have few credits.

            You may think that an app on your phone for Starbucks or to get gas is awesome because you can buy one drink and get one free and get discounted gasoline for your car.  These apps on your phone seem handy and wonderful, because you get connected to so many opportunities that save you money.  But your phone is addictive and it is spyware and soon, authority figures may ask to see your phone for your driver’s license and then they may intrude on your privacy even more without a warrant.

            Is it truly you who gains by having Sky-net in your hand?  If you are a regular, sane bloke, then know that you have no idea where these seemingly innocent baby steps will lead you.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Human Ant in Contact, the Movie

            In the movie titled Contact, the Jodie Foster character, Ellie, goes on an eighteen hour journey with other lifeforms.  To the humans observing her take off, they saw her "ship" drop and crash below, though not badly, because she was fine.  Few believed her when she recounted the story, because they never saw her leave.

             Laura Knight-Jadczyk, through her books, taught me that a group, whether aliens or the military or otherwise, can take any person or thing and then return it to its timeline.  In the case of the movie plot in Contact, Ellie was placed back at the exact next second as if she had never left.  But sometimes in real life, they are not.  A deja vu may be that you were placed back a few seconds before you were taken, which causes you to relive those seconds again.

            The ants in the ant farm are constantly looking up and wondering about their universe when all along, they are imprisoned, controlled, and spied on themselves!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Envelope Markings Explained

The following applies for you no matter where you reside on Earth.  Your post codes may vary, but basically you are stating that you are not within the far-reaching District of Columbia.

The Sender/Addressee Information:
You place your name in brackets to take it off the page.  I place colons in front of each name because Wynn said it makes me a noun.  I use the copyright symbol, because I am not a name, but this mark is my emblem to inform people that I am speaking through this that I have posted.  You have to place the General Post Office as your desired place for this post to start its journey, because you do not want to go through the puppet United States Postal Service (USPS).  Judicial District is off the page, so they can deny anything is there…Meaning…they are not there.  They are hidden and wish to remain so.  Non-Domestic, zip exempt is important, because you want to be outside the District of Columbia.  I forgot this on a letter to the Pope, and it came back asking me for $1.15.  Remember this or you are using USPS.  Without UNITED STATES equals outside the corporation known as the United States. This is important, because here in California, I am writing from a country within the states of the union.

The Sender:
Usually in blue, but black is acceptable, I write details on the International Mail Manual, even though I have acknowledge the UPU within the stamp.

The “Stamp”:
You become the postmaster, judge, banker when you sign here in red.  No brackets used, because you do not want to take your signature off the page.  There is a rabbit hole waiting for you related to being a postmaster.  I feel this is key to travelling without identification (passport or driver’s license).  On Her Majesty’s Service (O. H. M. S.) is revealing about the queen’s involvement. The UPU is The Universal Postal Union, an international organization that coordinates postal policies among member nations, as well as the worldwide postal system.
From, “Article RL 114 Prepayment. Methods of denoting prepayment 1 Principle 1.1 As a general rule, items shall be fully prepaid by the sender. 2 Methods of denoting prepayment 2.1 Prepayment shall be denoted by means of any one of the following methods: 2.1.1 postage stamps printed on or affixed to the items and valid in the member country of origin; 2.1.2 postal prepayment impressions valid in the member country of origin and dispensed by automatic vending machines installed by designated operators of origin; 2.1.3 impressions of officially approved franking machines valid in the country of origin, operating under the direct supervision of the designated operator of origin; 2.1.4 impressions made by a printing press or other printing or stamping process when such a system is authorized by the regulations of the designated operator of origin. 2.2 Items may also be provided with an indication that full postage has been prepaid, for example, "Taxe perçue" ("Postage paid"). This indication shall appear in the top righthand part of the address side and be authenticated by a date-stamp impression of the office of origin. In the case of unpaid or underpaid items, the impression of the office which prepaid the item or made up the postage on it shall be applied opposite this indication.
I write Foreign Office of Origin in blue and date it.  I am writing from outside the District of Columbia, outside the system, so it is foreign.  I am also being my own being within my own country, so am foreign.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two Jurisdictions Within Each State

A fictitious government that overlays a true law of the land would, could, and is harming the populace.  I cannot make you see what you do not want to see.  But I can show you something…

         Outward appearances for what is known as the United States of America is very different to the reality.  Each state is a country in and of itself, but an impostor District of Columbia is operating on the surface, overlapping with each country/territory of the state of the union.  (Read books published prior to the Civil War to see how people referred to their home states as countries.)  For just one example of something "the elite" have in place that you know nothing about is the General Post-office.  This is within that old-time jurisdiction and it may still be accessed.  The so-called elite, the-criminals-that-believe-they-be, made sure no-cost post would always be there and that others would pay for it instead of them.  For example, the USPS is the system which operates on the surface and you pay for it. They made sure of it by teaching you how to address an envelope during formal education...And I hope this "reveal" gets you to wonder what else you were taught in order for a certain reality to be hidden from your view.

         Physical snail prove that another post office exists and that I am not a conspiracy theorist in saying it is there.  Speaking of conspiracy...

I say, “The government is out to destroy you with mandating vaccines.”  Though these pharmaceuticals have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary, and are based on an outdated model of the immune system and only a theory related to pathogens, and though the population grows sicker, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

I say, “SMART meters are a military weapon that will pulse and weaken the walls of your homes and the cells of your bodies.”  Though there is a plethora of proof that Secret Militarized Armament Residential Technology is destroying our health, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

I say, “4G and 5G are end game technology.  Fourth Generation can cause low sperm counts and cancer.  Fifth Generation can manipulate your emotions or turn you to dust.”  Though there is a plethora of proof that this is basically Sky Net on your streets, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

           But is this government what you think it is?

          When you stand in a courtroom, talk to a police officer who has pulled you over, travel with a passport, or have your kids vaccinated because legislation told you to do so, you are operating as a US citizen, a pawn to the District of Columbia as you were taught through TV programs, to name one method.  (Because, you see, just as you were taught to address an envelope in a certain way, you have been taught how courtrooms are run, et cetera.)  Writing letters of protest to an official within the fictitious system through their impostor mail service will not convince them to listen to you.  (I realize "impostor" sounds harsh when speaking of something we have warm, fuzzy feelings for and have always relied on, but it is a necessary description.)

          When you send post from outside the UNITED STATES from the country/territory of California, for instance, you are saying that you do not buy into the lies of a fictitious system and demand it to step aside to a just, persevering law of right action and treatment for all.  You are saying that they are perpetrating a foreign attack on you (for a fictitious government is an attack...not to mention mandated vaccines, SMART meters, and 4G/5G) and must stop according to their own legislation.  And, most of all, this is what the beauty of using this post-office has to offer us: proof that this other jurisdiction is someone must have hidden it...and that someone is the fictitious government, for it would have been someone or something who/that could have gained from it.

                                                Details on this envelope may be reached at this link:                    

            If the General Post-Office Judicial District is not there, then how come my post goes through it?