Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Human Ant in Contact, the Movie

            In the movie titled Contact, the Jodie Foster character, Ellie, goes on an eighteen hour journey with other lifeforms.  To the humans observing her take off, they saw her "ship" drop and crash below, though not badly, because she was fine.  Few believed her when she recounted the story, because they never saw her leave.

             Laura Knight-Jadczyk, through her books, taught me that a group, whether aliens or the military or otherwise, can take any person or thing and then return it to its timeline.  In the case of the movie plot in Contact, Ellie was placed back at the exact next second as if she had never left.  But sometimes in real life, they are not.  A deja vu may be that you were placed back a few seconds before you were taken, which causes you to relive those seconds again.

            The ants in the ant farm are constantly looking up and wondering about their universe when all along, they are imprisoned, controlled, and spied on themselves!

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