Monday, November 14, 2022

Dateline Proving Lawyers Suck


I saw a Dateline last night where a 27-year-old husband was found guilty of murdering his 24-year-old wife, Sarah.

The husband claims he found her dead in the bathtub. He deduced she must have fallen asleep and drown.

Fact: She fell asleep often and suddenly, including in the bath.

Fact: She did not feel well that day. She complained to the dentist that she felt sick, that her tummy felt off.

Fact: Husband was watching a game on the tele and when he came upstairs, he put the TV on in the bedroom before checking on her.


Though most human males addicted to sports on TV would not murder someone over watching the game—not when there’s roughly 21 other hours in the day for that, he could have used this as an alibi. So, we won’t include this to say he’s innocent.

This man had three legal teams. As far as Dateline mentioned, not one:

·      Subpoenaed her medical records running through her entire life. They specifically needed to look for Narcolepsy testing. She could have simply told her friends that she just went to the doctor, and he said she’s fine. These doctors also needed to be placed on the stand. Perhaps she never ever informed them that she had a “sleeping suddenly” issue.

·      Next, a narcolepsy expert needed to be questioned. Perhaps jurors don’t know this is a form of epilepsy.

·      Can narcoleptics die without water during an episode, or do they all simply die because they fall asleep at an inopportune moment?

·      Did the ME look for narcolepsy evidence in her brain? Get a second opinion regardless.

·      Get a second autopsy by an outside concern, not affiliated with that first guy.

·      Check her vaccination records. “Died Suddenly” has been occurring in babies and adults that I know of since the 1980’s.

·      What work was done on this woman who didn’t feel well when at the dentist? Did she receive the toxin fluoride? Did she have work done and novacain?

·      Were pictures taken of her before the abuse of trying to save her life?

·      Was tap water in her lungs?

 Learn legalese (de facto words on paper; administrative control of the ignorant) and Law so no matter what the circumstance you can stand for yourself ands make certain the truth is told. Do not trust lawyers who don’t want to displease judges.

Start here but read American Jurisprudence.

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