Friday, November 11, 2022

Tour of 2022 With My Grandparents


After hugs and greetings because my grands have been gone for a while, I would show them LA County in Commiefornia as a bird’s eye view into the happenings in this world. For you to know these people and their experiences, they were:

·       a civil engineer, inventor of convex/concave walls for dams and he built bridges (he didn’t get his patent in in time for the cement truck concept, but was one inventor), three months shy of his 90th birthday when he died

·       a bowls player housewife, formerly a long-time nurse, one month shy of her 91st birthday when she died

·       a Hall of Fame tennis coach, WWII Vet who placed radar into Beau Fighters and Beau Jets, three weeks shy of his 99th birthday when he died

·    and secretary to the coach and housewife, former nurse though a sixth-grade education, five months shy of her 104th birthday when she died.

These people travelled extensively, mostly back when people dressed nicely on this occasion and barf bags were commonplace on planes. (And passengers didn’t have to pay for baggage.) The first two were residents in Canada and South Africa; the other two, Australia. 

Here's what my tour would consist of. What do you suspect would be their reactions?

·      Authorities informed the We the People that a natural, contagious virus was loose, so they better follow protocol that these authority figures say. Firstly, healthy people were locked up; quarantined! (After all their questions about why that could happen, I’d continue.) Secondly, they took the temperature every day of the healthy! (I couldn’t possibly answer their questions here, except to explain, “You see, the thermometers are not as you knew them. Though there are harmless ones that may be rolled on a forehead, the authorities would scream, ‘Germs!’ as an excuse to use the ones they did. They zapped a person’s pineal gland.” (Here, I would have to digress to explain Wi-Fi and how it destroys the blood-brain-barrier and 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G (connecting humans to the mainframe), which would lead me to Section 704 of the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act and how authorities blatantly placed words on paper saying health cannot be a reason to stop bad things related to communication.) I relate all of that to the tools used to take temperatures and to v*(cines, because they too seek the blood-brain-barrier and so much more to destroy.

·       The recommended v*(cine schedule for kids from birth is through the roof. Here, I’ll show a visual.


·       By now I’d have to find four seats for them, and I haven’t even gotten to how humans were convinced to smother themselves and their children for fear of a so-called natural, contagious virus that could not be isolated. Onto the PCR, I’d have to start with how it is really used with forensics. “You see, now if a partial skull is located with a little bit of matter under a tooth, a DNA profile can be made because the PCR can multiply that small amount of matter and now they have enough with which to work. They can match it with the daughter who has searched for her mom’s remains for decades. When she was small, she knew where her father had killed her, so she searched for the body forever.” I’m sure the four would be sitting taller here, saying, “Fascinating!” I’d have to explain how the PCR was used on the PKU sample so authorities could sell that info far and wide and other nefarious things that they can do with that one small drop that they now made more of. (See my book). I’d announce, “The authorities convinced the people that the PCR was to find a natural, contagious virus that had never been isolated. Because of this, they ran a scam on the people where they took complete control of them.” I’d explain how I had to leave my job because I refused to participate in an experiment against humanity and that I am not Muslim or some such religion. My religion does not require me to cover my face. I’d explain that, further, I wouldn’t allow my temperature to be taken as no-one there was my healthcare practitioner, and I am healthy. I would need smelling salts by the time I got to that $hot that had never been proven safe, effective in supporting health, nor necessary as there was no isolate.

·       School was conducted on computers from separate homes and yet, people sick within the “classrooms” thought they were spreading a “germ!” Mental health was adversely affected by the attack on humans led to believe an unseen boogeyman was there to get them and school conducted in this manner did not help matters. (I had first-hand experience here so could elaborate a lot for my grands.)

·       Critical Race Theory. They actually are teaching children to hate white people.

·       Transgender Movement. They are preaching that there are more than two sexes, and further, supporting young people in blocking puberty and so much more. At my acupuncture license renewal, I was asked, “What gender did my doctor assign me at birth?” Here, I am certain one of my grands might simply state, “But Dr. Hercules simply looked at your wee-wee!” And this in a day and age when blood can reveal sex! Further, if a man is arrested, all he has to do is say he identifies as a woman and he can go to a female prison. If a woman who was born female and identifies as female changes her name, she has to announce it in a newspaper, which have mostly moved to the internet, by the way. (I’d have to explain a lot here, too.) If a woman is born female but identifies male changes “his” name, he doesn’t have to announce it in the newspaper. If he simply asks his doctor to write down male, he is a man. If a girl decides to be a boy, she can, but she may adopt the pronoun “They,” and there are words on paper saying you’ll go to jail or pay a fine if you call them the wrong pronoun. “Them?” the four will say. “Them is more than one.” I will say, “Not in 2022. It is one human.” (I may need those smelling salts once more.)

·       At public school, tests that are given to children can sometimes be on an individual basis. The first part of the test is a test. What does this kid know? The second part is to profile the child. The questions have no right or wrong answers. (No-one is teaching the class while the teacher conducts these one-one-one tests. They are doing independent work.)

·       Geoengineering/Weather Control/attacking humans would be a rather lengthy topic, because I would inform them what I do to combat itViolet Cubes of Light.

They would all be asking to go back to rethink another trip to Earth at this point, so hugs and goodbyes. I am left here in Commiefornia with many who don’t understand as those four would. Heavy sigh.

Thank goodness for my teas! My afternoon teas where the few who are sane are finding each other.

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