Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Perspective on OCD

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Juicing and Blenders

Preparing healthy beverages like juicing or using a blender like the NutriBullet are wonderful things that you can do for your health.  Both offer natural produce full of enzymes that have long since disappeared from bottled or canned juices sitting on store shelves somewhere.  (WARNING: Only use pesticide-free produce.  You don’t want high concentrations of poisons entering your cells.)  Is one modality better than the other?  In my opinion, one is not better than the other, but they do serve different purposes.

Juicing is a fantastic way to absorb many nutrients into your system without requiring digestion.  You can awaken and drink six ounces of water, wait a half hour, and then juice up many fruits and vegetables, ingesting them immediately.  For years, I made the mistake of gathering up the edible pulp and drinking it with my juice.  I say mistake because with the introduction of the pulp, digestion was now involved.  It’s just nice to think that we can take in the power of chlorophyll, the enzymes of our natural foods, their qi, and the innate minerals such as sodium and magnesium without asking our bodies to work hard.  (Don’t balk at sodium.  This is not the sodium chloride that was stripped of its nutrients and marketed to you to ensure profit for them and poor health for you.  Produce offer all kinds of natural elements that your body needs in order to function well.  Sodium is definitely one of them.)  Just try juicing on an empty stomach for as little as aweek, and even your skin should feel or look different.
The NutriBullet and other blender type machines have a place in your health care regime as well.  About forty minutes after I juice, I may use the NutriBullet for the preparation of fruits and vegetables and drink the thick beverage.  This requires digestion so may count as breakfast for me.  Or perhaps I’ll NutriBullet fruits, less than usual, so I have a “paste” for my smelt porridge, or waffle.  (You can also take the edible pulp from your juicing and mix it into pancake batter, muffin batter, and the like.)  This thick beverage fifteen minutes before your intended breakfast may also help you to eat less, or better, desire less.  Even if you can’t break away from a junky breakfast, yet, blending some produce and immediately ingesting it will give your body some nutrients as well as the chemicals you may be eating out of habit.  You’ll also get produce fiber to help with digestion.
Juicing and the various blenders can help you to take your morning routine up a notch health wise.  Let’s face it, true health care starts at home.  Yes, it’s time consuming.  Yes, it’s a drag constantly washing produce and cleaning machines.  Yes, it’s costly in money to purchase pesticide-free produce or costly in time to grow them.  But think about the joyful message your cells will be receiving each day.  You will be loving your way to great health!  Then, on top of that, your cells will be receiving real nutrients with which they can build a better you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

BDT-Up Close & Personal What You Need to Know