Friday, December 17, 2010

Vaccination Education

According to…vaccination educator Fisher on the video entitled, “Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher on Forced Vaccinations,” some insurance companies are denying coverage to individuals who refuse to be vaccinated. Fisher says, “We get reports at NVIC (National Vaccination Information Center) that families are being thrown off of health care plans; they’re being denied health insurance if they can’t prove they received a certain number of vaccines.” It makes me wonder, has required health insurance been pushed through as a law in order to force families to become vaccinated? After all, if companies refuse you and you have to have coverage, then will you be forced to be the perfect citizen and allow those vaccines to be put into your body in order to comply with the law? Of course, not all insurance companies have this stipulation…yet. It’s just food for thought.

As it stands, many states allow you to choose not to vaccinate your children. Of course, propaganda is so strong that I still meet Californians who are under the impression that their children cannot go to public school unless the children are vaccinated. Please get educated. It’s time for humanity to not be manipulated by another’s fear. We need to stand up and surround politicians with pinky-rose light so that they, like Senator Judith Zaffirini of Texas, won’t try to strip parents of their rights. She filed Senate Bill 56. Her plan is to have the government automatically collect people’s vaccination histories from doctors without the consent of the individuals. Authorities could use this information to figure out who is not getting vaccinated and harass the families or, worse, have them on some list for later reference. The current Texas law requires parental consent in order for their children’s vaccination histories to be collected. Whatever your state, or even your country for that matter, something is always brewing on the pro-vaccination front. Please get educated so that you may continue being the one making decisions for yourself and for your children.

Fisher and NVIC have been my source for information on vaccines for about twenty-three years. Please visit and for more information.