Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comments on Richard Pan’s Presentation of AB 2109

For those of you who are new to the subject, California Assembly Member Richard Pan introduced AB 2109, which will require California parents to visit an MD to have them sign the parent’s exemption waiver as well as the parent.  AB 2109 passed the Assembly and went to the Senate.  If it passed there, then our California governor just has to sign it, and it will be legislation that we have to follow.  For many parents, that will mean home schooling rather than paying money to visit an MD when the family normally doesn’t visit an MD.  What Pan doesn’t mention is that many pediatricians are coerced to not sign medical exemptions for kids to not be vaccinated.  My daughter was even turned away from an MD because she is unvaccinated.  (I had found the female MD's father and had him as my daughter’s official MD even though we did not go to Western Medicine.  He died.  Then my daughter needed to get an MD’s ok in order to attend public school and the MD’s daughter, who took over his practice, refused to see us.)  How easy will it be to get MD’s to sign something which is against their beliefs or pay-offs even though they all seem enthusiastic at the end of this video at the link below?  We shall see.

Just so you know, when Pan says that we can exempt our children from vaccinations under AB 2109, we already can do that without AB 2109.  Also, it is built into the law that we cannot get an MD to sign our exemption until six months before this law takes effect in January, 2014.  That means if I have found a co-operative MD willing to sign it right now, I cannot do it yet.  That gives Big Pharma and the AMA a whole year to implement bullying techniques on the MD’s to assure co-operation that they will not sign exemptions. 

Pan says that the MD’s can inform parents about the importance of vaccinations and the up to date research on them.  I can guarantee you they will not give you the numbers on how many kids have died of Gardasil, for example, or Atypical Measles, which is worse than Measles and only occurs in vaccinated people.  If Pan has a list of MD’s who will sign the exemption, then why can’t things just stay the way they are?  Why do we need to fork out cash to get someone to sign something that I can sign myself right now?  It just sounds fishy, doesn’t it?  Is Pan truthful?  Will it really be that easy?  My personal experience with MD’s begs to differ.

Pan assures us that Naturopathic doctors UNDER SUPERVISION can sign an exemption.  Under an MD’s supervision?  Geesh!  Some of us do not want to visit a health care practitioner who is under the watchful eye of an MD.

A doctor in the video of the first link below says vaccines are safe.  Vaccines are not safe.  I know many people whose health has been impaired by vaccines.  We wouldn’t have the vaers.hhs.gov/ (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) or hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/ (the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) if vaccines were safe. 

I do not know how these doctors can say AB 2109 is not infringing on my right not to vaccinate.  If I am being forced to do anything other than what I already do, which is to sign a waiver, then AB 2109 IS infringing on my rights.

 It sounds like doctors want to have power over parents and to have a captive audience.  Parents who do vaccinate are usually the ones who have done no research.  Not the other way around.   Back in about 1987, I started researching the subject without any emotions.  I was far from having children.  I just wanted to know what I would be putting into my child and had to be convinced that it was worth it.  (Thank goodness I did this before having a vaccine injured child as is often the case with parents not for vaccines.)  Most MD’s and parents who vaccinate probably have not studied vaccinations as extensively as parents who have chosen to avoid them.   MD’s would just try fear tactics as the ones in my experience have.  You have to be educated so you can recognize what is happening as the MD’s give you the pro-vaccine talk.

I do not understand how Ms. Castro can think my decision to not vaccinate can harm her kids if her kid’s vaccines are so effective.  I wonder if her special needs child was always that way, or just since all the injections since birth.  Of course she doesn’t think AB 2109 doesn’t deprive her of making health care decisions for her child.  She would never exercise her right to sign a parent belief’s exemption and not vaccinate.  It only deprives us, those who have or will sign it.  By the way, Ms. Castro, I have often seen flyers informing us parents and school staff that our children and we have been exposed to a disease in the school.  I’ve logged in about a lifetime of being associated with schools and have never seen one closed down due to disease.  How is the bill crucial to the safety of the community any more than now?  I still will not vaccinate my daughter.  She still could attend school with your children.

Katherine, if parents supposedly can still sign a waiver after the talk, then how is the community protected any more than if I sign the waiver without the talk?

Here is the link to just one video in support of AB 2109.  Please research this topic and others about California and its vaccination legislations.

This one is in opposition to AB 2109.  One quote is “Vaccines are the foundation of the pediatric industry.  Without vaccines, they lose millions in office visits.” Another is “They lose the opportunity to inculcate the idea of a lifetime of dependency on organized medicine.”  It is very good.

Here is another.  “My health is too important to leave in the hands of a doctor.”  Out of the mouths of babes!  “I’m an educated parent.” “I don’t believe that these pediatricians are going to sign the forms.”  I agree.  Notice how Pan doesn’t answer the question unless he is implying we have to go from doctor to doctor until we find one who will sign the form.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Crying Out For Love

I looked at James Holmes this morning when he was in court.  What I saw was a kid crying out for love.  He looked sleep-deprived, confused, and distraught.  The news later reported him as “unemotional.”  I disagree and invite you all to watch the news with the volume turned down so you do your own thinking rather than to allow "the They” to speak through its reporters telling you how someone looks.  In fact, don’t even watch the news until you can see.

“Problem, Reaction, Solution,” as far as I know, was coined by David Icke long ago in reference to how things, like legislation, gets accomplished in our society in order to benefit "the They” and their Agenda.  Part of "the They’s” Agenda is to have control over us.  We have to stand together in compassion and embrace opportunities to offer love, especially when someone is crying out for love.  If we can recognize “Problem, Reaction Solution” when we see it, it will be easier for us to recognize when someone is crying out for love.  The opposite is especially true.  If we can recognize when someone is crying out for love, the vibration we emit will help us to see “Problem, Reaction, Solution” more easily.

Black Dawn-Bright Day by Sun Bear is what crossed my mind when I heard that people were shot down while watching Dark Knight RISES in “DAWN” (Aurora).  Are "the They” sending a clear message to us?  I just knew that at least part of the “solution” for which they were striving was gun control.  "The They” all over the world want guns out of our hands and only in theirs.  Look at the people of the Americas way back when the heavily armed Europeans arrived.  "The They” believe we will be easier to control and to kill if we are not armed sufficiently.  (It does not mean "the They’s” philosophy is true.  It just simply means that they believe the Earth’s populace will be easier to control and to kill if we are not as sufficiently armed with the right kind of guns when they are.)

I am not into guns, but I am not into legislation as a weapon against us either.  Another weapon I am not for is Mind Control.  Mind Control Programming is the truly scary thing about this massacre, for the average person is not even considering it here. 

Mind Control goes way beyond simple brain washing.  It involves programming a person over time with a key word or signal, so the personality of the “victim” will switch off and the “murderer” will switch on in a timely manner.  A chosen person, or pawn, really, can believe they are going to the gym at a set time each day or week, for example, when in fact, they are taken and programmed.  Sometimes, a person goes missing for a short time and either cannot or will not say where they think they were.  I used to know a smart micro-biologist who would start out to go for the weekly shop and all she could remember was sitting in her home looking at all the groceries on the kitchen counter wondering to where the last three hours had disappeared.  "The They” could have been taking her to work on some biological warfare weapon without her knowledge.  If something her intelligence worked on while she was under their spell ended up killing people, would she be the victim, the killer, or just someone crying out for love as Holmes is?  It is spooky just how easy it is to get caught up in "the They’s” web.  Just ask Princess Diana’s chauffer.

It is true that Holmes may simply be, as Robert Bruce says, “Negged.”  The more over-the-counter drugs, legally prescribed drugs, and alcohol a person consumes, the easier it is for negative, multi-dimensional entities and such to attack that person.  The Aurora Massacre could simply have been a situation where a person is psychically taken over and does the bidding of the entity.  This scenario makes me feel safer than thinking that someone can snatch me and program me, because I can control whether I ingest drugs or not.  I can also be aware of the changes in myself and note if I am under psychic attack.  Mind Control is far harder to notice.  You may not know why you are tired because you do not remember staying awake for hours while they worked with you.   

Whether Holmes was “Negged,” Programmed, or just a punk kid out for some attention in full control of his senses, hating him his not the answer.  We have to stand together as a community, or "the They” will keep doing things like this to create disunity.  You may think tragedies like this help to bring a community together, but if zillions of people stand together to focus hate in any direction, it is actually disunity that is occurring.  At the very least, if we can simply see James Holmes as a punk kid crying out for love and nothing more, we at least stop their future efforts against us just a little.

Here are some fellow truth seekers and their thoughts on this latest massacre.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rik Clay on Hijaking of Consciousness

If you haven't heard of Rik Clay, allow me to introduce you.  He was found dead at 25, just 11 weeks before his 26th birthday.  The "They" have a way of trying to erase a life that informs humans of otherly goings-on and that's all the more reason to listen and to learn from him.

If you haven't heard of Rik Clay, chances are there are many ideas out there that haven't yet permeated your consciousness.  It's time.  Watch and listen to this.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friends Shouldn’t Let Friends Drive Their Lives

I wanted to let you know about an experience I had many years ago.  I was rising in love with a man named A. R., a man with whom I worked.  We'd get together for meals, go miniature golfing and do other fun activities together, and he'd even take me to visit the homes of various relatives.  One evening after dinner, I asked him if he’d ever take me on a date.  He looked at me as if I’d just asked him to eat a live worm!  Surprised by his reaction, I explained that because we spent so much time together, I felt like I was dating him already.  I explained that I also felt I was deterring other men from asking me out because it energetically as well as physically looked as if something was going on between us.  (Between you and me, at one point I had wondered if he was gay and I was the girl on the arm to convince those around us that he was straight.  Except for one thing, I was never on his arm.  He never even tried to hold my hand!)  Well, he finally scoffed and said, “I really like you a lot, but you’re white.”  I was so confused.  What does my skin color have to do with anything?  So what if he's Mexican and I'm not.  He explained that his family was already giving him a hard time because he had a white friend who was a girl, yet alone if I was his girlfriend.  He explained that he needed a good “Hispanic-Catholic girl who’ll meet with my friend’s and family’s approval."

Boy, you think you know someone when you’ve spent so much time with them.  I thought people who were prejudiced simply wouldn’t associate with a person of that particular color, culture, or heritage.  I had no idea people could have levels where they could be a friend in a limited way, but, ultimately, you weren't good enough in their eyes.  Wow, I figured I must’ve hurt somebody in a similar fashion in a past life and now the same kind of energy must be coming back to me.  But, I couldn’t believe that in the 1990’s there would still be humans out there who’d be willing to offer up this kind of karma.  Don’t people know about community yet?  Humans need to stand together, or we’ll fall. 

I took a deep breath knowing exactly how I felt.  If I wasn’t safe to be with this hater due to my packaging, how was there even a friendship to salvage?  Still, I kicked the feelings I had for him out of my cells, which was a process I could do, and we continued on as working-friends without seeing each other outside of work.  One day, he left that job-site, and we didn’t keep in touch.

A few years later, we found ourselves at a mutual friend’s retirement party.  He sat with me recounting all the wonderful things I’d done.  He finally said, “I don’t know why I can’t find a girl like you.”  I said, “That’s easy.  You’re not going to find someone like me in the outside package you want unless she’s completely Americanized and going to LRT meetings rather than to church.”  I stopped to let him think about that, and I turned to my own thoughts.  Fancy giving friends and family authority over your life!  He missed out on all the gifts we could have had for each other, and, most of all, he missed out on the very real possibility of interest just fading away naturally rather than stamping out a fire because it wouldn’t meet with approval.  What’s life for his future wife going to be like when it’s his friends and family members to whom she’ll really be married?  He is a shell.  They’re the ones dictating how things are to be run in his life.   Boy, was I pleased I found out when I did that I wasn’t good enough for him and that he wasn’t man enough for me.

Still, I couldn’t resist.  I leaned in toward him and said, “I’m single.  If you think I’m so wonderful, we could still go on a date.”  It was possible that in years of searching for a girl like me that he could’ve concluded that maybe we should go on a date, right?  He scoffed again, just like the first time.  “You’re still white.”

Happiness is something only you can embrace.  Community with fellow humans is something only we can create.  Just because an old, longstanding belief and practice was acceptable for our ancestors, it isn’t any reason for us to keep moving it forward into tomorrow.   Friends who insist on driving your life and making you wrong for following your heart and curiosity need to be examined themselves.  Is this person really being a friend?  Is the one you’re throwing away the true friend?  I think about A. R.  He may be married to the right package right now, but how happy is he when the qualities he so loved about me aren’t to be found in his community?  Marriage, as in all relationships, has its smooth sailing and its rough seas.  I can’t even imagine what that must be like when you marry who your friends think is acceptable and you sacrifice the one who interests you.

Just think about some of the complicated issues of our time.  Nano-particulates are raining down on us, intending to change us to a more robotic type of human.  GMO’s are altering our DNA.  Vaccinations are sacrificing our health and lives.  Governments are basically establishing slavery with some of their legislation.  Wouldn't it be nicer to face the struggles of life with the one you love?  Would you rather pass love up because your friend or relative said you should do so?  Friends shouldn't let friends drive their lives.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Force-Feeding Stopped

CA Foie Gras Ban Takes Effect
By , About.com Guide July 5, 2012
http://animalrights.about.com/b/2012/07/05/ca-foie-gras-ban-takes-effect.htm Foie Gras Feeding Machine
The force feeding machine rolls up and down the aisles between rows of caged ducks.
Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary
California's foie gras ban that was signed into law in 2004 took effect on July 1, 2012. Foie gras is the fattened liver of a duck or goose, and is considered one of the cruelest factory farming practices. The liver is ten times its normal size as a result of force-feeding the birds through a metal tube shoved into their throats. The law prohibits force-feeding birds for the purpose of enlarging the bird's liver, and prohibits selling the products that result from force-feeding. Because the only way to produce such an unnatural product is through force-feeding, the sale and production of foie gras is effectively banned.
CA is the first state in the U.S. to ban foie gras, but a 2006 ban in Chicago was in effect for two years before it was overturned. Israel, South Africa and several European nations have banned the force-feeding of animals for food production.
Some people have reacted as you might expect - by violating the statute and by filing a lawsuit to try to have the ban overturned.
The animal rights position is that veganism is the solution because any animal use violates that animal's rights. While some farming practices may be more cruel than others, there is no such thing as humane animal agriculture.