Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comments on Richard Pan’s Presentation of AB 2109

For those of you who are new to the subject, California Assembly Member Richard Pan introduced AB 2109, which will require California parents to visit an MD to have them sign the parent’s exemption waiver as well as the parent.  AB 2109 passed the Assembly and went to the Senate.  If it passed there, then our California governor just has to sign it, and it will be legislation that we have to follow.  For many parents, that will mean home schooling rather than paying money to visit an MD when the family normally doesn’t visit an MD.  What Pan doesn’t mention is that many pediatricians are coerced to not sign medical exemptions for kids to not be vaccinated.  My daughter was even turned away from an MD because she is unvaccinated.  (I had found the female MD's father and had him as my daughter’s official MD even though we did not go to Western Medicine.  He died.  Then my daughter needed to get an MD’s ok in order to attend public school and the MD’s daughter, who took over his practice, refused to see us.)  How easy will it be to get MD’s to sign something which is against their beliefs or pay-offs even though they all seem enthusiastic at the end of this video at the link below?  We shall see.

Just so you know, when Pan says that we can exempt our children from vaccinations under AB 2109, we already can do that without AB 2109.  Also, it is built into the law that we cannot get an MD to sign our exemption until six months before this law takes effect in January, 2014.  That means if I have found a co-operative MD willing to sign it right now, I cannot do it yet.  That gives Big Pharma and the AMA a whole year to implement bullying techniques on the MD’s to assure co-operation that they will not sign exemptions. 

Pan says that the MD’s can inform parents about the importance of vaccinations and the up to date research on them.  I can guarantee you they will not give you the numbers on how many kids have died of Gardasil, for example, or Atypical Measles, which is worse than Measles and only occurs in vaccinated people.  If Pan has a list of MD’s who will sign the exemption, then why can’t things just stay the way they are?  Why do we need to fork out cash to get someone to sign something that I can sign myself right now?  It just sounds fishy, doesn’t it?  Is Pan truthful?  Will it really be that easy?  My personal experience with MD’s begs to differ.

Pan assures us that Naturopathic doctors UNDER SUPERVISION can sign an exemption.  Under an MD’s supervision?  Geesh!  Some of us do not want to visit a health care practitioner who is under the watchful eye of an MD.

A doctor in the video of the first link below says vaccines are safe.  Vaccines are not safe.  I know many people whose health has been impaired by vaccines.  We wouldn’t have the vaers.hhs.gov/ (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) or hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/ (the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) if vaccines were safe. 

I do not know how these doctors can say AB 2109 is not infringing on my right not to vaccinate.  If I am being forced to do anything other than what I already do, which is to sign a waiver, then AB 2109 IS infringing on my rights.

 It sounds like doctors want to have power over parents and to have a captive audience.  Parents who do vaccinate are usually the ones who have done no research.  Not the other way around.   Back in about 1987, I started researching the subject without any emotions.  I was far from having children.  I just wanted to know what I would be putting into my child and had to be convinced that it was worth it.  (Thank goodness I did this before having a vaccine injured child as is often the case with parents not for vaccines.)  Most MD’s and parents who vaccinate probably have not studied vaccinations as extensively as parents who have chosen to avoid them.   MD’s would just try fear tactics as the ones in my experience have.  You have to be educated so you can recognize what is happening as the MD’s give you the pro-vaccine talk.

I do not understand how Ms. Castro can think my decision to not vaccinate can harm her kids if her kid’s vaccines are so effective.  I wonder if her special needs child was always that way, or just since all the injections since birth.  Of course she doesn’t think AB 2109 doesn’t deprive her of making health care decisions for her child.  She would never exercise her right to sign a parent belief’s exemption and not vaccinate.  It only deprives us, those who have or will sign it.  By the way, Ms. Castro, I have often seen flyers informing us parents and school staff that our children and we have been exposed to a disease in the school.  I’ve logged in about a lifetime of being associated with schools and have never seen one closed down due to disease.  How is the bill crucial to the safety of the community any more than now?  I still will not vaccinate my daughter.  She still could attend school with your children.

Katherine, if parents supposedly can still sign a waiver after the talk, then how is the community protected any more than if I sign the waiver without the talk?

Here is the link to just one video in support of AB 2109.  Please research this topic and others about California and its vaccination legislations.

This one is in opposition to AB 2109.  One quote is “Vaccines are the foundation of the pediatric industry.  Without vaccines, they lose millions in office visits.” Another is “They lose the opportunity to inculcate the idea of a lifetime of dependency on organized medicine.”  It is very good.

Here is another.  “My health is too important to leave in the hands of a doctor.”  Out of the mouths of babes!  “I’m an educated parent.” “I don’t believe that these pediatricians are going to sign the forms.”  I agree.  Notice how Pan doesn’t answer the question unless he is implying we have to go from doctor to doctor until we find one who will sign the form.


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