Monday, June 29, 2015

Diptheria in Chem Trails?

Isn't it perfect timing?  As per usual, if Governor Brown needs an excuse to ignore the thousands of parents who don't want him to sign SB 277 into law, he has it.  In Spain, an unvaccinated boy has died of diphtheria.  Eight other (vaccinated) children are testing positive for it, which to me, seems like the vaccines didn't do what they claim like by being a Pac Man and getting it all. (Recently, in California, we had a Whooping Cough outbreak.  Many kids who had been vaccinated against it, also had Whooping Cough.  If one unvaccinated kid had died from it, that is all you would have heard when really, any of those kids could have died.)

With any disease, treatment is key.  If you go to hospital, they will drive the pathogen deeper and even if you recover, you may have issues later on.  I highly recommend Dr. Theresa Dale's homeopathy called BioTox DTaP for prevention and, you know what, I personally would use it as a cure as well.

Whether you vaccinate or not, you can't blame your decision on anyone else but yourself.  Also, whatever prevention techniques you use and the doctors you see also can't be blamed on someone else.  We all know plenty of vaccinated injured children, but you can't simply listen to a doctor's propaganda and not accept responsibility for your actions...either way.

Social media is abuzz with comments saying that this family deserved it.  That it's what the family get for not vaccinating.  Please, please, please realize how things work.  They have a new Whooping Cough and Diptheria vaccine.  A lot of worldwide legislation related to vaccines is being pushed on humanity.  They HAVE TO justify it.  They are doing so with outbreaks and deaths.

The other issue here is kindness.  We need to stop reacting in anger and start responding from love.  Perhaps a vaccinated child would die as well.  We don't know how the scientists have morphed the diphtheria, if at all.  There is so much that goes into what helps a person fight diseases and to succumb to them that we can't possibly know the whole story. 

Let me ask you this, do you see statistics on the high numbers of vaccine related deaths and injuries caused by the Gardasil vaccine?  No.  Research it.  It's available.  You most likely won't hear it in the main media that a vaccinated child has died of diphtheria.  What you are told is being manipulated.  They want reaction.  They want fear.  They want compliance.  We need to stand together, not hate due to our diverse opinions.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Flag that has Flown Longer Over More Crimes

With all the countless crimes perpetrated on the Native Americans with the American flag flying over each scene, how can only the Confederate flag be seen as a symbol of white supremacy?

Refusal to Treat Anti-Vaxers

Some say that an unvaccinated child will not be able to see a doctor when/if the unvaccinated child experiences a disease that a vaccine would have, in their opinion, prevented-possibly due to insurance companies refusing to pay.  Is that comment supposed to scare parents into vaccinating their kids?  The comments specifically identify “society” as not wanting to help unvaccinated children.  If “society” allows vaccines to be given and it has been proven that vaccines can harm, what makes anyone think that parents of unvaccinated kids would want doctors (that give vaccines) to help their children?  At any rate, those doctors who have already accepted a non-vaccinated child into their practice cannot turn that child away. They can only refuse to treat the child (who is already an established patient) by referring the child to another doctor who will treat him or her.  Due to recent changes and California’s new current law, a parent’s signature on the beliefs exemption is no longer enough.  Parents have to visit a doctor and receive a propaganda talk about how wonderful vaccines are, and then the doctor has to also sign the paperwork.  If the parent makes an appointment and pays for the visit with the child present and a file has been started, a relationship has been established.  Parents who have done research and who have subsequently decided against vaccines (and for health) would, possibly, prefer to take their chances on not vaccinating and on finding a competent health care provider in another field than western medicine.  Especially if the main problem is the insurance company's refusal to allow a treatment, well, that just shows which group (alternative or western medicine) is in bed with the devil.  (For those of you residing outside the United States: The US Government has seen to it that all residents have to have medical insurance with the specifics of the insurance put forth by the government.  No-one may choose a company that pays out to color or sound healers, no-strings to acupuncture treatments, Ozone Therapy, Photon Sound beam Machine type therapy, Essential Oil therapy, helio (sun) therapy, homeopathy, etc.  The insurance companies mainly pay out to repair work by doctors that causes harm on at least one level.  If a person refuses to buy into the insurance scam then they are fined.  If they refuse to pay the fine, they can lose their license to work in certain fields.  This is why parents who don't even like or trust doctors and insurance companies are still bound to them at least financially.)

Regardless of whether a relationship has previously been set up or not, true practitioners will help all children.  They, AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond included, will not discriminate.  We will not and do not allow insurance companies to dictate your health needs to us.  We went to school.  We have Intuition.  We are here to work with people to know true balance, inner cleanliness, and health.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

AB 1117

THIS bill will ensure big $$$$$$$ for medi-cal plans and doctors.  All they have to do is fully vaccinate more children by age 2.  Isn't that lovely?  Your child's health can be compromised by lining his or her white-coated god's pockets with gold.
If you're able to stop this mutilation of young children's health, please know that the Senate Health Committee his hearing this bill on July 1, 2015 at 1:30 in room 4203.  The protestors will wear red to show their opposition.  (Doing things like that is always a good idea since often we can't speak.  The visual is there, so they know without a word.)
Here's the bill:

California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 1117

Introduced by Assembly Member Cristina Garcia

February 27, 2015

An act relating to vaccinations.


AB 1117, as introduced, Cristina Garcia. Medi-Cal: vaccination rates.

Existing law provides for the Medi-Cal program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Care Services, under which qualified low-income individuals receive health care services. The Medi-Cal program is, in part, governed and funded by federal Medicaid Program provisions. Existing law requires each county to establish a community child health and disability prevention program to include, among other things, health screening and evaluation services for all children that include immunizations and an assessment of immunization status.

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to improve vaccination rates for persons 2 years of age in Medi-Cal managed care.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P2    1


It is the intent of the Legislature to enact
2legislation to improve vaccination rates for persons two years of
3age in Medi-Cal managed care.



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Torture

Cassius Mankin, a high school football player, attended a Valentine’s Day party this past February.  Instead of bringing chips or sodas, he trespassed on the property of Bob and Carol Falk and kidnapped Miss Molly.  At the party, for laughs, he and some other youngsters punched her eyes out.  After the kids had sufficiently tortured her, they choked her until she died.  This is how this group of youngsters had fun at a party.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because this Mankin murderer may not be punished to the full extent of the legislation available.  (I am careful to not say Law, because he will be punished to the full extent of the Law when what he has put out comes back to him.  For example, though I don't condone it, he may get beaten while in jail instead of harmed in his next incarnation, because things are coming back quicker these days.)  By full extent of the legislation available, I mean that I want to make sure that Judicial District Attorney B. J. Shepherd doesn’t simply point a finger at him saying, “Bad boy.  Don’t do that again and be sure not to burn ants with a magnifying glass while you’re at it.  Now go be a good boy.”  I want Mankin to be held accountable.

Letters today are more powerful than e-mails or phone calls, in my opinion.  If a call is all you’re willing to do, then that would be appreciated.  See, Miss Molly doesn't have a voice.  Not because she’s dead, but because she’s an emu...a bird.  And people don’t seem to care as much for animals as humans.

 If it had been your pet who…yes, who not that…had his or her eyes punched out and then choked to death, would you not ask friends to write a letter, or at the very least, make a call?

For more information see 
Let's do it for Miss Molly and her grieving parents.
Judicial District Court Attorney B. J. Shepard
PO Box 368
Meridian, TX 76665
Fax: (254)435-2952





Monday, June 22, 2015

On the Confederate Flag

It seems that many people are deciding to throw their anger and fear of the recent church massacre in South Carolina onto the Confederate flag.  It has prompted me to remind the present public about the culture of the past.  The North won and the victors always control the history of any given event.  Most Americans are brought up to believe that the North were outstanding, upstanding citizens while those in the South were uncouth and horrid.

In the 1860’s, some of, what we now call African-Americans, fought alongside some white people from the South, that is, on the side of the Confederates.  The North would not hear of such a thing.  They had the non-white participants fight in a group set aside from the white fighters, except for a white leader (and that wasn’t a compliment.)  These soldiers were not allowed to march in the victory parade with the North.  Their celebrations came later.  (It is intellectualizing to argue that 200,000 black men’s terms had not expired; therefore, they were still out doing their duty.  What, all of them were conveniently away?  There were no white men with terms not yet expired who could have gone to keep the peace, or whatever the excuse was, if in fact there is any legitimacy to the story?)  The last documented slave in America (that I know about) was sold in Delaware in 1865.  The North waited until it was outlawed in December 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment before they would stop participating in the slave trade.  Grant, the famed leader of the North who went on to become president, was married to a slave owner.

My point is, people living today think that people from the North back then were not prejudice. Thousands of men who fought for the North were indeed prejudice against the black people around them, yet people today are not shouting for the American flag to be taken down.  And so they should not.  The American flag stands for so much more…as does the Confederate flag to many people in this country. 

People placing their hatred onto a flag is no better, nor any healthier, than people placing their hatred on a group of people.  If people wish to rise above hatred, they have to first recognize when they themselves are participating in it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Al-Bashir: Blood on the South African's Government's Hands

The governments of the world are corrupt.  Are citizens of the world going to ask their governments to step down when they knowingly support criminals?  Well, I would guess that there is a reason this particular government has supported Al-Bashir.  Look at the criminal’s skills and match them with what the governments of the world need.  They need him to be free in order for them to use those skills for the advancement of their sinister agenda. 
If these governments need a skilled hacker, then a hacker is who they will help free.  With this criminal's resume, what group do the governments of the world need taken out? We just have to wait and see.  Ethics were not apart of the process.  But then, it’s criminals helping criminals. 
The blood on the South African government's hands has yet to be shed.  Al-Bashir's deeds from here on out become their deeds.  What criminals are being released in your area?  What skills do they have that will support genocide of a certain group, or ensure economic devastation of some country?  It's good to be aware.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on the 2009 Vaccine Story

When AB 2109 became a law, it stated that parents had to wait until the June before January 2014 before they could start getting a doctor's signature in order to opt out of vaccines.  My daughter and I went back to the doctor she had seen in order to get into kindergarten.  The doctor was very nice.  He came out to the waiting room and showed me in my daughter's still very thin file where I had signed off that he'd given me a chat on vaccines.  Therefore, all we had to do was to write the present date and both of us signed it.  I used that paper in order for my daughter to remain in public school.  It cost me nothing.  Nice.

"By the way," he said to me as we were fixing to leave.  "We have a new policy here now where we no longer see new patients who are not vaccinated.  Your daughter is a continuing patient, so we won't turn her away.  But, if she ever comes here when ill, please enter through the back door."

(Awe.  He doesn't want them making her sick.  He sees her as unprotected.  How thoughtful!)

"I don't want her making my patients sick."



If they are vaccinated, then why does he fear her making them sick?  Is this an admission that vaccines don't really protect his patients from illnesses?

By the way, his talk to me all those years ago about vaccines was a simple ploy to make me fearful so I'd vaccinate her.  He never informed me about what vaccines supposedly do, what the ingredients supposedly are, or any other information that the state of California might think is helpful.