Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Al-Bashir: Blood on the South African's Government's Hands

The governments of the world are corrupt.  Are citizens of the world going to ask their governments to step down when they knowingly support criminals?  Well, I would guess that there is a reason this particular government has supported Al-Bashir.  Look at the criminal’s skills and match them with what the governments of the world need.  They need him to be free in order for them to use those skills for the advancement of their sinister agenda. 
If these governments need a skilled hacker, then a hacker is who they will help free.  With this criminal's resume, what group do the governments of the world need taken out? We just have to wait and see.  Ethics were not apart of the process.  But then, it’s criminals helping criminals. 
The blood on the South African government's hands has yet to be shed.  Al-Bashir's deeds from here on out become their deeds.  What criminals are being released in your area?  What skills do they have that will support genocide of a certain group, or ensure economic devastation of some country?  It's good to be aware. 




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